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Hello Scholars. Look at your grades. Now look at mine. Now back at your grades, now back to mine. Sadly, they’re not like mine. But if you stop studying in a cave and started
studying like me, they could be like mine. Look at your shirt. Now back at mine. Look down, back up, where are you? You’re in the library with the man your grades
could be like. Did you know that eight out of five dentists
say that studying in the library is 6 bajillion times more effective than studying in your
shower? Ha ha ha. Close your eyes. Now open your eyes. Where are you? You’re in a beautifully quiet place where
you can study. Look at your hand. Now back to me. I have it. It’s a laptop with access to bucket-loads
of library databases. Look again. The laptop is now a celestial sandwich here
in the snack zone! Anything is possible when you’re in the library. I’m on a cart. Heeyah!

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100 thoughts on “New Spice | Study like a scholar, scholar”

  1. Bambooshoots says:

    dude, this never gets old! 😀

  2. Bambooshoots says:

    am I the only one who busts out laughing everytime I heard him say "Bucka-Loads"?

  3. Kyzah Maree says:

    8 out of 5. This dude's a gangsta.

  4. Skeipe says:

    0:43 PYAH

  5. SuperEvansl says:


  6. Cristobal Sanhueza says:

    hahahahahha i love this guy

  7. SKILLITIZM says:

    Byu SUCKS!

  8. David B says:

    Really awesome.

  9. Riza Hawks says:

    o_O wow……this was unexpected…. since I saw his other ones…. lmfao

  10. Hope Self says:

    "…9 out of 5 dentists say studyng in the library is 6 bajillion times more efective than studying in the shower." lol

  11. Veronica Velazquez says:


  12. combustion X says:

    I love this ad

  13. keys2horizon says:

    Sometimes it's not required on the 1st page.

  14. Gwyneth Jones says:

    OhMyMelvilleDewey! This is BRILLIANT! Super thanks to @TheArtGuy for sharing this with us! Cheers!
    ~Gwyneth Jones
    The Daring Librarian

  15. Michael says:

    Holy shit, I went to high school with that dude.

  16. Artist Jennette Brown says:

    Yay BYU! 😀

  17. Brady Hostetler says:

    Could be a memo/business letter/etc.

  18. View all 45 replies says:

    0:33 is a notebook not a laptop nooooobs

  19. jake green says:

    11s guy who took the bush is laying down XD

  20. Claire Jensen says:

    LOLOL MLA, the first page is double spaced on the left, which include name, date, teacher, subject, and class (if required). All pages afterward are on the upper right corner with last name and page number.

  21. fattayful says:

    Your picture: WHAT THE EFF?!

  22. sabonator18 says:


  23. xTenshiAi says:

    what the heck LOLLL

  24. Vindi says:

    nice try mom

  25. Carlito Brigante says:

    What a douche… Yelling at the library…

  26. mohyonglah says:

    i just got my exam results back today. got the highest in class even though i studied at home ._.

  27. Jayme van Elten says:

    0:17 You can see a guy lying next to the plant.

  28. tinkerbell716 says:

    "I'm on a cart… HYAA!" ahah that killed me.

  29. lil li says:

    not on the first page necessarily…at least that's what i thought.

  30. Omarie says:

    lmaooooo i cant breath

  31. Victor Johnson Elori says:

    Library it is then 😉

  32. Raki says:

    Nice try, mom

  33. rachelinga says:

    OHHH he said bucketload, not….what I was thinking

  34. 짜장면 says:

    Am I the only one who noticed the dead body at 0:17 beside the plant??

  35. benjamin says:

    you just watched the behind the scenes

  36. Anna Fish says:

    I love this so much

  37. andy pacheco says:

    i am high as fuck

  38. Dition Latifi says:

    0:24 The eviliest laught ever.

  39. CargoReborn says:

    I needed to see this XD

  40. Mary Elizabeth says:

    no MLA requires it in the top left corner

  41. TheBetterGamer says:

    racist pigs!!! omg!!

  42. MicroGodrad says:

    The page number and last name go in the top right. The rest goes in the top left.

  43. Adrian Graham says:

    Actually, that's only for every page after your first. Many teachers mark off if you have your first page labeled "April 1". Seems like you need to go to the library.

  44. Vinctia2 says:


  45. Matt Petersen says:

    my college does not have a library. funny parody though.

  46. Michelle Hall says:


  47. Yang Cheng says:

    what college do you go too.

  48. Matt Petersen says:

    A poor retarded one thats costing me every dime. Hate my fucking situation man. You dont have any computers or a library only 6 rooms cooped up in a little old building. Shitty teachers.

  49. Yang Cheng says:

    I'm assuming its most likely Private?

  50. Matt Petersen says:

    Public mate.

  51. Hypnosis says:

    lol now the world will be full of scholars. Thought: if everybody is smart, does it mean there will be no more dumb people? or will there be smart-smart people and smart-dumb people?

  52. ShinoJereamachi says:

    Doesn't mean there isn't a library in your vicinity. There should be one in every county, should be easy to get to.

  53. Lacie Doe says:

    "Now look at your hand, now back to me. I have it, it's a laptop!"
    -watching this video via laptop-

  54. Squirrel Party Disc Golf says:

    He said 8 out of 5!

  55. Hope Self says:

    I know it was a typo sorry

  56. Laetitian Madhatter says:

    *"Smart smart" and "Dumb Smart".

  57. LittleMarin says:

    Haha, this is GREAT!

  58. SunLightTheTaleTelle says:


  59. Graydon Wood says:


  60. SinTanity says:


  61. sportnenny says:

    that was the most beautiful thing i've ever seen

  62. arisyn89 says:

    I'm in this exact library right now and I want to kill myself 😉

  63. TheHara HaraJinx says:

    This made me want to study

  64. Rémy R says:

    I love these commercials

  65. C. Skas says:


  66. Franklyn Grant says:

    I love this dam commercial hahahahahahah

  67. Isabelle McCreless says:

    Haha love ya Stephen

  68. Carol Goodson says:

    Love it 🙂

  69. Abelhawk says:

    One of the best!

  70. Helmic says:

    I was told to watch this video as a homework assignment.  I'm not entirely sure how to react.

  71. Andy Proctor says:

    This still makes me smile every time. I miss the HBLL sometimes. #BYU  Study like a scholar, scholar. #oldspiceguy  

  72. Tallfang says:

    This is the best parody I've seen of Old Spice!

  73. Cynthia Dennis says:

    Too funny, I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yay for libraries! 

  74. Nicholasq Tuley says:

    did you know 8 out of 5 dentists say that studying in the library is more effective than studying in your shower..hehehehe

  75. Beckett Jones says:

    "8 out of five dentists say that studying in the library is six bajillion times more effective than studying in your shower."
    But I don't trust dentists.

  76. Allison Bandy says:

    I had to watch this as a part of my first class session assignment -______-

  77. tanki motoko says:

    Ohh jesus

  78. angelita Hulce says:

    I had to watch this as my 1st assignment in a college course.

  79. JohnnyLovelyOfficial says:


  80. Delaney Potter says:


  81. Moira Russell says:

    oh Jesus this is the best thing ever

  82. alisonmaissin says:

    those 303 people that gave this video a thumbs down, deserve a thumbs down for their party pooping

  83. Joseph Henry Richard III says:

    The only thing that isn't possible in BYU's library is seeing some semblance of racial diversity. 

  84. Melissa Correll says:

    amazing work! 

  85. Samuel Fisher says:

    What's the name of this guy?

  86. GoldFishBoy1337 says:

    This was on the top of my session overview, I almost skipped it and I'm actually glad I didn't. XD

  87. Jeremy Mcclurg says:

    Iam good sex talker just not with my husband i think hr would be socked

  88. Joosejpr says:

    Good to see Stephen Jones is still relevant in some corners of the interwebz:

  89. Amanda Stinson says:

    Did you know that 8 out of 5 dentists say that studying in the library is 6 bajillion times better than studying in your shower? creepy laugh

  90. Amanda Stinson says:

    What college was this filmed at?

  91. Joseph Gelb says:

    This guy needs a real show

  92. Joe Vasicek says:

    0:16 there's the guy with the plant, lying down and pretending to be invisible…

  93. beautyadvice123 says:

    He came and spoke to my school in an assembly. He is so inspirational and funny

  94. Peyton Cleaver says:


  95. Tomahawkjack says:

    Love it

  96. MuQLo NZ says:

    Anyone watching this again cause of Monash Orientation

  97. Pisces Chaos says:

    Translate the name of this song Angelus Exuro Pro Eternus.

  98. Nicholas Luscher says:

    what if i told you i actually knew this guy?

  99. Splotch the Cat-Thing says:

    Mmm, but libraries aren't that quiet.
    The best place to study in midwinter, if you live in a cold place, is a warm building in the middle of a public park.
    Or anywhere else that self-professed "sane people" want to avoid 'cause of some minor unimportant discomfort.

    When I was in university I eventually hit on the idea of studying in the tropical house at the local zoo (sitting on a rock next to the ocelot) for the winter term. Not only did my grades shoot up, that famously cranky wild cat started to trust me. How many of you have befriended an ocelot? XD

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