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yesterday yesterday was the Big Apple event and Apple and there was a bunch of
new products Mike Symon was actually there at the event itself so yeah so if
you guys have any comments or questions about what happened yesterday
let us know and we’ll answer them to the best of our ability so also happy
Halloween everyone happy Halloween everyone as you can see we all I dressed
up as a lumberjack I dressed up as someone who is recovering from going to
an Apple event 3 hours away yesterday it was the original talk was we all dress
up or no one dresses at yeah and then I was like you know what we should have
told some person that we’re all dressing up and then we don’t dress up so then I
think we could have tricked Mike Symon is dressed up right now let us know what
your what your costume is well you’re the only one with small kids right so
you have are you aren’t you gonna get dressed up anyways I will take him
trick-or-treating and do all the fun stuff but I do not dress up we had a lot
of kids coming in our house we have we get like 120 trick-or-treaters every
year wow that’s so weird we don’t we don’t go do stuff but we put up some
decorations and yeah we have we have decorations too but I’m not I’m not
putting on a costume I draw the line we get five people I usually go to my
sister-in-law’s house because they have a block party and then relevant and then
realm trick-or-treating the size well actually
my son’s going to a concert tonight my oldest son I think is running around
causing troubles so I think I’m handing out candy at my sister-in-law’s house
all right I’m sure people don’t want to hear us talk about Halloween welcome to
the Halloween podcast what’s your favorite cancer favorite candy an event
Inessa number of products and so Apple likes to save the big product for later
they start off you know they work to a big crescendo kind of the so to speak
but I think we should talk probably talk about the big product first which is the
iPad pro the Mark II product that Apple announced yesterday they revealed two
new models and I think they pretty much held to the rumors pretty much held true
I think yeah definitely yeah the only thing that I that stood out to me as I
wouldn’t say missing but maybe like a miss reported or misunderstood rumor was
there they thought there would be this this strange magnetic back connector
thing right yes and there wasn’t there’s just the edge where the the pencil the
new pencil connects and there’s all kinds of magnets there’s not I mean
that’s before they just have more but they’re used to if they thought there
would be near the USBC port on the back there’d be this sort of oval shaped new
like smart connector for stuff and that that doesn’t appear to be true yeah
we’re not I wonder what it looked at yeah it was weird it was weird I guess
we’ll never know what the heck that really was I mean it’s something
internal I guess yeah or something in the prototype stage that they’ve
abandoned but yeah there’s the back is just you know what yeah so there’s an 11
inch model and a 12 point 9 inch model yes with no home button yep
no no headphone jack I’m sure max everyone excited as I said no space yes
as I said in our slack room the other major product at Apple announced was the
USBC 2 headphone jack adapter yes so yeah these these these these new models
now use the USB C instead of lightning so is this the assistant pretty much the
beginning of the end of lightning you guys yes I think it is because I think
well the next year’s phone will have a USB saying I would hope so but I don’t
not yeah I think odds aren’t great but I think I would love it if they did that I
think I would really love if the phones just when USB it would be it would be
great but I don’t think it’s gonna happen I think the reason why the iPad
has it and the other IP no Apple still has a lightning I bet so this is a pro
feature and the reason why I think is because of its you know it’s caught on
cord computer nests where you can hook up a monitor you can you know you can
hook it up to a to a phone and charger which is that that’s an awesome feature
by the way I kind of went underreported but you can plug in your phone to the
iPad and I’ll charge it that’s that that’s awesome yeah there’s PC out yeah
phone you don’t need the camera kit to hook it up writer camera your DSLR if
you want to import you yeah I was 12 has a bunch of new photo importing juice and
you know now you just plug it in your phone so yeah I think that’s very much
you know external hard drives and things like that like there’s there’s cool
stuff that I can do but I think Apple is going to relegate that to the iPad pro
and only the iPad pro I think we’re I think what Apple is doing is pushing us
you know is finally taking it seriously they’ll you know USBC is the future
let’s make it the future and I think you know ultimately once everything is going
towards this you know we always make all these jokes about the dongles and stuff
I think this is you know helping us go in towards the dongle this future
honestly yeah it’s possible that this is just part of a
long term transition starts at the iPad pro maybe then maybe next year the new
high-end iPhone gets it but of course lightning has to be around for all the
other iPhones that still get sold in the regular iPad maybe the next year after
that regular iPad gets it and it starts to find its way down through the stack
as Apple continues to sell last year’s phone and two year old phones and stuff
like that and that’s the way it finds its way down so it’s this could be a
five year transition or something maybe or it could just never happen you know
but I’ve been in favor of it forever I’ve been yeah it’s awesome and the
display works it’s it’s only DisplayPort so you can’t do USB see the HDMI or at
least that’s what I people told me but um but it works you know you just plug
it in and you have the option to mirror or to use it as you know you can do
separate stuff depending on the app like it just it just works and that’s
something that we’ve seen you know they’ve been have said to screen
mirroring wirelessly there all sorts of weird little contraptions to expand the
iPad screen and this is finally Apple saying here you go and that’s that’s it
no it’s it’s awesome for the iPad yeah I mean so you guys generally excited about
it or like how do you feel I’m a little curious about that bump on the back for
the camera cuz like you know if you have the new you know any of the phones that
have that bump it just kind of rocks a little and that feels like especially if
you’re drawing yes I was gonna say that for writing when you’re constantly yeah
that’s that’s gonna be different they I mean Apple wants you to buy a smart
Keyboard folio that’s that’s that’s it and it’s almost like they not that
they’re doing it purposefully to sell folios but they’re they’re not caring as
much about that you know clean because that clean back because they make a case
that eliminates it yeah I kind of there’s a trade-off where if you want to
put it flat on the table and write on it or draw on it or tap on it it’s gonna
have that rocking but on the other hand when you’re holding in your hand every
little bit of extra thin is when you have a really large object
really helps true and they did make it a little bit thinner yeah it’s less than
less than six millimeters now yeah and that’s probably gonna have a really good
feel in your hand when you’re holding it when you’re holding with one hand
reading whatever so I I kind of don’t know which way I go on that I know that
a lot of people get a case anyway like even if it’s not the folio case to get
something because this is really expensive and that will flatten out that
that camera bump I gotta say that’s why I started switch it to a sleeve is
because you know I do you know do do a lot of the writing by hand with it and I
like that thinness the closer I can get it to feeling like a piece of paper I
can so that’s why I switched to a sleeve as opposed to regular case let’s just
take it out and wait I mean we’re talking about three tenths of a
millimeter maybe you know it’s not a I suppose I mean I can tell you I held
both of them I held the twelve point nine and the eleven and you know they do
they feel great when you pick them up almost to the point where I kept saying
is that be a lemon no that’s the twelve point nine like it’s that the twelve
point nine particularly because it’s such a large screen and they took away
the you know the Tottenham and the bottom portage in really kind of come
and condensed it it’s it’s you know almost like shockingly easy to hold for
the outside its it’s pretty great I really hope next year’s iPhones follow
this industrial design with the flat sides that would be cool like I really
feel really like there like look and I feel like they’re gonna have having
that’s gonna have a really good hand feel yeah it does it does look it looks
a lot different and it feels a lot different when you’re picking up it’s
almost like wow this is an iPad because we’ve had that tapered edge forever yeah
so it but but once you know after you get past that 30 seconds a minute you
know it’s it’s it’s a nice look it’s very industrial and yeah I agree
it’s a it’s a cool design language that it would look really nice on the iPhone
next whatever the heck is gonna go well I mean that’s it’s just going back to
the design of like for for yeah I mean it’s like we’re it’s like if I wore
bell-bottoms today we would be like oh that’s you know that’s a new look yeah I don’t think I could pull it off
on Twitter and lighten up says I need a separate keyboard just for their phone
at this point and then mark Paul on YouTube brings up a good comment it’s
built for creatives but disappointed that we still don’t have all caps Pro
Apps after 10 plus years this would be so easy why charge almost $2,000 for the
model when creative apps I could you know for quote you know creative apps
like Adobe Illustrator we do know Photoshop now which is you know they did
a quick demo on stage and you know it’s it’s a full real deal Photoshop on the
iPad and then there was another there was another Adobe app that I can’t
remember the name of now that was also you know powerful and there’s a video
there was a it was what the hell was it not that the premiere rush thing no no
it was a it was something they showed off yesterday and now I can’t even
remember what the heck it does yeah well you wasn’t why you trying to come up
with that uh he oughta toss our jaws says I’m talk about those bezels because
I noticed that on the thing they go edge to edge and like just don’t don’t you
don’t need to say edge to edge just say you know is a synonym for we don’t
they’re not imbalanced put the home button anymore even yeah of some large
knives they’re not that large I mean if you look at the knotch
on the iPhone like an iPhone 10 or tennis or something where the notch is
that’s kind of the size of the bezel all the way around on the iPads and so there
is no not because they can put the face ID stuff in there they talked about how
hey face ideas gonna work in any orientation that’s good
which I tried or I made the Apple rep try that out and it definitely works oh
cool yeah you know like we’ve flipped it all over the place and no problem yeah
I’m um yeah kind of regarding the the case
how does that work with the pencil the folio you mean yeah is it like just like
a little gap yeah zooming accessory makers will have the same thing where
it’s the Cape doesn’t the case doesn’t wrap around that top bar where the
pencil goes and orally brings up on Twitter the question of you know where
does the iPad now fit in in kind of the world against you know laptops still use
a mouse I don’t think it’s changed but you know it’s a start towards maybe the
next step it’s still an iPad you still do the same stuff that you did with the
with the old pro dude it looks nicer it’s more powerful but the the you know
the pencils more convenient Apple’s been pushing for a long time that for a lot
of people and the iPad can be their computer and but with the exception of
just this being more powerful than a lot of that in light laptops dad hasn’t
changed a lot and it’s still true for some people and still not true for a lot
of people they are they announced it looks new laptop yesterday so they’re
not even uh you’re a new thin light laptop so I I can’t imagine living in a
world where I don’t have a laptop or a computer or a desktop computer I’m just
doing it all not my dad just as the other viewer was bringing up you know
they’re still apps that people depend on yeah on their laptops and desktops that
you can’t use on your iPad and a lot of that think of some the developers
themselves and a half of it I don’t know what is going on in the background there
but it’s just like took the Adobe forever a year yeah for third-party
thinks I mean they should how great Pixelmator is on the iPad and it is and
that’s that’s kind of straddling that line onto a pro app there’s some pro
audio stuff that people are doing on iPad now but logics not on iPad final
cuts not on iPad x codes not on ipad this would have been a great opportunity
for Apple to announce those things even if they just were gonna show them and
say this is coming next year yeah I was I was shocked when they put up
that slide about Pro apps I thought for sure yeah they were gonna talk about
that but no developers do they want to open their Xcode project because they
just need to make a quick fix or a change you know
oh somebody found a bug oh I know what that is I need to just go in and fix
that whatever and they want to open that Xcode project on their iPad pro and no
dice yeah I’ve had a router co-brothers before you know I used the iPad pro for
about two years as my main work device and it was kind of frustrating knowing
that I think that one thing it’s gonna be nice about face ID is you know it
used to be every time yet locked you have to reach up and you know do the
touch I think that’s gonna make a massive difference having a face ID yeah
so even just the way you hold it like I always used to hold it so I could get to
the home button to go back and forth back and forth and now when I was using
yesterday I just I picked it up and it didn’t matter how I held it I held it in
the most comfortable possible way and used it that’s also I like of the home
button on the iPad I think is an even bigger deal than taking it away from the
iPhone yeah well I’ll say that like I also think a lot of this stuff’s gonna
come in next year’s iOS update and thank you I think I was in the way that iOS 12
kind of made the iPhone 10 that much better like really come alive I think I
was 13 s gonna have a lot of stuff that’s really kind of tailored for these
new more powerful iPad pros with no home button totally they’re gonna change a
lot of time it’s almost like they’re you’re ahead of themselves
yeah all right you know really cuz they talk about iOS in the summer and they
have that have to have a long beta period and all that stuff and they don’t
want everybody no guessing what hard fair features are coming yes I was
could be so yeah I think there’ll be a lot of just developer stuff API stuff
and low-level stuff and everything to that’s gonna let people make it easier
to make your iPad more of a computer for you I just want not to have apps on
every friggin screen give me give me give me a folder or whatever you want to
call it please please so along with the iPad Pro Apple
revealed the new pencil what are they calling it the pencil to everybody but
it’s like an SEO just like they caught the MacBook and then like for inventory
purposes they call it like Mac macbook air so you’re laying 2018 you know
that’s that’s internal inventory so like comes Apple pencil like 2018 yeah so I
didn’t catch them ever saying anything in terms of improving things like
pressure sensitivity or anything like that they never really talked about that
in the first pencil they never said how many levels of pressure sensitivity I
went and looked it up or tried to look it up everybody it’s guesswork right
it’s just some new design it’s got it now wirelessly charges and and syncs
with the little magnets on the side and it’s got the touch control on the side
where you can double tap to and slide up and down right yes I’m gonna go on
record saying that’s a total friggin gimmick and no one’s gonna use it you
can select a different brush or the eraser as far as I know that’s the only
function that does well you could customize it in other apps like Adobe
showed them zooming in and out with okay and you saying nobody’s gonna use that
but that artists have always told me you know about five artists that I have
talked with professional so that that’s the main reason I prefer their Wacom
tablet over anything else because they do have those little buttons where they
can just quickly switch between stuff yeah I think it’s a great way in a lot
of apps it’ll be like you double tap that to bring up your color wheel or you
know whatever you know it’ll be user configurable yes color wheel eraser yeah
yeah so that’ll be that’ll be the kind of thing that once that people get used
to it but yeah the Wacom tablets have had a button on the side forever
it’s kind of brings them up to par with that yes one of the tricky things about
this pencil though is it this new pencil only works with the new iPad rose and
not with the old iPads and the old Apple pencil does not work with the new iPad
Burroughs yeah there’s no way to pair them yeah yeah which I guess I guess it
has to be that way because we’re talking about different connections but yeah
yeah cuz the way they did the pairing like even if you were to charge your
pencils some other way it pairs through the Lightning port and there’s no like
button yeah with an adapter you have to like make one because it would be a lightning plug adapter and then they’d
be making that strictly so that you could die would be like the ultimate
like dongle joke what what if you have to plug your old your old pencil into
the mouse and then it just kind of sticks up and then you use the mouse
together maybe that’s the way you have to do it we’ll try it we’ll try it
everyone so officially that’s the only it’s a whole new break for the Apple
pencil and it’s kind of annoying I really hope that at least maybe the next
year’s base iPad like I hope I hope they don’t go on for years and years with
like keeping these two parallel lines of Apple pencil going and stuff this is the
this is this is the step this is what I believe this is the step tune we’re just
greater unity of us PC and that was the way they worked around it remember I was
worried because you know if they made it where you charge it with us we see that
would require making the pencil fatter I couldn’t see them doing that the you
know that they have chalk made it charge instead of I you know I co was talking
about that with the iPhone earlier I believe that this is this mark step in
this direction towards making everything USB see and making the phone wireless
and I mean excuse me the pencil Wireless and magnetic was the only way they could
get around that with that particular device yeah I I’m I’m gonna say I think
they’re going to the iPad pro and the Mac will be the USB see devices and the
iPad the $300 one and the iPhones will be the Lightning devices and I think
that’s the way they’re gonna separate and professional on the iOS devices yes
be eventually though you’re gonna have to have a pencil where it’s you know you
know because they were aiming that towards kids with the nine point seven
inch iPad and stuff you know for students and schools it’s so it’s you
know twenty nine you know you’re adding twenty nine extra dollars on it thirty
extra dollars and that’s eventually I think they’re gonna have to flatten that
I I wish Apple I’d given like a discount this is what I wish the the price
increases are gonna be as I wish they drop the price a little bit on the old
Apple pencil and made this new $1.99 that would have been yeah they ever
seems more expensive we should go here not the pencils thirty bucks more the
iPad pros price went up a good fifteen or twenty percent two hundred dollars
twenty five percent twenty percent the MacBook Air which we haven’t talked
about yet that went up took about twenty percent basically every product Apple
has introduced since the iPhone 10 is just twenty percent more expensive now this would be an inexpensive MacBook
inexpensive yeah I think that ran away with it and I think their lowest priced
yeah you know I think what maybe they would say is you know the definition of
an expensive his changing because the price of living is going up essentially and they also you know we don’t we’re
not used to if Apple raise that price is twenty percent every year I mean this is
out of the appraisers keep going up and they go like well people keep buying
them let’s just go higher yes box it’s almost like that’s what they realize
last year like wait a minute we can charge a dowser valves for an iPhone
everyone got to buy it let’s charge that for the iPad 2 and see what
yeah the Apple watch got 20% more expensive just everything everything’s
gotten 20% more expensive and it’s really right around that number right
around 20% for everything and it’s it’s weird whatever makes the evenness 99
number that’s close to 20% is what they did well that’s why I was saying it was
it’s not depending on the model it’s closer to 25 and also the the BTO
options are out to freak out to lunch to I mean you get the top the top Mac Mini
$4,200 that’s to be to be fair there’s it’s that’s not as bonkers you think
because well alright because it’s 60 it’s 64 gig essence and it’s a 2
terabyte SSD and those are what blows up low prices same with the MacBook Air
that huge SSD is the big big jump and that’s true on Windows machines and
stuff too once you get a really big SSD it goes crazy who’s gonna buy that yeah
somebody’s gonna buy I don’t know why you need 2 terabytes in your Mac and I
mean almost no one is gonna buy it but they’re just saying you can yeah why not
take that money from someone you’re way better off getting a 512 getting Nexus T
or something and plugging in a Thunderbolt big storage drive or
something now that they have those Thunderbolt plugs on them yeah
what were you saying really well I was gonna say that this actually we kind of
make a good point to kind of like transition over to the new Mac Mini
which apples really seen which is now is it somebody not 799 803 hundred dollars
sixty percent increase so apples kind of changed a profile of the Mac Mini it was
seen as the kind of like introduction to the Mac machine but apples now kind of
changing that and it’s saying it’s more of a they don’t outright advice yeah
it’s a it’s more a product they showed benchmarks with Pro apps they came out
with a little featurette on the on the website that highlights more
creative use eaves yeah they’ve really recognized that there’s all these people
who want a headless Mac they don’t wanna they don’t want a small Mac because they
want to plug it into a keyboard a mouse that they have for cheap to have a cheap
Mac which was sort of the original err purpose they’ve realized that the people
using Mac minis now they want to configure some Mac that sits in a
storage closet or something and then runs and runs all the time they even
brought up yes like big servers running these things 24/7 and stuff so they want
developers won’t build machines or you know people want file servers and stuff
like that and they want so they’ve they’ve targeted at this high power
thing you can get six core 12 thread versions with 64 gigs all right if
you’re getting what you need it’s gonna cost you thousands of dollars I just
don’t know who’s buying a Mac Mini for that purpose yeah if you’re if all you
want is a file server you don’t need to spend it exactly right and if you want
something much higher end you’re gonna go much higher end than a Mac Mini it’s
not really appealing to either end of the market and it’s a very narrow market
that needs like a small low-power headless but very low power consumption
but really like high performance right that’s not a big it’s the same they
didn’t it’s the same vein what took him four years to do this they didn’t do
anything to it except put some new stuff inside it it’s the exact same zin space
great now I’m sorry yeah it’s the same thing I believe the
low end is really important I wish they would focus on that more because you
know that was the way I got introduced through Apple stuff through schools and
it was you know they had the really agreeable you know plans in the past as
opposed to giving you free beats headphones or some stupid particularly
since Apple is the most recognizable and by and large the coolest company in the
world kids want it my son is seven he has an
iPad Mini kids wanted teens wanted college students wanted an Apple saying
guess what we don’t care pay for it yeah yeah write an article
for tomorrow all about this but it’s it’s you know it’s it’s you’re keeping
it for a tional brand and the NASS I mean
aspirational brand has its benefits but it also you know part of the whole point
of being something people aspire to means it’s something that not everyone
can get yeah and that’s kind of a problem yes it is and back when they
were selling nothing and they were not broke I understood targeting in the
luxury okay we’re a niche company we’re gonna target this segment sell you know
whatever number of Mac’s but that’s not the case anymore after the iPod and the
iPhone the iPad they’re a consumer company that everybody wants their
liquidus they know they’re selling 50 million iPhones a quarter they don’t
need to make $1000 or or raise the ASP to 850 to make a tidy profit sign so you
guys saw it sounds like Mike’s hating on the price I mean I mean on the Mac Mini
specifically because I think you know like from my experience at least on the
PC side you know if you compare it to like you know looks which is the you
know stands for next you know computing or the you know they’re tiny pcs it’s
pretty comparable so it’s not super graphic yeah except for the whole idea
is expandability they’re they’re catering to this this build your own PC
market Mac Mini isn’t that well you know yeah those little Intel boxes they
basically some of them I think you can put it even swap but it’s mostly just
the RAM and you can do that on these yeah I’m not so dim so you can yeah they
made a big deal about they’re just as sometimes now so yeah on the nukes you
can upgrade to hard drive you know storage and RAM but on you know the new
Mac Mini it’s just gonna be ran but then of course yeah the nukes have a discrete
GPU but they’re all using older gen CPUs yeah and there’s a thousand bucks so
yeah they’re getting there like 800 Pro so that’s its comparative but I feel
like they’re all just too expensive for anyone yes yeah and I know what the and
the the the woods extend for the next unit of computing
like that’s not geared you know an average person that’s a that’s a that’s
an enthusiast thing yeah the Mac Mini isn’t trying to meet well it was it
alright fine the history of the Mac Mini that’s not what it’s supposed to be
right and now they’re changing it without really changing it and saying
okay now we’re putting a whole bunch of crap inside it and we’re gonna charge it
sixty percent more I don’t know and they’re also leaving that space
blank Intel or you know Windows has tons of computers to choose from at lower
price points yeah well there’s never get abandoned they never have at least at
least he can get that but even that for the hardware and yeah it was they were
trying to serve that segment of the market yeah I mean the whole claim that
this is a pro product yeah is that’s what pro is gonna use it well you know
if you’ve got if you’ve got your Thunderbolt Display you know 4k
Thunderbolt Display and you have you know a Apple keyboard and stuff already
and each and you and all this other stuff and now it’s been like two
thousand dollars all that if you’re a programmer you don’t care about any GPU
like if you’re just running Xcode and stuff right
or if you have a you want as a build machine your closet so like I said
there’s a market for this but it’s narrow its these people who just want to
want to set up a thing that’s gonna run that needs performance and then it’s
gonna run code sitting in like a closet somewhere they could have easily made a
500 our Mac Mini and an 800 oh yes it could and they just said okay
make it like a weird comparison to make but you know apples all you know doing
its stuff it’s like the shining light of privacy and everything and you know to
me they’re putting it that’s great and all but it’s to me it’s putting off the
you know that’s privileged that you have the you know privacy and stuff I mean
it’s it’s a it’s a right for a luxury item exactly and especially in this age
you should be saying you know that we want you know we if we really are
worried about all y’all’s privacy and stuff you know you
get more accessible for everybody instead of just rich people and half
life on YouTube is saying that they’re a developer and they are buying the mac
meanie why would you why I mean do you consider developers like pros in this
regards there’s no it’s a I think it’s a great Xcode machine for developers who I
mean they’ve got piles of keyboards and monitors they need more build boxes to
run xcode and write them and make software builds and stuff it’s gonna be
great for that that’s I don’t think that’s a it’s kind of a weird
it’s that markets not HUGE HUGE right there are plenty of developers but like
how many Mac minis are they gonna sell that’s not well for this sort of
consumer creative event they had I guess they had to put it somewhere I mean they
also showed those kind of photos or with a video of like the racks with tons yeah
like how yeah how how legit is is that as like I’m sure there’s one company in
the I mean they’re gonna sell you know a thousand Mac minis to to that sort of
data center operation and or you know server farm thing like what is the point
is it just to like run you know like if you can’t virtualize a whole bunch of
mini ones is that is that like essentially what they’re trying to do
with that or it may still be running virtual machines but it’s if you need if
you need sort of OS 10 UNIX based servers for some reason it’s
extremely space and power efficient and they’re the cooling is really good and
stuff they don’t run really hot stuff like that so you can put a bunch of them
in a rack like Apple doesn’t make servers anymore so so you you know
essentially if you need if something that cannot be run on a Amazon Cloud
server or something like that you need it to run OS 10 for some reason there
you go yeah I mean I’m super like I just feel
like this the Mac Mini was the great point in which you can convert a lot of
Windows PCs users because they already have mice and keyboards and all that and
you just say hey you know you can just swap out your Tower with this the olden
for $5.99 or an annuity that was the whole intent was for switchers at least
for your grandma was like an easy way to do that but they dad what ended up
happening is number one the entire market switched to lit two notebooks and
then when it comes to a desktop people just buy an iMac yeah they don’t they
don’t care about their old existing monitor or any of that stuff they don’t
need that they just want to buy it they just buy an iMac so nobody really was
they weren’t snapping up switchers with the Mac Mini maybe when it was first
introduced but it’s been it’s even though it’s been not been updated in a
long time even longer than that it’s just not been
a device for switches so then here’s a question why why are they bothering at
all I was myself like I kind of feel like it did Mac was it was it that that
one email that Tim Cook replied to and he’s like we gotta make this for this
guy yeah I don’t know cuz I believe it you know they should have had that low
end as well as the higher stuff that they’re doing yeah cuz then I would have
been more prepared to answer that question then they would have only sold
the low end one because I think there’s so many people who just of these Pro set
users that they’re fine just having like for a file server or something they’re
just gonna buy the cheapest thing possible because it’s gonna plug into
external file big external drive so yeah it’s weird that they’re making it a
high-end system yeah and high-end without a graphics with discreet
graphics yeah yeah like I feel like if they at least had discreet graphics at
that price of like okay that I could I could get on board with like yeah that
would be a great alternative to a Nuke the basic version yeah it’s way cheaper
yeah all right strange what else did they announce so I booked err yeah
which is equally confusing apple also released a new MacBook Air it’s
available in three colors now it’s shocking it’s it has the similar in
terms of the profile it still has like the tapered profile but open it up and
it features a pretty it’s a new design and they call it a MacBook Air but what
it really is is they took the MacBook and they go 12 was too small you make it
13.3 and add a second Thunderbolt 3 port and of course you know this year’s GPU
they update the GPU last year and update to GPU again this year and if you look
at it that way it’s not so bad there right that the MacBook was too small it
was underpowered the entry-level one was underpowered that Core M processor was
Barba ch1 thunderbolt problem port was stupid like you to plug in if you’re
charging you can’t do anything and and it was expensive
it was $12.99 so and this is a hundred bucks cheaper than that so compared to
the old MacBook it’s nothing because the current Mac because they still saklesh
why that’s true I compared to the Mac or its makes no sense
they still sell the old macbook air blast as now is that I get that that’s
cheer that’s the option this is a hundred odds more than the mixture for
m2 where a lower processor with smaller screen less than less ports yeah and no
touch ID like what yeah why would you buy don’t buy a MacBook never buy point
you have to have it in smaller I mean so it’s like it’s a big leap for the
MacBook Air but that’s only because they called it a MacBook Air when what it
really is is a larger MacBook yes I don’t know why just say here’s the
different why are they making power because people think yeah so the funny
thing is on the MacBook Air website the first photo of the MacBook Air has a
MacBook Air label on it but then if you look at the other machines and they just
say MacBook he’s right here it’s true so whatever render they created all the
rest was purely a marketing ploy we thought you know there’s no nothing else
is the air anymore there’s no iPad air or anything and it makes sense to have
the MacBook and the MacBook Pro like you have the iPad and iPad pro and stuff so
we thought it would just be called the MacBook I’m going to replace both the
air and the existing MacBook and weirdly enough they said people love the air too
much let’s call it MacBook Air and we’ve let’s find if they got rid of the
MacBook yeah we’re lowered the price to $8.99 or so I think they are I think
they’re gonna I think the MacBook and the old MacBook Air are still on sale
but that’s just for a couple of months those are just gonna get retired if they
would have cut the price of the MacBook to $9.99 and eliminated the old air that
would have been perfect that would’ve been better yes yeah so there’s a
question on on Twitter did you get a chance to feel the new Butterfly
keyboard mic yes I did it’s not the MacBook Pro new one I can tell you that
for sure no with that with the membrane I don’t know as I typed I did not feel
that the semi mint was the new MacBook has this was very clunky and very loud I
find that on the new MacBook Pro I found that that membrane is basically
unfeasible like you can have I it’s good what I tested it versus my current
MacBook Pro I felt a difference oh dude I totally yeah you know Dan has it you
know I I had it you know I have a 15-inch – 2017 yeah it’s a massive
different so it feels more comfortable it feels more like deal
our keywords class is the same as the keyboard I have on this MacBook it’s
it’s clicky clicky loud the travels different they call it their
third-generation keyboard I double-checked with the guy I was
talking to and he he’s also said third gen but I don’t know if something felt
different to me maybe I can’t fight you if I do it side by side maybe maybe it
was just the way my fingers were yesterday enemies either way it’s not
the old chiclet keyboard of everyone love its you’re down to your low
profiles like artificially loud clacks capsules this is weird you know talking
about the 2017 models I actually prefer writing on the 12-inch MacBook butterfly
keyboard then over the 15-inch the keyboard I don’t know what it is
maybe it’s flight I can’t really describe it but it is more satisfying to
write on that so I’d be interesting to compare how the 12-inch MacBook compared
to the air yes it is more satisfying to type on right and there back to the
force touch trackpad yeah that was nice that I liked I prefer the force touch
yeah it has good bigger it’s bigger on the air listen it was a nice it’s a nice
it’s a really nice machine but for 1,200 bucks you’re getting a really nice new
Mac that the finish is gorgeous that it’s it’s light it’s small it’s a it’s
it’s a really nice improvement over the macbook air it just apples laptop line
they’re low it’s just very confusing yeah just it’s gonna be starting at
$1,200 like once the old MacBook Air which is way overpriced at 990 is way
overpriced like once that goes away you will not be able to get a MacBook a Mac
laptop and let’s face it 90% of the markets laptops like you will not be
able to get a Mac laptop for less than $1,200 and that’s that’s that’s a tough
pill to swallow man I agree I’ll say this the entry-level model is not
terrible though in the sense that I wish it had more than a 128 K SSD for 1,200
bucks kind of crummy but you know eight gigs
isn’t bad form uh that’s another thing about the idea too that starts at 64 gig
not 128 for $800 or that’s that’s a little less let’s that’s pretty small
yeah considering I mean iPhone you can maybe get away with an iPad you know
you’re dealing you’re dealing with different different size apps and more
of them I wish they had had a processor upgrade option you get this weird Core
i5 that I think I think I actually found what model is I think it’s an 82 10y
which is like this weird off off-the-charts model that intel has but
Twitter user thinks they found it and I think they’re right I think that’s what
you get but it’s you know it’s not a bad I wish there was a quad core option or
at least a core i7 option or something and there isn’t it every no matter what
build your own you do that’s the processor but they’re not doing this
garbage core and think yes anymore or really low end you know one point three
gigahertz you know it’s it’s a decent processor you know for a thin and light
laptop and it’s gonna have great battery life because that’s like a 5 watt TDP
that’s gonna be here yeah it’s gonna they said they said 13 hours of video
watching which is that’s pretty impressive and 12 of web which all the
current the MacBook the map of Thrones all say 10 right so it’s it’s more than
any other Mac laptop their specs are we’ll test it but it should be great
yeah and it has to Thunderbolt us slash we can charge and listen to music I know
it has I wish the ports were on opposite sides yes because like sometimes you
want to plug your daughter’s aren’t you to plug in the other side they look like
they’re far enough apart that it’s not gonna be like oh I can’t plug in my
charger and a stake or something I think that’ll be ok but
I agree that the opposite side though I prefer you wouldn’t you wouldn’t think
about it when you’re buying it but it really matters yes quite often yeah and
on YouTube Demetrius to say and what do you maybe the 12-inch MacBook will be
the first ARM based MacBook so they won’t get rid of it that could be I mean yeah I think we could see like the
12-inch MacBook getting the old MacBook Air treatment where it doesn’t get
updated for a long long time that’s that’s apples mo these pick one Mac they
anoint one Mac to be updated and they let the other three sit there except for
the pros the MacBook Pros the only in line that they really consistently
update and semi-annual basis disaster topsolid yeah so part of the reason it’s
their top-selling is cuz it’s old and outdated I mean they even said everybody
loves the air the most that’s the one everybody wants yeah that’s what people
I mean they still even though it’s a thousand bucks for essentially a four
year old computer people are still buying him like crazy that was kind of
the underlying joke in my head yesterday like they started that presentation with
here is the notebook everybody loves and here’s the desktop everybody loves but
we haven’t upgraded them in like a like so here you go and you know is what I do
actually like you know Apple’s new keyboards but the the air I would say
one reason it is so popular is because of that keyboard and I was really
surprised they went in the direction they did yeah covers are not the new
keyboards are not popular and and they used to be the best keyboard but on any
laptop like everyone agree indisputable so but that was that was before they
went to the butterfly design I think that’s what three butterfly design and
the MacBook Air was the last about that and the the desktop keyboards the
keyboard you get with IMAX I still have does it feel good yeah quiet
there’s so much quiet that’s that’s the big thing that I prefer is like I was
typing last night I don’t know 9 o’clock at night trying to get one last thing
done Sam I was watching TV and she’s like are you almost done because it’s so
low it’s like that whenever we’re in the conference room having a meeting like
you can tell who’s typing on a Mac yes oh my god I can hear it on the phone
depending on who’s closest to the speaker box you can hear it yeah
and apples never gonna admit they messed up on this no they’re ever gonna go oh
people of this lets they’re like no it saves us well I’m I I’m willing to bet
their fervent ly working on a new keyboard mechanism and design that is
gonna be thin but not loud and feel better and stuff like that and then
they’re gonna when they announce it they’re gonna be like everybody loved
our butterfly keyboard and now we’ve made it even better with this thing you
know it’s only only things get better there’s never any mistakes an apple I
don’t know if Apple is fervently working on anything Mac related but certainly
there’s the Mac Pro coming next year Pro and what it costs and that had 20% and
then let your head explode over how after seeing the Mac Mini which was
essentially this net essentially it’s the same design with some new stuff like
are we sure this Mac Pro is really going to deliver no we’re not we’re not
certain and anything on that yeah what if they give us another trash can they
will drown out the clappers speaking of booing I was shocked at just how hyped
this crowd was like I know they always have people in there things to like hype
up the crowd cheer and stuff but he was way overdone I said to myself oh I
like literally the day before I went to a one plus event I’ve been to Google I’m
into Samsung I’m into LG add into what I’ve been to a ton of these and this was
like being at a concert they got an extended applause a break for recycled
friggin aluminum I’m talking about like a 10-second applause it is Brooklyn honestly that is a really good thing
both yes it was it was wild there were people in in I know I was sitting with
the journalists because they they had arranged by badge gasps what is this but
just I mean just when Tim Cook came out for example just like it was this huge
rock star greeting and I I guess they just the the Apple employees New York
because they always stuff some at their stuff and I guess they were just like
thanks for coming to New York instead of having their in California because they
were they were excitement the whole thing was amped up and I can tell you
man I don’t know what the hell kind of training these people go through but
every single Apple person I passed made eye contact with me and said thanks for
coming how you doing everyone at the Chicago event there was literally an
apple person every 20 feet yeah so if you walk down a hallway you would see
about two dozen Apple t-shirts about every 20 feet and they all say hi to you
when you’re walking and you’re walking down the hall and not just hide it like
hi right they freaking cheered when you walked into the hands-on area it was it
was why it was wild man oh yeah if anyone’s ever been to like
and an apple store opening or like you know one day when the Apple store
employees stand there and cheer are you coming inside
of that element to that way and I always there like an hour early because I
didn’t know what the traffic was gonna be from Manhattan to Brooklyn and like
you know they’re coming up like are you okay are you warm enough it was like
it’s like but it was so like crazy friendly yes and like my fingers are
cold can you hold my hand jacket so they all have a vent gear that
they were shut down the streets around Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn which if
anyone know that’s a major area for commuters and they shut it down you know
all day from 6:00 a.m. I guess I was there at 7:30 and it was shut down too I
left at almost 4:00 and it would still a degree that’s like Brooklyn I don’t know
what they we know we obviously had to pay the cops and everything else and the
city fees yeah only Apple could have that level of attention and and just
ability to just close down a major thoroughfare in a city with you know
like concrete barriers to stop cars from coming he was nuts
Wow tell me I left too quick because I wanted to get to the hands-on area and
then get out of there on right and apparently they gave that stickers I
missed it on YouTube it says I noticed a flaw
a moth flew across the screen and half the audience went wild maybe the butterflies and the Adobe
thing was that what they’re talking about
maybe I mean I it was it was fine Apple today at Apple got an extended applause yes I think it’s because I read that the
New York staff was there Apple stores I guess but it was just wild I couldn’t I
just couldn’t get over how first of all how well-run it was like there was no
mob to get in everybody was very orderly it started exactly on time you know it
was you know it all ran very smoothly but just the attention to every single
possible detail just was just mind-boggling
yeah they’re they’re inexperienced yeah before we go I want to go over the
scores and then we’ll go over some last kind of questions so just fill people in
on what you’re about to do here dad yeah on last week’s podcast we kind of
predicted all the things that they might announce and whether or not they would
announce it and so you know we went through kind of all the things and I’ll
just go over where you guys went wrong yeah in last place Roman with minus four
he did he went he went solo on airpower being a yes air pods to being a yes imax
being a yes and then also on an Apple display yeah and then tied in second is
a Mike and life because a life went yes and then Mike went yes on the iPad Mini
and both of us I was surprised they didn’t update that even with just
rudimentary specs and then both of you went yes on IMAX I still say the iPhone
and then life said no to an entry-level Mac laptop but it well yeah that’s
actually technically correct well it depends on what we consider and then
Mike went yes on an Apple display as well and the Jason in first place only
got one wrong and said yes to IMAX yeah and I’m gonna say I’m still shocked that
they didn’t come out with $1000 display for the iPad I’m shocked yeah that kind
of show off the USB with the Mac Pro maybe so yeah they’ve
announced they’re working on one just like the Mac Pro they said it’s coming
away in future I think that would have been too much ears you’re really
expensive Mac minion look you can buy a $5,000 monitor I mean yeah one 4k or
something 42 inch 5k Mac new Mac Pro monitor it’ll be it’ll
be 5k two grand it’ll be a lot like whatever they’ll put whatever the next
generation of the 5k IMAX screen is they’ll put that in a display housing
hopefully they’ll add variable refresh rate stuff but that’s dad that’s what
the produce plays gonna be it’ll match I met the new Mac Pro and everything we
could still see IMAX Apple has in the past gone as far as late November to up
to update their IMAX so we could still see IMAX they just there was one stealth
upgrade the they announced buried buried another book press release they
announced that in about a month the MacBook Pro is gonna get it Vega
graphics yeah they’re gonna switch from that Radeon Pro 582 Radeon Pro they go
what’s a big knives yeah it needs it and they did it yeah yeah that was Mark had
on on YouTube but there’s two more quick ones since you answered that one one is
when will Apple earpods in the next one be released you have any
thoughts on that and then also why would Apple bump the pricing on the Mac Mini
and then also allow you to buy aftermarket memory you know to when they
could be making that money by just forcing me to buy theirs I don’t think
most people do buy aftermarket I agree and it’s not as upgradable as you think
thank you still they still recommend taking it to a service specialist to do
it yeah just a door and you pop it in yeah they take off the whole thing and
you got to know what you’re doing yeah so what also deals are pretty easy yeah
yeah yeah for for you know I guess for the
people who would buy the Mac Mini yes its pros about it I saw the interior
looks you know decent if you’re if you’re thinking about probably the 32
gig or more model you’re probably better off buying the least amount of RAM you
can and then money aftermarket Ram yeah but for the most part I think
people aren’t they’re not concerned about it because it’s not a big thing
people don’t upgrade their laptops and stuff you know they don’t it’s not a
thing yeah so they’ve got all this TV stuff we’ve said this on the pockets
before they’ve got all these TV shows that we know about because the Hollywood
press talks about who got cast and stuff but they and who bought the options for
some book and whatever but Apple has not announced them so they’ve got they’ve
got 30 TV shows or something in the works and spending like two billion
dollars and they haven’t announced a single one of them and so there’ll be a
big deal when they do that and you’ll also be a great time to do other media
stuff like we hear about these over that your headphones if they do that
that’d be their ear pods – that’d be there that’d be a great time to do all
that they could do all that in their March event that would be my guess
that’s what I was speaking of headphones the little Lana Del Rey performance was
a fun surprise yesterday a little a little out of place because they was not
amended like there was no room use this time wasn’t a music yeah but that was
that was cool he was funny that um so she has two songs or she played two
songs but one of them is called Venice okay can I curse on this yeah just do it
it’s called it’s called Venice bitch and Apple wouldn’t let her say the name of
the song so she had a censor it when she sang it she sang in Venice chick and she
said this is just called Venice yeah Norrish nor could she say the name of
her record that’s upcoming I have to look it up I think there’s a desert
there’s an F word in there somewhere I forget what it’s called but it was funny
she made a point she’s like Apple won’t let me curse and this is how this isn’t
broadcast this is just an event yeah at live streams and they still saw Lord
knows what these shows are gonna be huh these shows are good if you can’t say
bitch on a live stream like these shows are gonna be sanitized things only what
you can show we could show a primetime unlike yes I don’t know but we’re gonna
get that bad am I am more less than that like Nickelodeon yeah it’s gonna be Nick
level as I kicked off the event with the song 100 miles and running but the other
smartly stopped it before therefore yeah well that probably that just about does
it for this week’s episode of the Macworld podcast episode 628 – then next
week we’ll pulling out some we’re hoping to get hardware in soon Mike’s actually
working on an iPhone 10 our review so yeah but so we’ll probably talk about
that in an upcoming podcast but keep an eye on the website to see what the
topics are for next week’s podcast we broadcast on Wednesdays at 10 o’clock
Pacific time live on Twitter and YouTube by the way we yeah we are teaming up
with Razer got a racer Corexit GPU and it’s not only the e GPU you also get a
card with it and you get a mouse and that’s a really good deal so it’s it’s
it’ll over 600 bucks but yeah that can really give you some cool graphics
performance for your Mac that’s better and what you’ll get into thing and it’s
a it’s a Radeon it’s 580 yes and so you know it’s not the greatest thing it’s
not a Vega or anything but you can put a Vega in there if you want that’s that’s
what’s cool about it so but yeah that’s the other thing if you could just switch
out any card you want to but yeah that’s live right now and the code in a crack
on for that max right there on the head it’s right there on the homepage click
it and you can enter to win there are of course rules and regulations you know
it’s only available to u.s. and Canada except for Quebec so can
a couple employees can employees it so that contest is going on until all time
but yeah you know enter to win you know it’s it’s a it’s some cool gear that you
could could win so check that out on our homepage that link is always up there so
go to at anytime and click it in and try to win so and I’ll go be sure to mention
it in next week’s podcast just so much stuff happening and it’s like I was
staring right at it and like just like I should do in life jumped in so thank you
for doing that wave yeah join us next week for Teaneck next episode of the
Macworld podcast so I like to thank Mike and Jason on the remote thanks guys
thank you thanks to life happy Halloween and thanks to Dan our producer you know
welcome and thanks to you the audience for joining us see you next week

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12 thoughts on “New iPad Pro, new MacBook Air, new Mac mini | Macworld Podcast Ep. 628”

  1. Macworld says:

    5:04 Click here for the beginning of the show. I'm trimming the video to get rid of the beginning of the live stream but it can take a little bit for YouTube to finish processing.

  2. GoGee says:

    Just created another dongle by removing the headphone jack. The new entry mac book air i5 dual core processor is definitely a weak processor not much better than the core m.

  3. riccia888 says:

    Professional concept artist draw and use keyboard for hotkeys but place it to the left corner not attached to the screen. Its wierd to draw while keyboard in front of you

  4. Bob P says:

    If you wanted a new desktop to replace 2013 iMac what would you buy today? Mac mini? Logic Pro and Final Cut Pro are primary usage

  5. Andre Davis says:

    i got a mac mini and an egpu for my new setup 🤷🏾‍♂️

  6. david tibbot says:

    Didn’t you loo in the box when you opened your Apple Pencil? There is a lightning double female adaptor so you can charge the pencil with your lightning cable.

  7. AyoForAiello says:

    Actually you can charge/connect the pencil to the new iPad. If I’m not mistaken, you can use a lightning to usb-c cable and attach the female lightning connector that comes in the box with the pencil.

  8. Bo Bu says:

    The original Apple Pencil does come with the female-to-female adapter to charge it.

  9. Brandon D. Miller says:

    I'm guessing that you all are not fans of the new Mac Mini lol. If I already have an awesome monitor, keyboard, and trackpad but no desktop computer, isn't a mac mini the perfect choice? I'm a graphic designer for my own LLC. I can purchase an almost maxed out mac mini with 8gb of memory (I'll purchase 64gb of so-dimm for half of Apple's price) and 512gb of ssd for $1,599. I'm also purchasing an Egpu. So $1,599 plus about $1100 for the egpu and additional so-dimm combined, that's $2,699. Still less than a new imac and macbook pro. Thoughts? I need advice, honestly. Thanks!

  10. Bo Bu says:

    Thank you guys for raging on Apple’s new price hikes on all of its products.

  11. Kip Vaughan says:

    I cannot understand why anyone would want an underpowered Mini when they could have a much better machine like the 2018 model. Yes, the Mini can get much more expensive but smaller parts like SSD cost a lot more. Apple has limited control over the pricing of SSD since they cost a lot even if you buy a non Apple computer.

  12. Antoine Jdeidani says:

    I love my MacBook Air, got it in 2010 and it still works great. It didn’t get Mojave but I don’t feel I’m missing anything. I don’t feel the need to buy the new thing any more, the novelty wears out pretty fast. But I tell you this if my laptop ever breaks I won’t by a new Mac but an iPad, not specifically the pro because I am sure the edge to edge design will come to the regulars iPad next year.

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