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– Hey guys it’s Justine and the Apple event just ended and I’m so hyped up about the iPad Pros that, oh my goodness, I was freaking out at my desk, I probably should’ve filmed, I did film this clip whenever I heard that the new iPad Pro will have USBC and it will charge your iPhone. – [Announcer] We now support charging out over USBC so you can
even charge your iPhone unlike any other tablet. (applause)
(body falling) – Anyway I just wanted to go through a little recap of some of the things that they announced today. Three of the main things
that they highlighted was the new Mac Mini, the new MacBook Air, and of course the iPad Pros. Angela also announced 60 new sessions at Apple retail stores which
I was really excited about because Zach King has a session. So they co-create sessions with people and I’m such a huge fan of his. I used to love all of his
Vines that he would post, and now since Vine is no longer a thing I love all of the things
that he posted on YouTube, and all of the things on Twitter, so congratulations Zach I am so excited I will definitely be taking
one of those sessions. Now let’s talk about some of the things that they covered in the keynote. First up, we’re gonna
chat about the MacBook Air because I remember the time that Steve Jobs pulled
that first MacBook Air out of that envelope and it was shocking. – Today we’re introducing
a third kind of notebook, called the MacBook Air. (applause) – One of the smallest laptops
that Apple had ever created up until that point. So for me I was like, this is exciting. Now it was exciting but
for somebody who does video editing and very
processor intensive things this laptop did not quite deliver. For what it was I did
use it a lot for email and I was able to edit very small files but even then it just
didn’t have enough power to be able to do the things that I really needed it to do. So here they are they
come in the three colors you have the silver, the rose gold, and of course the space gray. It has an all new Retina screen with four times the resolution
as the previous Air. During the keynote when Tim
said something about like, this is something that
everyone has always wanted, I tweeted, a touch screen MacBook? Then two seconds later he said a retina display!
(laughter) And I tweeted, oh. This is definitely something that I think was needed on
the MacBook Airs because when you’re using the Retina
displays and then you go back to using something that isn’t a Retina it’s extremely hard for
your eyes to adjust. So I’m sure this display looks amazing and I can’t wait to get
a chance to check it out. It has an all new eighth
gen dual core CPU, 16 gigs of RAM, 1.5 terabyte solid state drive, and these drives are 60% faster
than the previous versions. Another huge upgrade to the MacBook Air is the touch ID. It still has the FaceTime
camera at the top, they did update the
keyboard and the track pad so it does have the butterfly keyboard and the force touch track pad. They also gave the speakers an update so they’re 25% louder which is good because I do feel like the
MacBook Air, if I recall I haven’t used them in a really long time, the speakers definitely weren’t as loud as some of the MacBooks. It’s a 1/4 pound lighter than
the previous MacBook Air. So this thing weighs in at 2.75 pounds. The prices start at $1199 and one of the huge things
that they seemed to stress during this entire Apple Keynote is their MacBooks, their
Mac Minis, and the iPads are all recyclable aluminum. So I feel like that
got some of the loudest cheers in the audience, and I think it’s really great because there are so many
products that we’re using. So just to know that
you’re using something that has been recycled
is a pretty cool thing. Now let’s move on to the Mac Mini, it is an all new space gray color. This thing kinda just looks like a big Apple TV sort of but with the space gray finish. I haven’t used a Mac Mini
in a really long time. I personally probably won’t be using a Mac Mini but they do look incredible and after they showed
this server farm photo I had a lot of ideas of
things that I wanted to do. Do I need a Mac Mini farm? I don’t know maybe, do you? Realistically I probably
won’t be getting a Mac Mini as something that I will use everyday because I do have an iMac
Pro, and my MacBook Pro that I edit and do most of my work on. This Mac Mini upgrade was a huge upgrade from the previous one. Starting at four cores you can go all the way up to six, with 60% faster graphics, that’s five times faster than before and you can upgrade up to 64 gigs of RAM. And a solid state drive up to 2 terabytes. One of the things that Apple is known for is removing ports but they did not do that with the Mac Mini. It has four thunderbolt, three USBC ports, HDMI, two USBA ports, 10
gigabyte ethernet port, all available starting November 7th. The starting price for
one of the Mac Minis is $799 and that will get you eight gigs of RAM, 3.6 gigahertz quad core processor, with 128 gigs of storage. So the most expensive Mac Mini, let’s spec this out. 3.2 gigahertz, six core, we would like the 64 gigs of RAM, 2 terabyte solid state storage, of course we’re going to upgrade our 10 gigabyte ethernet port, and I guess we don’t
need Final Cut or Logic. So let’s add this to our bag. That gives us a total of $4, 199. Well we might as well add AppleCare on. I think that the Mac Minis are great, I think that this a perfect
thing for a lot of people and there are so many different use cases. It’s so small it’s so compact, and I have been a really
big fan of the Mac Minis since the beginning and when they first announced these things, this is kind of crazy, I did actually get one. There were all of these give aways that they used to do on Myspace and I managed to win
one in some give away. I don’t even want to, we
don’t have to go there. That’s for another day. But I was in, I think I was in college, and I was so excited cause it was like Yes a free Mac Mini my life is complete! So that’s Mac Mini, now let’s
talk about the iPad Pro. Wow, wow. This thing looks beautiful, and I’m gonna be
completely honest with you, I do have one of the first gen iPad Pros and I don’t really use it that often. I use my phone, I use my MacBook, and if I’m not using one of those I’m on my desktop iMac Pro. But it really is my dream
to just have one device. If I just had one device
that could do everything, that would be so incredible, especially for traveling. I feel like the iPad Pro is getting closer and closer to that. Especially with all kinds
of new editing software that’s coming out. I just wish that Final Cut or iMovie would have an upgraded app on the iPhone. It doesn’t make sense, like you guys have the resources to make the most perfect
editing app on your iPhone and the iPad and yet
Adobe went and did it? You’ve got the resources,
you’ve already got Final Cut you have iMovie on here, there’s so many things that
you guys could be doing, that it makes me just want to take this desk and push it over knowing that it’s possible. I just want to have that seamless solution to be able to have the capabilities of things that I can do on
Final Cut or iMovie on my phone. Like vertical video editing? You’d think that would be a no brainer. Thankfully Adobe Rush, I’ve actually been a
really huge fan of it. I don’t edit in Premier, I do edit everything in Final Cut, so I was a little bit
hesitant to check it out. But the Adobe Rush app
is really, really good. After I tweeted about that
a lot of you guys suggested that I check out Luma Fusion, and I still haven’t
actually checked it out so that is on my too do list. If you have used Luma Fusion let me know what you guys think of it. Or if you’ve used Adobe Rush, or if there are any other features that you wish that there were video editing capabilities
built into the phone. I feel like a lot of these
things could be built right into the camera app. That is just a future wish, and I’m hoping that that is something that they are working on because if they are you will see me doing, well maybe I’ll dance
at the Apple store again to celebrate. iPad Pro, they also
announced an Apple Pencil 2. It has gesture control, and I also got mine engraved. Again, I’m not an illustrator I don’t really do that many things on the iPad that would
require the Apple Pencil. They also showed a full version of the new Adobe app for iPad and it looks extremely powerful which I’m also excited about. That’s why I also tweeted that we’re getting closer and closer to having an iPad be something that you can travel with and that can be your main device. So here it is this is,
aw, it is so beautiful, so it has rounded corners on the display, and they said that they’re using some of the same technologies that they used in the iPhone 10 R with the liquid Retina display. A 12.9 inch display, it’s 5.9 mm thick and this is 15% thinner then the previous iPad
Pro which was 6.9 inches. It also has Face ID which
means no home button. It also has no headphone jack which I honestly don’t care. Life if you still think that you need a headphone jack, I don’t know that’s not my problem that’s your problem. Because I have completely done away with any corded headphones. The only time that I need
to use a corded headphone is when I’m making videos like this and I have to monitor audio. So that’s really it. There is a slight bit of lag though, I will say that is extremely upsetting sometimes when I am editing but a lot of my editing I’ve sort of changed the way that I edit. I edit mostly looking at waveforms but even when I was one my desktop I feel like that’s how
you sort of should edit. Yes you can edit to the
sound that you hear, but even then I feel like you’re not gonna get the precise edits that you need. Feel free to fight about
it in the comments. Headphone jack, or no headphone jack? Again either way it doesn’t
really effect me so, I will keep on living my
life headphone jack free. It has an eight core CPU plus seven core GPU. This is faster then
92% of all portable PCs that were sold in the past 12 months. I thought that was kind of
an interesting statistic. They also made a dig at Xbox. I was like, oh burn. They were talking about how fast the graphics processor is in the iPad compared to the Xbox. Those are fighting words. The iPad Pro also has USBC, and it has charging out so
you can charge your iPhone using your iPad. The iPad Pencil also magnetically attach to the top of your iPad, which sounds like something that I may have seen or heard before. (snap) This is a secret that
I love Apple so much, but I’m als a really big fan of all of the Surface
products by Microsoft. The one good thing though
about the Apple Pencil is that it will magnetically charge when it is attached to your iPad. So that is something that is different then some of the surfaces. It’ll also automatically pair. I even got the free engraving on my Apple pencil. I also was joking on Twitter about getting the free engraving because the new iPad Pro, if you do spec it out
all the way to the max, it is $1,899. That’s with cell, that is the 1 terabyte model and that’s the 12.9 inch display. But the cheapest iPad Pro that you can get on the 12.9 inch model, is the 64 gig and you can get that with wifi for $999. The 11 inch, the most expensive one, if you spec that one out to the 1 terabyte with cell, $1699. But the cheapest new iPad
pro that you can get, is the 11 inch and it’s
a 64 gig with wifi, and that’ $799. It is kind of crazy to think that you can spec this thing out to be 1 terabyte and that cost you almost as much as a laptop. Now is it worth it for you? I don’t know. I don’t know you, I just don’t think that you’re gonna need
a terabyte of storage. But did I get the terabyte of storage? Yes, because I am absolutely crazy. I’ve completely accepted that. To most girls that’s like a purse or a handbag or some shoes. But here I am, I’m not even wearing shoes. You can connect your iPad Pro to a 5K display so if
you do want to use this using sort of a desktop experience, that is something that you can do. They also showed these
new smart keyboard folios. So it has a full sized keyboard, and it can also double
as a screen protector. One of the things that they showed too is that you can use it in
two different viewing angles. So if you’re sitting down on your lap, you can move it slightly forward or if you’re sitting at your desk you can move it back a little. I am excited to see the new iPad Pro, even when I saw it first on the screen during the keynote,
when they did that swipe of the edges and just kind
of rounded everything. (inhale sharply) I actually had an audible gasp. I checked my heart rate, I was like yup that’s a heart rate spike. So those are some of the highlights today from the Apple event, I’m really excited to get
my hands on these things. I wish that I was there at the event to be able to see them in person, but unfortunately I could not make it so I am here patiently waiting. I will see you guys in the next video. If you haven’t subscribed, make sure you do so and be
sure to hit the like button if you enjoyed this video and hit the bell so you are notified
when I post new videos. Okay YouTuber mandatory spiel is over. End of video, see you later. (upbeat music)

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