New iPad 3 vs MacBook Air 11″


Hey guys, this is Austin and today I’m here
with a comparison between the iPad 3 and the MacBook Air. At first glance
this looks like an odd comparison, as not only is the MacBook Air
over twice the price but it also runs OS X Lion whereas the New iPad is
on iOS 5.1. You trade the backlit physical keyboard of the Air for a
virtual onscreen keyboard on the iPad and a pair of USB ports along with
Thunderbolt for a 30-pin connector. On the other hand you swap an 11.6
inch 1366×768 display for the iPad’s 9.7 inch Retina Display with
a resolution of 2048×1536. Pixel density is great on the MacBook Air
but the iPad is nothing short of spectacular in comparison. You also gain
a multitouch display along with a very different form factor. The MacBook
Air is just like a normal laptop, albeit much thinner. You have the
screen up top and the keyboard and trackpad on bottom. In comparison, the
iPad is all screen with navigation done by touch and with the virtual
keyboard only appearing when you need it. The MacBook is better for typing
and the fact that it props itself up is nice but the iPad is better for
holding in the hand and the touchscreen is very natural to use. I recently
spent a week traveling with only the iPad and the MacBook Air and I want
to start off by saying that I do a lot of work with video if you hadn’t
guessed and all of it was done on the MacBook. The iPad does have a fairly competent
video editor in iMovie but it just doesn’t match up to full editors
on OS X, not to mention having full filesystem access is basically a necessity
for me to get work done. On the other hand, whenever I could I found
myself using the iPad. Being able to watch full 1080p video on a 9.7”
screen is fantastic and even though I miss using Chrome and having Flash support
Safari on the iPad really is good. The official Twitter app for iPad is
great and isn’t half bad either, although I still prefer Sparrow. I
also do a lot of reading and as far as I’m concerned nothing can even touch
the iPad as an eBook reader. With the Retina Display this is the first tablet I’ve
used that makes text as crisp as it would be on an actual book. Overall I’ve
come away from this little experiment with a few main thoughts. For as
capable as it is, if you’re someone who relies on working with video, photos,
music or writing the MacBook Air is a spectacular little machine. The 11” Air
is only slightly larger overall than the iPad and packs enough power to get real work
done. On the other hand, the iPad is extremely capable and is a very different
way of doing things in comparison. iOS hides things like the filesystem and restricts
you to using apps for almost everything but because of this it’s very
simple to use with very few headaches. It also has excellent battery life at around
9 hours compared to the roughly 4.5 hours of the Air and having the option to
use 4G LTE is fantastic. For around half the price the iPad is the better choice for
most people but for me it just can’t replace the MacBook. If you enjoyed this video
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24 thoughts on “New iPad 3 vs MacBook Air 11″”

  1. Sam Fisher says:

    Heys guys it's Austin powers

  2. Pwnpie says:

    maybe this is just my day, because this is exactly I was looking. Recently sold my PC and as of now just have my iPhone 5, as I work a lot and only come home to sleep really, I was thinking about either getting Air or iPad mini, but now Air it is. Thanks for this great video, short and to the point. Subscribed as well ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. dlaci says:

    Good idea of comparing products!

  4. ebaymaster says:

    I love your videos Duncan! Keep up the good work

  5. BboySiamek says:

    you have BIG feet !

  6. Mattias Langer says:

    fast and clear and nice review

  7. asolis08 says:

    Great review!

  8. XxShadowXx says:

    Did you put your ipad screen on rocks?that would scratch it! Or was It a green screen?

  9. Eugenia Zamora says:

    which one would you recommend me if a want it to use it for simple apps and office?

  10. TheXtremesoundz says:

    duncan, you really have shown me what can be done with this d3100, it's hard to get mine looking like this….

  11. AppleTechVideo says:

    wait… so your name is Austin but your account name is duncan3303? Why? Just wondering.

  12. cypherf0x says:

    Simple apps, iPad. If you need the full functionality of Office then the Air is the better choice.

  13. MegaJoshua00 says:

    I love your accent!

  14. Varun Narendra says:

    I love both the iPad and MacBook Air because they're both products of apple

  15. gania3009 says:

    I love me

  16. Armie Masa says:

    Great video ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. illcodino says:

    exellent video good job

  18. Matthew K. says:

    Hey everyone, is a 2009 macbook air usable as a first mac? I will be editing tech videos like austin, but in iMovie. I will be getting a portable 1TB hard drive so video isn't an issue, memory wise.

  19. Vikkie Lolo says:

    iPad is easier to use, and has a lot of simple apps. but for more proffessional work i woud make sure to get a macbook or iMac

  20. Siani Johnson says:

    Thx Austin! This really helped. However i still can't decide on which one to get. Maybe I should just let my parents do the choosing on that one. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  21. Chuck Norris says:

    I can't decide to get a macbook pro or iPad air!!!! Ahhh I need both but don't want to spend the money!! How do I get them for cheaper or free???

  22. Liz Oliver says:

    Very helpful! Thanks!

  23. Chris CollinsFan says:

    I would personally go with a MacBook Air. It does so much more then an iPad, I used to have an iPad 4 and I thought I wasted my money because it was useless partly because my iphone could do everything that it could and even more, I'd go with a MacBook Air

  24. YehetLuhanYehet says:

    I am a student who needs to type A LOT, so is the iPad problematic?

  25. Matthew Cummins says:

    I like watching your old videos. There awesome

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