New Book Dives Into Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner’s White House Tenure | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC


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100 thoughts on “New Book Dives Into Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner’s White House Tenure | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC”

  1. BLACKA BLACKA says:

    Grifters on top of grifters

  2. Will Shelton says:

    Ivanka…lock her up! Lock her up!! Lock her up!! Lock her up!! Kushner can be returned to Hitler museum artifact wing!

  3. Christine Schmitz says:

    You keep only family close because you need to hide what you do. This has been crooked from the start and should have never been allowed. Only because the GOP was in charge in 2016 was all this allowed. They are equally crooked.

  4. Jo De Sai says:

    MSNBC Is the most horrible propagandist on earth! 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼 Fake very Fake news as always! LIES

  5. Steve Martin says:

    A funny thing happened during Ivanka's memorable trip to Japan …

  6. Daniel Choi says:

    Stephanie Ruhle is such a bad host interrupting not with smart questions but repetitive stupidity.

  7. Shane Whitbread says:

    Wow !! Why isn't this a bigger story..,its extremely unsettling..

  8. Prajow Luck says:

    why aren't they arrested with all this info?

  9. Becky - Boo says:

    Yep, something very wrong that’s for sure!

  10. Catcher-N Rye says:

    they made 222 MILLION !? SHAME on gop .

  11. Randy Smith says:

    I have decided to never vote in a Business man or woman into office, it is just too much conflict of interest.

  12. Claire Will says:

    50k taxpayers money paid for golf simulator in WH, for guess who?
    $120 million of donors campaign money, being diverted to trump properties for food, rent and lodging?
    How’s that legal?

  13. oldrrocr says:

    ITMFA!! and please don't hurt him. He needs to spend the rest of his life in prison… along with his crime family!

  14. derry667dingo says:

    They we cleared by the “ethics team”, were they? Was this before or after the head of that department quit of moral grounds? Ethics in the Trump WH is a joke. The people who truly had and cared about ethics have all quit or been fired.

  15. Julia Hoover says:

    Ivanka and Jared have more brains in there little fingers than these bozos…

  16. Johnny Tampocao says:

    I guess this is a great book and very interesting to read as it exposes the true color of this family why they're in the WH, the author is very precise to what her investigation's conclusion.

  17. Betty M. says:

    Keep bringing in that fentanyl China. Feed the "opioid crisis."

  18. Daniel Schaeffer says:

    Potential conflicts of interest? I am shocked! Shocked! They don't need to show you no stinkin' security clearance!

  19. Neka Nostalgia says:

    "666" 5there avenue tower… No coincidence 😈
    They are evil and Trump isn't smart enough, the people around him are doing the dirty work!!! This is sick…. Smh

  20. Lelynn Miller says:

    😲 they're using r government to make sure that they're completely set up, for the long haul… 🤔 i wonder how far they go b4 it's "enough" for THEM… 🤔 . . . Trump's r all about Trump's❗ 👎😒

  21. Isabel Romero says:

    He's a little TOO feminine…it's questionable 😶

  22. hung nguyen says:


  23. David Galvez says:

    What do u expect from this people they truly believe: Strong prosper week dye,,they Will use all if their energy to inrich themselves while they have the White House to back them up,,,they dont really care about the country they are in IT for the money,,,,,,,this crazy followers of this old prunge are the biggest suckers

  24. Evelyn Bertresse says:

    The interesting question though is: why is the GOP standing by them and defending them? What’s in it for the GOP?

  25. Evelyn Bertresse says:

    I just can’t listen to this crap anymore!

  26. Rage.against.the.regime says:

    I'd love to see someone smack that smirk off his face. He definitely has an entitled look on his face. It's really sinister looking. I voted for Trump, but I'm seeing a resemblance of how people loooved Bush, now look. We know now he was a monster. Red and blue are no different people. They want to devide us. Wake up.

  27. hodaka1000 says:


  28. toney ingram says:

    One thing about it he got the right number for the family he's in six six six

  29. Archie says:

    its because they did not take a salary they knew they could make more from there influence over there positions

  30. Frank Kelly says:

    Ivanka's voice is as phony as the color of her hair,

  31. patrick couch says:

    All you people are just jealous of them 😁

  32. patrick couch says:

    Who gives a s***

  33. patrick couch says:


  34. patrick couch says:

    The Democratic party is a bunch of sellouts to the United States

  35. patrick couch says:

    Why don't you report on some real news

  36. freetobeme says:

    Why put your life on hold for a mere 4-8yrs. I do not fault them for continuing businesses.

  37. Robert Stewart says:

    Give up you democratic devils you cant win you will just destroy your selves, for the wicked will destroy the wicked

  38. Robert Steele says:

    Kushner will follow his father into jail. Here is everything we have published on him free online including my detailed book review and a print interview published around the world that ends with the determination that Kushner is Donald Trump's Judas.

  39. J Wentz says:

    JEWS! The most evil group to ever exist on this planet!

  40. Charlene Lord says:

    I'm just learning about Kushner hiding the WH Guest Log. That is bizarre. I am reading Kushner, Inc. Excellent so far!

  41. Mercy Sakes says:

    Ivanka received 100 million on that first overseas trip to Saudi Arabia, for her ‘business for women’, thing she has going. Funny I can’t find much about it anywhere , except her flying around the globe giving speeches and having meetings supposedly on this subject. Why is she not helping American women first , and who is she to be accepting donations from any country for projects she says she’s heading. It’s been obvious all along, guess she thinks we are out of touch

  42. Net Rhyda says:


  43. Killsocialmedia says:

    Did she say 666?

  44. Timothy Freeman says:

    "DESPICABLE !" ~ Daffy Duck

  45. Renate Cox says:

    Why are we not hearing anything about the email controversy about the emails involving Mr and Mrs Kushner. I remember Daddy telling Lock her up!!! Why are we not hearing that now?

  46. Mirjam OK says:

    Good article on the ties of Kushner with Saudi Arabia:

  47. Stoney Curtis says:

    The profiting off the Trump president by his crime family has become the norm, and many will no wonder why there is a problem with it..(until a democratic party president does the same thing.

  48. Luis Martinez says:

    If this is acceptable to trump supporters, then they deserve all that is coming to them.

  49. Charlene Lord says:

    My God, how did this corrupt, Mafia, criminal, greedy family worm it's slimy way into our White House? I sure hope Americans do more homework next time!

  50. Hassan AL Zubi says:

    not kidding right ?

  51. Johnny Pena says:

    This is all just against the law and yet it continues.

  52. nawlulu says:

    Jared kushner, the most sweetest and youngest advisor to the President of United state.
    You leftists democRat demons are just jealous. Every government protects country business Investors.

  53. Sandra Natali says:

    Obama did the same thing.

  54. Jose B says:

    Idiots you think we don’t know 🤦🏽‍♂️

  55. Asthra Nick says:

    As I say poverty has different colours of wears.

  56. Nameless One Wanderland says:

    Find everything on them and persecute them. Correction: Prosecute. They are not above the law.

  57. Gary Kasten says:

    Impeach Trump now and clear the swamp! Make America great again!

  58. Crash says:

    Whenever I see Jared Kushner speak I think "Clutch Cargo".

  59. edward John says:

    Anyone else notice Stephanie as she says "six, six six" using the illuminate hand sign for 666 to emphasize each number? That's pretty blatant and very creepy…

  60. Paul Ramsey says:

    The entire administration feels they are above the law.

  61. Joseph jo says:

    Deutsche Bank employees reported suspicious activity from Trump and Kushner, New York Times reports

    By Jill Disis, CNN Business

    Updated 5:11 PM ET, Sun May 19, 2019

  62. I pee in my sink I'm afraid to come out my room says:

    666 i herd that number before ?mmmmmmmmm

  63. Honey Dubey says:

    Wow he owns the 666building in NYC? Makes perfect sense, demons & devils in human form

  64. Bobby Robby says:

    This liberal Jared Kusher, the President's son-in-law, is a political and economic operative. Him and his liberal converted Jew wife Ivanka Trump are in the same leftist swamp boat. Unfortunately Jared Kusher is for a two state Israeli solution. This would be the final solution for Israel.

  65. JR GEE says:


  66. ann johnson says:

    Boring…dims set up

  67. Êymy Boneka says:

    #Jared kushner Manifesta logo #AnteCristo ou Messias!!!!!! Ta esperando o quê????

  68. Darling Stuff says:

    One word reply…..HILLARY

  69. Sonia Monahan says:


  70. Sonia Monahan says:

    Well we now KNW why his cult didn't "lock her up" Bc orange and his family are doing the same pay for play, exact crimes and getting away wth it. Looks to me the "watch dog group" (futon and carter) is just a CIA cover, a PSYOP, have them bark here and there fr "justice" on Fox to benefit orange's agenda, to keep dangling the carrot of 'lock her up" while they grab cash frm numerous countries by blackmail and pressure, and sell out the ME to state squatters of Israfake.

  71. Marie Seraphin says:

    Donald Trump practices nepotism in grand scale!!! He allows his daughter and her husband to participate in meetings where very high security clearance is required!!! The latest G20 Summit is a great example how this family does not care about the rules!!! What is Ivanka Trump credentials for occupying such a post?

  72. rleb blco l says:


  73. Terry Oesch says:

    If you fool's were any dumber You would be walking backwards on all fours with your BIG fat butts in the air

  74. Nancy King says:

    Jared and Ivanka are a beautiful couple, very classy, President Trump must be very proud of his kids. I watched Jared Kushner's 'Peace to Prosperity' presentation in Bahrain, it was very impressive, I hope everyone signs and does their part, probably by 2024.

  75. Nancy King says:

    Trump 2020 KAG LANDSLIDE🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸😭

  76. matt urquhart says:

    Coming from the other side of the world Why? does America allow this to carry on. Its incomprehensable to people outside the USA.

  77. Rocky Mountain Williscroft says:

    Once Trump reads this book he'll put an end to all this… oh ya, he doesn't read.

  78. Rocky Mountain Williscroft says:

    Hope is a blind trust one that is given to a relative?
    Can I give a range of $10K to $150K on my tax forms? It's just a rough guesstimate isn't it? They don't pay their taxes (or any bills) anyway.

  79. Big Card Advertising says:

    They are doing an AWESOME JOB!!! Leave them alone!! LIBS…. KISS MY BUTT!!! lol – I know you will like it!

  80. Tony Wilson says:

    How come this is not the biggest story in the world right now? Or has the whole world simply gotten so used to the corruption we are numb from it?

  81. Tariq ali says:

    When you let the Zionists run the country what do you except

  82. Clan Maccus says:

    Wow, this news woman looks just like Ghislaine Maxwell plus a raspy voice.

  83. viktor m says:

    Rules only optional for the rich stop talking about it do something

  84. Jack Givens says:

    Don't need to read a know they are all crooks…

  85. D Locke says:

    The whole family are disgusting human beings. All of them, except Baron. Poor kid.

  86. EDUSA Diaz-54 says:

    These two dirtbags should be Remove ASAP from the WH!

  87. EDUSA Diaz-54 says:

    Conflict of Interest!

  88. Danny U. The Love Dr. Ulibarri says:

    Traitors ** RICO ACT !!!

  89. Jane B says:

    He seen it. Denial!

  90. Jane B says:

    This is wrong!

  91. Jane B says:

    It only takes you 3 years to see This!!! They were supost to get rid of all buenuss intrest! This is so crooked! Get them OUT! They are cleaning us out of Money .as we get poorer the rich get richer!

  92. Shucks says:

    Private profiteering in the first family. America for sale by Trump-Kushner and all the Republicans.

  93. scott gersok says:

    He is going to JAIL! if he doesn't, then USA has lost the trust of the justice system, simple as that! Anyone else would be jailed minimum of 15 years! where is he going?

  94. Gregory S says:

    The white house is shutting down. Hunkering in for up coming legal woes.

  95. Robert Thompson says:

    Second generation crooks like their father's lock them up

  96. Robert Thompson says:

    Ivanka will look good in Orange jump suit

  97. Mickey Ji says:

    Trump's whole family is crooked… somebody… FBI please do something

  98. Nathalie Dufour says:

    They are as utterly repulsive as the psycho fake president.

  99. Teresa Gelato says:

    Corrupt fake news, constant lies, that’s what’s dangerous.

  100. Hugh Janus says:

    666 the number of the beast

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