New Apple MacBook Air 13″ Inch Laptop Unboxing & startup Quick Tour First Look Review


Apple’s MacBook Air has established itself
as the benchmark for thin and light laptops in recent years, and its upgrade to Intel
Core chips since 2011 has given it the performance boost to match its sleek design and build. The latest 11in and 13in models launched by
Apple in June are pretty much the same on the outside as the 2011 edition, aside from
the addition of dual microphones on the left-hand side. Meanwhile, OS X Lion has been updated
to Mountain Lion — although you’ll have to wait until the autumn to get hold of a MacBook
Air running the latest Mavericks version, but Apple has made some changes to the battery
to increase supply time. Even though the MacBook Air is stick-thin
and feather-light, build quality is superb, making it extremely portable & sturdy. Another
key area where the MacBook Air surpasses the majority of its Windows-based counterparts
is the keyboard and trackpad. The trackpad itself is huge, and more than adequate to
carry out swiping and pitching comfortably. The only real downside is the click-anywhere
feature, which can be a little bit inconsistent. The first downside to get out the way is that,
sadly, Apple hasn’t added a Retina screen to the MacBook Air. Retina screens offer a
resolution up to 2880×1800 on the 15in MacBook Pro models, delivering more screen real estate
with amazing colour and definition. However, adding Retina would have likely added cost
to the MacBook Air, and decreased battery life. The display offers sharp colours and brightness,
and isn’t very reflective compared to many laptop models we have seen, so you won’t get
screen glare. The ambient sensor is also a great touch as it automatically adjusts the
brightness of the screen and lighting of the keyboard, meaning you can use the MacBook
Air in a dark room and still easily see all the keys and screen.
The paper-thin chassis simply doesn’t allow for anything more than a couple of USB 2.0
ports, a single Thunderbolt connector and headphone jack. The MacBook Air has been designed
for portability, so it’s necessary to chop features like optical drives and even an Ethernet
port. The lack of an SD card reader in the 11in
model may be a problem for some users who regularly use the format to store files, although
Apple does sell an SD card adapter. Out-of-the-box installation takes just a few
minutes, and simply requires a Mac ID to be created, internet configured and then you’re
off. You can also replicate content from an older MacBook onto the new model, which will
make the process of getting all your files and favourites even smoother, although this
will add time to the setup process.

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40 thoughts on “New Apple MacBook Air 13″ Inch Laptop Unboxing & startup Quick Tour First Look Review”


    All technology companies are already working to release new improved versions of the next new improved versions that are not even in production yet 🙂 True story
    And whatever you buy it will be re-marketed in extreme, thinner yet bigger more awsome performance packages & models until the new improved version is actually ready which will be then be re-marketed in extreme, thinner yet bigger more awsome performance packages & models until the next new improved version is ready then they go again

  2. Mike Tuckerit says:

    that 2012…..


    Its currently 2013 and if you buy or order a macbook air today this is the current and latest model you will recieve – true story 🙂 Its awesome, the next one released will be more awesome but the one released after that will be even more awesome – if you wait for next one you will be waiting forever because there will always be a next one!

  4. Jordan Thomson says:

    Whats the price…..?

  5. VeniVidiAjax says:

    probably something like a processor or sad or whatever…dammit im not a computer geek!
    i do have a macbook tho….

  6. VeniVidiAjax says:

    about a 1000 euro, 1100 USD. 900 GBP.

  7. Corvux IX says:

    Don't buy this older 2012 model now, as its price will be lower in a couple months when the new model comes out. You will get much better specs with that one


    Someone inform Zinny Kylea of "Moore's law"
    We know the next one will have better specs, we have known since the Intel co-founder Mr Moore announced it in 1965? Why tell us something we have known for 48 years? True story!

  9. Mr111Jman says:

    based on the serial number, this is an early 2012, not 2013

  10. Big L says:

    Unboxing my ass

  11. LEO ARAGAO says:

    Dude talk!!!!

  12. vinalee1994 says:

    I thought we count the model year as the year it was announced, not the year that you buy it


    Can Chinese people grow ginger hair?

  14. agentJamesbond101 says:

    can you do a review? because i'm planning on buying one soon.


    Guys With is that you?

  16. Lukas Johansson says:

    You don't even talk! FUCK THIS!

  17. David Li says:

    i have the same model as you!

  18. Hugo Urbi says:

    E perdido casi 7 min de mi vida

  19. vincentvnh says:

    Why do you say that? and dont breath so loud in the microphone.. :s

  20. joshyk99 says:

    Usually helps to talk about the product you're unboxing other than that great video keep it up 🙂

  21. Caleb says:


  22. HAgamingHD says:

    No way it looks better in silver (not being racist I just like silver)

  23. Abigail Melany says:



    Hi! If you don't speak Spanish turn on captions


    Hi! If you don't speak Spanish turn on captions

  26. Batman says:

    Awesome never see before a guy who never talk and I can hear his breath and he ruin all the nice looking plastic

  27. The Andy says:

    Very small and portable! Nice

  28. Treshet says:

    The ASUS Vivobook is pretty much da same except with a touchscreen.

  29. Lanz Gregorio says:

    you ain't gonna speak? 

  30. Bella Munoz says:


  31. Olivia Hague says:

    Tone down the breathing please!

  32. Dorin B says:

    where are de cds ? dvd s ?

  33. 18maraschinocherries says:

    Wow, I love your voice.

  34. Maria Jauch says:

    Thank you, this was very helpful!

  35. Sarah Lark says:

    That little tab that was on the charger your meant to keep to keep it clean and dust free.

  36. James Bruce says:

    How can you transfer photos from a IMac to the Macbook Air? No wire came to connect the two computers! Also, how can you go back and re-do the start up? Thanks, I enjoyed your video!

  37. Dineshbhai Patel says:


  38. Lesly Vlogs says:

    my matchbook air does does not have the one to plus in a charger thing they are both to small

  39. Abreshmi says:

    So useful thanks

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