Nerdfighter Book Recommendations: A Gift Giving Guide for Nerdfightastic Readers


good morning Hank it’s Tuesday so as you know the Yeti and I have a lot of books like we have several thousand books in our house at any given time I mean even Henry is a pretty significant book collection and he’s too so like I do feel a little bit qualified recommend books I’m often asked what my favorite book is I don’t have a favorite book I have hundreds but today since it’s the holiday gift season and all I thought I’d recommend some books in turn if you then you format example if you like Fifty Shades of Grey then you can find lots of that stuff on the internet for free ok let’s start if you like the fictional exploits of this women town food we poopers you might also like The Ballad of the whiskey robber an amazing true story about a Hungarian hockey player who is a professional hockey goalie and a bank robber also a prison escapee but I don’t want to spoil anything ok if you’re interested in to racing worldsuck or knows someone who is you might like behind the beautiful forevers the most interesting and complex book about poverty I have ever read that makes it sound really sad and unfun but it isn’t sad it’s a little bit sad it’s just great read it for fans of The Catcher in the Rye what gift book do I recommend it’s going to be a surprise Sula by Toni Morrison if catcher is the Great American Novel of growing up without a friend I think Sula is the great American novel about friendship in adolescence found a be nerds I recommend Mansfield Park persuasion really any Jane Austen novel I mean the costume designed in those novels is fantastic if you like my book The Fault in Our Stars thanks I also recommend that you read Peter Teresa’s book the blood of the Lamb if you liked The Hunger Games this is hard because I’m a huge fan of dystopias I’m gonna go scott westerfeld’s ugly series also a leak on DS match series and Veronica Roth’s infuriatingly unfinished divergent series give me an ending if you’re interested in reading a book together with your romantic partner the two books the Eddie and I read together this year and liked the most were Telegraph Avenue by Michael shaven shave on cheb I don’t know how to say his last name and Bossypants by Tina fie fie hey I don’t know if you like the Harry Potter books you should just read them again they stand up to rereading but you should also read web Grossman’s the magician series which is a very knowing and wonderful take on the wizard school genre and if you want to read a great book about the Harry Potter fandom I recommend Harry a history by melissa ann le how about you want to read a novel where you just care so much about the characters and you don’t even understand why I recommend the art of fielding by Chad Harbach or Marcus zoo’s axe The Book Thief is good also Markus Zusak is so handsome it’s frustrating oh they’ll tell him I said is there anything but Markus Zusak has fantastic muscles crash course world history fans who enjoy fiction let me recommend two very long books that you will not regret reading Wolf Hall and the astonishing life Octavian nothing traitor to the nation volumes 1 & 2 crash course biology enthusiasts I am a huge fan of the Emperor of all maladies also great title if you’re looking for Alaska fan who mostly liked the boarding school parts that I recommend the disreputable history of frankie landau banks by E Lockhart and if you like to no spoilers parts then I recommend everybody sees the ants by a s king and if I Stay by Gayle Forman who viens you thought I wasn’t gonna get you but it’s fine I recommend the great and underappreciated to say nothing of the dog by Connie Willis which is maybe my favorite time travel book ever and Sherlock fans this is gonna sound crazy but stay with me I recommend that you read The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle also I think you’d like PD James a lot so those are my holiday book buying recommendations for nerdfighters everywhere nerdfighters I’m interested to know what you think I should be reading so let me know in comments and lastly a gentle reminder books especially those purchased at your local bookstore make great gifts make over the years I’ve received and enjoyed many wonderful gifts but none have lasted as long as the books I mean here is the copy of ship breaker that you got me for Christmas a few years ago here’s the copy of the Human Stain that Sarah gave me when we first started dating this is the edition of micro surfs that dad bought me for Christmas in 1997 and this is where the Red Fern Grows which mom got me for Christmas when I was 10 so give me your book recommendations please consider giving books over the holidays especially mine but also other people’s hanka I will see you on Friday

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100 thoughts on “Nerdfighter Book Recommendations: A Gift Giving Guide for Nerdfightastic Readers”

  1. The Comment says:

    Thumbs up if your a whovian nerd fighter

  2. creature says:

    if you like twisted stuff Forbidden – Tabitha Shuzma
    and literally anything by Gillian Flynn

  3. T Eszter says:

    I'm just casually binge watching vlogbrother videos, when I suddenly hear the name Whiskey Robber…. as a Hungarian growing up in the 90's it brought up so many childhood memories. Thanks for the nostalgia, he is kind of our national hero 😀

  4. R Kenney says:


  5. R Kenney says:

    Read The Pulse by Parrick Carman if you like the hunger games, divergent, romance, or just plan books set in the future

  6. Saphron Grayson says:

    The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach!!! I recommend it so much. One of the best books I have ever read. It has changed my life unbelievably and it is so great. A big commitment but it is astonishingly beautiful!

  7. Niki S says:

    Brothers Karamazov. And chill man…… You will get 3 million subscribers. Sadly mb. even 4.

  8. Vara Weasley says:

    omg matched is amazing

  9. Isaac Neault says:

    I recommend The subtle art of not giving a f*ck and yes it is an actual book

  10. Fading Frost says:

    Love these posts & updating my latest wish list!
    Not familiar with the popularity of these picks and bookworms are few in my circles to share these worthy reads with.
    I can offer that in one way or another, each will have a character that stays with you long after you put down the book or leaves an concept or feeling that you will keep coming back to.
    The Story of Edgar Sawtelle- David Wroblewski.
    The Elegance of a Hedgehog- Muriel Barbery.
    A Still Life with a Woodpecker- Tom Robbins.
    Johnstown Flood- David McCullough.
    The Magic Club- Harry Brown.
    Summer of Night- Dan Simmons.
    A Prayer for Owen Meany- John Irving.
    Stiff- Mary Roach.
    Need I not mention anything by John Steinbeck or Gabriel Garcia Marquis?

  11. full moon productions says:

    The rangers apprentice theory

  12. Levi Petersen says:

    what about us lord of the rings fans?

  13. Naga Pokala says:

    every fangirl ever 0:15

  14. Nameless says:

    i like reading the instructions for the game BattleShip . . .

  15. Wild dark says:

    read forbidden by tabitha suzzuma please!

  16. Abby Prinster says:

    If you haven't read I'll Give You the Sun, read it immediately

  17. Mona Analisa says:

    it's like you are on steroids. that's not how one wants to feel if one is to read.,,

  18. CHB5 says:

    It's shay-bon his brother is the dean of students at my school

  19. Scorpion Crew says:

    I really like superhero comics and I am looking for books that feel like a Spidermam or Batman comic

  20. Odelia Isti says:

    Ranger's Apprentice by John Flanagan

  21. Sterlingsbisque says:

    I come from the future to tell you, you do not want an ending to Divergent. Just no!!!

  22. Yuuki Aira says:

    Fever 1793 by Laurie Halse Anderson. Absolutely adore this book. I wish I could read it again. There is a hint of sadness to the story and it feels very real. (Probably cause it's based on the very real epidemic in 1793, Philadelphia) I have read it multiple times by borrowing from my old school's library but my current school does not have it, neither does bookstores near me carry it.

  23. A Box Of Foxes says:

    Anyone else get super excited when he recommends a book you've already read? "My favourite author and I have similar tastes, I can die happy now."

  24. Anna Fernando says:

    Who is this too-fast-talking nerd? – I thought, as I started watching the first video I'd ever seen by you. Now, on the third, I'm like, OMG, John Green! And I loved your book suggestions even before I realized! (Thought you'd be much older for some reason!)

  25. TragicPhan says:

    "If you like 50 shades of grey then you can find lots of that stuff on the internet for free" smut fan fiction xD

  26. tony stank says:

    All the bright places is also a great book if you love the fault in our stars

  27. Aarushi Wadiwala says:

    You should read perks of being a wallflower!

  28. 16Y6C34 ZHANG XIN WAN says:

    How does he read so many books??!? Does he read as fast as he talks????

  29. Daniel Robinson says:

    Do. This. Every. Year!!!!!! We need more book recommendations from John!

  30. Owen Symes says:

    Anything by Will Durant–but today I'm thinking "Transition," his only novel!

  31. Sean Quinn says:

    I noticed how you have a stack of books. Did that inspire you give Alaska a stack of books in Looking for Alaska?

  32. Sean Quinn says:

    I disagree with The Uglies, it is so boring.

  33. Sean Quinn says:

    I love Divergent.

  34. Sean Quinn says:

    You probably have already read this, but The Great Gatsby is amazing.

  35. Ryan Kirby says:

    rangers apprentis is the best series ever

  36. Rina Malka says:

    The Last Dragon Chronicles- adventure starts in the second book. And every other book by Chris d'Lacey. And William Nicholson. And Chris d'Lacey's kids work work would be great for your children.

  37. Emili Lambert says:

    I had to pause and praise you there for a second. I read every Sherlock Holmes book LOOOONG before watching BBC Sherlock, and YES I love the show but I cannot STAND it when people say they love Sherlock but go on to say they've never read the books. So THANK YOU John!

  38. bob kohler says:

    I used to have those "value tales " books that henry has. man, those were great

  39. Han says:


  40. Lou Dessaint says:

    if you enjoyed your French lesson and feel comfortable with the language (because I don't think these books are translated in english) I strongly recommend that you read a book (or a lot) from Eric Emmanuel Schmit. my favorite might be Oscar et la Dame Rose but there are so many of them that are just awesome as La part de l'autre talking about Hitler (if he actually had integrated art school)
    by the way, you're by far my favorite writer and thinker and person and I really hope that one day I will get the chance to meet you in real life (but please don't talk that fast for I will be too stressed out to control my English and to understand English!)

  41. Flosscity says:

    Genesis by Bernard Beckett is still the best short story I've ever read

  42. Ryan Kirby says:

    how about I am malala

  43. NatsBones says:


  44. Abby Howe says:

    This comment is way late but if you've never read Guitar Notes by Mary Amato you should. It's an incredible YA novel.

  45. Smartchick45 says:

    Is everyone just going to ignore the fact that he was freaking out about how attractive Markus Zusak was for a few seconds? Okay, I'll just ignore it too.

  46. Béatrice Ghattas says:

    we are the ants by Shaun David Hutcherson

  47. Anna Sophia says:

    Read Mallory's Le Morte De'Arthur, or anything by Chretien. They're wonderful stories, but be warned for ye oldy English!

  48. Hovcap says:

    Do u actually not know Tina fey?

  49. Regards 2 Soul and Romance says:


  50. Zoe Elizabeth says:

    When you're in the Sherlock fandom and OWN the book also.. at this point I basically don't have a social life.

  51. Abby Rose says:

    You don't want Allegiant

  52. P Deffenbaugh says:

    I have a really old copy of The adventures of Sherlock Holmes

  53. Betwixxt says:

    Oh john, you don't want the ending to divergent.

  54. daring damica says:

    honor by elif shafak will make you feel simultaneously complete and incomplete– it's awesome

  55. Catherine Franicevic says:

    Cuckoo's song it is reaaallly good

  56. Samantha Manci says:

    Neil Gamon is really my favorite writer, I recommend American Gods but a book I finished once and had to immediately re-read is Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes. Flowers for Algernon is going to be a book you will love more than American Gods because it is right up your alley.

  57. Raka Mukherjee says:

    I didn't like matched but like for political reasons sorry ally condie

  58. Raka Mukherjee says:


  59. Vaishnavi says:

    Divergent ending was dissatisfying

  60. Alexa S says:

    read Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson and the Olympians!!

  61. D M says:

    And I thought I like reading

  62. Evelyn J. Berry says:


  63. Federica Genoese says:


  64. Mihika Pendharkar says:

    Tris dies. The end

  65. Erin Ellefson says:

    i love where the red fern grows, it is one of my absolute favorites.

  66. Sarah P says:

    Trust me, you from the past, you don't want the ending of the Divergent series.

  67. Emily Halpen-Buie says:


  68. Envy West says:

    Matched began great. But then it got bad. Divergent has a really bad Dutch translation. So it may be unfair of me to say that I found it a really bad book too. But that's how I experienced it

  69. Rev. Hank Peirce says:

    Read “Legend” by Marie Lu

  70. Bangmom's stay says:

    The Book Theif was amazing… I loved how it was in Death's POV… I cried a lot at the end… Also I'm in love with The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes… I read it at a very young age… Lets just say I was highly disappointed when I found out Sherlock wasn't an actual person…

  71. Kate Leahy says:

    This video is five years old but it just started playing for some reason in my browser window and I had that same set of skinny white books of stories about famous people and virtues.

  72. Jared Kleinman says:

    So there’s doctor who recommendations and then there’s Sherlock’s one SO WHERES THE SUPERNATURAL ONE TO ACTUALLY MAKE SUPERWHOLOCK COMPLETE and I know the answer for that one all the mythology books and the Bible for supernatural…

  73. Nerdfighter21 says:

    I'm honestly surprised to hear John recommend the Matched series. Even more surprised to hear him recommend the Divergent series. I mean, I suppose I liked Divergent in the very early beginning, but it was a swift, almost flat decline from there, and now I kind of hate it and view it as a good example of a lot of what's wrong with YA literature. As for Matched, well, it's just a parody, right? It can't be an honest attempt at a series with its love triangle, cliched dialogue, overdramatic narration, and teenage-girl-saves-world-from-evil-government tropes, right? If it is…oh dear.

  74. Nerd In A Dress says:

    You acknowledged that I am a Whovian and a Nerdfigher. ❤️

  75. Ceejay Berdensen says:

    Have you read Taheri Mafi's Shatter me Series? It's a good read.

  76. Jschultz says:

    You should read Jurassic park by Michele Crichton

  77. Esme Rojas says:


  78. Grace says:


  79. Jordan Smith says:

    My dad is not much of a reader and he never has been. He can probably name most of the books he's voluntarily read on one hand. One of them is Where The Red Fern Grows. He knows that story so well and, consequently, I read it at a very young age (cried. Cried so much.) Another is White Fang, which I was reading from my school library at the time. It was the first book he had read in years and he enjoyed it so much. I know he's read Old Yeller, and probably Shiloh (classic sad dog books.) I think he'd probably really like Hatchet or (if he'd ever get into the book past the language he's not used to!!) he'd probably like Fahrenheit 451. (Because he loves me and tries so hard to understand me ((future English major)) and that book is… literally Guy Montag trying to understand why people would die for books)

  80. Luv AI says:

    Me, just scrolling in the comments looking for THEIR reccomendations. XD

  81. Alyssa Claerhout says:

    Any recommendations for more dystopian novels in addition to those he listed?

  82. - lingunicorn - says:

    Everyone out there should read "Tuesdays with Morrie" by Mitch Albom. I never thought I would be able to choose a favorite book till I read this one. It has funny moments, many insightful ones and is all around so heartwarming and sweet. Must read in my opinion!!

  83. sheldon coppet says:

    If you like Percy Jackson you should read A Girl who could Fly.

  84. J McG says:

    I recommend "A Semi-definitive list of worst nightmares" by Krystal Sutherland It's really different and cool

  85. Aarushi Sunil says:

    Perks Of Being A Wallflower (Stephen Chbosky)
    Encounters (Jason Wallace)
    Wonder (R J Pallacio)
    Lord Of The Rings (J R R Tolkien)
    Great Expectations (Charles Dickens)

    Okay, these are just some recommended books, which are absolutely amazing.

  86. Julia says:

    I just finished The Art of Fielding, which has been on my "to-read" list ever since I saw this video, and… wow!!! Just wow!!! What a wonderful book!

  87. Mark Schmiedeberg says:

    Sula/Behind the beautiful forevers/Sula

  88. Jade Wargo says:

    You need to read Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. It takes place in post colonial Nigeria and Adichie masterfully manipulates important themes through out the novel leading to the climax and the ending is more than satisfactory. Not to mention, the images she crafts are just beautiful as she makes us understand life in Post Colonial Nigeria.  The growth and progression of the characters and how she portrays them is truly special. Everyone I've recommended this book to has loved it.

  89. Conor MG says:


  90. Lindsey Paris says:

    I know this is quite late but if you enjoy the Harry Potter series you should definitely read Carry On by Rainbow Rowell. But of course I would first recommend that you read her book Fangirl. Because basically Carry On is a fanfic written by a fictional book character in Fangirl based on a not quite real book series inside the book Fangirl.

  91. Andrew Wright says:

    Crash Course fans should read "A short history of nearly everything." by Bill Bryson.

  92. G. P says:

    I recommend Cinder and Ella by Kelly Oram. Loved it.

  93. Thomas Blyth says:


    I don't know if you would like it because a lot of it is very depressing and scary and traumatic but it's also about finding life and happiness among those moments, and what happens when you get to where you've been heading towards without any ideas about what might come after. All around, it's an excellent book although it's difficult to get used to the style it's written in at first.

  94. Elizabeth Watson says:

    That got super sentimental at the end. 😂🥺

  95. amberbydreamsart says:

    why would your mom hurt you in such a way as to get you where the red fern grows. my elementary school teacher had us read it as a punishment.

  96. Mayah Cerecer says:

    You should read…I'm number four and the tattooist of Auschwitz

  97. Team Mark says:

    Everyone who likes “real” characters should read The Pillars Of The Earth by Ken Follett

  98. Sunna Sól Pálsdóttir says:

    The Sherlock Holmes books are just AAAAMMMMAAAZINGG

  99. Katelyn3666 says:

    I love John's book recommendation videos. * sighs *

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