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Hi this video is sponsored by Squarespace your one-stop-shop for websites and online stores all sorts of incredible marketing tools and analytics Alright, welcome everyone. My name is Peter good to see you all here today. I Well, there was a point in my life when I had zero fountain pens and now I have Have all of these pens see check it out. I mean and and all of these pens right but today I’m gonna do a First for this channel that it that’s right a top 5, I’m going to show you my top 5 fountain pens It’s none of these These are a lot of these refined pens, especially the ones here. I’m holding in my hand hands But today we’re gonna look at five special ones and maybe one honorable mention that have a special place in my heart and in my hand and on the paper and if you’re into top 5s, I can give you another top 5 real quick say top 5 favorite kind of potatoes Let’s see No, I had something for this Russet potato, Idaho Potato Yukon Gold a Mister head Couch potato Anyways, there you go. There’s five at least the first pen. We’re gonna look at and we’re gonna do these in order of when I got it, roughly so chronological order if you will is this The co eco sport and yeah, it’s a little pin It fits little in my hands and even better it fits in your pocket. Well I’ve lost this before several times. I only recently found it before doing this video In fact, I thought it had fallen down between maybe the cushions of a couch that I don’t have or maybe slip down between two molecules or in between an atom and another atom somewhere because it’s that small that’s Thing it fits in your pocket when it’s this small you can take the cap off. However If you put it on the back like that It gets big again and a regular in its regular size pen What’s not to like the quick post sport is about lets they have it written down here fifteen to twenty dollars Although I did go the extra mile here and spent maybe eight dollars on this little piston converter, right? Thatwe don’t have to buy the cartridges I’ll give you a little demonstration of how it works. This is the a Week no Sport I’m trying to write sport alee there’s a nice sporty check mark for you, right and This has been my daily carry. It’s not currently my daily carry. I don’t put this in my pocket anymore Mostly cuz I lost it for a while. I guess I got some other daily carry but It just works good for scribbling writing taking notes drawing losing I Like it. Alright and these pens. I’m about to show you the next one Just going to show you this one first doesn’t mean I necessarily like it more These are all kind of just at the same level more or less. I like them for different reasons this next one is the twist v/e co And this is just a very solid and well made pen Everything about it seems polished and professional Now you can get it so it’s not clear like this But I don’t know why you wouldn’t want it to be clear cuz it’s just cool You can see the ink bubbling around in there. I’ve got some green ink in there Look how shiny and nice that is this all just feels so smooth and nice it even comes with like some little like Tools it comes with like a little red wrench for adjusting this if you need to Comes with flexing oil to put in here in the piston You don’t need to buy a piston converter for it because piston converter comes with it built in part of it It’s got all these special gaskets. It’s got a gasket here Rubber gasket there. I had the lid on here. I didn’t use it for maybe six months Uncapped it it wrote again right away. I didn’t have to struggle with it at all like I can do some of my other pens I Just like it this one is about Thirty to thirty-five dollars so a little bit more expensive than the previous pen But still a lot less than other pens. No. No, it’s all up to you how much you want to spend or how Far entrenched in this fountain pen hobby you are if 30 to 35 dollars doesn’t sound like a lot to you then Got a cool little logo You might have seen this one in a previous video Here’s a knockoff one. I bought on a wish a while ago, which looks pretty similar But it just feels a lot cheaper. It made me appreciate the real tis, but you go a little bit more Alright coming up next third pin we’re gonna look at is this Very plain-looking pen. This is the waterman 55 a Vintage pen. This is from the 1950s. I got this at the Only the first and only fountain pen convention I ever went to yep There’s a pen con and it’s as crazy as you’d imagine pretty much a lot of people sitting around with Thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars worth of fountain pens and actually There’s also a big mechanical pencil niche at these pen cons, which I did not expect but it’s there There’s like old vintage botanical pencils and lead holders and stuff, you know is that doesn’t having to do with this, but yes, I spent Um, maybe well, I think I blocked out on my own memory, but I spent one or two hundred dollars on this pen This was made before Plastic was invented. So it’s made out of Hardened rubber. Oh wait, let me let me demonstrate it real quick the watermen 55 That was not a real w I just realized I didn’t Demonstrate the tis bedico. This is one of the most satisfying pens I have to write with it flexes a lot and it flows excellently. It’s just I don’t know it’s just it’s addicting I don’t like drawing with it for the amount of flex it has but it’s very satisfying to write with and If I had to choose a favorite pen, which I don’t I Would choose this one, but I don’t have to choose a favorite pen So I won’t but it would probably be this one Even though I don’t use it as much as some of the other ones but you know It can still have a special place in my heart Even if it’s not the one I use the most right if I had to choose a favorite website for making and hosting other websites Which I don’t but if I did which I don’t, you know, I I would choose It’s actually the website that I use to make my website Peter draws calm It’s got a little landing page. I’ve got like a portfolio with a bunch of my art Which I need to update by the way, which they make very easy to do. I’ve got a shop Which I think is very valuable because they make it so I can sell my own artwork through Through my own website, right? I don’t have to use some other third-party website It’s just a good way to have an online presence I’m telling you just having an Instagram account might not cut it anymore So head on over to Squarespace comm check out that free trial When you’re really ready to get started go to slash peter drawers link in the description Of course get 10% off. It’s gonna be great. You’re gonna be fantastic Let me go back and show you what the Twizy eco writes like this one actually has some cool green ink in it Twizz B. I’m not sure what this stands for, but that’s how you spell it I’m not sure what Inc. This is either But it’s definitely interesting, isn’t it? Like it wrote like this after hadn’t used it for six months. So obviously I’m happy with it Okay, next up once again in order of when I acquired them Is this honker right here? This is the opus 88 Was this like some weird Bauhaus font or something? Who knows now? You might notice that first of all, it has a huge reservoir You might also notice this clear cool solid acrylic and the screws in and out what happens here is when you’re not using the pin you screw this in all the way and There’s this pillar that goes all the way through and plugs it up here. So that nothing will leak out right Sometimes it happens is you forget about this whole screwy action at the end and then you try to write with it And you’re wondering why you’re expensive, by the way 120 dollar pen isn’t working and then you Google it or you look at the manual or you just finally somehow remember that you’re supposed to screw this part out a Little bit so that the ink can flow into the tip Like so and it begins to work, but you might also notice Once again that this does not look like a normal fountain pen nib and it’s not this was also in a previous video. I Was a bit of a franc and pen This is uh, you see what it says there Pilot there’s a pilot parallel nib These pens normally look like this This is what a pilot parallel normally looks like and I took the nib out of there And I took the normal nib out of the Opus 88 you can get four of these for twenty to twenty-five dollars, right? I Took the nib out of that one and put it in here it fits perfectly it’s just some sort of coincidence that I saw in another YouTube video shout-out to whoever figured that out the first time and so now I have a pilot parallel nib with this sweet huge reservoir of The opposite 88 and check it out. I have it open all the way or the floodgates open. I think so Obviously it would be way cooler if I knew how to do Any calligraphy There’s still super satisfying to do these big broad calorific strokes and also the cool thing is you can turn it on its corner like so and Do regular pen strokes? And Then bring it back down to nice big wide ones Right. It’s very flexible Like I could if I had to choose one pen and it couldn’t be the watermen 55 It might be this one just because I can do big strokes tiny strokes it looks cool It’s just satisfying the way it just lays down so much Ink is it not? Okay, so I like that one Let me close it so doesn’t leak or something. Even when I have left this open by the way the back end I’ve done that for multiple months at a time I’ve never had any leaking problems just saying but I think that’s the point of it. Someone will correct me if that’s not true But it’s okay. And finally, this might not be a surprise to anyone, but the Fifth one is the Muji pen Tada. All right I think you’ve seen this before interests in case someone hasn’t watched the previous video right and introduced the Muji pin here We have it in all its aluminum in Knurled grip glory Also, I like that for some reason it has these little spots here on this end and On the other end. They’re like rubber and I can’t figure out like a truly utilitarian reason for that but it’s very satisfying to just kind of To just kind of absentmindedly poke them with my fingernail some time a little bit of Kinetic feedback or something? I don’t know anyways, this is a very satisfying part about the Muji pen is Well, it may be a little gummed up now Maybe I should clean it or something It’s not stopping me from using it, but you can just see how well that fits in there together, right? It’s more satisfying to put the lid on then take it off at the moment But really it’s amazing the same exact thing happens on the other end. Oh Yeah, that’s good, it’s a perfect fit I Like it it’s just good clean design This right now is my daily carry I have this my pocket I have a Kohinoor lead holder in my pocket and I’m ready for any eventuality Check it out And do anything it’s amazing I struggled there a little bit the end but I was really putting it through the fire and flames there Muji this is uh Depending on where you can find it probably fifteen to twenty dollars. It kind of comes in and out of stock on Amazon So, I don’t know. There’s probably other places to sell it too. It’s like from Japan I think In Muji is a Japanese idea. I can’t tell if it’s an idea or a company thought a Way of designing things. It might be all three. I don’t know Man I could just sit here and scribble lines with it. I’d be happy forever It’s just I like the way it feels the way it writes way lays down ink, it’s great Right, so there’s our five pens First the co EcoSport fifteen to twenty dollars Second the Twizy eco twenty five to thirty dollars still a good choice, though Third the watermen fifty-five a vintage pen kind of Enthusiast level fountain pen. You’ll know when you get there or you might regret it if you get there too soon just be careful, but Hey go for it Who am I to say? What’d you buy? One hundred two hundred dollars, who knows Fourth the Franken pen, which I mean it’s not always like that, but I don’t know if I would like this in much if I hadn’t modified it like this the Opus 88 with a pilot parallel nib in it all told probably like Maybe 150 dollars But that’s only because I bought a pack of four of the parallel pens It’s worth saying that the cap doesn’t post at all on this on this pen So I’m you know I’m trying to lay all these out like this and if you put the pen down Without the cap on the back or on the front it it might roll roll away. So just So, you know and then lastly but not leastly the Muji pen I’ve talked a lot about it, you know, so 15 to 20 bucks It’ll get you a long way. I think but maybe my judgment is clouded by my fanboy ISM It could be And then I would say my honorable mention if I had to give one and I don’t but I will would be the Lamy Safari Right. This is a classic pen The Lamy Safari. In fact was the first fountain pen I ever got But since then actually right away it gave me problems because I immediately put India ink in it It got gummed up for two years almost Before I realized what I had done wrong And now I have regular ink in it real good Fountain pen ink it the same ink I have in all my other pens here and I still cannot get it to work consistently here I have the lambing all-star, which is the aluminum version of The Lamy Safari and I also have nice fountain pen ink in here. I Also have trouble keeping it working. So I Have had good experience with these pens in the past. But right now I just have a hard time putting them in my top 5 When I’m struggling with them so much in the past I haven’t right now I am so I’m just telling you okay For the ink I’m using at the moment. It’s platinum carbon ink this stuff right here. Alright, it’s pretty good. It’s waterproof if you want some other ink options in the past, I’ve used stuff like this Noodlers black ink It’s water-based as you might notice so it’s not waterproof also have little bottles of stuff like this, which for some reason doesn’t have a label on it, but it is Waterman ink which kind of has the same name as this water men’s pen, but I think they’ve changed ownership in the last hundred years So, I’m not sure anyway Some good ink options for you there pretty much anything that says fountain pen ink will do pretty good in fountain pens I’ve noticed there’s a bunch of different inks here and they all seem to work. Okay, as long as it’s not something like India ink Yeah, yeah. Anyways, let me know if you have any questions about these pens. They’ve all done pretty good for me There’s some pretty good ranges of value there You can go I’ll just I have to mention another pen if you want a really nice pen for super cheap This is like two or three dollars on Amazon at gin hal 250 it’s made entirely of aluminum or some other type of solid feeling metal And I mean, I haven’t taken the trouble of getting this one working again right the money But I’m pretty sure it comes with this piston. Oh, yeah, this pen is empty. No when it’s not working. I Wouldn’t I would look? This is two and a half dollars so You don’t need to spend $20 if you don’t want to and it feels okay. I don’t know It’s not my top five, but it could be your first pen Alright, have a good one everyone. Thanks for watching. It’s been real. I don’t want to say that but it’s too late Alright, goodbye

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