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Hello, everyone. Today’s video will focus on how I organized my study space and set up my surroundings in order to have the most productive study sessions. For school advice and tips follow me on Instagram and Tumblr where I post every day. Also, don’t forget to subscribe and click the bell button to get notified for all my “Back to School” videos
coming up this summer. I will post twice a week until the mid of September so you can kick start your school year fully prepared. For a full schedule just check the description box below in case you are curious about a specific topic. This summer I moved to an apartment
close to my college, and I had to completely rethink my setting space and how I would get organized in a smaller area. Since I didn’t have enough space to get a desk
and a dining table I had to think how I’d be able to work comfortably on
the same surface where I would be eating my meals. So, first of all, I got an IKEA dining table
with a bamboo tabletop. Investing in a good desk or work surface is always
a good choice since it will make all the difference
when you are studying believe it or not. If you can’t afford a new desk
but want to spice up your old one, there are a ton of cheap alternatives on the market like textured paper that is made to cover your desk top and imitates the textures of wood, marble, bamboo
and so on. I also bought a really cheap discover from IKEA which I used to take most of my Instagram flat light pictures and place my laptop. To store all office related things I decided to buy two cabinets where I would store all my office supplies, textbooks, binders, filming equipment and paperwork. These are located in the room that serves as
my living room and dining room, and both of them are from IKEA. For the first tip try to enhance your chosen study space with as much light as you can. Before I moved, I was living in a very gloomy town. So I know how hard it is sometimes to get
some light in your room. The best way to avoid this is buying or painting
your furniture white and hang some mirrors along your walls
to create the illusion of a bigger brighter room. Secondly, try to keep any surfaces decluttered. On a top of my cabinets, I only keep on
orchid plants, my bullet journal, and my YouTube Silver Play Button. And that’s it. Inside the cabinets, I keep everything I need
to get my work done. For the most use school and office supplies,
I use plastic trays that I take out whenever I need to study
and place on the top of my desk. Afterwards, I just keep them again in the cabinets. It only takes five seconds to do this,
and it makes the room much more relaxing because I don’t have to constantly face objects,
clutter, and paper. I also like to use opaque white boxes
to store other things. In the left side box,
I usually keep things that are transitory. It currently has all the school supplies
that I’ll be giving away in a couple of weeks. That means that I have a box where I can start things that don’t have a permanent place in my house. On the right box, I have cables, adapters, chargers, camera equipment and so on. On the last shelf, I have binders from my last semester that I will reuse next year. On the right cabinet, I am keeping more binders and magazine holders
with important documents and receipts. On the top shelf, I have an IKEA letter tray where I keep any letters and bills that I haven’t archived or paid yet, loose paper or grid paper and any refills for binders. I also store in this letter tray
any notes I don’t have a dedicated playset. So the letter tray actually works as a transitory place where all of my paper and documents killed
before they are permanently stored. On the bottom, I have two magazine holders with documents, brochures, concert tickets, and other important papers
that I need to keep for future reference. In the white toilet binder, I keep contracts, paid bills, and financial records, so I know where everything is every time. I will talk about this further in my adult scene one on one video that will come up in less than two weeks. Another thing that will inspire me while I’m studying is having plants around me especially because I live in a capital city. Most of my house decoration is made up of books and plants. And I’ll do taking care of plants takes some work. It’s definitely worthwhile. It lightens up your space, gets some color in the house, and definitely makes any room more special. Today you can find tons of cheap plants
that aren’t that hard to take care of. IKEA has tons of indoor plants that cost two to five dollars each. So why not experimenting taking care of one or two and see if it makes your study space any better? For anyone who can do this I also recommend to set up a separate waiting place in your home, room or study area. It doesn’t need to be a whole room of course. In my case, my dedicated reading place is
the left side of the couch. I have a few pillows the blankets and the fur rug marking the place, and also some good reading lighting. Separating your reading area
and your main working space is important. Because there are two separate activities
that ask for different mindsets as such reading your textbooks comfortable
with a highlighter in your hands and then sitting at your desk and starting annotating and taking notes makes for a far better studying experience. So I hope you’ve enjoyed this video. For all the furniture and decorations in this video just check the links provided in the description box,
and I’ll see you next week. Bye.

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