My Prostate Cancer Journey – Upcoming Videos – Gogs Gagnon – Video 2


Hello, and welcome to the coming attractions video. I just wanted to give you an idea of
what to expect coming up in the future. Hope you don’t mind me reading from a list. Here we go! Symptoms of prostate cancer PSA Blood Test Digital Rectal Exam Prostate Biopsy Bone and CT scans My Test Results Treatment Options The Decision My Surgery The Catheter The Pathology Report Urinary Incontinence Erectile Dysfunction Penis Length and Size Recovery Post Surgery Monitoring and Reflections Okay, those are just some of the items
that you can expect to see on this channel, and if you haven’t already, please subscribe. I really appreciate it. I’m hoping to get
at least 100 subscribers before the end of the year (2018), so I can qualify for
a custom URL to publish in my book, which is coming up January 2019. Okay, until then have a great day.

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1 thought on “My Prostate Cancer Journey – Upcoming Videos – Gogs Gagnon – Video 2”

  1. Gogs Gagnon's Prostate Cancer Journey says:

    Thank you for watching, I appreciate your time and plan to keep the videos short while providing as much information as possible. My answer to the video poll is, "Yes, or more specifically, although I did join a prostate cancer support group, I would have benefited by joining much sooner in the process."

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