My Kindle Fire Time is Wrong!


My Kindle Fire time is wrong! Adjust your time zone to the one you’re actually
in. It is set for my time zone. Well, it has been
and I don’t think I’ve changed it. You have to choose a time zone when you first
set up the Kindle Fire. If you’ve had to do a factory reset, you’ll have to pick the time
zone again. I haven’t had to do a factory reset, but I
may have to. I hate how this messes up my apps. Yes, you can get apps that can’t update or
error out when it thinks today is yesterday. I get updates that mess up just because the
Kindle thinks it is a couple of hours ago too. You can tell what time it thinks it is by
going to the status bar. That much is a given, and I’m given that when
I look at a calendar app too. Bring up the settings and you’ll see the date
and time. That doesn’t tell me how to fix it. Go to set date to pick the date and save it. I’m having it off by hours, not days. Then in the settings, select time zone to
make sure that is right. Then go to set time to manually set the time. Until the next time it messes up. Okay, to do the manual time set, you have
to turn off the automatic option. It might be the automatic option that is wrong. The automatic option means it is getting the
time based off what it thinks the local time is. It should use the local time zone. And it
isn’t like I live right by that border for it to be confused about which to use. If you go to settings, account, calendar,
calendar settings, and select to use the default time zone if it can’t figure out which time
zone to use. And you may want to turn on location based services so it can figure out which
one to use today. I promise you I’m not traveling across time
zones for it to be messed up this often. The set time option only comes up when you
turn automatic off, so if you do set it up manually wrong, switching back to automatic
and back to manual can fix it. Going to automatic and keeping it there would
be the least painful if it was right. If the Kindle Fire keeps coming up with the
wrong time, it may be getting your time from the wrong source. I don’t live in a time warp, and it shouldn’t
be resetting the time at random. No, but it may be getting an inaccurate time
from your router and resetting to the wrong time every time it syncs with the router. Then I may need to reboot both the router
and Kindle Fire to get it to work. I’ve heard of setting the time zone and date
and time to automatic, saving the changes, switching to 24 hour time if the settings
aren’t working right and back to the 12 hour, and re-selecting automatic again. That’s just the more complicated version of
airplane mode and back off. If you’d been on an airplane, it would be
obvious why it had the last time zone in its memory before syncing to the new one.

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14 thoughts on “My Kindle Fire Time is Wrong!”

  1. KayisStudios says:

    Thank you so much

  2. Tay Beezy says:

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  3. pathfinderLXXIV says:

    The newest Kindle Fire doesn't allow you to set the time manually. I can't connect to wifi where I am because it requires authentication. I won't authenticate unless the date/time on the device matches that of the wifi source. I can't set the time without a wifi connection.

  4. Andy Green says:

    gr8 video by morons that doesn't help

  5. Joel Lewis says:

    This is cancerous

  6. Shane Brazile says:

    For me, I had to have a valid network without a firewall. (As a teacher, the firewall at school prevents the Kindles from connecting and performing a sync.) I got around it by using my smartphone as a hotspot. Once the Kindles connected to the internet, I performed a hard shut down, then restarted. It showed the correct time and date then. Once that was done, I could set up the other network with the firewall on the Kindle. Hope that helps anyone facing similar issues….

  7. Crispy Joking Tuna says:

    what the freak is this??? Not overly helpful

  8. Michele Schalin says:

    I was able to correct mine Fire 8 HD by going to settings, in the "system" section and selecting "sync device". Good luck!

  9. An Accident says:

    I have a kindle fire HD, 5th generation to be exact. My kindle thinks it's two hours and thirty minutes ahead, and it thinks the date is January 1, 2010 (I got my kindle in August of 2016). I have looked at my settings and I have tried to change the time and date, but it won't let me do it manually. And yes, I have tried rebooting my kindle but that didn't work either. Lastly, I have not been traveling recently, and my tablet has not had any viruses or major software updates that could've caused this.

    Does anyone know anything that might help?

  10. Eric Morley says:

    my kindle is a year behind

  11. Zaliiah Moy says:

    I have nightmares now

  12. Cynthia Moore says:

    mine is an hour later with no internet. As soon as I turn my computer on in the morning the time changes and is correct. wtf!

  13. Stan .Rarick says:

    None of your solutions work for me. My time is off by 3:10. My router is showing the correct time, my other kindle is showing the correct time.
    "Sync device" did not work.
    Reboot fixed the problem, therefore I suspect some sort of memory corruption.

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