My Kindle Fire Keeps Freezing!

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My Kindle Fire keeps freezing! Do what you do with any other device these
days; hold down the button for thirty seconds to reset. If that works, it only does so until the Kindle
Fire freezes again. And the advice I heard was holding down the power button for twenty
seconds before hitting the power button to turn it back on. I know how fast you’d rush through it. And
if resetting it doesn’t work, turn it off totally, put it on the charger for an hour,
then try turning it back on. I don’t see why that would cause it to freeze. If the battery can’t quite run all the processes,
it could freeze up trying to get the energy to do what you want. I’ve been charging it. If you’re charging it while using it, it won’t
charge as much as you think it is. If it is plugged into a computer that’s battery is
running low or charging other devices, it won’t charge at all. So I charge it to see that the Kindle isn’t
freezing due to a low battery. Amazon’s help desk suggests resetting it after
you charge it to prevent further problems. Of course they suggest rebooting it after
charging it – everyone suggests that as their default tech support solution these
days. You could also have the software freezing
because it needs to be updated. If it was freezing after an update, the solution
is to reboot it. Or you need to update the software. I think I have the latest version. Go to Amazon’s website on kindle software
updates to see what the latest version of the Kindle software is. That doesn’t tell me what version is on my
Kindle. Go to settings to see what version is on your
device. What do I do if there is a difference? Connect to wi-fi, and it should update automatically. I wonder if it would freeze if it can’t connect
to wi-fi. That would confuse the heck out of it, and
it can’t update when the wi-fi password in the device doesn’t match what you set the
wi-fi password to. I haven’t reset that password for a while. But if the Kindle is trying to update and
is too far from a wi-fi, it could sit their taking up resources trying to connect, assuming
the router itself isn’t stalled or lost its connection. Then I either need to reboot the Kindle or
the wi-fi. Or both. What else can I try? Go to settings, reset device. That wipes all my data and account information. True, but you also eliminate all the glitchy
downloads and potential errors, as well as any oddball apps you saved. And if you downloaded
any apps after hacking the kindle, that could clear it too. I’ve paid for a lot of apps and content. The content you’ve paid for through Amazon
is automatically saved to the cloud. You can save other files to the Amazon Cloud too,
though keep it minimal or the restoration will take so long you think it’s stalled again.

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