I never know what I wanna read. It’s a struggle honestly. Well hello people’s of the internet My name is Kevin and welcome back to another video. Ok guys So for today’s video, I am bringing you my first book haul of 2020 new year, new book haul. I was gonna do like the first 20 books I got in 2020, but like that’s not what happened because the majority of these books are books that I got from last year I’m just carrying them over into 2020 because I haven’t done a book haul since October of last year and honestly kind of concerned like why do I keep buying books and like I’m not reading enough to be buying this amount of books like The math is not working together I’m not reading enough to keep buying all of these books because my TBR is just getting ridiculous at this point And I think I am gonna put myself on a book buying ban From now until maybe like May, like besides like new releases that are coming out that I’m anticipating Besides those, I genuinely think I’m gonna put myself on a book buying ban So this might be my last book haul for a while So anyways, we’re gonna get straight into all of the books because there’s quite a lot of them now I do have 17 books in this book haul and I really wish I had 20 because you know It’s 2020 now having 20 books 2020, like it just would have been so perfect I have 17, but technically I do have 20 because there are three other books I got recently, but I’m doing like a secret reading vlog video with those three books and I am so excited for you all to see that because Those books like it was just so much fun to read and like I think it’s gonna hit everyone with Nostalgic vibes like literally everyone and ugh I just cannot wait for you all see that videos Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for like my next video cuz it probably will be my next one So yeah, I’m not gonna get into that because that’s just me rambling as per usual I tend to ramble in videos and like not get straight to the point Which is basically show you the books in the book haul. So the first two books that I have to show you are the same book and that might seem a little bit excessive but one is an arc and then one’s the finished copy and I love this author so much So like it’s gonna make sense as to why I bought the second like another copy of it because one I got sent to me from the publisher which I am so thankful for that book is Infinity Sun by Adam Silvera. So this is the arc copy and then I also have the finished copy and oh my god! Look at the aesthetic right now! OH! I have to take an Instagram picture with this. Oh, I Need to take a picture. Like honestly, like look at this. Look at this matching kind of goals. Love that for me Love that for me and Adam. But anyways, this came out When did it come out? like last week or this week. Wait, what day is today? What is time? Honestly, I believe this came out last Tuesday? so today is the 21st. So last week would have been the 14th – which is I believe the date it came out? I still haven’t finished this book. I have started it I’m on page That’s not right That’s not right. There’s a bookmark in there, but that’s definitely not where I am. Oh god. I don’t remember where I am now because that was on the wrong chapter. Like I’m not on that chapter. I’ve read way more than that Oh well, so apparently I don’t know what chapter I’m on love that for me I was sent this one by Simon & Schuster in advance and I’m so grateful that I got it But of course being me I didn’t read it in time of it coming out I need to start doing that like reading the arcs on time like it’s something I definitely want to work on this year because that’s just So annoying that I didn’t do that and it really bothers me So I definitely wanna start doing that with my arcs reading them on time. If you don’t know This is like Adam Silvera’s new series that he has started where he’s diving into the fantasy Genre. Hopefully I’m going to read these soon and get into them But I don’t know how I’m feeling about it so far and I’ve seen lots of mixed reviews about it So the next book that I have is with the fire on high by Elizabeth Acevedo. This is one I’ve heard many different opinions on again Like I have seen a lot of great reviews and positive reviews about this book But I have seen a couple people say it’s very slow. Nothing really happens And that kind of concerns me because you guys know I’m not a fan of like very boring books Like I like a bit of something to be happening not predicting like a five stars or anything Like that’s not what I’m aiming for, but I think this could be a four star for me And I honestly don’t know much about it I know it follows a main character who enjoys cooking and there’s a lot of cooking involved in this book. And that’s about it But I also have heard many great things about the author Elizabeth Acevedo. I’ve heard many great things So I’m hoping that I will end up liking it but we shall see Next one that I have is the red scrolls of magic by Cassandra Clare And Wesley Chu now this is the new series that Cassandra Clare started based on Magnus and Alec basically the best ship ever in the Mortal Instruments, not the mortal instruments the Shadowhunters world like best ship my faves I love them so much and I actually have started this and did I put a bookmark in this? No, I didn’t Why do I do that? Honestly? I have so many bookmarks. Why don’t I just use them? Anyways, yes, I’ve started this once again, and I was really enjoying it But I just put it back down because I do that. I never know what I wanna read It’s a struggle honestly, but yeah, hopefully I will be reading this soon This is also another book that’s on my top 20 books to read in 2020. So Hopefully it gonna get read like that’s what I’m hoping for and I think I’ve heard great things about this one I don’t know. I honestly don’t think I’ve heard many people talk about this Or maybe I haven’t seen enough videos of people talking about it. That’s the real Tea! The next book that I have is all the bad apples by Moira Fowley Doyle. and this book is a book by an Irish author First of all, that’s the first thing we need to talk about because obviously I want to support Irish authors Also, the cover is very pretty like we love the pink This is one I’ve heard loads of positive things about because all of my Irish bookish friends have read this book and absolutely loved it and they rave about it on book Twitter and everywhere and I have seen this in my shop that I work in like constantly like it’s always on the bookshelf and I’ve seen people buy it and stuff and then I was just like you know what maybe I should buy it But I didn’t want to buy it not really knowing too much about it. Because I knew it was something to do with like witches But like I read the back and it sold me and then literally I read the first chapter Also sold me. The back says our family tree is full of bad apples You know the kind the ones who don’t follow the rules the ones who dress differently think differently Love differently. The curse of the bad apples has claimed my sister and now it’s coming for me That sounds like Snow White vibe like you know what I mean like, Snow White like bad apples like ooh, is she a witch? That’s gonna like eat the bad apple. Oh my god. Ooh That’s a good story. I really hope that that’s what this is about now because Imagine, like the bad witch in Snow White bringing the apples to snow white, but then the which ends up eating the Apple by mistake Instead of killing Snow White that’s tea. That’s what I’m hoping this book is about, but I know that’s definitely not what it’s about I just came up with my own idea based on the back there, But like that’s what I’m expecting like, my expectations are quite high I want Snow White to like outsmart the Witch and then the witch eats the bad apple That’s what I want to happen How did I get to there? Like honestly like? My brain sometimes I don’t know what I’m talking about The next book that I have is one that I bought recently in my last video So if you saw my book shopping video in London Which is literally the last video I uploaded you would have already seen these books that I’m about to talk about But I’m gonna show them Anyways, first one is the black flamingo by Dean Atta now This is one I have heard good things about because one of my friends on book Twitter and Irish bookish friend Gabbie really loves this book and she recommended it to me and said I would love it too and Just based on the cover and what I think I know about the premise I think it is something I’m going to love because I believe that this one deals with like coming to terms with your identity and It’s just very queer and stuff like that and the back itself says this is not about being ready It’s not even about being fierce or fearless. It’s about being free and I am just very excited to read this one I think it’s going to be one I’m gonna really like because I also know the main character dives into like the drag world I think. So I’m very excited about that because we all know I love drag race. I love drag queens Iconic. Also I believe this book is told in verse. Yes It is told in verse actually Yeah so it’s told in verse. Ok so the next book that I have is little and Lion by Brandy Colbert And this is another one that I got at the same video for when I was in London in the same lgbtqia+ shop that I went to and This is one that I am really looking forward to reading because it just sounded like it’s gonna be a lot of tea a lot Of drama, I’m here for it that’s what I like cause this book is about two characters who are brother and sister and they end up falling for the same girl like That’s iconic. Like I have never read a book like that before so I’m very interested to see how it’s gonna be done because I Find that so fascinating like that’s something I generally have never read before and it’s definitely something I didn’t realize I Wanted to read until this very moment, and I cannot wait to read it so the next book that I have is another one that I picked up, when I was in London And it was in that same vlog and that is shadow of the Fox by Julie Kagawa Now, this is one I once again, am very excited to read I am very excited all of these but this is one I’m really excited about because this book follows a main character who is a kitsune I believe I could be wrong in saying that now but I do know it does have Kitsune’s in the story and you guys May know that last year one of my favorite books was wicked Fox by Kat Cho that was one of my favorite books I read last year and that was about a gumiho which is basically a Nine-tailed Fox who has to consume the energy of men in order to survive Gumiho’s are kind of similar to Kitsune’s, not exactly But they’re kind of similar and so I’ve been excited to read more about that because also I love kitsunes from Teen Wolf. feel like I’ve said that several times on my channel at this point But yeah because I know this is about kitsunes I feel like I’m going to really like this one and I’ve heard many great things about it. Like I literally haven’t heard anything bad about it. So very excited to read it Also the cover once again stunning We stan stunning covers in this household. And the final book that I got in that London video was fence vol 1 This is one I’m looking forward to reading because I haven’t been reading a lot of graphic novels and I definitely want to read more this year and I’ve heard great things about this one Especially from Chloe from books with Chloe I know she really likes this one And I know a lot of other people also really like this I’ve seen it very much on booktube and I’ve seen a lot people talk about and seen that like it’s a enemies to lovers I want to say kind of vibe and like they’re fencing so like imagine just fencing and then Like ooh, I think I have a crush on you. I love that vibe And I hope that that’s what this book is about Like they’re like fencing and they’re like hate each other and they’re like, ooh, I love you Like that’s what I’m hoping for with this graphic novel series. Now the next one I have is another arc that I was sent by the O’Brien press because it is another Irish book and it’s one That’s coming out in April But I’m so excited for because it sounds absolutely amazing And that is queen of coin and whispers by helen Corcoran Now this is the Arc cover. This is not the finished copy But basically the name of the book will be here in the middle with that same design and it just sounds like a book That’s gonna be right up my street because it is a fantasy book with a sapphic relationship. So I’m here for that I cannot wait to read it. I’ve heard great things about this. If you haven’t heard about this book yet look it up I feel like this is going to be one that we’re all going to love and I’m excited to read it It’s also quite thick and I just feel like this is gonna be a really good one I just cannot wait to get to it! The next one that I have is Queen of nothing by Holly black and this is the third book in the folk of air Trilogy, and I’ve already read this one and I absolutely loved it. If you haven’t read the cruel prince series yet I would just highly recommend it because it’s just one of those series that has so many plot twists and like so many moments that you’re just like Did that just happen? Like I can’t process what just happened? It has so many of those moments in this series and especially the first book the cruel prince, I absolutely love that one So so much. This one is my second favorite in the series and I just really loved how the series wrapped up And yeah, I’m gonna talk about it more whenever I do a wrap-up video but I really like this one and I just wanted to show it because it is one that I got since my last haul and The next one that I have is another arc that I was sent by sourcebooks fire Which I’m so grateful for and I really have high expectations for it And that is Belle revolt by Linsey Miller and I have heard this is another fantasy book that is an lgbtqia+ book and it’s also a Standalone, I believe and also this cover like I don’t even need to say anymore. Like just look at her she is Stunning. Also it’s a floppy paperback Which we know I love like we all know how I feel about them. Then next up I have children of virtue and vengeance by Tomie Adeyemi This is the sequel to children of blood and bone which you guys know I absolutely loved. I think it was my favorite book of 2018 And this is also another book that I am currently reading like this is actually the one I am genuinely reading right now And I’m on page 129 of it. I’m literally loving it so much It’s so fast-paced like literally so fast-paced like I can’t put into words how fast pace This book is and I feel like that could also be something that people won’t like is how fast-paced it is But like I’ve said before and I will say it again fantasy books for me when they’re fast-paced. That is my jam That’s my vibe. I am really loving this book and I will definitely finish this before the end of January. And now the final four books that I’m gonna be talking about in this video were all books that I was gifted over Christmas from my friends here on booktube and I am so thankful for all four of these books I love all four of the people that gifted them to me So I’m gonna get straight into it now and show you what those books are So the first one is I was born for this by Alice Oseman and I was gifted this by my friend Britt from basically Britt If you don’t know her channel I’ll link it down below in the description and you can go check her out because I love her channel, I love her content She’s amazing, and I’m so grateful that she sent this to me. If you don’t know Alice Oseman wrote heart-stopper, which is my favorite graphic novel of all time Like I literally love it so much and Alice Oseman also wrote radio silence, which is a book I read back in November of last year and I really really liked and I’ve heard nothing but great things about this one and some people say that this one is better than radio silence and That’s interesting to me because I really liked radio science as it is. So like the fact that this could be better I’m interested to see that. I actually don’t know what this one is about Like at all and I didn’t honestly know much about radio silence either and I feel like that was my favorite way to go into It like not knowing much about the book. So I think I’m gonna do the same thing for this one I don’t know much about it, and I don’t want to know anything about it So hopefully I’m gonna like it. Because we’re on the topic of Alice Oseman, I just feel like this one is the next one I should talk about and that is a heart stopper Vol 2 by Alice Oseman as I said This is my favourite graphic novel series of all time and I didn’t own vol 2 yet until my friend Tori Gifted it to me for Christmas. So I’m so thankful And I love you Tori and I am just so happy to finally have this I feel like I need to do a reread of volume 1 and volume 2 before volume 3 comes out like I just feel like that’s essential and I need to like tab my favorite parts because as I’ve said this Is a favorite graphic novel of mine so I feel like I need to reread them and tab my favorite parts all my cute moments all the parts that melt my heart all the parts that make me feel single, but then again that’s probably gonna be tabbing the entire book because It’s me. Now the next one that I have is one I’m so excited about and I’m so grateful that I have this and it was gifted to me by my friend Ilse from eelsaysbooks and she already knows I love her and I’m so thankful and This is like one of my favorite books ever like you guys know And that is a court of thorns and roses by Sarah J. Maas the collector’s edition This is so Stunning like it’s so pretty and like that’s just like the jacket thing and it comes out and like look even the back so stunning and then the front, ah, it’s just such a pretty book and Even the inside pages. Oh, it’s just so stunning like I just love this It’s so freakin pretty and I really want to do a reread of the acotar series now I also think if I end up doing a reread of them. I might host a read along for the acotar series Let me know if that’s something you would like to participate in or if you would be interested in because I Am so down to do that and I think it could be so much fun. So the final book that I have to haul in this Video is my final book that I was gifted for Christmas, and it’s honestly Probably one of my favorites because it’s the most sentimental one to me and it’s very personal just love it so so much and it was gifted to me from Chloe from books with Chloe and she already knows I’m so grateful for this and I’m just gonna show you what it is Simon vs the homo sapiens agenda in Chinese, and I’m so happy to have this but yeah, some of you guys may not know but 我会说一点普通话 I definitely didn’t pronounce that all correctly. I do think I said it grammatically, correct. I don’t know if I pronounced everything correct, though So we love a Trier I did Chinese when I was in college in university for three years and I’m obviously not amazing at speaking Chinese like it’s literally been two years since I graduated like my level of Chinese is Gone way down since I’ve done it because I literally haven’t kept it up Which I really am mad at myself for doing that because it was such a great skill but anyways I said to Chloe when I was with her in Australia this summer that I really wanted to get this book in Chinese because I just thought it would be a great addition to my Collection of this book because we all know Simon vs the homo sapiens agenda is my favorite book of all time And I’m just so glad that I have it in Chinese like literally it’s just so cute that Chloe even remembered and then she went out and got it and then she sent it to me and I just love it and it just hits me with all of the feels Okay, guys so that is gonna be it for this book haul and all the seventeen books that I’ve gotten since my last book haul as I’ve said I think I am gonna put myself on a book buying ban because I Need to save money and not be spending them on books So yeah let me know down below if you’ve read any of these books and what you thought of them yourself and Also, let me know some books that you got recently or what you’re currently reading I would love to know, but other than that I shall see you all next time my next video, so goodbye guys!

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