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Hey everyone, it’s Jananie, and welcome
back to another episode of #EpicBookRecs. So this is the monthly recommendation
series that I do here on the Epic Reads channel. Where I tell you about a bunch of YA books
based on a certain theme each month. So in the previous months, we’ve done
a bunch of really exciting themes. So definitely go check out the playlist
linked down below if you wanna see the rest of those videos. But today’s theme is one I
am super excited about cause it’s based on my favorite genre,
and that is fantasy. So today I’ll be recommending
a bunch of YA fantasies. I tried to find a range of fantasies for
you guys. Ones that takes place in very
different kinds of worlds. And ones with different
kinds of takes on fantasy. So the first book that I want to
recommend to you today is Serpent & Dove by Shelby Mahurin. So this is one that I read earlier
in 2019, and absolutely adored it. This is a romance/fantasy between
a witch and a witch hunter. The book follows two main characters,
Louise le Blanc and Reid Diggory. So Louise, or Lou as she’s called in
the book, is fleeing from her coven and she decides to settle in the city
called Cesarine, in France. And it is a place that is
rife with kind of witch hate. So she’s trying to hide her identity
while she lives in the city. But she ends up catching the attention of
a witch hunter named Reid Diggory who has grew up with this doctrine that
he must never let a witch live. But in an unlikely situation,
Reid and Lou end up in a scandal, and they end up in a fake arranged
marriage and end up living together. And this book is a little bit on the older
side of YA, but it was so much fun. And it had a really wonderful romance, and I just loved the dynamic between
the two main characters. Lou is such a funny and
hilarious character. And Reed is a very stoic witch hunter, and he is having his whole world kind
of turned around by this one girl. There’s also a lot of political things
going on between the witches and the church and the monarchy. And so that is also a really
big element in this book. But overall, I feel like it was very
focused on those two characters. And it was just a lot of fun. The next book that I wanna recommend is
one that I finished very recently and absolutely loved. And that is The Tiger at
Midnight by Swati Teerdhala. So this is a fantasy
inspired by ancient India. And it’s also inspired by some Hindu
mythology as well, and I really, really enjoyed this one. This one is also focused on two
specific main characters, and it alternates between
their two perspectives. The first is Esha, who is this rebel spy. And she’s known as the Viper
in the legends and stories told between these two neighboring
countries called Jansa and Darca. And so she is from Darca and
she’s a rebel spy. And she comes to the Blood Fort,
based in Jansa, after a very bloody coup. And is trying to assassinate
the general there and restore order to these two lands. But in the very first chapter, she ends up encountering a solider
in the Blood Fort named Kunal. And he is a very kinda stoic
character once again, but he is also someone who is very innocent. He has grown up the Blood Fort his
whole life, and he’s been told a lot of things his whole life that
has kind of jaded his world view. And so
Esha kind of up turns his whole life, and he doesn’t know that she’s
a Viper at the beginning. And when the general is suddenly killed,
his commander ends up issuing a challenge to him and his fellow soldiers to go
on a mission to capture the Viper. And so this book ends up being kind of cat
and mouse game between Esha and Kunal. Neither of them knowing each others
real identities at the beginning. And Kunal trying to go after Esha,
and Esha is trying to runaway. And in the midst of all
that falling in love. I really love the relationship
between Esha and Kunal. But I also really loved
the world in general. It was really interesting and rich, and
I feel like there’s a lot of potential for where it’s gonna go in the later books. And I also just really loved some of
the side characters in this book as well. It was just a lot of fun seeing
the dynamic between Esha and Kunal, and how that kind of affects
their greater world. Absolutely love this. Really recommend if you’re looking for
a South Asian inspired fantasy. The next fantasy that I wanna recommend to
you is Kingdom of Souls by Rena Barron. So this is a West African
inspired fantasy. It is a fantasy that kind of
blows your mind and goes in so many unexpected directions. This is one that I didn’t know
what to expect going into it, but it was honestly so insane, and so intense,
and also a quite dark fantasy as well. So in this book, our main character Arrah is born into
a family of very powerful witch doctors. Both of her parents are from
very powerful tribes, but they now live in the city under
the power of the Orisha gods. But the tribes follow
a different god named Heka. And so Arrah has always been waiting for
her magic to kind of manifest in herself. Because everyone knows in the tribes that
if you have powerful magical parents that you are bound to be magical as well. But as the years go by and Arrah
continuous to not show any magic of her own, she starts to kind of resent herself. And she knows that her mother is
constantly disappointed in her for not having magic. And so
Arrah is in this very difficult spot. But after yet another birthday when
she doesn’t manifest any magic, her grandmother kind of tries
to do a reading on her. And discovers that there’s possibly
a demon kind of blocking her magic. And also with an eye on
Arrah as a potential victim. And when Arrah returns to the city and finds out that the young children there
are slowly getting snatched away and going missing, she then thinks this is the
demon that her mother saw in the vision. And so, she makes it her personal mission
to kind of bring down this demon and stop what’s happening to these children, because one of those children was
one of her really good friends. And so Arrah ends up going to extreme
limits to kind of protect the people that she cares about. There’s also a really kind of rife and intense relationship with her
mother as well in this book. And this book also had some really
great side characters as well. I absolutely loved the main love interest. But I do feel like Arrah’s own story
is the main focus of the book. And it was just so crazy and intense. And the magic in this book
is just really interesting. There are conflicting and
different mythologies and Gods going on in this book. And you are also getting some perspectives
from them, which is interesting. But there’s also the magic and rituals of the witch doctors, which is
super interesting to read about and see. And Arrah kind of delving into
that world is just so interesting. But one of the kind of magics that
she ends up delving into is that of the charlatans where they
trade years of their lives to gain magic because they
don’t have any of their own. So if you wanted a darker intense kind
of fantasy, with a really interesting mother daughter relationship,
I would definitely recommend this one. Adding later note, I thought I’d
recommend My Lady Jane by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton and Jodi Meadows. This isn’t really a traditional fantasy,
I would say. This is one that kind of borderlines
into a historical fantasy. And so this follows our main
character Lady Jane Grey. So this is an alternate take on history. So history Lady Jane was Queen, I think for
about eight days before she was killed. And it takes place during
the kind of era of Henry VIII. Lady Jane Grey, the cousin of King Edward. And this book starts with King Edward
finding out that he’s dying and that he needs to find someone
to replace him on the throne. But he doesn’t want to give
the throne to either of his sisters. So he thinks that Lady Jane Grey,
his childhood friend and also someone he might have a little bit of a crush on,
is the best choice for the throne. And so with the advisement of his advisor,
Lord Dudley, he decides to marry Jane
off to Lord Dudley’s son. Who is known to be kind of
a womanizer in court, but you find out that he’s actually
suffering from a curse, which leads into kind of
the political climate of this book. So there are these people in this
version of history called Atheans, who are people who can shape
shift into a specific animal. But because of the kind of
tense political climate, there’s many people who
are against Atheans and don’t believe that they
are equal citizens. And so that’s why Edward really believes
that he needs to get Lady Jane Grey on the throne. So Lord Dudley’s son Guildford
is actually an Athean. And he’s a horse by day and
a boy by night. And so he spends his night going to poetry
readings, and reading out his poetry to people, and composing his poetry,
and it’s all very sweet. And so him and the Lady Jane end
up in an unlikely marriage, and there is a sinister plot that
kind of gets uncovered at court. And these three characters are kind
of tumbling around each other and trying to get their bearings, while
also harboring a love triangle as well. So this was a really fun,
interesting take on history, but also had a kind of fantastical
element to it which was super fun. Alright the next book that I want
to recommend is one of my all time favorite fantasies. And that is An Ember in
the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir. So this is a really epic fantasy. It follows multiple main
characters with POV chapters. But basically in this world, the Marshall
Empire has kind of taken over everywhere. And so the book opens with our main
character Laia, who’s kind of grown up knowing that she should never kind
of go against the Marshall Empire. But when her brother is arrested for colluding with rebel spies, she is running
away from everything that she knows and joining up with the rebels in order
to find a way to save her brother. And so she is put on a mission
to infiltrate a military academy in the heart of the Marshall Empire. And she ends up meeting our
other main character Elias, who’s the son of a very high ranking
official in the Marshall Empire. And he is training to become something
called a mask in the Marshall Empire. So they have these masks, and they’re
kind of trained soldiers, assassins, who carry out a lot of the very
harsh orders of the Marshall Empire. But Elias harbors this secret
disloyalty to the Marshall Empire and he is planning to run away. But things start to get complicated when
Laia shows up at the Military Academy. And Elias is forced to decide
whether he wants to just run away or actually face the horrible problems that
are going on within the Marshall Empire. These two characters just start
in a very different place than where they end up towards
the end of the book. And it’s just one of the best examples of
really amazing character development, and so I always love recommending this book. There are also some really interesting
side characters as well, and villains in this book,
who have very complex back stories and really interesting reasons for
being the way they are. So I really recommend this if you
want something very sprawling. You know, these characters traveled
great distances in the later books, and they are also so layered. So you never know who is
really on the right side. All right, the next one that I wanna
recommend it’s another one of my all time favorites, and that is Strange
the Dreamer by Laini Taylor. This is a fantasy that
took me by surprise. It’s so magical and wonderful and
whimsical in many ways. But it’s also very deep and
harrowing as well. If you’ve ever watched the movie
Atlantis the Lost Empire, this book is very similar to that. But it follows our main character
Lazlo Strange, who is an orphan, who has grown up in this monastery,
and then later in a library. And he’s always grown up on these
stories of this lost city called Weep. And so the city was actually not called
Weep, its original name was stolen away by a curse, and so
now Weep is all that is left. And so Lazlo Has always wanted to
know more about this lost city and the people who live there. And the, kind of, legends and
stories that he’s heard. And so when a delegation from the lost
city of Weep comes to his home town looking for people to take back to their
city to solve a problem in their city, Lazlo kind of jumps on this opportunity. This book features lost gods and children
of gods and the consequences of war and war crimes. And so
there’s a very beautiful romance as well. There are dreams in this book. There’s a magical character in this
book who releases moths from her mouth, and gives beautiful dreams to
the people in the city of Weep, and it’s just a really interesting fantasy,
so I highly recommend. It’s hard to say a lot about
this book without spoiling it, or feeling like you’re
ruining the magic of it. I definitely think it’s one that you need
to just pick up without knowing a lot, and just kind of immerse yourself in it. All right, and the last book that I
want to recommend to you today is, Girls of Paper and Fire by Natasha Ngan. So this is a wonderfully beautifully
told Asian inspired fantasy. It features different classes of people
by different animal characteristics. So the lowest caste is the Paper caste and
highest class is the demon Moon caste. So this book is set in a country that
is ruled by the demon king, and so every year he takes a select few
“Paper Girls” to be his concubines. And he uses them for a year and
then discards them afterward. So our main character is a kind
of insignificant poor girl. But she has a very unique
set of golden eyes, and so she is chosen to become
one of these paper girls. But despite the odds, the main character starts to find love
with another one of the paper girls. And they are trying to survive in this
horrible situation, and it’s honestly such a beautifully told romance, but
also a tale of survival as well. There are a few content warnings for
sexual assault and rape, so be aware of that. But it was overall a really
beautifully magical story. And I just love seeing
the different kind of castes and their different animal aspects, but also
a bit of the magic in this world as well. There’s a lot of court
intrigue as well in this book, because much of it does
take place in court. So that’s also an interesting
aspect of this book. But these are all the books that I’m
going to recommend to you today. I really hope you enjoyed this video. I love every single book on this list and fantasy has always been
one of my favorite genres. I just love being transported
into another world, to see characters deal with
problems much larger than my own. So I really hope that you found a book
that you would love to pick up soon. And as always, I love hearing
your recommendations as well. So please leave me a comment with
one of your favorite YA fantasies. There’s a bunch here that I didn’t
mention that are also my faves because there is only enough time
that I have in one of these videos. So please leave me your YA fantasy
recommendations down below so we can all kind of get
some new books to read. Thank you so much for watching, and I will see you in the next
episode of #EpicBookRec. Bye!

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