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Hi guys it is now time to talk about my 10 favorite books of 2019 The first or I guess the bottom Six or yes seventh or ten are not five stars. So I’ll go through them kind of quickly These are the books that I chose overall as my favorite I will preface this by saying that manga and poetry were not eligible to be on my top ten favorite novels of the year because they’re not novels so The tenth favorite book that I had in 2019 was the wind up bird Chronicle. Um That’s really hard to describe. I Don’t know how to tell you what it’s about it Follows just the beautiful amazing storytelling that we’re used to from like a lot of Japanese fiction and especially Haruki Murakami like oh My god that story telling us so good. I love the slow weirdness of it just the average Things that happen every day and seeing just how How you can make it weird? The story I don’t even there’s so much to it And there’s so many pieces that I can’t really explain it other than just hurricane Murakami is an experience and I think all his books kind of speak to that Um an amazing author that I want to read one day, maybe all of his work Um, my number 9 spot that goes to a dangerous path That’s one of the books in the warrior cat series. I was rereading that this year. I will finish that I read the first six This year again, and I got them in all new nice covers. You can kind of see them up there They make a little picture which I love but um, yeah, I read those Adored them. Um I still love some of those characters. I still remembered a lot of it and I forgot a lot of it So it’s crazy to see how a couple things went down for real because I definitely remember One thing being a huge deal and it didn’t end up being a huge deal in the book So I was really shocked but my favorite character when we go to the second arc is no longer like the main character So I’m kind of sad about that, but I’m enjoying it. I loved rereading them Those books got me into reading especially like all the roll place heights and the fanfiction Oh my gosh, and I love those books so much. So a dangerous path is the fifth one You start with into the wild. Yeah, we’re pretty high reading too was gods of Jaden shadow Um, I really enjoyed that story. It was so good it follows. I guess. I haven’t really been talking a lot about these So I don’t think I will um But it was a really good one. I really enjoyed that story too. And the next one is also LatinX That’s the murmur of bees. I really enjoyed that one, too I read that over the summer through audio and I would recommend the audiobook cuz it’s got two narrators and it’s so good Oh my god, that one made me cry. Um So the next six I’ll talk about a little more. These are More of like my top favorites of the year my sixth favorite book of the year was the Seas by Samantha Hunt that follows an unnamed girl in the Really northern either in Alaska. I think or like just Somewhere in the North in um, like the continental United States she’s from a town where pretty much all there is to do is get drunk and Never really do a lot of like work. That’ll make you enough money to live on and She doesn’t really have great Influences, I think like her grandfather loves her a lot and so does her mother but um, they they just don’t seem to really be structuring her in a good way and she has fallen in love when she was 12 with a man like 16 years her senior named Jude and after he returns from the Army he is definitely very Mentally ill He had a lot of issues with PTSD or he has a lot of issues of PTSD after what he saw While he was in the Army I am I think the book takes place around like 2000 like early 2000s So it’s definitely like follows that kind of stuff But it was so good and like if I was just how obsessed she is with Jude and how Far she will go to Be loved by somebody. It was an amazing book the next one I read was the historian is my number five favorite book of the year, although this and the Seas could probably be switched around the historian is a dark academia book following a girl made the main storyline is a Girl’s father is called back by his haunting past and she goes off to find him It follows Dracula it follows who the father is Frightened by um and his storyline and like why he got frightened by that. So like the father when he was a younger man And it follows the father When has a younger man following somebody else somebody else’s footpath? so it was definitely just like I’m really involved but there was a lot of story telling him that like But it was so pretty like I loved seeing what was happening. I Loved all the descriptions of all these places in Eastern Europe, you know I’ll never go but it was so good to read about and I feel like I learned a lot especially Like it made me want to read Dracula honestly, it was such like it definitely feel like a cold and gloomy book but at the end of it that last paragraph Sent that book from a 4.5 to a 5 that is one of my favorite endings I’ve ever read Rivaled only by my number one pick of the year So yeah the story that’s definitely one I would recommend and it’s like my fifth or sixth the seas Maybe you can take it over sometimes maybe it would take over the seas. But yeah, really good really awesome book. I Will have to that story so much god We’re getting into good. We’re getting into the fourth Know my number four pick is a Shogun. It’s right there. I Would have it as like my number two if it were not for the first three hundred pages I was so goddamn confused It’s like a round between ear additions like it’s around 1200 . its around twelve hundred pages and the first 300 pages. I was just confused as fuck I didn’t know who was who why this guy I wanted that guy who like what well, it was crazy a lot of storytelling um a lot of political machinations going on a lot of Just this guy trying to get this guy because this guy is bad but this guy is good and they’re all trying to get this One guy and they all want power. Um Shogun is Like in the time of Japan in the 1600s it follows the fall of the imperial rule meaning the emperor who is ordained by the gods to be like basically the son of heaven and like on earth as the vessel of the lord or the gods That is falling its falling apart it’s being just rendered and everyone in the regions council is Vying for the throne basically and it follows one specific character mainly who is trying to Keep it all together. And so we don’t have to make the imperial rule fall and bring out a Shogun as the leader of the land a Shogun is a Military basically like the highest ranking of the military and the Shogun basically ran the country already. If not in name definitely in power and If they were to have- oh sorry there’s someone outside if they were to have a Shogun well Somebody on the regents council would definitely want to beat that one. So there’s a lot of fighting among the Regents. There’s a lot of characters Who are all vying for that throne who are all? wanting to be the Shogun even if they’re not seeing they want to be the Shogun and then Lo and behold this Inc. This English Dutch Ship pilot has landed in Japan with you know, barely any of his crew left and a couple of the regions see him as a threat to Japan to Buddhism to just Japanese culture as a whole they see him as the Like anti just Japan anti Eastern ways. They see him as a barbarian They see him as just vile they seen as a pirate they hate him and They see him as the key to gaining the Shogun into gaining ultimate power and That’s mainly what this story is about in a lot of ways that God did I loved it? It was one of the few books. I think that’s ever made me think so differently about my own morals and my things that I think about our right it changed some of those things that made me think differently about death about love about honor and duty and power and Freedom like it made me think a lot it truly did I would almost say like this is like the next two books that I have as my favorites are fools quest and assassins fate and If I could just block those as one book I would make Shogun my number three pick for the year instead of my number four because it is the just probably one of the best books I’ve ever read and I cannot wait to read more James Clavell books because seeing what people will are willing to do to get into power and what people are willing to sacrifice once they’ve got power and seeing the inner workings of powerful people and how they stay powerful Was amazing and I loved it and I will read every James Clavell book I can find I think I’ve actually bought all of them the next two books I spoiled those are fools quest and assassins fate And I actually just talked about them in my previous couple videos that I filmed that hopefully are gonna be out But I’m not really gonna talk about them at all here they are just my favorite boats fences my favorite character of fiction her and it ended the way it should have ended and As much as that hurts to say, I’m glad it ended the way it did and my top favorite pic of the year Drumroll. I read it last January. I have a tattoo It’s The Godfather Mm. How do I talk about other than you say it is one of the best books I’ve ever read. I Cannot think of another book. I like more than the Godfather my all-time favorite book is of course Wizard of Earthsea, but just like in general like The Godfather the ending of The Godfather that last line Fucked me up like oh my god. That book was just like incredible The storytelling incredible the characters incredible the people are awful. They’re doing bad things They’re doing the wrong things. They’re wanting to be in power they’re living their lives based on just petty revenge and sometimes well-earned revenge but instead of just like living and what living they’re not doing that they will kill anyone who wrongs them and they’ll do it in the worst possible way and I cannot tell you how satisfying it is to read for someone whose favorite movie is Kill Bill Vol – I Love The Godfather with like all my heart and soul the movie I’d really enjoy but I don’t know how people who ever in the book could understand what’s going on because I Was trying to follow some things that didn’t quite make sense with the way it was translated So the movie I get people not like and put the book. Oh my god So good so good Really really good books. Oh my god. Oh god, yeah, The Godfather just It’s my second favorite book of all time, and I would love to see a book try and top it So those are my 10 favorite books of the year, um by month. It really didn’t change much in January My favorite book was the Godfather Into February. My favorite book was full metal alchemist, vol 6 in March. It was full metal alchemist Vol 9 in April, it was practical magic in May it was long way down in June It was fingerprints of you in July. It was fools assassin in August it was the seas in September. It was Shogun in October. It was a dangerous path in November It was the historian and in December it was assassins fate I had to choose between fools quests and assassins fate because I read them both in the same month however I ended up choosing assassins fate just because that ended up the story even though I felt pretty Similarly about both books and I were probably favor What was the one because I mix up their names all the time probably favored floors quests and I actually did rate it as my number two pick because I did like it better but um Yeah assassins fate that really did to me but anyways guys Those are my top 10 picks of the year of 2019 if I could recommend any of them to you and you don’t want to read a series I would say of course The Godfather and Shogun and probably the C is – those are definitely my favorites and the historian Those are all my top picks. So I will talk to you guys later and thank you for watching.

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    OH GIRL!! You’re making me want to give The Historian another try!!

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    your videos make me add more books to my tbr faster than i can read them. thank u (-:

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