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(xylophone music) ♫ Hello welcome to Bailey’s bookshelf ♫ Where I answer your questions ♫ And read a book and tell it to you – Perfect! Hello, I’m Bailey. Welcome to Bailey’s Bookshelf. And today, we’re gonna
have a great book called Piggies. These are fat little piggies. These are smart little piggies. There are long little piggies. These are silly little piggies. These are two wee little piggies. Who wrote this book? It’s Audrey Wood and Don Wood. I think everybody would like this book. And it’s based on my Mommy’s little farm when she was a little kid. When they were writing the book, and went to my mommy’s farm, and then they looked at her piggies, and then that’s how they
learned to draw piggies. This is my favorite page because there’s rainbow and confetti. It’s really nice, this page. Okay, now it’s time for the questions. ItsDakota Productions says,
“What do you like to do,” it says, do do, “to do on the weekends Bailey?” I like spending time with my Daddy. Go to fun places with him like the zoo, or the sea center. My dad makes me french toast
or waffles or something, makes me cool scrambled eggs. He makes me the best pancakes, it’s really good. Annie Cresta Odair says, “Hey Bailey! “I’m a home schooler
too and I’m just now in “high school. “Do you think you would
ever want to go to school “or would you still like
to be home schooled? “I love your book suggestions! “I can read them to my nephew.” Of course I would like to
still be home schooled. Okay, next question. Charlotte T says, “Hi
Bailey, how was your camp? “Also, next Thursday
(24th) is my 14th birthday, “Would you please give me a shoutout!? “Love you! “Xo xo.” At zoo camp this week
I learned about animals and, no, I learned about, oh wait, I didn’t have one this week. Last Friday. Well, last Friday, I learned
about Native Americans and I played some cool games. ♫ Happy Birthday to you ♫ Happy Birthday to you ♫ Happy Birthday Charlotte T ♫ Happy Birthday to you I love you, Charlotte T! Beauty in the eye says, “Hi
Bailey, you are too cute “for words! “Okay, If you could be
any one of your family “for one whole day, which one would you be “and do a impression of them.” Parker. (softly screaming) Rebecca O’Donovan says, “Hi Bailey! “Do you and brother fight a lot?” Not really. I get in trouble if I do. Hannah Lochhead says, “Hi
Bailey, x, how are you, x, “if you could describe your
entire family in the world, “what would it be and why? “I love you, x.” Extraordinary. I’m going to do my
princess actions for you. Please subscribe to my
channel and watch me in my follow, and write me very letters in the inbox below. Pip pip, to you! I love you my sweet little Bailerinas. Puh-leese subscribe! This is awesome. Shel Silverstein. I’ve read four of–

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