My Box of Inspiration! How to Create a Commonplace Book


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78 thoughts on “My Box of Inspiration! How to Create a Commonplace Book”

  1. Nina Habault de Mlle WebMarketing says:

    Beautiful video 🤗

  2. MariaIsabel Alvarez says:

    Amy your my favorite YouTuber 🥰❤️

  3. MariaIsabel Alvarez says:


  4. Silent Poet says:

    Yay!!!! I can't wait for Vlogmas from you. Was hoping to get more content from you!

  5. Arthur Sharp says:

    Nice video Amy landino looked beautiful as always have a wonderful and beautiful evening and beautiful Thanksgiving day love art

  6. Samantha Hays says:

    Since my hands do not do writing so much – I'm going give this a whirl in Taskade.
    I'll be using for designing ideas for my side hustle & also sharing in my professional community. Thank you for all you do!

  7. Charles Smith says:

    🍁🦃🍽🥳Happy Thanksgiving Shine Squad 🍁🦃🍽🥳
    This is a great list, I think I’ve seen commonplace books as a survival kit. It’s strikes me as a useful real world SSD for all the incoming stimulus. A kind of leveling up on brainstorming/journaling.

  8. The Organized Money says:

    Love this idea Amy! Thank you!!

  9. Mahesh sharma says:

    Hi Amy Love you

  10. Erika K says:

    Love this !!! It's a wonderful idea I did not know about, I used to write it all down in a journal!

  11. Steph Bartolome says:

    Hi Amy! Love that you are never stingy about sharing what you learn from others! I'm also going to be using a photokeeper. I have way too many journals that I haven't been able to format for my reading and podcast notes. Too much/not enough space is a huge stressor, haha! I think it will work well for my bible study/theology notes. Super easy to go back and dig deeper at a later time!

  12. Pride In Photos BEAUTY says:

    This idea could be used for so many subjects!!! I love this organization method for all the meaning quotes, books etc that have encouraged us. Thank you for sharing. xo Laurie

  13. Nikki Schumacher Official says:

    I have done something very similar. As a mom of 3 young kids, it will be a few years before I'd have time to make a box like that again. For now I organize my notes on my iPhone in a similar fashion.

  14. Love & Light says:

    I may need to do this another time. This is overwhelming for me. I'm interested but intimidated.

  15. Rose from Iceland says:

    Love this idea, definitely going to read more books and try this out!
    Also, very excited about your Vlogmas!! <3

  16. Sara Makes Art says:

    I might use a commonplace book to change negative perspectives in my life.

  17. Kara Cheney says:

    I don’t comment often— really ever. I just need to pipe in and let you know that I am WAY excited for Vlogmas.
    I kind of wish I had used the Common Place Book to study when I was still in school. Those smaller removable containers seem like a really great idea for anyone studying multiple topics or growing in multiple areas of their lives.
    It’s almost like a physically manifested Pinterest board…

  18. Papeeshka says:

    Amy have you tried phosphatidylserine for memory?

  19. Elena Vaipan says:

    I use a binder for my commonplace book and i include notes from books, Youtube videos, blog post, online courses etc.. everything I know it will help me improve my life.

  20. Yasser AL:sif says:

    Beautiful habibi I love you

  21. moegirl76 says:

    I think I would use this to write a book! I've thought about using note cards to do this. Or just gather notes from all my bujo's everywhere!! #writingjunkie!!!

  22. Katie Evert says:

    THANK YOU AMY. You are such an amazing person and I look up to you! You give me the tools to be a better person. I love you so much!!!

  23. Papeeshka says:

    What about a 3 ring binder with better quality paper to avoid plastic? Or using a metal ring and hole punch and hanging on a bulletin board? I just really don’t want to bring plastic into my home because you breathe plastic in your home into your lungs! I really appreciate the idea this is a fabulous concept. I used a similar approach in junior higher to write papers & my screenwriter ex would do this on a huge cork wall with different colored index cards. I love bullet journaling too and this is a great extension of that to track reading revelations. ❤️

  24. RBQITEC says:

    Wow you've given me some great ideas. I really need to jot down the things I learn not to forget and also to revalue them, otherwise, my mind becomes a living hell with so much information because I have to go through all of that every time I speak on the subject. hence I've been writing some pages in markdown, but I was kinda running out of ideas and your video came in handy

  25. Melissa Crone Carvell says:

    So excited for making a commonplace book! Such a fun and of course practical project! LOVE IT! Can't wait to see your VLOGMAS videos!

  26. Charlie Griner says:


  27. Toni Gilmore says:

    I love this idea….I just have a big issue with writing in my books so I may need to use a different method for me. But this is a great idea to work off of.

  28. Clara Salaam says:


  29. Abigail Hortencia says:

    Great idea👌💞 I will start doiing it as an avid reader

  30. Purpose Filled You says:

    Something other than a bullet journal?! Mind blowing! I'll have to try it out and review it on my channel too ❤️

  31. Mary Long says:

    I think the commonplace box would come in very handy for my author life. I do plan in being a hybrid author which means being traditionally published and self published children’s book published. It can come in handy keeping all my projects more organized. Without having using a dozen notebooks lol

  32. Samantha Townsend says:

    Wow this is so interesting. This would be helpful for my new business to stay organized with information found. Thank you so much Amy!!

  33. The Haunt Girl says:

    This is so cool!!

  34. Jennifer Bell says:

    I use Google books. And if you highlight a passage you can write your own note and it saves the highlighted passage and your notes together in a Google doc on your Google drive. It creates a Google doc for each books. It's life changing for a digital need like me. Lol.

  35. Ivana MaryElle says:

    I’ve heard of a commonplace book before but never thought it would be helpful for me until I saw this! Loved your style and how you decided to go for boxes in a bigger box! Really helpful to me, thank you.

  36. Junior Farias says:

    I read 15 pages today hahah

  37. Little Red Riding Hood says:

    Happy Thanksgiving

  38. JustwithA says:

    I just discovered I kinda been doing the same but digitally

  39. MGXY says:

    Oh wow, this comes SO in handy! I'm working on my literature and media thesis, writing down my notes in a similar way but never thought of putting them IN A LABELED BOX! I'm definitely using it to help me with the writing process and the day I defend it I'll bring it with me. The jury will be shocked. In a good way, I hope! And yes, I want Ryan in!, and of course I'm SO tuning into Vlogmas. It will be amazing.

  40. Malak Bayoumi says:

    One of my favorite ideas from your channel so far. I've been looking for a good way to keep track of everything I read, This might be the perfect solution. Thanks for great content, as usual!!

  41. Barbara Brooks says:

    Wow I loooove this idea. Going to use an index card case instead. #doingit

  42. L Bernshouse says:

    I bought one of these boxes from Michaels for a project that didn't pan out months ago. I have been wondering what to do with it. What a great idea! Thanks so much.

  43. Husam Ezzi says:

    I think I kinda already do it with Google Document and the Keep app of Google. And as a response for your thank you message, I'm always happy to see a new video out from you even if I'm not gonna apply the tips that are in it, I still watch 'em anyway. I watch your videos often times when they come out. But because I'm not into the skincare thing, I don't watch those. I'm a guy, I think your skincare videos are more for women than men.

  44. zizigills says:

    I already knew about and kept commonplace books but now that I’ve seen the index card method, I think I will switch! Thanks for sharing. 😊

  45. Kirsten Halik says:

    Anyone else dying to know where she got the unicorn phone bed in the background?!

  46. Karine Estivalet says:

    Thanks Amy for your videos!!!

  47. Melissa Eick says:

    Omg, yes! Ever since I first saw your Commonplace Book, I've been interested in learning more. Thank you for sharing this! UPDATE. It's official: making a Commonplace Book is on my list of 20 for 2020!

  48. Shine Natividad says:

    I’m about to start reading a lot of good books , and I’m glad I got to watch this before I do 😄😄😄

  49. Sheena Pangonis says:

    I love a great quote. I think this is an excellent way to organize your thoughts and ideas. We always have that random time in our life when we hear or read something that we don’t want to ever forget. We need a file cabinet in our brains. Here’s the solution 👍thank you & love your videos. I always take something away and apply it to better myself❤️ 🙏🙂

  50. Olivia4448 says:

    why not just call it a commonplace box?

  51. BLESSA JOYCE says:

    I have no idea that what I am doing now is called "Common Place" 😅

  52. Tulip Hayward says:

    I think I would like to make a visual design book. 🙂

  53. Faelisa says:

    I've always used a recipe box for my index cards. They usually come with tabbed dividers. I'm an index card junkie. I carry them around on a binder clip to jot down things that inspire me, or to take notes. Maybe I'll try this system out.

  54. thesandrapagethings says:

    YAY!! Cannot wait for VLOGMAS!!! & also really love the idea of a commonplace book. I have so many annotated books just waiting to be reviewed so I think this is going to need to happen. 😍

  55. Diana Wodnoff says:

    I LOVE this!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Gene Clark - Self Development Quest says:

    Really cool idea!

  57. Sasha says:

    This sounds like an amazing tool! Definitely will be setting one of these up!

  58. NurseDrizzles says:

    Gurl, this would be a perfect system for organizing nursing school notes and flashcards. If I could reverse time 5 years, I'd have done this. Going to share this video with my podcast/blog audience

  59. NuHa Style says:

    Change where you sit where we can’t see the back of the door 😊💜

  60. Sarah Cox says:

    I think I would use a commonplace book to also collect quotes from vlogs and podcast. Also, bible verses I'm memorizing. If you were a fiction writer you could copy quotes from books because you liked the style it was written in more than the exact words.

  61. The Hooting Pirate says:

    Oh wow, this entire video had made me giddy! I used to use a similar setup for studying and writing papers at school and loved it, but without the box, but I never thought to use it now. I’m off to amazon as soon as I’m done! And vlogmas eeeeeeeee! So excited for Amy adventures everyday 🎄 Also super excited for your book!

  62. Helena Giovanni says:

    Since I've been reading on Kindle (so that I can read anywhere, anytime, even when I'm commuting to work), I simply highlighted everything I found interesting, and after I finished reading the whole book, in the next morning, I'd re-read the highlights and rewrite the stuffs that I still find interesting on my computer, the quotes, the important points, the notes, etc so that I have a digital copy of the essentials of the book. That was the first time for me and so excited to find out that you JUST made a video about this, I didn't even know this is a methodological thing that authors do. I just did it because I love good quotes and nicely thought-out statements, thinking that it would be such a waste to forget them.

    This is exciting because I've been starting to read again after years of not even touching books because "I don't have the time for that". And Amy, you motivated me to be more productive and at least try waking up at 5AM. So I started by reading a book about it (called The 5AM Club, I know many people don't really enjoy the novelly part of it, but for me who just started reading again, it's a little bit enjoyable although I skipped some parts lol). And it helped!
    I've been waking up at 5AM lately which I thought was impossible.

    So Amy, thank you for being, for consistently creating, for bringing such good vibes, just for existing and having the heart to inspire others to be more productive and go after the life that they want. I don't comment often but you deserve to know that you've been changing lives to the better and one of them is mine.

    Lots of love from Indonesia XO ❤

  63. Positive Chick says:

    Love my reading time… Thanks for sharing Amy!!❤️

  64. Ace Hardy says:


  65. Caroline Richter says:

    🤭 Amazing thing for studying law 😮😮😮😮 or writing a thesis ?!?!?

  66. In English, Please! says:

    As a Bullet Journalist and a notebook freak, I like using different notebooks for the million things I try to learn everyday. Each notebook has a topic (language learning, mindset, marketing, art, etc) and then I use the Bullet Journal system with index, symbols and color codes to organize my notes inside these different notebooks. I like the ritual of opening my notebooks to reflect on the ideas and the things I’ve learned. But I really like the system with the container and the little boxes. I might give it a try. Thanks Amy!

  67. Acadia Champagne says:

    This is the coolest idea ever! I’m definitely going to implement for business purposes. I often feel overwhelmed by all of the advice & tactics but if I could write them all down & file then away as I learn them I feel I’ll be less likely to pivot too soon. Also, I’m excited you’re doing vlogmas! Thanks for all you do. 💕 happy holidays!!

  68. Jade Ciappara says:

    Thank you amy you have made a difference for me in my life

  69. Elena Polearus says:

    0:32 Amy channeling her inner Dumbledore with a muggle version of a pensive 😂

  70. Emma Donovan says:

    I’ve had a commonplace book for years – I used to use the more traditional notebooks (and still have them) but have moved to a digital version that I store on Notion. So glad CP books are being recognised more these days!!

  71. Sara says:

    Also Matt Ragland does something similar (the notecard thing).
    It's very interesting and original, although I know it's not for me 😂

  72. Maggie Kate says:

    Why do you store your books backwards? ❤️

  73. Ardith Design says:

    I appreciate you and your videos. This is my first time commenting. I’m thankful for your videos and your content. Thank you for expanding on the commonplace book. -Amanda Mae

  74. Sin Pre says:

    I have my commonplace book in a Scrivener document where I can't only make sections of the quotes (like your boxes), but also divide them into Inspiration and Lessons. Sometimes parts of a book are not an inspiration in itself, but they teach and show me a lesson or a tool that I can implement into my life.
    The other reason why I have it digitally is that I use quotes and inspirational texts to post them on Instagram and Twitter and like this I have them already written on my computer.

    My motto is: Every inspiration that is shared makes the world a better place.

    Because I don't have enough space to store them all, I switched from reading paper books to e-books a while ago, most of the time on my tablet or phone. I don't only highlight the page and part in the book, I also make a screenshot of that page to remind me that I have quotes to transfer into my commonplace book. The screenshots are often annoying and so I am forced to transfer the parts as soon as possible instead of putting the book away and maybe forget it because something more urgent happened.

  75. Debi J says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Amy!

    I am so thankful that I found you at a time last year when you and I were dealing with similar issues.

    Watching you move forward with your channel gave me a lot of the strength I needed to go ahead and get started with mine. 💜💜

  76. Elizabeth Downey says:

    The things that stand out to me that I remember are things I actually live out and actively do in my life. I can highlight and take notes all day, but unless I DO those things I hardly remember them.

  77. Bárbara Ramos says:

    <3 <3

  78. Tainah S. de L. Rodrigues says:

    Hi Amy!! I'm Tainah, a 32 year old Brazilian momma of 2 kids <3 I love your videos, your vibe, and you have no idea how much i've learned from things I watched here! One of the things I'm I really like is that you talk about other people too, and I heard of Mel Robbins here, and she too had I significant impact in my life. I lot of things I was delaying to do, and since I started watching videos from both of you I did so much stuff!! So thank you!! All the best for you and your family!! Cheers!

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