My After-School Study Routine


Usually I leave class at around 1pm , so after that I usually quickly grab something to lunch Sometimes I pack my lunch before I leave the house and eat at college and other times I go back home and cook something light before I head out Today I went back home and just prepared a very quick salad while checking my bullet journal I keep a list with all of my tests and reading materials in my bullet journal so I tried to update it as frequently as I can just to understand how productive I was throughout the day and Whether I’m going to be able to tackle all the items in my to-do list before the end of the day Either it’s a library or at home my schoolwork mainly consists of reading, so that’s always my big priority for the day I open the reading materials on margin notes, which I’ve talked to you about before import the documents and then start highlighting the most relevant parts I try to use different colors as much either as a color code for differently themed information or just separate parts of the text so I can easily divide sentences and arguments a Good way to work thoroughly on a document It’s just writing down your opinions on the margins that doesn’t mean you necessarily need to describe that opinion in class But the fact that you access your reading in a critical instead of a passive way means you will be able to interpret and analyze the readings and Therefore be more prepared to comment on them I will be doing a reading skills video that will be uploaded next week so stay on the lookout for that My readings always take most of my time so I try to compensate with a bit of planning and other minor tasks Usually I’ll read four blocks of one hour and then get up and do a few small tasks around the house Or in this case reply to some emails check on my calendar and browse through my social media after finishing my first documents I will pull up one note increase the page with the name of the document and then write some quick notes referring to what I’ve just read It actually works as a guideline for me To have in class and understand the facts and main arguments of the text or case I just read it’s also very helpful to have during exams or while writing my final papers Since most of the readings get easily forgotten and going through these outlines is a quick way to remember the most important key points If I’m able to finish my readings I then either try to read materials for the next week just to get a head start or go back to past seminars and notes and do more thorough analysis of what I’ve read I Try to have just small study sessions for this so sometimes I grab a few textbooks with extra non-mandatory materials and try to complete and organize information I have adding a few bits and pieces to my old notes and organize them better for future reference I also keep a separate section in my OneNote notebook where I brainstorm ideas topics and themes for my final evaluation papers so I try to get a head start as soon as I can and Structure my work in the neatest way. I can before the deadline is approaching For this I usually create my own deadlines my calendar or bullet journal Usually I save a few days for brainstorming and topic researching Then a few more days to create the first draft in bullet form and if I can another full week for a full on first Draft I then do two sessions of revising and referencing before I turn the paper I’m also participating in a mood contest this year so that requires a bit of extra work every day for me that Consists on re-reading at least a few pages of the problem and do some research on interpretation for international treaties and conventions This is usually the last thing I do on a typical day Except if there’s a big deadline coming up which requires a different year key since some tests can be prioritized over the others After my studies over I then grab my bullet journal open my calendar and plan for the day head Having an account what I’ve done during that day Being consistent with your planning and the way you organize even the smallest Tasks is just a good way to make sure you keep a good pace when reading and studying and still keeping track of other events So this is all for today’s video. I hope you’ve enjoyed it, and I’ll see you next week. Bye

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54 thoughts on “My After-School Study Routine”

  1. T M says:

    What degree is she doing?

  2. Regenerator says:

    Thanks for the video! My biggest problem is time management. It feels like I am always studying and have no time for entertainment or going out with friends. How long does it take you to study daily? Do you have any off days where you do not study at all?

  3. Santhi Boddepalli says:

    Hi mariana it was a good video..👍 please make a video on your study routine on a holiday…

  4. Qhairuneesa Mohamad Esa says:

    I love your organisation videos. I'm a law graduate, how I wish I had your organised work etiquette and had seen your videos 5 years ago to help me when I was a law student. Nevertheless , your videos would certainly help for present and future reference . Lots of love!

  5. Neel Mistry says:

    Please make a video on margin notes app

  6. Diana Villamar Ramírez says:

    Wow, how can you finish all of your school duties and also read the material for the competition ? I'm also participating in a MCC and in this point of the semestre I'm dying and not even close to finish everything hahaha

  7. HisNameIsKevin says:

    what pen is that?

  8. Filipa Custóias says:

    Olá Mariana, a aplicação para o computador de que falaste só existe para MacBook? É paga? Obrigada, beijinhos 🙂

  9. Ruth Obaro says:

    I am looking for a new phone! What one is that and what do you think about it?

  10. Jeanne Morona says:

    I'm trying to apply some your tips- and one of them is this ❤ And it has definitely improved my study habits. Thank you Mariana!

  11. ღღ Mayu says:

    It is a contribution fatigue state. ♡ I whom I have a crush on by a very stylish animation study English in Japanese. I still use the translation application, but want to come to be able to speak English sometime now! Please do your best from now on♡

  12. TANVI SHINDE says:

    can you do a "HOW TO MAKE A STUDY OUTLINE " video? I would have loved to see one of those.

  13. Santiago Marin says:

    What is the app that you are using in the first part of the video? When you are higlighting

  14. Rxea says:

    Hi Mariana I just love your channel even though I don't do anything from I just find it so satisfying. 🙂 <3

  15. Ana says:

    Hi Mariana!
    I started using OneNote and because the notebook has a lot of information, it won't sync on my iPad and iPhone. Do you have the same problem? 😞

  16. Wonderful Times says:

    Hi mariana am new and i started watching your videos and i really improved. THANK YOU!

  17. Dilip Shinde says:


  18. Fernando Cardoso says:

    Hi Mariana!! I loved your videos your tips are very useful! I have one question, so do you learn English in the school? Because you don't have accent! Bye bye, Brazilian here kkk.

  19. María says:

    Subtitula más videos en español por favor!

  20. محمد السلماني says:

    Hi my dear… I want your email to communicate with you.

  21. yusuf büyükbayrak says:


  22. Leonor Barral says:

    loved the video entirely😘!!! thanks sooooooo much!!!!!!!

  23. Creative Young says:

    I want her room

  24. Elly Xia says:

    love how you get straight to the point ❤

  25. Ahmad Nafei says:

    I can translate your videos into Arabic as a freelancing job. If you'd like to hire me. Contact me via facebook:
    I started to translate this video for you. I translated the description already and am translating the video now.

    🙂 I am an Egyptian Medical School Year One Student by the way.
    This is my PayPal account: [email protected]

  26. Jimmy The Exploder says:

    Your neatness is really really inspiring! I'm gonna tidy up my desk right now! ;D

  27. Susan Cal says:

    Wow, the idea that someone actually study after school is unbelievable. I'm currently seeking for my PhD degree, but I only start study one night before the exams and that seems to be enough to get all A's.

  28. Will Geru says:

    can you make a video on how to make flashcards for revision

  29. Вероника Залозна says:

    what is programme???

  30. YOU GOT NO JAMS says:

    Yasssss I love these types of videos seeing people study makes me motivated is that wired 🤔

  31. Kymy Yang says:

    When you watch studying video but not do your study😑

  32. tyianym tyianym says:

    Seriously, 1PM ? I hate my country, in France you have classes from 8am to 6pm EVERYDAY and you also work on wednesday's and saturday's (morning) And we still have homework to do when we got home. (i'm in highschool)

  33. Lea says:

    wow..I would die before I'm this productive and organized, truly wish I could be this way

  34. Annie Bailey says:

    Love your channel! You inspired me to start my own channel and you inspire me to be more organized and efficient!

  35. Swarangi V.N. says:

    Are u in highschool or college

  36. egirlisa says:

    I have an exam tomorrow and i didn’t find anything better to do than to look for “how to study” on youtube, i wish i was this productive

  37. W assim says:

    I love your channel! You're too elegant and well-organized!

  38. Alesia Cenameri says:

    What's the reader program you're using?

  39. Siri Chandana Reddy says:

    What do you do everyday on laptop

  40. Emma R. says:

    I have a question, how is your timetable? I mean, how long are your university days?

  41. subhash kumar says:

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  42. Feel Relaxed Music says:


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    Do you know how to overcome sleepy while studying?

  44. anver rama says:

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  45. Mary Kathlen Neri says:

    in my country my class starts 7:30 am and end at 4 pm ( we have 8 subj to learn in one day) or maybe 5pm depends when we have group practice for presentations for the next day 😭 Im so jealous to students who end their classes so early 😭😭


    Hey sister, want to know about how to come rank in class

  47. Simple Life says:

    شكرااا ♡♡

  48. Nilu Samanmali says:

    Who are you and your videos are very enjoyable and very beautiful

  49. Nilu Samanmali says:


  50. Nilu Samanmali says:

    Have you bf

  51. Burrito Kid says:

    See those nuts iam allergic

  52. مصطفى حسن says:

    يييييه استمري بعمل فيديوهات عربية

  53. Ali Alwehkian says:

    I love u 💓💓👌👌stay bright 👏👏

  54. Maria Grace says:

    I subscribed the second I saw the aesthetic intro ❤️

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