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Hi guys! Welcome back to my channel. Uh
I’m very sick I can barely hear myself. I’m very sniffly, so there may be some
interesting auditory things happening. Something that I’ve noticed has become a
lot more popular is doing a TBR for the year. These are all books that have been
added to my TBR prior to moving back to New Hampshire so I believe the most
recent video that I took these from is May of 2017. Please don’t judge me for
how skinny and adorable I look in these older videos. That’s why I put on lipstick so you can’t see the age in me. I’m clearly 30. Starting from probably one of my
first book hauls.. This is from June of 2013 and the first one – the first two here –
are mine Crichton books so we have that going for me. First one here is Five Patients by Michael Crichton. Five human beings caught in the complex machinery
of a large metropolitan hospital. so I’m thinking more of his nonfiction ER real
life experience, that kind of thing. the next one is eaters of the Dead by
Michael Crichton. this is a retelling of Beowulf. his name and this is like Buliwyf or something. I have put it off for a long time beyond that because I love
Beowulf. I’ve read another Beowulf retelling called Grendel and it scares
me tothink about reading more Beowulf. Um, I
also a few years ago read a graphic novel Beowulf retelling. so with that in mind I feel like it is possible to write a
successful Beowulf retelling without me feeling like a snob and saying it’s not
good enough. and then the last one here from 2013 is the memory keepers daughter.
this is about a doctor who helps deliver his own twins and then I think one of
them has some sort of disability, and instead of just putting it up for
adoption secretly I think the Midwife actually takes the daughter or the child
and takes care of them as her own. yeah I-I-I-I *stutters* there’s good hopes that I’ll finish this.
it seemed interesting from what I have read so far so this is one of the ones
I’m pretty sure I should be able to read it. and then because I didn’t really haul
a lot of books between 20-uh 2013 and 2017 I believe actually either read or unhauled
most of the books that were acquired in those years so we automatically just
jumped to a 2017 video. Two Philip K. Dick books here that I have. uh I was- I was
trying to actually collect all of these sci-fi masterworks. We have a Scanner Darkly
which was turned into a movie and the three sigmata of Palmer eldritch.
this one I believe they go and colonize a planet in space where there’s like a
drug that messes with people. another book about drugs. the things is, Philip K. Dick, I believe, did a lot of drugs and was pretty open about that. so a lot of
his books involved some sort of drug use I have a feeling that if I read these they’re
gonna have to be read pretty far apart so I’m not confused with the drugs
because one of them is called substance D and the other one is called can-D and
chew-Z. so pretty similar and pretty sure he was
just high when writing these. I also had hauled a book called the big over-easy
which in December was supposed to be on my TBR but I didn’t actually get to it
this is by Jasper Fforde who also wrote Shades of Grey and I loved that book this
one is more like realistic supposedly a little bit darker fairytale retellings
and I’m really interested in that and I love the the artwork on the back here
where it’s like Humpty Dumpty he’s had an accident a real fall I believe the
concept here is that Humpty Dumpty has been murdered or it seems like he was
murdered and they go from there I also have invisible monsters which was an
attempt to read more Chuck Palahniuk because I wasn’t really a huge fan it’s
about a model who has a sudden accident and is disfigured and I think they have
to deal with the aftermath however with chuck Palahniuk I have a really big
miss radius versus hit for his fiction like his actual novels I do like Fight
Club and Fight Club 2 &3 however the novels aren’t as much of a
win for me usually so this might get unhauled at the other year I also acquired
Armada my boyfriend had gotten me this when you were both working at Barnes &
Noble I know he tried to read this he really liked ready player one it’s one
of the only books that he’s read and actually enjoyed and he said that Armada is just too slow for him I agree it’s not the fast paced world that is
ready player one it’s dealing with a kid who I think is a really big gamer and
then something’s happening where he needs to use his gaming skills but it’s
much more real life I don’t think there’s like any like virtual reality happening so I
think it’s a lot less interesting in that aspect I also have acquired a
darker shade of magic this is by ve Schwab and I have a signed copy I
believe yes a signed copy and it’s personalized
because when I worked at Barnes & noble they have like store
manager conferences and v.e. Schwab I believe was at the store manager
conference so my store manager being very nice got me a signed copy so this
was blowing up a long time ago obviously the v.e. schwab is in a constant state of
popularity and this is dealing with two versions of London I believe it’s
dealing with magic and you can kind of tell there it’s like the darker London
and red London I honestly forget the plot the next one here is pray of Gods
by Nicky drayden I have two copies of it back here but I absolutely loved temper
by Nicky Drayton both of them I acquired as arcs but this one
for some reason I just didn’t read first so if you just look at the cover its
what actually like hypnotized me I actually most recently got about a
hundred pages into this it’s hard to describe there’s like a hallucinogenic
drug there’s A.I. uprising it’s a lot so same with temper there’s a lot happening
here it’s hard to really pin down the exact plot because in a way that I feel
is similar to Michael Crichton this has a lot of concurrent plot lines happening
some of them are overlapping some of them seem completely distant but
actually like affect the entire world that’s being told here so I am going to
finish this one here this year I am going to finish this one this year regardless of
whether and I like it and I hope I like it because temper was with my favorite
books ever so hopefully prey of gods will be as
well I also had picked up gunslinger because at the time I believe the movie
was going to be coming out soon or had just come out and I bought this really
nice like original cover copy here I heard that it’s not quite as good as
Stephen King’s other works so I’m not as excited about this one this one I have
like the least emotional attachment to because I don’t really have a lot of
interest in reading like a sci-fi Stephen King book if that makes sense I
don’t it doesn’t seem like I want to read what isn’t necessarily his best
work again I haven’t read this please don’t judge me if you opinions let me
know and the book that has become like the vlog
of the year from ‘paperback dreams’ a little life I know this is like a life
saga it’s following I believe like several people and a family and the
cover says it all I don’t know if I’m ready to feel this level of emotion yet
I’m hoping that this one lives up to the pain and suffering that so many people
have gone through reading this book so it’s on the list it’s on the list and the
last two books here have been on my TBR since like 2013 2014 but I wasn’t able
to find like copies in the US for only a long time without just getting them like
imported and these are books that were recommended by Jean over at jeans
bookish thoughts these are the Midwich cuckoos
or cuckoos and the day of the Triffids book by John Wyndham there is like a
town where everybody in the town falls asleep one day and I don’t think you can
get in and out of the town because there’s almost like this invisible
bubble I tried reading this one and it is an older book so something about the
writing is just really not interesting or relatable to me an event renders most
population blind and then some of them do have sight they walk around London
and it’s crammed with people needing help
some of the blind people are looking to prey on other people and I believe the
Triffids which are plants that can go around and kill people and are
carnivorous they are the ones that are going to go around and try to kill
anybody who’s left if I don’t like them it’s just depressing like these covers
are gorgeous these covers are beautiful so those are the books and I do plan to
read by the end of 2020 oh god that’s terrible I almost in 2018 I will
probably do like a mid-year six-month check-in if I remember I’ll have to set
like a reminder on my phone and let you know where I’m at what I have more than
likely dnf’d or unhauled and I’m gonna stick to this it’s not it’s not hard
it’s 14 books in the year last year I read 104 books or something
this year my goal is to read 115 books so if I dedicate a hundred books to what I want
to read and fourteen books to this I have a book left over and I’ll feel
great about myself so yeah let me know if you do have any opinions on these
books that I have here as you can tell my voice is like going away as I talk so
I’m going to end the video here thank you for watching if you got this
far and I hope to see you guys in about six months on a checkup for this and
yeah keep an eye out for other videos though because it’s not gonna
take me six months to make another video anyways I hope you enjoyed. bye!

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3 thoughts on “My 2020 Backlist TBR”

  1. Bookish_ Amy says:

    “…the age in me..” 🤣🤣 btw did you watch the movie for the memory keepers daughter? I cried!!! But haven’t read the book. Loved Ready player one but wasn’t a fan of the movie 😣. Have darker shade of magic, hope I get around to reading it for February. Loved the Gunslinger series. I mean not all book, the first book wasn’t that good, I was about to DNF and song of Susanna wasn’t the best but meh. But that second one got me hooked on the series, a laughable book. I recommend the audiobooks. I didn’t watch the movie till I finished the series. Finished it last year around September. Movie SUCKEDd!!! Ok that’s it, my long ass opinion 🤣🤣

  2. kevintheearl says:

    Three Stigmata is dope as hell. Maybe my favorite Dick story.

  3. T.B. Caine says:

    The SF Masterworks are just incredible looking.

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