MSNBC hosts fawn over Fusion GPS founders and their book ‘Crime in Progress’


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82 thoughts on “MSNBC hosts fawn over Fusion GPS founders and their book ‘Crime in Progress’”

  1. Keith Carmichael says:


  2. Chris G says:

    Um yeah Trump 2020 🇺🇸🦅🇺🇸👍

  3. Better Run says:


  4. Chuck Reid says:

    leftist loon fellatio BFF's ……!

  5. TigerKING says:

    The average Faux News viewers never went to college, and believe marrying your sister should be legal. FACT.

  6. NPC FREDO says:


  7. Kevin Barwell says:

    HA! These bozos are going to get indicted. They need to sell a book and make appearances to pay for their legal bills. LOL

  8. Hairy John says:

    MSNBC is (Fake News) like CNN.

  9. Delta Construction Bear says:

    Wonder where Glenn Simpson spent his time during 2016? I'm guessing it starts with a UK and ends with Raine.

  10. W D says:

    Media can try all they want to make fusion gps, comey, strozk, page, etc the good guys but in the end most will be indicted and all will be this generations Benedict Arnolds

  11. first Foremost says:

    Rachel Madcow is the ugliest pig in history of Pigs.

    Anyone agree hit a like.

  12. DJ NV says:

    The title is appropriate for what they themselves are doing. Ironic.

  13. s b says:

    trump has to resign asap, he is a criminal !

  14. 1234coolman says:

    When the dumb bimbo from NBC said the book is "really gewd" she said it like nacho libre lmao.

  15. Sue Randall says:

    Who better to write a crime novel than the ones who committed a crime. Is it a Biography??

  16. Red Eye says:

    Nunes, recently implicated in the illegal Ukrainian scheme………..

  17. Mr. Taint says:

    Good, I was getting low on toilet paper.

  18. P-Wigs says:

    They want this book out ASAP in order to plead their case and get ahead of the accusations and indictments that are yet to come.

  19. The Positive Bear says:

    Do those two still have mommy changing their diapers.

  20. DB Cisco says:

    The Liberal Democrat Fascist traitors love their traitors and criminals.

  21. John Balnis says:

    Here's a coherent argument, Laura: TRUMP COMMITTED CHARITY FRAUD

  22. Dan Customer says:

    you would think MSNBC would worry about the Democrats rebelling against them in about them covering up for the rapist Matt lauer and Jeffrey Epstein !

  23. Mr D says:

    Bunch of tossers

  24. Iam N. says:

    "dig into us," …The only digging that's going on here, is the hole they have dug for themselves. And, it keeps getting deeper and deeper.

  25. Loki C says:

    GPS owners should be in jail

  26. John Balnis says:

    Didn't Lev Parnas say that Devin Nunes helped start the Ukraine investigation?🤔

  27. North of the Rio Grande says:

    Very telling; how liberals are ok with fusion GPS, who worked directly with Ukraine and Russia to interfere in our elections and plot against the president, but they have a problem with Giuliani gathering the evidence.

  28. Normando Binkier says:

    I said a long time ago, take the shovel away from them.

  29. J Baldwin says:

    People are operating in alternate universes.

  30. Jeff Johnson says:

    Why is no one going to Jail for all the lies and crap that's going on?

  31. Josh Potatoes says:

    Trumpanzees fawn over MSNBC fawning over Fusion GPS founder.

  32. Tate Craft says:

    Mama always said, delusional is as delusional does.

  33. North of the Rio Grande says:

    Nunes is always at the expo, with those tractors in the background, and those machines are for harvesting. What a coincidence.

  34. El Chingon says:

    Trump and his enablers have lowered the bar so much, it is shoved underground. Putin is pleased with his useful idiot of a President 45. Remove Trump and put a leash on Putin 2020.

  35. Phinneus Prune says:

    Schiff is a lying piece of Schiff. But Nadler is AOC level of intelligence.

  36. birdie says:

    hey, if they’re attacking you, you know you’re doing something right. 🙃🇺🇸

  37. Donald Powers says:

    Dont forget that comey sent 3 agents iver to interview Hillary Rodham Clinton. Soon after COMEY said of these 3 AGENTS don't give a hoot about politics…. the third agent who wrote the 302 when finished he massaged out that he just interviewed the President, someine replys and states the President? D3 agent responded with YOU KNOW HRC.. the other 2 agents dont give a hoot about politics, whom JAMES COMEY SAID THAT THEY CAME out with THE conclusion that he wanted…….. anyone guessing….. who the other two agents were…..?……anyone?
    …. None other than LISA PAGE AND PETER STROZK….. they acording to James COMEY dont GIVE a HOOT ABOUT POLITICS….. sure they dont James…… you ought to read what PERIMETERS JAMES COMEY set for the agents to to look at the computers of hillary and friends…… ok thats not nice… the setting were for the AGENTS to LOOK and see if she left instructions….on how to HANDLE the classified documents…..but skipped like SO MANY have. The video of where when asked about using gov't emails she said NOT WITH ALL THE INVESTIGATIONS GOING ON THIS WAY THE investigators can not FIND INTENT..
    Really MR COMEY… whats that you had to keep peace in your house…… you stated that yojr wife took your DAUGHTERS to the womens anti Trump rally…. i can only guess what she had to say go you…… just guessing because your wife was on tv latter and she that she thought TRUMP was a EVIL MAN…..

  38. Larry Singleton says:

    The most depressing thing is that we now live in a country that no longer READS. It's all about the Twitter mentality limited by 120 characters and stupid anti-Trump posters and gifs.

    My new morning paper is FrontPage Magazine. I no longer read the local rags; NY Times clones.

  39. K W says:

    Simpson and Ohr are the real Russian spys! Both are experts on Russia!!

  40. Tiitan Rutse says:

    So someone explain why they had gag orders from the white house?

  41. Tiitan Rutse says:

    He looks like he was just crying in the back lol. Nunes going to jail too lol.

  42. Donald Powers says:

    Dont FORGET NANCY PELOSI SMEAR AND WRAP CAMPAIGN where Nancy said they create a SMEAR or falsehood merchandise it amoung themselves so when they Talk to the press while actually talking to the press, this way the press return these smears or falsehoods back to their newsrooms, then Nancy Pelosi can say "SEE IT'S IN THE NEWS" then called it a TACTIC…
    Or check out this beauty….. as I've mentioned how we all BEEN QUITE CONTENT TO DEMEAN GOVERNMENT DROP CIVICS IN GENERAL CON-SPIRE TO PRODUCE AN UNAWARE AND COMPLIANT CITIZENRY.. Bill Ivey to John PODESTA in March, and 5 days latter the protests against Trump went way up, then in the next month John PODESTA INVITED TOP 65 MSM COMMENTATORS to HIS house and told them that that they would be there only ONE HOUR….. deep state payoff? Or SOROS MONEY… this all happened in the march and April of 2016

  43. Z Phish says:

    They're going to fawn when they're all indicted on conspiracy charges for their role in laundering Russian disinfo into the Steele dossier. That Russian disinfo was known to be false, and they used it to get a FISA anyway. Oh, and they also leaked it to the press and then used their own leak as validation. Not to mention how they used Halper, Downer and Mifsud (all western intel assets) to try to set up members of the Trump campaign.
    Half of the Obama administration should be in prison, just for their role in weaponizing our intelligence assets against a political opponent (Trump), let alone all the money laundering and pay to play that was going on.

  44. Michael Johnson says:

    And the deep state players helped to fund Fushion GPS, (George Soros, Rob Reiner, Diane Feinstein and the Clintons) They all should be hung for treason.

  45. Jonathan Sterling says:

    Them "fawning over Fusion GPS founders" is just self-destructive, par for the cannibal left.

  46. mariohemp says:

    Devin Nunez 🐄

  47. Dean Hazelwood says:

    Did anyone notice how the one Fusion GPS guy always looks down or away when answering the questions. As a parent, red flag goes up if your kid does that. Liar!!! The whole book is a fabrication. The other guy's a better liar, for what that's worth. They both look like con artists.

  48. jack meoff says:

    The corrupt media outlets only have their corrupt supporters on. Nobody even takes them seriously. They have no credibility just like shiftey Schiff.

  49. Patrick Spooner says:

    Burn in hell for what you've done to this country. Both of ya.

  50. Cool Hand Mark says:

    FOX host ButtTucker Carlson fawns over his treasonous allegiance '‘I’m rooting for Russia’'!!!

  51. empo zig says:

    Oh yes Devon they were complicit you were working with Giuliani Igor and levy who else was doing that I wonder

  52. Patrick Spooner says:

    Did he really say he was upset Republicans were looking into them? Dont commit crimes and then you dont have to look over your shoulder idiot… filthy animal

  53. We The People says:

    Fusion the link to the DNC , Hillary Clinton, Alexandra Chalupa , and the FBI, and Brennan and of course Christopher Steel. The only person who didn’t know was Mueller and his team of merry Lawyers.

  54. Beata Bajuk says:

    This was there psy off by ESTABLISHMENT. These books deals are pay offs

  55. Dawn Masters says:


  56. bosco008 says:

    This from the woman who says there is no such thing as attempted bribery. What a loon.

  57. bosco008 says:

    Nunes hasn’t been indicted yet?

    Nunes is so stupid he thinks “getting out ahead” has anything to do with the legal system.

  58. Soulaesthete says:

    I don't believe the media "fell" for anything, but as Devin Nunes said, the media is behind a lot of the corruption with the Democrat party.



  60. Bubba says:

    What better way for less than scrupulous ‘readers’ to funnel cash these pieces of schiff.

  61. Cycling Joezone says:

    Nunes is a loser and his lawsuit against CNN is nonexistent.

  62. Porche-Lee Obaray says:

    Lock 'em up!! What a nerve they have!

  63. artnyoga yoganart says:

    I thought Bill Bowder was bad guy so it seems Simpson would not attack him

  64. Kevin American says:

    All the Steele dossier is is evidence that Hillary paid for a foreign country to investigate a political rival

  65. Kevin American says:

    It's just a matter of time before Durham has those Hillary goons and Hillary, Schitts, Pelosi, Naddler, Muller and more if we're lucky in front of a grand jury testifying. I SAY COLLECT THEIR PASSPORTS

  66. philip lippens says:


  67. Daniel Bools says:

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  68. Fred Silva says:

    Those two fused fiends look like they haven't slept in years.

  69. Angela Bullard says:

    At least a three year old has the nerve to look you in the face while he lies to you. Fusion GPS guy's eyes look like they're trying to roll out of his head as he lies about eating all the chocolate, with chocolate all over his face.

  70. Edward Sayers says:

    Love Bloomberg's wasted money ads

  71. John Bold says:

    NBC has no credibility. They likely know it.

  72. Friend In Liberty says:

    Democratic hubris.

  73. farmer 1 1 says:

    The truth hurts, I'm shadow banned..

  74. David Cares says:

    Two traitors

  75. Alex D says:

    Y’all do realize that the fusion gps dossier was commissioned initially by the republicans and only later was picked by the dnc right?

  76. Marcus says:

    Ingraham invite the Fusion GPS Founders if you dare see how far your BS goes…..

  77. Donoso Demaistre says:

    Sue these two Fusion GPS toadies into bankruptcy.

  78. Robert Dahse says:

    Devin Nunes is going to jail

  79. KALUS DJ says:

    2nd amendment is pointless if you don’t use it.
    Your Dems have gone rogue and need removing.
    All turn up with your guns and tell them to get out or get armed! Enough is enough!

  80. A Cost says:

    The left is nothing more than adult babies !

  81. S Ward says:

    Ugh, those Fusion GPS men are soooo guilty of so much more……

  82. S Ward says:

    Which entity owns NBC??? There is your nexus

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