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Mr Greedy By Roger Hargreaves Mr Greedy Mr Greedy like to eat! In fact Mr Greedy loved to eat, and the more the ate the fatter he became. And the trouble was, the fatter he became the more hungry he became. And the more hungry he became the more he
ate. And the more he ate the fatter he became. And so it went on. Mr Greedy lived in a house that looked rather
like himself. It was a roly-poly sort of a house. One morning Mr Greedy awoke rather earlier
than usual. He’d been dreaming about food, as usual, and that had made him wake up feeling hungry,
as usual. So Mr Greedy got up, went downstairs and ate
the most enormous breakfast. This is what Mr Greedy had for his breakfast. TOAST – 2 slices CORNFLAKES – 1 packet MILK – 1 bottle SUGAR- 1 bowlful TOAST – 3 slices EGGS – 3 boiled TOAST – 4 slices BUTTER – 1 dish MARMALADE – 1 pot When he had finished his enormous breakfast, Mr Greedy sat back in his chair, smiled a very satisfied smile, and thought. “That was a delicious breakfast,” he though
to himself. “Now I wonder what would be nice to have for
lunch?” He decided in order to work up an appetite
for lunch he would go for a walk. That morning Mr Greedy walked and walked and
walked. Then he discovered a cave. “That’s funny,” he thought, “I don’t remember seeing that there before.” Mr Greedy, being a curious sort of a fellow,
decided to explore. He entered the dark cave. Inside he discovered some giant steps leading
upwards. Mr Greedy, being a curious sort of a fellow,
decided to climb them. They were very steep and very difficult to
climb, but with much huffing and puffing Mr Greedy
climbed up and up. At the top of the steps Mr Greedy came to
a door. It was, without doubt, the biggest door that
Mr Greedy had ever seen. And it wasn’t quite shut. Mr Greedy, being a curious sort of a fellow, decided to see what was on the other side
of that door. So Mr Greedy, squeezed himself through the
crack in the door, and there before him was an amazing sight. The biggest room in the world! The floor was as big as a field. The table in the middle of the floor was as
big as a house, and the chairs around it were as high as trees. Mr Greedy felt very small. Then he sniffed. Coming from somewhere up on top of that gigantic
table was the most delicious foody smell that Mr Greedy had ever smelled. Mr Greedy sniffed again, and then decided that he must get up on to
that table, so he began to climb up the leg of the enormous
chair. It was very difficult and it took him a long
time, but eventually Mr Greedy stood on the table. Everything was larger than life. The salt and pepper pots were both as big
as pillar boxes. There was a bowl of fruit on the table, and Mr Greedy tried to lift one of the oranges. And Mr Greedy, being Mr Greedy, took a bite
out of one of the apples there. Then he looked around. Over on the other side of the table stood
the source of that delicious smell. A huge enormous gigantic colossal plate, and on the plate, huge enormous gigantic colossal sausages the
size of pillows, and huge enormous gigantic colossal potatoes
the size of beachballs, and huge enormous gigantic colossal peas the
size of cabbages. Mr Greedy hurried across the table towards
the plate, and being Mr Greedy, began to eat. Suddenly a shadow fell across the plate, and Mr Greedy found himself being picked up
by a giant hand and looking into the eyes of a real live giant. “AND WHO,” thundered the giant, “ARE YOU?” Mr Greedy was so frightened that he could
only just manage to squeak his name. “Mr Greedy,” he squeaked. The giant laughed a laugh as loud as thunder. “GREEDY NAME AND GREEDY BY NATURE,” he bellowed. “WELL I THINK MR GREEDY THAT YOU NEED TO BE
TAUGHT A LESSON!” And what a lesson it was. The giant made Mr Greedy eat up everything
on that huge enormous gigantic colossal plate. When he had finished, Mr Greedy felt very ill indeed, as if he would burst at any minute. “Now,” said the giant in a much quieter voice, “do you promise never to be greedy again?” “Oh yes,” moaned Mr Greedy, “I promise!” “Very well,” said the giant, “then I’ll let you go.” Mr Greedy climbed down from the table and
went out through the door feeling very fat and extremely miserable. And do you know, from that day to this, Mr Greedy kept his promise. And do you know something else as well? Mr Greedy doesn’t look like he used to look
any more. He now looks like this, which I think suits him a lot better, don’t you? So if you know anybody who’s as greedy as
Mr Greedy used to be then you know what to tell them, don’t you? Beware of GIANTS!

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3 thoughts on “MR GREEDY | MR MEN series book No. 2 Read Aloud Roger Hargreaves book by Books Read Aloud for Kids”

  1. Books Read Aloud For Kids says:

    Have you ever been as greedy as Mr. Greedy? Let us know in the comments!

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  2. Sweet Husky Girl says:

    Mr. Greedy is not Greedy. Greedy means you want everything for yourself. He only eats and eats and eats. Just because you eat A LOT of food it does not mean you are greedy. Greediness is worse.

  3. Little Stem Genius says:

    Nice Read. Big Breakfast Mr. Greedy. My daughter reaction was, Mom we eat little bit at a time. Its not good to eat too much in one go.. he he…She loved the story.

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