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Now, I know that already what I’ve been talking about is quite controversial, but I’m really going to step out right now, and that is with this image of Mother Mary. So, what does she have to do with this? I’m going to have a number of videos about Mother Mary, and that is because, we are these Light Beings who got caught in this alien world. Well, just like the Star Trek story, when the explorers on the Starship Enterprise go to an alien world, and they get stuck and can’t get free… What happens? Captain Kirk and Dr. Spock come down to help them out, so they can get back up to space, to the Starship, and be who they really are and be free. Well, we also have a leader and in religions, that leader is called the Christ Consciousness, or anyway, in the Christian Religion. It has many different names in different religions, different mythologies. And, when I experienced that energy in Atlantis, when I was still a vibrational being, that energy – you could tell when it was near, because it was just this all-encompassing feeling of love and acceptance. And, it has both a male aspect and a female aspect on this world, and the female part is Mother Mary – this powerful vibration on earth of healing available to people. Interestingly, Mother Mary appears in a Light Being apparition form throughout the world at various times. I hope you’ve enjoyed these unusual ideas. I’m interested to hear what you think of them. Please write your comments or questions down below in the Comments Section. And, if you enjoyed this, give me a Like, and also Subscribe and click on that little bell so you’ll be notified – I put out a video every week, and I will go into these topics in greater depth. It’s Carol Chapman, author of When We Were Gods.

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