Most Surprising and Disappointing Books | Year Wrap Up 2019


hello bookworms it’s Jade from bedtime
bookworm and welcome back to my Channel today I’m here to talk about my most
surprising and disappointing reads from 2019 this is my next video in my year
wrap-up series for 2019 I always look forward to doing this video because
while a lot of times my most surprising and disappointing books have some
overlap with my best and worst books of the Year videos it also gives me a
chance to talk about some three and four star books that I didn’t cover in those
videos I have a ton of books to talk about in today’s video the ones that
I’ve already talked more about in other videos I will keep really short but like
I said there’s also a number of books that I haven’t talked about in my year
wrap-up series yet okay let’s start with my most disappointing reads of the year
and then we can talk about my surprising read so that we can end on a happy note
five of the books that I found disappointing last year are ones that
I’ve already talked about they’re books that I gave to stars and I talked about
them in my worst books of the year video first I have cabin at the end of the
world by Paul Tremblay I gave this one two stars and it was disappointing to me
just because it had been really hyped up by a lot of people in the book community
a lot of people really loved this book so I’m definitely an unpopular opinion
when it comes to cabin at the end of the world but because I had higher
expectations going into it based on the things that I had heard I was really
disappointed when I didn’t enjoy it and I only gave it two stars I also had
Wilder girls which also got two stars and again this one was just one that I
had heard a lot of good things about although it was a debut from a new
author so I probably shouldn’t have had such high expectations going into it but
it’s just one that a lot of people had really enjoyed and again it’s another
one that I’m a bit of an unpopular opinion there’s a few of those on this
list there was also the seven and a half deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart
Turton this book had been on a lot of people’s best of 2018 lists and so I had
some higher expectations going into it and while there were a lot of
interesting things happening in the book overall it was just a Miss for me and I
gave us one two stars another unpopular opinion I also found I am a legend by
Richard Matheson to be really disappointing I had really high hopes
for this book because I really enjoy post-apocalyptic like zombie vampire
books and while this is a classic and I don’t usually read classics I had heard
it was an easier read compared to a lot of other classics which I did find to be
true I just didn’t like the story which I wasn’t expecting I did really enjoy
the movie with Will Smith and I knew that they were gonna be different but
because I enjoyed the movie with Will Smith I thought I would enjoy the book
and that proved not to be true I also found hex by Thomas olde heuvelt to be
really disappointing I had bought this book on a kindle e-sale because I had
heard a lot of good things about it from the horror community it’s talked about
as being like different and fresh compared to other things in horror and
while I totally agree with that assessment
I still didn’t enjoy it and found it disappointing okay those are all the
ones that I have already talked about in my worst books of the Year video so if
you want more in-depth thoughts on why they were disappointing or why I didn’t
like them you can definitely check out that video I’ve got four more books that
I gave three stars last year that I found to be disappointing so these are
books that I had some pretty middle-of-the-road feelings about but
for whatever reason I found them disappointing they just didn’t live up
to the expectation I had going into them so first I want to talk about Trail of
Lightning by Rebecca Roanhorse this is an adult urban fantasy book that has a
lot of Navajo and Native American inspirations in the world-building
and I thought I was really going to enjoy this because I had heard good
things about it from multiple people that I follow and the premise is so
interesting it takes the Navajo or Native American like religion where some
of those gods are real and sets it in a post-apocalyptic setting where there
have been worldwide floods and the Society of the US has like completely
changed because of this I thought that settings sounded really interesting and
I was really excited to see some of those Native American inspirations but
overall I didn’t enjoy the story as much as I had hoped some of the things that I
didn’t enjoy about that book was just like the characters and their
interactions with each other and a little bit of the writing style I think
didn’t work for me another book that I found
appointing was the boy in the Striped Pajamas by John Boyne this is an adult
or sometimes sold as ya world war ii historical fiction book and i love world
war ii historical fiction going into this one I had heard a lot of good
things about it and it was supposed to be interesting because it’s told from
the perspective of a child the title the boy in the Striped Pajamas is referring
to how the main character in this book who is like five years old has a friend
that lives on the other side of the fence that wears striped pajamas and
that child is a Jewish child in a concentration camp and so the whole idea
is that you’re seeing things from the perspective of a young child and I
thought that would be really interesting and it was interesting but it was
definitely not the kind of story that I enjoy reading one of my biggest issues
with the book was the perspective of the young child the main character like I
said is five or six and then he has an older sister who’s like seven or eight
but for some reason those characters read to me as more of like a three and a
five year old I just felt like the way they were written was at a much younger
age than the age that they were supposed to be at and the main character is you
know very naive about things which I understand that like a five or a six
year old you know wouldn’t necessarily understand
everything that going on around them but I just felt like they were way dumber
than they should have been and it really impeded in my enjoyment of the story and
I also just really did not like how the book ended I know that there’s a movie
for this book I’m still interested in seeing the movie but I haven’t gotten
around to it yet I also have both the orphan Queen and the mirror King which
is a duology by Jodi Meadows I gave the first book in this duology three stars
and I gave the second book in the duology two stars so I did talk about the
second book in my worst books of the year I was disappointed by this duology
because I’d heard good things about it going in and I had read some Jodi
Meadows previously some of which I found kind of middle-of-the-road and some of
which I had enjoyed and the premise of this serious sounded really interesting
and that is actually one of the things that I enjoyed about the book it’s a ya high fantasy and it’s set in a world where
magic has been outlawed because they think that anytime you use this magic
it’s creating this other evil force but I just had a really hard time with the
characters in the story the main character I didn’t really like very much
I didn’t agree or understand some of the choices that she made or the way she
treated people I didn’t really like the love interest and that was one of the
reasons why I read the second book was because I wanted to see what was gonna
happen with the love interest but by the end of the duology
I regretted that decision and it was not worth it for me to read that second book
I do hope to read more Jodi Meadows in the future
her most recent series has dragons in it and I read the first book in that series
and I have enjoyed it but I haven’t continued yet because it was an
incomplete series but is now complete so hopefully in the next year or two I will
get back to reading that series and maybe I’ll enjoy more than I enjoyed
this duology and then the last disappointing book I want to talk about
is the blinding knife by Brent weeks this is the second book in the
Lightbringer series and I gave this one at 3 stars it’s an adult high fantasy
with a really cool magic system involving colors and the reason why this
one was disappointing was because I really enjoyed the first book I gave
that one 4 stars and I was expecting to have another 4
star book as the second book in the series but for this one I ended up
having a lot of issues with it some of it having to do with the way female
characters acted or were treated in the book and some of it had to do with the
plot developments that I just thought were dumb I didn’t like them and those
things really impeded in my enjoyment of the book and I only gave it three stars
there were definitely things that I enjoyed about it Brent weeks is really
good at his endings and giving you new reveals and cliffhangers at the end of
books that make you want to keep reading which is why I have continued the series
and the next one I did give four stars so it did get a little bit better but
yeah I found the blending knife disappointing based on the expectations
I had of it going into it from enjoying the first book okay moving on to
surprising reads I’m gonna start out with the ones that I’ve already talked
about and just be really brief about them so the first one from that list is
the priory of the orange tree by Samantha Shannon this was as you guys
know one of my favorite books of last year and it surprised me because I had
never read any Samantha Shannon and I had been hearing some good buzz about it
but I read it pretty early after it had come out so I didn’t have a whole lot of
reviews to base it on so I went into it with a pretty open mind and it totally
blew me out of the water with how much I enjoyed it I just was not expecting to
enjoy it as much as I did I also have the ruins by Scott Smith I had been
hearing some things about this book in the horror community but I had never
read the author before and I hadn’t heard enough about it to really know
that I was going to enjoy it and I loved this book so much it was so fun
I could hardly put it down I mostly listened to it and I finish it in the
span of a few days which is really fast for me I’m kind of a slow and steady a
sort of reader so that one definitely took me by surprise I also have and the
trees crept in by dawn kurtagitch this is a ya horror book that I went into
with an open mind but I had kind of heard mixed things about it
some people really enjoyed it and some people didn’t really enjoy it I’d heard
mix things about the ending which now that I’ve read it I can see that the
ending could be really polarizing so I wasn’t really sure what I was going to
get out of this book especially because I had never read any dawn kurtagich
before but man then I love this book especially on audiobook and definitely
go check out my best books of the year if you want more thoughts on it I also
have the Gemina and obsidio books which were the second and third book in the
illuminate files by amie kaufman and jay kristoff i gave both of these five stars
and that surprised me because while I was expecting these books to be fun I
definitely was thinking they would be four star books which is what I gave the
first book in the series I just remember in the first book in the series I had a
hard time kind of connecting with the characters I found some of their banter
like a little annoying and so I was kind of expecting that to be the same for the
next two books but it totally wasn’t and I did listen to the audiobook
as well as read along for these two which I didn’t do for the first book and
I don’t know if maybe that really enhanced my experience and made all the
difference or what but in these two books I really connected with the
characters and the last one is especially emotional
I got to me and I love them so much there’s also sorcery of thorns which
I’ve talked about so many times already I feel like but this is a ya fantasy
book that I absolutely enjoyed I had read an enchantment of Ravens which is
Margot Robertson’s first book and while I enjoyed it and i gave it a solid four
stars that’s what I was expecting out of this next book that she wrote a solid
four stars but it totally surprised me by becoming one of my favorite books
from last year then we also have n0s4a2 by Joe Hill which again I’ve already
talked about in my best books of the Year video because this was so good I
honestly didn’t have many expectations going into this book I knew a little bit
about the plot but I was like really hesitant because Joe Hill is the son of
Stephen King and I just I wasn’t sure how much of his popularity had to do
with that over how good of a writer he actually is and I was very pleasantly
surprised by how much I enjoyed this book okay let’s move on to books that I
haven’t talked about before first I have the loneliest girl in the universe by
Lauren James I gave this one five stars and I was
really surprised by how much I enjoyed it I’d never read any Lauren James
before and so I had no prior experience to really base my expectations on and I
had heard some good things about it but like not enough for me to have known
going into it that I was gonna love it as much as I did I did listen to this
mostly on audiobook and I just remember like actually doing extra chores around
the house so that I could listen to this book because I could not put it down
it’s a ya sci-fi with a bit of a thriller twist to it and I think I’m
just learning that that sci-fi thriller are like some of my favorite types of
thrillers I just remember while listening to this book at towards the
end like the tension being so high and I just could not wait to find out what was
gonna happen at the end another book that I gave five stars last year but it
didn’t make it into my top ten books is before we were yours by Lisa Wingate
this is an adult historical fiction book and it’s about this like scandal that
happened in real life it’s about the Tennessee Children’s Home and how this
woman there was basically kidnapping kids from really poor
families and then putting them up for adoption to really rich families and the
story is crazy and I can’t believe it was based on something that really
happened and it really happened not that long ago either so the book was really
eye-opening but even on top of that the characters were so well-written I
emotionally connected with them I really enjoyed the historical storyline more
than the present-day storyline because like a lot of historical fiction novels
there are two timelines but I still really enjoyed the present day too I
just thought the story was fascinating and it definitely left an impact on me I
remember when I was making my top ten books of the year list I really wanted
to include this but it just didn’t quite make it in there another book that
surprised me last year was lock every door by Riley Sager which I also gave
five stars but it didn’t make it into my top ten I had heard a lot of buzz about
Riley Sager but I just hadn’t read any Riley Savior myself and so I didn’t have
any expectations going in and I ended up finding this book so fun and I’m
definitely reading more Riley Sager because of it
you know thrillers can be really hard they can be really hit or miss for
people and so any time I find a thriller that I enjoyed enough to give five stars
it’s always a surprise unless it’s an author that I’ve read before so along
those lines I also have the turn of the key by Ruth ware which I also gave five
stars this is just another thriller that I wasn’t sure what I was gonna think of
going into it and I ended up loving it so much I had definitely heard a lot
about Ruth wares books some good some not so good like I’ve heard a lot of
mixed things about some of her prior books and I read turn of the key not too
long after had come out so I didn’t have a whole lot of other reviews to base it
on but people did seem to be enjoying it which made me excited to pick it up but
it still surprised me with how much I enjoyed the story okay and then the last
five-star book that I want to talk about I have two more that I gave four stars
but the last five-star book is assassins quest by Robin hobb this one didn’t make
my best books of the year simply because it was technically a reread I had read
this book like 10 years ago but I didn’t remember anything about it the first two
books in this trilogy on my most recent read of them I had given them both
stars so I went into the last one thinking I would also give it four stars
I thought it was gonna be a solid book that I enjoyed but I didn’t think I was
gonna love it as much as I did this last book put me in a bit of a book hangover
and I cried so much at the end of this book I could not stop thinking about
these characters for like a week after I’d read it probably longer than that I
just found the ending to be really haunting and it was very bittersweet
there were some things that were happy at the end but it there were a lot of
things that were not happy and I just my heart broke for these characters so much
and I just loved this book so much more than I thought I was going to when I
picked it up okay guys two more books until I’m done
I told you I had a lot of things that surprised and disappointed me so the
next two books or books that I gave four stars but they were definitely more like
four and a half’s that were rounded down to four because they just weren’t quite
at a five-star level for me interestingly enough they’re both
science fiction books so the first one is planetfall by Emma Newman this is an
adult science fiction book it is the first in a series and I had heard good
things about Emma Newman but not from like a ton of people I do think that her
books are a little under hyped I mean I’ve only read one so I don’t have a lot
to base that on but I found this book fascinating it’s set on a different
planet that humans have gone to to try and populate and there’s some really
interesting ideas explored in this book the main reason why I didn’t get a 5
star from me was the ending it was a little bit weirder than I was on board
for but I remember while I was reading this I could hardly put it down I
enjoyed it so much and it was a surprise because I haven’t heard that many people
talking about her books and I’d never read one before I am very much looking
forward to reading more Emma Newman in the future okay and then the last book
that I’m going to talk about in today’s video is the expanse by James sa Corey
now I had heard a lot of people saying good things about this book but I was a
little unsure going into it because I had actually started the TV show I’d
watched 2 or 3 episodes of the TV show and I didn’t like it very much like it
was just okay but not enough that I wanted to continue on watching but I
really wanted to give the books a chance because I heard
good things about them this book is really plot driven and has some really
interesting things going on I really enjoyed the to like main storylines
we’re following and like trying to figure out how they were gonna connect
to each other the main reason why I didn’t give this book five stars is
again the ending was just a little bit weirder than I would have liked and I
ended up not like loving it to a five star level but yeah I wasn’t really sure
what I was gonna think of it going in because of my not-so-great experience
with the show and the fact that I enjoyed it as much as I did was
definitely a surprise I do still plan on revisiting the show now that I have
enjoyed the first book I want to read the second book I think before I start
the show because of the way the timeline and the show matches up with timeline in
the books anyways those are all of the books that I found surprising or
disappointing in the year of 2019 I know that was a lot of books to talk about
but I try to keep my thoughts concise we’ll see if that actually happened in
editing if you have read any of these books let me know what you thought of
them down in the comments section or let me know what some of your surprising and
disappointing books of 2019 were if you like this video be sure to give it a
thumbs up and subscribe to my channel for more bookish content that is all I
have for now thank you so much for watching and until next time before
keep reading bye

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8 thoughts on “Most Surprising and Disappointing Books | Year Wrap Up 2019”

  1. Matt Cole says:

    The show (The Expanse) gets good. I bailed after the first 3-4 episodes but gave it a second chance and am glad I did.

  2. Jashana C says:

    Trail of Lightning was pretty disappointing for me, too! I didn't hate it. But yeah I expected to really really like it, a lot more than I did.

  3. Alexis Q. says:

    I planned it since your first video on it: I began to read The Priory of the Orange Tree (I read 130 pages). It takes some time for introduction, but I think it will be worth, and I hope I will enjoy it as much as you 🙂

  4. That's So Poe says:

    I want to make time for both The Priory of the Orange Tree and Planetfall this year – I have a feeling I'll really love both. Just need to squeeze them in somehow!

  5. Read and Find Out says:

    I also loved Priory. And yes, Assassins Quest! It’s my favorite of the Farseer books, and it was in that book that I fell in love with the Realm of the Elderlings.

  6. Lia Cooper says:

    Emma Newman is criminally underhyped around booktube

  7. Angelika Renee says:

    The Lightbringer series is one of my favorites. I’m on the fourth book now. But I do agree about the portrayal of female characters. Oh I loved the audiobooks for hotheadedness illuminae series! It definitely increased my enjoyment!

  8. Super Pao says:

    The only one I've also read was The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle, but I really liked it. I haven't watched your review of it yet, but I know the book is definitely not for everyone.

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