Most Inappropriate Children Coloring Book Drawings!


It’s Curious George, one of my favorite animated characters of my childhood. Well, how can this possibly be wrong okay? All right, what is this? What is this… Oh!! Ok I see it. I see you guys see it. This is gonna be an interesting video Zip what are you zipping up there mister? I’m curious George, and I’m a little bicurious Well anyways, how’s it going guys welcome to reaction time. Today We are going to look at some inappropriate children’s coloring book. books. plural. Why’s I say book? We’re not looking at one. I’m already going to be in the second one in three two one check this out. What what’s happening? I don’t see it It’s there… it’s there.. He’s coming after you. Run. that’s not creepy at all We only got like you know a rapist/ killer coming out to the pretty lady. She’s [just] trying to get a restful sleep What happen to your face man? Maybe she get that checked out harry potter, guys the classic who doesn’t love harry Potter? Okay, fine. I know you’re gonna say you, you’re going to say me. I don’t love harry potter of course you are cuz why not? That’s how the comments are ah well. Let’s see harry potter colored in ok, oo, ooooh Yoooo Yo, this man is grabbing his nipple. Why don’t you leviosa, bro? Why isn’t this man leviosa-ing? Isn’t leviosa like latin for levitate leviosa means elevated now definitely two things are elevated right now (wink wink) And I don’t want to know what okay. I know it does God damn. I shouldn’t even judge harry Potter It’s the dude behind him oh Ooh no , that dude is Ron. Oh SHII It just seels playing with each other am I right they look like they’re having fun. Let’s see What’s so inappropriate about this I bet. It’s nothing. Let’s see this okay Okay, oh Okay, let’s put it back here. We’re good, we’re good on this one. Let’s go next one all right This is from Sesame street. It’s a character All right, that’s still doesn’t. Oh, yoyoyoyo NO SHI (ikr I’m scarred) What you crying for bii- my childhood is ruined? I’m scared to see this after seeing After seeing Elmo eat that you know what I’m talking nevermind. Let’s just let’s do this okay. Yeah, oh my God *drumroll* Nope, nope. what is this Okay, she’s just reading 50 shades of grey She’s reading out to children. That’s fine. All right. It’s a little animated cartoon of some animals, let’s… see Yeeaah ahhhh whyyy whyy What are you doing? These are so inappropriate. I’m sorry. I didn’t draw these I hope you guys know I didn’t draw these if you think I drew these, what is wrong with you? Superman, okay?Why is he kind of? Reflecting on his suit? I don’t know what’s going on here Let’s find out here we go threetwoone ooooh They’re not ready for you- oh my god. oh wait is it No this one’s sad actually they’re not Ready for you yet? Ooooh, I see this one’s Was actually pretty sad I guess superman Actually wants to be a girl, but no one is going to look up the superman if he was a girl. That’s what I’m guessing Let’s go on to the next one guys all right. We got elmo and the other girl he recently hung up before Let’s see this. I don’t see anything wrong with this ohh my go- I get it I get it. I get it. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I didn’t see anything wrong with it Maybe I’m not a dirty minded as I thought. And all of a sudden *kafwaw* maybe you guys don’t see what I’m seeing I’m so happy you guys will probably not get this one, and I’m so glad I’m not gonna explain to you ok barely Legal *bleeeh* It’s Jesus! Guys, thank God. I knew we needed Jesus up in here There are too many things wrong with this why do we watch children coloring books turned wrong it just doesn’t make sense to me. We got Jesus. This is holy water. Let me drink some of that,but I need that you guys know what I’m talking about? * gospel music plays* ENOUGH *smiles* Alright let’s look at the next okay, so it’s a [minion] [I] [guess] the female minion is that even a thing dressed up as a housemaid. I wonder what she’s cleaning Oohhhh reddi whip oooh housemaid ooooh minion Can you get my balls? I can’t even do his impersonation. I don’t want to look at this This is too dirty this has gone. Wrong one hundred percent in the hood stop it That’s a big ass- that’s that taco Tuesday man, control your diarrhea, please all right. Let’s [what’s] this one It’s a blank slate is it under the sea. It’s under the- oh hohoho Haha, you’re done for it’s over for you. I’m so sorry, whoever put you there really doesn’t want you I mean I mean, I mean does it like you okay? Well that was great all right? Let’s look at the last one Let’s see this. I think I’m getting tired of this. It’s a little too much for me all right? we got what is she doing she’s doing some ballerina moves and Another dude. It’s a dude right on the floor. Yeah. It’s a dude on the floor he just checking her out That’s already bad enough as it is I know what’s gonna happen I actually have no idea please show me hopefully Elmo doesn’t pop out of nowhere just Dirty bastard here we go No, no, no no, nO, No Guys thank you so much for watching I’m done with this there are some inappropriate Yeah some inappropriate children’s drawing book. I just reacted to that Where’s Jesus I need him again But anyways guys if you enjoyed this make sure to go the original article? It’s going to be the first thing down below Obviously there is not a good message in this video may be that the kids are disgusting people. I’m just kidding kids are amazing It’s just some kids some kids better watch out for she’s starting a thong out of the way Who thinks of that? Anyways guys I really hope you enjoyed this video Make sure to go click on another if you did or click that circle subscribe if you want more videos like this Please suggest more videos or reaction time videos @, and I’ll see you guys next time another episode of reaction time Have a good one and peace out !!

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