More Trump Books Are On The Way


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55 thoughts on “More Trump Books Are On The Way”

  1. Johan Öhgren says:

    Oh, first!!!

  2. Laylaa says:

    House of Trump, starring Donald Trump, directed by Putin, season finale.
    Don't miss out. Grab your 🍿🍿

  3. Laylaa says:

    Trump proves how unhinged and divorced from reality he is by all the crazy rage tweeting and ridiculous lies he comes out. And being played by Kim and Putin is hardly something to boast about.

    "Stable Genius" or "Unhinged".

  4. Kawaz clan says:


  5. camelshit says:

    There are natural disasters, such as hurricanes. And then there is an abnormal disaster, trump.

  6. New Message says:

    Eric.. Eric.. you're the only one we're SURE is his biological spawn.

  7. unknown President says:

    who's your dady ? if you don't know the chance of it being trump is high. unprotected sex with porn stars.

  8. Space-Cadet David 'Spanky Bonespurs' Dennison : says:

    Eric Trump’ new book: “Father! Nooooooooooooo…..”

  9. A Wee Scots Dog says:

    The Fear and the Jury by Bob Woofward

    Was it fear that they could all smell
    Or possibly sulphur from hell
    Coming up from below?
    But I think that we know
    The stench of deceit – can’t you tell?

  10. TheReal008Zulu says:

    In Eric's case, it not so much a book, as it is a pamphlet.

  11. KingOfMadCows says:

    Don't forget "Hop on Pop" by Ivanka

  12. Dahn says:

    Breaking News:

    There has been a fire in President Trump's personal library.
    All 3 books were completely destroyed and, in a tragic twist…

    …He hadn't even finished coloring them.


  13. Masson H says:

    From EUROPE:

    The US voted for a CRIMINAL INSANE PRESIDENT. His TV image as a great businessman, Hillary, RUSSIA, Comey, FOX, all helped him…

    But if after these 2 ridiculous years the US doesn’t completely kill the GOP in NOVEMBER… the US will lose all credibility around the world!

  14. Napoleon I Bonaparte says:

    Then Trump wrote a book that only 6 year olds can comprehend.

  15. Rickard Zingmark says:

    The book Barron is going to write when he gets older is probably an interesting one -"Crazy Days In The Asylum." -"It's about growing up in a nut house where there is an ongoing contest about who is the most insane person around."

  16. Andrew Austin says:

    A book that covered everything re this insane trunpf stuff would be the biggest book we've ever seen full of all the best words & people…

  17. Linux Tuxfriend says:

    …and Tiffany discuses her new book 'Why did I have to be born into that sh*thole of a family?' 😉

  18. Benzaiten says:

    "Are you my Daddy?"

  19. Lily Jade says:

    5pm, Illegitimate Children of Donald J. Trump

  20. Ayélé Mensah says:

    0:26 -> in my head, Eric Trump with a gas mask and an English accent! “Are you my Daddy?”

  21. GorillaGuerilla says:

    And at 8 o'clock Ivanka Trump reads segments of her new book; "Oh daddy, oh oh oh daddy"
    And if you're still with us, at 9 o'clock we will iask the question, what really happened to Melania Trump, while we unveil parts of the upcoming book "Where's the exit, Bye bye you fat trash pig", based on revelations and notes slipped to her Secret Service Agents, before she mysteriously disappeared…..

  22. consulting insultant says:

    The great Trump parade "ATTENTION " MARCH – dumpy trumpy dumpy trumpy, dump Trump dump Trump….

  23. Spartaka Pinto says:


  24. anonUK says:

    Don Trump Jr= Fredo Trump
    Eric Trump= Forrest Trump

  25. Sea Pig says:

    Only one of them was a well-known author.

  26. DebbyAbqNM says:

    Perhaps Stephen can have on author Rick Wilson to talk about his book Everything Trump Touches Dies: A Republican Strategist Gets Real About the Worst President Ever (real title!)

  27. Chrissie K says:

    And, for the evening, we're having an exclusive interview with the Donald J. Trump himself, about his upcoming book, "DOT DOT DOT bing bing BONG"

  28. ursaltydog says:

    And at 4AM in the morning whilst on the toilet, Trump's newest book in 40 years, "getting fitted for an orange jump suit"..

  29. Ernesto Marcos says:

    Considering he recently said Bob Woodward sold out "for three extra shekels" and Trump went after Jon Stewart years ago for changing his name and not being "proud of his heritage", I think Eric is clearly Trump's son.

  30. roof pizza says:

    Can you just imagine how unhinged Trump would get if he could actually read the books written about him?

  31. mori1bund says:

    Since Trump likes to put his name on other men's accomplishment, Eric's question might be valid for all Trump kids. ^^

  32. Jackson Elmore says:

    Make this show great again

  33. Oh! says:

    My Niece wrote a book about The Ugly
    It's called Poo Poo Head
    It talks about how the Orange is a meanie who hates everybody and everybody hates him. The more he tweets the more orange he gets and becomes more poopy. He eventually dies with a McDonald's happy meal on his bed and she drew him as a big orange poo. It doesn't make much sense, but neither does Donald Trump. Ergo….the book's fantastic 👐
    "Trump is a poo poo head and he poops Orange. He's ugly and a meanie folks"

  34. Kathleen Thomas says:


  35. Hong Fei Bai says:

    We need people to take action and vote Trump out of office, not people writing more books. This is going to make all the books look like publicity stunts.

  36. joey04ryan07 says:

    do you have ANY other comedy besides celebrities or trump

  37. Lonnie Powell says:

    Buy 2 spanky books get the third half price

  38. permeus2nd says:

    Eric isnt asking its a statement of disbelief.

  39. I A says:

    Black, Spanish, every minority and decent white citizens have to vote against one of the most corrupt administration in history so far. Oligarchs are now in the open telling us who are in charge. We and the future generations have turned into the modern slaves. We have jobs alright but look at the miserable wages in general. The working class can’t keep up with inflation and on top of that most of our health care costs are raising and the public education cuts have made hard for our Americans kids to get a really good education especially in poor white and minorities public schools. All those billions tax cuts where given to the wealthiest in this country without even a good justification for it. When trump became president, he was handed a stable economy as simple as that. Instead of doing better as Americans, protecting our future generations by creating high paying jobs, by taking care of the environment, by giving our kids the necessary tools so they can be able to compete with other countries where education is a priority, we were used and turned to each other to fight for the crumbs that the oligarchs throw at us from their big tables.

  40. Dave S says:

    "Are You My Daddy?" by Eric Trump. Foreward by Gary Busey.

  41. MatchstalkMan says:

    Netflix to begin a new series charting the trump family and their entry in politics – House of Cowards.

  42. Laydie Elle says:

    "Are you my daddy?"
    A better title for Ivanka.

  43. Eazy Street says:


  44. Fien Peeters says:

    Trade pregnancy sacred submit minute reliable welcome event aspect piano silk.

  45. Terncote says:

    Trump's Presidential Library will be as big as any previous one but it will contain only books about his abysmal half term in office and the years of criminal trials and litigations which followed.

  46. Elisabeth Winter says:

    Wish appear hi nightmare penalty choice substantial Israeli wilderness conventional equity moral.

  47. Andrew Molloy says:

    I would buy Kelly's – I so want a Marine Corp General to not have fallen that far, he has to be just holding what he can togetehr.

  48. Concerned Citizen says:

    I wish Colbert would do a spoof cover of the song Funkytown but make it Won't you get me outta Crazytown! Talk about movin'…Gotta move on…

  49. CLRaider says:

    am I took young to figure out the eric jokes? like did trump disown him at one point or something in real life or is that part made up by Stephen? I was always curious and I doubt I will get an answer.

  50. Xiao-Ying Bealey says:

    I really like Stephen Colbert but he's really going to need to slow down, I don't know if it's meds or drinks but he's not hiding it well… slurring words on every episode now.

  51. Brian Pan says:

    mueller cross examining ivanka. "here's a little dolly, sweetie. now show me where the bad man touched you." can't wait to read that chapter !

  52. James Nicholson says:

    His cold opens are amazing

  53. Le Chevalier Grenouille says:

    🍄Toad is about to release a book too: " How my head and my name get dirty" 🍄

  54. Hill Top Games says:

    If he ever gets his left wing liberal president he wants this show will have to be cancelled because you know he won't talk bad about that president so what does that leave for him to talk about?

  55. Ro G says:

    Looking forward to t'rump's next book…Art of the Impeachment.

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