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I’ve not seen such bravery Books are great Don’t get me wrong But for some people – like me – reading pages and pages of small text all packed together can be a bit difficult. I was never known for being a recreational reader when I was younger…or ever, really. But there was a type of book that I always seemed to return to back in the day: Living Books! We’ve talked about them before, but here’s a little bit of a refresh on the history of the series Originally produced by Brøderbund, then jointly owned by both Brøderbund and the book publisher Random House, Living Books are interactive children’s books released for both Macintosh and Windows. The first Living Book was released in 1992, and the last in 1998. Nowadays, the software lives on as Wonderful Interactive Storybooks Developed by original Brøderbund programmers, the Wonderful Books are simply Living Books recoded to work on Android and iOS devices. It’s pretty cool the programs I grew up with are finding life on modern devices so that kids today can grow up with them too! Today, we’re going to be looking at “The Berenstain Bears Get in a Fight”, and no matter where you fall on the parallel universe conspiracy that the Bears inadvertently contributed to, I’ll be calling them the Beren/stain/ Bears, as pronounced in this book.
Game: “The Berenstain Bears Get in a Fight!” Though I must admit, I always called them the Beren/steen/ Bears growing up. Brother: “This is a story about how we got into a big fight!” Sister: “Hmph! It’s also about how we made up!” After revealing major spoilers to the story we’re about to hear, Brother and Sister Bear do some dancing, as is expected in a menu screen for a Living Book’s title. Once you tire of watching the cubs do their, at times, incredibly impressive dance, it’s time to get the story started. We open at the Berenstain Bears’ house, which never looked weird to me when I was little, but now it just looks…narrow. I guess that’s a downside to growing up; I now question the practicality of living inside a hollowed-out tree. Choosing to play inside the story at the beginning of the game allows us to click around the world of the Berenstain Bears, which was always fun back in the day. We saw the bears in books and on television, but being able to interact with the world a bit made the story feel a bit more personal. Mother: “Cubs! Get up! Your breakfast is ready!” Mother: “I’ve made your favorite – my famous honey-nut pancakes!” The story begins, chronicling how great the siblings relationship is – it truly is the rise before the fall. Here we see them politely taking turns using the bathroom. And if you’ve ever wondered how bears get ready in the morning, this should answer all of your questions *happy music* Uhhh, yeah, so – there you go. Anyway, now that they’re ready for the day, It’s time to continue seeing just how great the relationship between Brother and Sister Bear is: *cheerful music* Woah, are you kidding? I know they only just walked down the stairs, but that seemed like some high-quality animation right there. I’m impressed! Narrator: “They said ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ at breakfast.” Sister: “Thanks!”
*cheerful music* The animation in this is great! In fact, it’s clear that there was significant time and effort put into each aspect of this Living Book I particularly like the music choices and the narrator’s voice is really soothing. Though I do question why the bears are building a treehouse if they already /live/ in a treehouse – you’d think they’d just build a regular house or something. So here we have the pinnacle of bear sibling friendship – Brother Bear is using Sister Bear’s clay to work on a school project, while she plays with his toy car What a happy family! It sure would be a shame if they all hated each other! Narrator: “Maybe it was the weather. or maybe it was because the mockingbird slept late – but whatever it was, They got into a big fight…” Brother: “Get your dopey feet out of my face!” Sister: “My feet /aren’t/ dopey! And they’re not in your face!”
Brother: “Get your dopey /face/ out of my face!” There’s no real reason for the conflict, of course. Sometimes you just wake up in a bad mood and don’t want your sister’s dopey feet in your face. I get that. The kids begin to get on each other’s nerves, singing annoying songs Sister: *singing* “Brother Bear’s a noodle-head, noodle-head, noodle-head!” and kicking over dolls Doll: “Waah!” Yeah, that’s not creepy or anything. Now everything the cubs usually do with love and friendship, they do with hatred and being a little turd. They stop saying please and thank you at the table; they don’t sit next to each other on the bus; and they even Brady Bunch their treehouse. Again, I’m pretty impressed with the animation. This is a neat little book! Brother: “Those are /my/ toys. You can’t play with them!” Sister: “Well, I want my clay back! Your dinosaurs look stupid anyway!” Brother: “Hey, that was my school project!” The cubs continue to fight as their parents just kind of let it happen for a little while longer. Finally, Mama Bear’s had enough and since the cubs down to talk about…love or some crap “Everybody gets into an argument once in a while,” said Mama. “Even folks who love each other very much.” Now that the cubs are –
Owl: “Who?” Owl: “I say who?” Owl: “I say who in this bear country needs to fight?” …Okay. Now that the cubs –
Owl: “Life is too exciting, to waste it with this fighting. Tell me, tell me who needs to fight?” Now –
Owl: Who who whooOOOO God! Everyone’s friends again, and they see a rainbow, the end! You know, the Berenstain Bears were always pretty straightforward with their storytelling; the title of the book says they’re gonna get in a fight, so they get in a fight, but we all know it’s gonna be A-Okay in the end. We need a story with a bit more meat, something we can really sink our teeth into. Arthur’s Teacher Trouble was released on December 1st, 1992, the same time as Just Grandma and Me. These are the first entries in the Living Book series, so we shouldn’t expect the same level of polish as we saw in the Berenstain Bears. The animation in the opening dance ranges from passable to… horrifying, so this should be an interesting ride. It’s the end of the first day of school and while the other students run around and have fun, Arthur’s new teacher, Mr. Ratburn, has the students leave the class in alphabetical order Which is honestly the stupidest idea ever. I don’t see how making your students leave the classroom in alphabetical order Does anything other than solidify you as mad with power. Students who have had Ratburn before give Arthur some warnings about him, saying he’ll send Arthur to death row If he makes a wrong move, and that he’s actually a vampire with magical powers. Arthur on death row, or Arthur vs a vampire teacher would make for super interesting stories. This one’s about a spelling bee… So… Despite the title of the book being “Arthur’s Teacher Trouble” The story is mainly about a spelling bee. But for now, Ratburn gives the students homework after the first day of school. “Have a chocolate chip cookie!” said Mother. “Don’t have time,” said Arthur. “I have tons of homework.” I’m not really sure what the homework is But it results in Arthur making a map of Africa out of flour, salt raisins, paint, and a…dragon. Doesn’t really seem like he minds, though. He looks like he’s having a pretty good time! *sound of wet clay* *LOUD SOUND OF WET CLAY* The next day, all of the story we’ve heard thus far becomes irrelevant. The stories about Ratburn? Pointless! The cookies Arthur’s Mom was making? Extraneous! Africa might as well not even exist at this point! The only page that is related to the rest of the story is the one where there’s a giant trophy for spelling. Ratburn says that there will be a spelling test at the end of the week which consists of 100 words. Cat: “I don’t even /know/ a hundred words!”
Oh, I bet /she’s/ gonna do really well. The top two spellers will represent their class in the spelling competition. Why didn’t he tell the students about the test the previous day so they had more time to study? Probably the same reason he makes them leave the room in alphabetical order He’s a big dumb wiener! Arthur and his friends spend the next two pages studying, which is about as interesting as it sounds, and when the test rolls around, Arthur aces it, 100% Ratburn: “Our class representatives for the Spell-o-thon will be The Brain and and Arthur!” That, of course, means he needs to study even more because now he’s in the spelling competition. The only spelling bee related memory that I have is when it came around in junior high. Everyone had to enter, but the entry test didn’t actually count towards a grade in a class. So I intentionally misspelled every word on that test just so I wouldn’t have to go to the spelling bee. Because sometimes underachieving and being lazy is pretty great. For some reason nobody ever based a children’s book or TV show on my school experiences, but maybe one day Oh man, look at all these words! The next few pages are just a list of words which Arthur spells out when you click on them. I’m assuming [that] these are the most skipped-over pages in the book, so let’s take a little bit of a closer look. Arthur: “B – A – L – L – O – O – N!” *pop* *screams* Arthur: “Balloon!”
Alright, well, that’s enough of that. Arthur’s family helped him study Narrator: “How about your C – H – O – R – E – S?” Father asked. Narrator: “Have you made your B – E – D?” Mother added? Oh, wow Arthur’s mom is really breaking out the big guns here! “Bed?” How is he supposed to spell that?! Arthur studies even more, going so far as to avoid his friends when they want him to come outside and play. I’m sure this is just really exciting to children This is the kind of fun story that kids want to hear! “Hey Mom, can you read the story about the kid who studies a lot and avoids having fun with his friends? That one’s my favorite!” But of course, all that studying pays off and after a tense couple of rounds Arthur wins the prestigious Spelling Award. Narrator: “Preparation,” he said. “P – R – E P – A – R – A – R – E – P – R – A – P – R – A – P – R – A I – O – N.”
“Correct!” The End! What a…great story. Right? You know I gotta say, these two stories weren’t really as interesting to me as Harry in the Haunted House, or Ruff’s Bone. Some siblings got into a fight, there was a spelling bee Eh. But the Living Book series is still really cool. and the Berenstain Bears book was super high-quality And maybe, just maybe, one day, I’ll live a life that’s worthy of being put into a Living Book. Maybe.
*laugh track* Do you like video games? If you answered yes or no to this question, then you should watch brutalmoose on! He plays games!
“Look at this huge score! Ohhhh!” He says things he’ll regret! “Avast there, ‘fist my pooper,’ is that what that said?” Visit, or Come on and watch this guy! – No, wait, uh – games played, if you want…just…just come watch.

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100 thoughts on “More Living Books – brutalmoose”

  1. Bennett [BLEEP] says:

    This video took a lot of preparareprapratraion.

  2. Catherine McClain says:

    I will never understand how Arthur is supposed to be an aardvark.

  3. Jacrispy Vermillion says:

    The benestain bears ahh the memories the nostalgia it is too. the tree the bunk bed the pajamas the dad the mom. Help me the bird, the school bus the playground noooo! The tree house the nostalgia. Too much. The book the treehouse red line nooo too much my brain. I read the book god no.

  4. janelbbuck says:

    Ha, what a journey to the past. My parents let me play these a lot. I remember enjoying them since I was a little behind in reading due to my dyslexia. I always wandered what they were called cause I totally forgot. I always thought it was a weird memory of a fever dream or something tbh.

  5. Astro Wolvez says:

    Watching the recent episode and then this, he looks like a totally diffrent person with short hair.

  6. bee bunny says:

    You sound like peanut butter gamer XD

  7. Ruyeka Hatori says:

    "the students left in alphabetical order"
    first name: Arthur, Francine, Buster, Alan (Brain)
    Last name: Read, Frensky,Baxter, Powers

    makes sense

  8. Michael Chen says:

    Brutal moose, best moose, boi!

  9. Blaz says:

    Arthur Read,
    Francine Frensky,
    Buster Baxter,
    Alan Powers…
    Ya drunk?

  10. Dragonlord the king of dragons says:

    Ahhhhhhhhh! Clockwerk became a lamp!

  11. Nugget says:

    Ian/Brutalmoose: (makes fun of Arthur game)
    Austin/PBG: (sends Ian to the "Inferno" level of Hell)

  12. Dullard D. Bones says:

    5:40 — I say WHOOOOOOOOO!

  13. Dontdriveat88 says:

    Can't you eat the cookie /while/ you do your work? I would!

  14. JuriAmari says:

    Oh man. Living Books were my childhood and I’m glad they’re back on tablets. The Berenstain Bears and Arthur’s Teacher Trouble were my favorites considering I had the IRL books too. I even used to mimic the spelling bee during playtime XD
    Does anyone remember the Disney Interactive CDs?

  15. Silent Death says:

    I wanna fist your pooper, Ian!

  16. serevelaa says:

    "Preparation," he said "Preparareprapratraion."

  17. Princess Pixel says:

    There's a Living Books app? WHERE CAN I GET IT???

  18. KolonaRulez says:

    I remember breaking my parent's computer because I put my Living Books disc in wrong and it shattered inside the CPU.

  19. Maya Lewis says:

    Dw curled up like a damn pretzel at the spelling bee

  20. AdelioNightstorm says:

    "Preparation: P-r-e-p-a-r-a-r-e-p-r-a-p-r-a-t-r-a-i-o-n"

  21. Aspiring Marauder says:

    Reminder that The Brain has an actually FUCKING NAME, but even his homeroom teacher just calls him by his nickname.

    It's Alan Powers,

  22. Carsen A says:

    I can confirm that my teachers in elementary school made us leave the classroom in alphabetical order. every. single. time.

  23. Benjamin Fuller says:

    Get in a Fight, Teacher Trouble and Just Grandma And Me is another big point of nostalgia for me. It was so fun clicking on all the things.
    If it wasn't a Living Book then it was probably a Humongous Entertainment game in one way or another when I was young.

  24. Brian Tolles says:

    My one spelling bee memory was in 4th grade I was in the final 4 in the classroom. The teacher asked me to spell duty, and since I was immature and I heard “doodie” and couldn’t stop laughing, I choked and spelled it D-U-T, even after she asked if it was my final answer. I’m still mad at myself abt it, although I think the story I got out of it is better than if I had won it.

  25. Alex Bennett says:

    Hearing the Living Books intro song was so nostalgic. I played "Arthur's Computer Adventure" religiously as a kid and I still remember the book by heart.

  26. Brian Hebert says:

    If I had an owl lamp and it came to life singing a jazz song about not fighting, I'd smash it immediately.

  27. white trash says:

    8:25 Ian! You’re on a poster!😅♥️🦌

  28. Sin Talento Producciones says:

    🎶 Brother bear's a TUNANOODLEhead 🎶

  29. Drakkenmensch Silverflare says:

    6:00 SHUT UP CEDRIC!

  30. HoneyedHylian says:

    The Berenstain Bears Get In A Fight is such a clickbaity title, but it delivers.

  31. Uhca kip says:

    Ian stays inside & avoids the real world

  32. Ben McDonald says:


    Yikes, that book cover on the left looks pretty dark, it looks like Papa is about to get up and beat his son with a belt or something

  33. Ben McDonald says:

    “Get your dopey feet out of my face”

    Well if you didn’t want her feet in your face why were you just sitting there waiting for her to do it?

  34. Kirk Bupkis says:

    I always lined up in alphabetical order by last name in school. Is that not the norm?

  35. Dødsvelder says:

    Please use prepararepraprapraion in a sentence

  36. sage says:

    preparareprapratr A tion

  37. jksanrio says:

    Just realized years later it was Luke in the outro!

  38. Fangirl nerd Pixel gaming says:

    8:49 since when fencing had glasses???

  39. Smooc says:

    p r e p a r a r e p r a p r a t r a̸̼͚͍͈̭͍̳͆̄ͣ͛͂̽͐̽̿̕͝͡ͅ i o n

  40. Karnivore Volpe says:

    I love how ratburn has them line up alphabetically but has FRANCINE FRENSKY before BUSTER BAXTER and BRAIN aka ALLEN.

  41. Karnivore Volpe says:

    When and why did muffy and francine change skin colors??

  42. Stars says:


  43. M. Smith says:

    I used to love those shits dawg. Mom was a cheap ass bitch so I only played at school.

  44. Quamikaze says:

    As someone who's named Arthur, it always makes me smile that kids are still like "YOU'RE NAME IS ARTHUR?!?!"

    but it's cause of the British Drunk and not the cartoon aardvark

  45. Energy says:

    yo no gusta alce de pelo corto

  46. Dearly Band says:

    Is the ending music one of Ian's?

  47. Dan The Man says:


  48. Tide Pod Pad Thai says:

    I love insults in children's media
    "Dopey feet"

  49. Nuesh .B says:

    Those ending credits

  50. Rawny Tabor says:

    Who else thinks Ian would look great with a manbun?

  51. GuardianR105 says:


    So-ah — can I — can I be silly for a couple seconds?

    My brother and I actually got a kick out of these 'games'. We had Arthur's Teacher Trouble, Little Critter Just Grandma & Me, Harry and the Haunted House, and The Tortoise and the Hare. We also had a Shel Silverstein book, but that one always ended up crashing on us, so we didn't load it much. I don't know if you'd call these 'proto-Easter Eggs,' but each book (that we played anyway) had some sort of 'secret' mascot that you could find on each page of the story. In Arthur's Teacher Trouble it was a paper airplane; The Tortoise and the Hare had a dragonfly, and Harry and the Haunted House had a ghost . . . .

    . . . . Heh. Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane.

  52. Ben McDonald says:

    I love how all the dialogue in the Bearenstain Bears sounds right out of the 1950's

  53. Kinzsters172 says:


  54. Meep Changeling says:

    I'll never understand how arguing for a bit then not taking to each other for a while can be called a "fight". When my friends and I got into a fight, someone probably wound up bleeding.

  55. cakeface says:

    im watching this video at 4:00am in the morning, i dont know if life is evan a thing

  56. Aspie Near says:


  57. NEET says:

    holy fuck i remember these

  58. The Plush Master says:

    0:06–0:08 no their not

  59. Yeetus YEET says:



  60. Old Kid says:

    I miss his iconic intro and hair that didn’t make him look like a predator

  61. Wolfie Marie says:

    Oooooo I 'member theseee. Back in HeadStart!! Ahhh good memories. 😊😊☺️☺️😌😌😌😌

  62. The Dimensioneer says:

    I originally had the double package of Tortoise and the Hare and Arthur. Then I got the triple package of Just Grandma and Me, Little Monster Goes to School, and Sheila Rae the Brave.

  63. SodaVampire says:

    I had the one where Arthur plays the Deep Dark Sea game on his mom’s computer. You could even play Deep Dark Sea yourself. It was so fun.

  64. Keith Pixton says:

    The Berenst'n Bears

  65. Devilish Jester says:

    My country doesn't have spelling bees cuz our language makes sense

  66. uwu-tang says:

    Ur hair back then Ö

  67. Ash Kitt says:

    Speaking of The Mandela Effect, anyone else remember this video having “A-A-R-D-V-A-R-K” set to the main riff in Clint Eastwood by Gorillaz?

  68. brandon kohlepp says:

    1:06 the the Berenstain Bears might have gotten into a fight that lasted a day
    But I've gotten into a fight with my sister that lasted mouths

  69. the other Anna says:

    It takes two seconds to eat a cookie u egg

  70. Swag Daddy says:

    Holy shit balls I remember these

  71. Rachel Mulwee says:

    Ian, I just found ur channel today. I'm hooked. Ur humor is hilarious and editing style is perfect. And I'm 38 so I love the throwbacks.

  72. Paul Vlkovic says:

    10:56 made me laugh so hard

  73. Super Cooper Star says:

    10:58 Arthur’s dad looks like he’s going to be sonic the hedgehog

  74. Ame Roden says:

    Ratburn's not a vampire, but he's gay

  75. Captain Falcon says:


  76. MCMiner says:

    I wish they'd make more accurate stories… like when that narsasistic "mommy's boy" kid that was in my class got kicked out for being a brat after he lost our class Science Fair… (i won btw XD)

  77. Arthur Read says:

    I always wanted those honey nut pancakes:(

  78. Arthur Read says:

    I want to be a kid again and play those living books again 😭

  79. Wombattler says:

    "Prepararepraprapraion" – Arthur, 1992

  80. Wombattler says:

    I want a metric moose poster…

  81. Erika Stone says:

    The Berenstain Bears: the bear's get puberty

  82. Jessica Slater says:

    5:06 – Mama Bear giving the kids the stinkeye for a solid 30 seconds.

  83. Doctor Tophat says:

    None of this was ringing a bell until you went to that page where it spelled balloon, and other words. That reconnected a long forgotten memory

  84. Lit BoPeep says:

    Another toy i wish would come back are chloraforms.
    Or those felt background and pieces sets you could make a scene out of.
    And "Hi-Ho" Cheerio.
    And the easy bake where you make bug candy.
    And all those spy things from schoolastic book fairs.
    I went to elementary at a place called Smithfield in FortWorth/Haltom Texas.
    I remember having all these there along with KidPix.
    Once the cows from the farm/dairy next door escaped from their pens (Welcome to Texas) & so school was on LOCKDOWN.
    They herded us youngest into the library and while waiting for our parents to rescue us (it really was a shit-ton of cows guys) they rolled in those other cows (C.O.W's = "Computers On Wheels". Again, welcome to Texas) so we gotta play a bunch of these games for a couple HOURS, which was so cool for child me.




    And Living Books!?



    Living Books all In One Day

  85. Ben McDonald says:

    🎼 I know that your powers of retention, are as wet as a warthog's backside, but thick as you are, pay attention, my words are a matter of pride, it's clear from your vacant expression, the lights are not all on upstairs, but we're talking kings and successions, even you can't be caught unaware, so prepare for the chance of a lifetime, be prepared for sensational news, a shining new era is tiptoeing nearer, and where do we feature? Just listen to teacher, I know it's sounds sordid but you'll be rewarded, when at last I am given my dues, and injustice deliciously squared! BE PREPARAREPRAPRAED🎼

  86. Doggo says:


  87. savannah wallace says:

    I'm just realizing I had both of these living books when I was a kid

  88. Echos says:

    I was in an actual, bonafide spelling-bee when I was in the second grade. Got second place. I was doing great, kicking ass, no problems at all, until…….


    Would've gotten first place if not for that dastardly word. To this day it still gives me trouble (I misspelled it while writing this comment for God's sake -_-)….I think it traumatized me to the point where I'm doomed to misspell it for the rest of my days.

  89. Cat says:

    "Sometimes" wake up in a bad mood? Bitch I always wake up in a bad mood.

  90. Abigail Morgan says:

    Now that the cubs are- W H O O! I sAY W H O O! I SaY W H O O IN thIsS fair CounTry nEeDs tO fiGhT! Okay, now that the cubs- lIFe iS tOo eXcitIng tO wAsTe iT wItH thIs fiGhTinG tElL mE, TEll mE WhO nEeds To FigHt! Now tha- WhOo WhOOo whOOoooOOOooOOOoooOOOoOOo~! ( 5:41–6:01 )

  91. Andrew Church says:

    That house is still random.

  92. Philip Price says:

    Yo so its alphabetically and Arthur leaves first of course, but Buster leaves after Francine???!?! I guess it goes AFB etc etc. Shame…… shame

  93. Sine Nomine says:

    Not only is this adorable as hell, the animation is mind-blowing for a simple CD-ROM thing, amazing

  94. Logan C. says:

    Brother Bear dancing in the bathroom is my spirit animal.

  95. Logan C. says:

    Get your dopey feet out of my face.

  96. Hat Cellucard says:

    If what Mr Ratburn does is mad with power then asian teachers are completely fucking crazy

  97. Azza Frazza says:


  98. Pawl McCharmly says:

    The Berenstain Bears music choice somewhat makes me feel…at home.

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