Mobile Library – Imvepi Refugee Camp

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Around the world, 854 million people lack
basic functional literacy, including 1 in 4 African children. Having access to reading materials can bring
individuals one step closer to literacy, but many communities do not have access to libraries,
and buying books is simply too expensive for most families. Mobile libraries close the access gap to books
and help create a culture of reading at home. Families sign up for the service and every
week children choose books they are interested in from the mobile library. Everyone pays something to participate. Some give what they can afford, and others
give what they can. No parent is turned away from the opportunity
to engage in their children’s education and help create a habit of reading at home. This ensures buy-in and sustains the project. We are partnering with the Literate Earth
Project to serve more than 450 children and their parents on a weekly basis in the Imvepi
Refugee Camp. Impevi is camp of 127,000 people where 57%
are children under the age of 18. With your support, we will empower children
and their parents with the power of literacy.

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