#MiSteryBOX: The Very First Episode!


Hey, what’s up, it’s Wick for. Xiaomify and welcome to the first episode of Mi-Stery Box. I’ve run a YouTube channel called Xiaomify where I do product reviews of Xiaomi products So Xiaomi’s global team reached out to me and asked if I wanted to host this show where they’re gonna send me a mysterious package Every episode and I don’t know what’s inside So I’m gonna guess what’s inside the box based on the size and weight of the box after that We’re gonna unbox it and have a look at the mysterious product. That’s inside. So this is the first episode Let’s dive right in. Let’s go. I think they’re playing with me because this feels like it’s an empty box or It’s inside what if we just Xiaomi pen? Okay, there actually is something inside The Mi Smart Band 4? it’s not even out yet. Okay, let’s Unpack this guy. All I know about it is that it has a OLED screen that is color and A little bit bigger I think but that’s really all I know about this product because it’s not announced yet at this moment. I’m unboxing this so let’s find out Water-resistant, we’re gonna swim with this guy. Okay, here we go So we have the Mi Band to the small charger. I think this is yes. I Have the Mi Band 2 and I actually have the Mi Band 3 so I kind of know what to expect Oh And uh, whoa, that’s uh, that’s an instruction book right there So we got a lot of languages here, okay This is Dutch. Put it over here. So let’s see what is inside of this guy Pair first, oh it’s already on There’s a little bit nicer actually Pair first, so okay, so we compare it with the Xiaomi APP The Mi Fit APP that’s called. So let’s set it up on On Bluetooth. I’m looking for the Mi Fit APP There you go Install pair a phone with the band right now So it’s connecting and its paired and Then we’ve got all this settings that we had on the other band I think that’s still pretty much the same so we can see messages on here It’s got a heart rate monitor that we can actually synchronize with our phone. It’s got a workout option Oh Weather, really? Oh, I can set my phone even on do not disturb – here I Use it as a remote control for my music. I Think that APP is pretty similar and it will synchronize every time that you connect the band to it and Then you can synchronize your your health data your heart rate data, all that stuff as you can see here It’s got a step counter the heart rates. It’s kind of cool. I actually like it So that’s about it for the first episode of Mi-Stery box. Really cool to actually see this smart band 4 before release I’m definitely going to be doing a full one review on the xiaomify youtube channel as well so you can head over there if You want to have an in-depth review or check it out on where they have all the specs listed as well And that’s it. See you guys in the next episode. Thanks for watching peace Am I happy with this. Yeah, this is very cool band. I like it

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  10. Nuno André says:

    the latest crown jewel 😃 my band 4

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    Amazing! Xiaomi products are the best, i can't wait to upgrade my Mi Band 3 for this one

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    With colorful display , mi band 4 is awesome and budgeted as well
    Loved this ❤️❤️❤️❤️ mi – sterybox

  13. DYtrox says:

    #MiSteryBOX actually xiaomi gives best products in small budget.😊😊#Xiaomi.

  14. Erenia Castellan says:

    Has been 3 years using xiaomi products and xiaomi can held the stress caused by my careless hand lol


  15. VIPIN chand says:

    No 1 fraud company in the word
    don't buy any MI product from the company they don't care about
    costumes. I brought poco F1 phone from mi website on 14th june they told
    me they deliver my phone on 18th june now its 22 june nothing i get and
    even not any single call or massage from company. Now i will expose him
    all the social platform so other person beware about MI.

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    I would love to have this box😢
    Am I the only one?

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    Its an OLED screen not LED

  18. *classified* *classified* says:

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    #MiSteryBox I want to have a My Band 4, I really like Xiaomi products, I hope to gain something in life, I never gain anything.

    Greetings from Colombia

  35. Chetan Sankhla says:

    Will buy it after getting a coupon from mi india via loyalty program.

  36. nifa911 says:

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