Miniature Industrial Modern Bookshelf

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Hi guys! It’s Cath and today I’m going to show
you how to make this miniature bookshelf. It has an industrial look so this is perfect
for all modern dollhouses. This is such an easy project and only requires
popsicle sticks and matchsticks. Let’s get started. The first thing I do is grab a handful of
jumbo popsicle sticks. Draw 2 lines to create 3.5 inch section. This will be the length of the shelves. Cut that out. Because popsicle sticks are quite thin, I
cut 2 of these for each shelf. I just stack the 2 pieces together using some
wood glue. And use some binder clips to clamp the pieces
together as the glue dries. This will help prevent any warping. Here’s one shelf done. Make 5 of these in total. Do the exact same process for 1 inch sections. We also need 5 of these. Now grab a handful of matchsticks. Mine are craft matchsticks so they don’t
have the match head. I measure and cut out two 1-inch pieces. And also cut out two half inch pieces. These 4 sections will form a rectangle. I glue them together using some wood glue. Make 5 of these rectangles. So in summary: five 3.5-inch pieces, five 1-inch pieces, and five of these rectangles. Small tip here: The matchstick rectangles
should be exactly the same size as the 1-inch pieces you cut from the popsicle stick. Okay, let’s stain and paint the wood. To create the stain, I mix some dark brown
acrylic paint with some water. Paint that onto all the popsicle stick pieces. Add on more layers if you like a darker look. The most important thing is that the color looks even. For the matchstick rectangles, I’m just
using some black acrylic paint. I leave the outer edges of the shorter sides
unpainted because that is where we will glue it to the shelves. Once all the paint is dry, we can get to the
best part which is assembling it. I take one long shelf and add a line of glue
to one end. Then position one of the shorter pieces vertically
on top of it. Add another line of glue half an inch away
from the other end. Position one of the matchstick rectangles
on there. Add some glue to the tops of these short pieces
and put on another shelf. I flipped mine over so I can add additional
shelves onto the bottom instead of the top. It really doesn’t matter. Almost done! Here are the last 2 pieces. Glue these on too. As a final touch, I just go back in with some stain to touch up any areas that look a little light. Annnnd done! Super easy project that takes very little
time and even less materials. I hope you guys like this video! Give it a thumbs up if you did and make sure
to subscribe for more. I have 2 new videos every week. I’ll see you next time. Bye!

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