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I am Ann Reardon Due to popular demand this week we are making
a minecraft village. Every village is different on minecraft. This one has a farm bordered by wooden logs,
a sheep, large house, trees, steve, a pig, a small house and a hut. A creeper and even
a well. I have another minecraft cake tutorial on
the channel which is for one giant grass block, but there have been so many requests for another
minecraft cake that it’s made it to the top of the list again. To start with you will need to make some grass
blocks. To do that put a small amount of green sprinkles in the base of a mini ice cube tray.
I saw this one online and immediately thought we could make an epic minecraft cake using
that so I bought two. Once you’ve got an even spread of sprinkles
pipe some chocolate into each cube and then tap it on the counter a few times. If you
tap it too much the chocolate is going to go all the way down and cover the sprinkles
so just a few times to get any big air bubbles out. Then use an offset spatula to level off the
tops. Once they are set tip them out of the mold and you’ve got cute little grass blocks. Now for the plants on the farm. Take a jelly
bean and cut it in half and then in half again. And take one of those and make a slit down
the middle and seperate them so it looks like two leaves. Fill the tray with chocolate – it is important
that your tray is not wet when you are working with chocolate so you don’t wash it between
making the different blocks. Water and chocolate don’t go together
Add your plants to each block. Remember if you are using real chocolate you’ll
need to temper it first or it won’t set firmly, if you’re using compound you don’t have to
worry about that – if you have no idea what I am talking about then there is a whole video
on how to temper chocolate and what chocolate to use on the howtocookthat channel for you. Once they are set take you’re mini plants
out of the mold. For plain dirt blocks just fill the mold with
milk chocolate and let it set. For wooden logs you want to fill the mold
with dark chocolate and then flip it over and tip it out.
This leaves a lining of dark chocolate around the edge. Smooth off the top and leave it
upside down to set. Then take some white chocolate and add a tiny
bit of dark to make a tannish sort of colour. Pour that over the dark chocolate in the mold
and let it set. If you have more than one of these molds it will make it quicker because
you don’t have to wait as long for it to set you can move on the the next one.
Once they are ready they will look like this. For blocks that you need to see the top with
the brown line around it . Trim them off shorter to revel the pattern. Then to make them the
right size again pipe some more dark chocolate into the mold and add the other block on top.
Then smooth that off the top using the spatula. For ones where you’ll just see the side you
don’t need to do that we will scrape it with the knife for the wood look. But it will be
easier and quicker to do that once they are built into the structure you are using it
for. For the planks pour some of the tanned coloured
chocolate into the mold. Once they are set you can draw three lines across for the planks,
but same as with the logs we’ll do that once they are in place on the buildings.
For wooden step blocks take a plank block and cut out one quarter of it so you are taking
our a corner and these are used for the roof of the large house. For the trees colour some chocolate green
using either powdered or oil based food colouring. Tip that into the mold. I am not going to
worry about tapping it on the bench because I do want some air bubbles in these so the
trees look a bit more leafy rather than solid cubes. To make the stone and gravel blocks, colour
some white chocolate to make it grey. If you want it to look speckled you can add some
chopped withe chocolate to the mold and then pour grey over the top. Or you can just make
them plain or do a mixture like I did. Cake time. Now you’ll need three trays of
chocolate cake and two batches of ganache mixed with buttercream – the recipes for all
of those are on the website along with all the other details you need
of how much chocolate and everything to make this cake. I’ll link to that in the description
below. Cut your cake into two thin 1 cm layers. Spread a little frosting onto the cake board
to stop the cake from slipping then add that cake on top so the whole board is covered
in thin one centimeter layer of cake. Spread frosting over the top then place a
second thin layer of cake over the back half of it.
For your third level cut out cube shaped pattern, there is no right or wrong way to build your
village because they are randomly generated but it always a good idea when you are making
a cake to have some sort of plan before you start cutting into it. You can draw your own,
or if you want to make it the same as mine I’ll draw up a proper template for you and
put it on the website. Spread more frosting then add the cake layer
that we just cut out. Add more frosting and continue to build up
the layers to a height you are happy with. For the gravel path take out a section on
that bottom level to fit the blocks in. Add the gravel blocks in rows of three all
the way down the cake, then add the grass blocks across the front of the cake, using
a little frosting underneath them to make them stick and to make them the same level
as the cake Add green sprinkles for the grass on that first tier
Then add the grass blocks along the start of the second level just to border it.
Use the logs and plants to make farm then add some blue chocolate blocks in the middle
there for the water. Fill in the other areas with sprinkles for grass.
Continue to use grass and gravel and dirt blocks in the same way to border each level
and to build up the cake. To make your buildings use melted chocolate
to join the bricks together. It will be easiest if you join the layers together first and
then stack them up on top of each other. Once it is built take your knife and make
indents in the logs and going across the planks – the planks should be the tanned coloured
blocks, but never mind it will be OK. Spread some more grass around it. To make a tree use some melted chocolate to
build a tower of logs. Then build the leaf part in layers. I am using
brown chocolate to join them, it would look better if you use green if you have any of
that left. Join the layers together and add a few more on top. You can be creative with
the size and shape of your trees. Turn it upside down and join on the trunk
then make indents down it with a knife. Pour some more chocolate into the mold and
add a cake pop stick into each cube. You’ll need one of these for each tree that you want
to make. Turn the trees upside down and use some melted
chocolate to attach your support block. For the large house follow the plans that
I’ll put on the template and I’ll put the plans for each of the different houses on
there. build up each layer of bricks all the way up to the roof. Add the large house into place and put a tree
next to it then more sprinkles for the grass. Continue to add trees and buildings until
your are happy with with your village. At the back of the cake cut out a small hole.
And line it with grey blocks to make a cave. Push a few more blocks into the cake to make
it appear like it is made out of cubes. Then get a dirt block and brush it with gold
luster dust and add that into your cave for a gold block. To make a creeper simply trim down some green
blocks to make them skinnier. Then cut two little feet and add them on using melted green
chocolate. Add a block on top for the head and use a
food safe marker to draw on the details for his face and feet as well. For steve cut a log down sideways for his
face and hair. Cut two corners out of a blue block to make
a t-shirt . Then cut up a plank block to make skinny pieces for this arms.
Then cut a thin bit of darker blue block to make his pants. Then join them all together
using melted white chocolate. And then just draw on his face. To make a sheep cut a slice of a plank block
and cut that slice into quarters. Do the same thing with white block so you have four little
tiny cubes. Cut another slice of plank and use it to make the shape of the sheep’s face.
For the head take a white block and cut a little of each side to make a slightly smaller
cube then cut a chunk out of one of the sides so that it can join onto the body.
Join it all together using melted chocolate. If you want to make a pig just follow the
same steps that we are doing for the sheep except the head doesn’t need to be smaller
it can be full sized. Let them set firmly and then add them into
place on the cake where you want them to be. For any larger grass areas you can add some
water or push in some grey bricks to break it up a bit and make it look more blocky.
Place left over bricks into bags for party favours or you could just make the bricks
and sell bags of minecraft blocks at stalls as a fundraiser. If you like minecraft share this video with
a friend. Subscribe to How To Cook That for more crazy
sweet creations. Click here for the recipe on the website, here for the howtocookthat
channel and here for last weeks giant gummy lego man recipe. This cake was requested by
i Awesome creeper katniss1166
audery molly
alex sophia
anjellanne reaperzoid1234
ally pristine
rob lisa
radge cookie hamster2086
and lots more awesome people Put all your requests in the comments below,
have a great week and I’ll see you on Friday. [music: the boat song by
used with permission]

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