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  1. The Swedish Investor says:

    Take the challenge today! Start implementing these habits for the next 90 days. I suggest going for one habit a week, adding an additional one to your repertoire every 7th day. I know I must practice some of them as well, so I’ll do this with you. For me, I’m going to start out with phrasing – from now on I’m “fantastic” when I feel great, not just “good” or “okay”. Which habit would make a big difference in your life/which one are you going to start with? Please share with us in the comments below! ⏬

    🧠 Learn more on how to develop a millionaire mindset 🧠

    – Top 5 Takeaways from The Science of Getting Rich:

    – Top 5 Takeaways from FU Money:

  2. vikrant Yadav says:

    Keep in up , great video

  3. Umar Sebyala says:

    Great videos, always!

  4. Naughty Pleasure says:

    Wow amazing video thank you✌ a lot to take way and the book is surely worth of reading👍

  5. Patrick Jaszewski says:

    I love this! This is a great distillation of the key thoughts from the book. Great examples and thanks for sharing!

  6. Daniel Mina says:

    suggestions: boglehead guide to investing, i will teach you to be rich, all of nassim taleb's books (saw some of them on the channel), todd tresidor's books, rich dad series- rich dads guide to investing and increase your financial IQ are pretty good

  7. Ulyanin says:

    I'm wondering if this whole book is a hoax, and the sale of the book is, in and of itself, feeding into someone's already fat wallet?

  8. Darrell Owenby says:

    getting ready to read the book, appreciate your synopsis!

  9. Ale Donh says:

    Can I outsource the reading of books to you? 😉

  10. Johnny Walnut says:

    Thank you for uploading this video! Got the book with me and I'm making little progress on it. This helpful info of yours helps me to change that x

  11. Ranil Abeyasinghe says:

    Got an ad from Dean Graziosi while watching this video haha

  12. Sobers Chatterjee says:

    Your work is great.. the explanation and summarizing make it stand out..
    My best wishes..

  13. alex Cooper says:

    Farmers are broke

  14. oskar tobiassen says:

    Great videos, really Nice help!
    Could you please do the book «the wave principle» by ralph nelson elliot from 1938?

  15. DJ chuck GURU says:


  16. DJ chuck GURU says:


  17. Walter Burr says:

    It’s 10 years

  18. CH-17 VEVO says:

    I just read this book

  19. Lopez says:

    hello every body ! I heard about dean graziosi in january , I'm 1 chapter to finish his book and I'm in most of their courses, he is such an amazing man !!! I learned a lot and worth it! my life has changed drastically in his book you can also do exercises, everything taking action! But this book or other courses, groups he has is not for everyone!! ONLY FOR PEOPLE WITH GREAT VALUES AS A PERSON, PEOPLE THAT WANTS TO CHANGE FOR GOOD THEIR LIVES , PEOPLE THAT ARE LOST AND GIVEN UP. buy the book!!!! or also you can get a free copy how i got it! GOD BLESS YOU THE SAME AS ME 😉

  20. Gani maulana ilmianto says:

    thank you for summerizing many books on this channel. I like reading books, but sometime it's hard to spare my time to read, because i'm busy with my work. your channel help me a lot, and I feel i can learn many things in one day just by watching your video.

  21. kikx88 says:

    You are delivering great value! Keep up the good work!!

  22. gbsxjosh says:

    Great channel man

  23. Dean Graziosi says:

    Loved this one, thanks for the review 🙌

  24. Samuel Wong says:

    this account has too little subscribers!!

  25. englishcoach777 says:

    5. Happy dog whistle music.
    You are still my favorite!

  26. salim ahmed says:

    Great stuff. I've seen a number of your reviews and enjoying it. Concise and easy to digest. Personally, I would enjoy it much more without the background music

  27. STEVE NGUYEN says:

    Don't waste your time to listen this shit thing and hear this fucking guys talk, set up your goal and do the thing that you love you Wil success with that.

  28. Al says:

    This is a pretty good book, it’s not just about how to become a millionaire, the book give tips on how to become successful and overcome life’s obstacles which can help us get to the career path we really want.

    It’s better to take advice from successful people, dont take advice from people who couldnt get anywhere in life, it is crystal clear that those lowlifes dont want you to do better than them, what do successful people got to gain from harming people below them? It wouldnt make sense.

  29. VenularSilver says:

    4:21 lol I thought he said “austistically”

  30. andreaoffshore says:

    Thank you so much! GOD bless you! you create masive value for millions of people! Keep up the excellent job! Cheers, Andrea von Roth, Investor from CHILE

  31. Andrey P says:

    13:36, nice review, thx

  32. Angelica Xavier says:

    And I got the ad for the book just before the video. Wow

  33. Mary PAULINE love says:

    I feel like this video is for me. Thankyou for being so amazing teacher, you deliver the message clearly that we viewers can understand it.🙂

    I'm still working on about it. I know what I'm good at but feels stack how I can make money on it. I love doing something online and recording myself dancing but I don't like to teach dancing so I was thinking I can do dancing and my sevices might be helping other business owner to gain more traffic and leads and sales. I would like to hear your suggestions.
    Looking forward to hear from you.

  34. David N says:

    Really enjoy & appreciate your content and the work you put into it brother

  35. Joey Boland says:

    His ads get very repetitive and annoying, but based on this video, it looks as if the book is a good read. I'm definitely going to give it a read now. Thanks for this video.

  36. Drew Chorlton says:

    As a Christian I need to let go of my life and the rut I have been and give it to God to use it not to make more money by to make him more glory and richies in Heaven! Amen

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