Mika And Ginny Brzezinski Talk About New Book ‘Comeback Careers’ | TODAY


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2 thoughts on “Mika And Ginny Brzezinski Talk About New Book ‘Comeback Careers’ | TODAY”

  1. Luther Hanger says:

    Hi Mika ! It's amazing that you have done so well according to that Bernie Sanders & AOC. Hillary , how many votes ?
    Vermont so white .. AOC not right…
    A woman can win.

  2. Edmund Singleton says:

    On this morning eposode of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, a hair dyed
    67year old financier Steve Rattner volunteered what he called a fun fact, “For
    the first time, at least in modern history, there are more women working in
    this country than men”, and this was in the midst of the discussion plugging
    Mika’s book, Comeback Careers, what Mr. Rattner and Miss. Brzezinski always fail
    to mention as being related to this subject, women have always had to perform
    in their careers under the chain of hair dye, without the aid of, neither Mr.
    Rattner nor Miss. Brzezinski would not currently be able to excel in their on
    and off again careers on television…a fact that’s not so funny after all…

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