Migos – Walk It Talk It ft. Drake (Official Video)


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100 thoughts on “Migos – Walk It Talk It ft. Drake (Official Video)”

  1. ICON - X says:

    Waki laka taki waki waki laka taki. Area 51 detected!

  2. Aslan Demirbilek says:

    Vakit nakit-Anıl piyancı neodan gelenler

  3. Hyodou İssei says:

    Ben fero iyi çalmış

  4. Luis Fernandez says:

    Drake looks like he smells like a shit load of old spice ! Lol

  5. Sergio Peche says:

    Sopa de un pato

  6. Marco Monja Hamann says:

    0:43 sopa de macaco

  7. Mario Gonzalez says:

    Why Quavo look kinda like Drakes daddy 😳

  8. 50,000 Subscribers With 0 Videos? says:

    Walk It Talk It in November?

  9. ElFantasmon 7w7 says:

    Sopa do macaco uma delicia kkkk xd

  10. JinX says:

    The video actually 480p maxed lol

  11. jacquie thieng says:

    good luck

  12. jacquie thieng says:


  13. Anonymous user Jessiepoo says:


  14. Tretheone k says:

    bruh wit that hair drake look like j.cole

  15. Orasio Barron says:

    Fuck migos

  16. LIL COARSE DIRT says:


  17. Eddy Garcia says:

    Anyone watching in 2014?🙋🏽‍♂️

  18. FlameMaster Gamer says:


  19. ezekia mwaipopo says:

    I think we visio lt until 2019

  20. Dexter Leonard says:

    Walking like I talk a so far

  21. Lil algh says:

    This song gives me so much memories GOOD VIBES NO WANT TO KNOW SHIT ABOUT YOUR LIFE

  22. Jairo Ruiz Diaz says:

    Me: hey Siri put migos 1980’s style! Siri :putting Walk it talk it

  23. Daniel Torres says:

    Drake looks like the guy from the bukis

  24. Crystal Roderick says:

    WTF is this?!!!

  25. Jerome Schulze says:

    Some y'all gay as fuck.. Repeating and copying everyone else.. Oh who here 2019?? Shut yo ass up!! U kid

  26. Maskatron 77 says:

    What crap. There rich retards

  27. YNW Smelly says:

    Why drake look like Jcole lmao

  28. Pisauce says:

    walkie likey talkie walkie likey talkie

  29. Pisauce says:

    Who's here in july 2018? Sorry I'm using internet explorer

  30. Лев Шереметьев says:

    Русский коммент, ты его нашёл)

  31. Ethan Rogers says:

    anyone here november 2019??? or is it just me 🙁

  32. Jared Leto(Olden Door Hinge) says:

    When Anyone Uses Abusive Phrases :
    Kids : mom!
    Legends : walk it talk it

  33. Kastrati Drilon says:


  34. JCG XIII says:

    Yo. I just realized, the music video was a parody of Soul Train.

  35. Ngọc jsjĐình says:

    J drake cole

  36. Special Ed-kid says:

    Is it just me or ma man migos looks like young steve harvey

  37. elsalvador503able says:

    I remember when this song came out back in 1970 it was such a popular song

  38. steve bro says:

    X factor Balazs

  39. Damián Juliano says:

    The best beat of Bizarrap

  40. Marcus598 says:

    Like:Walk It Like I Talk It.
    Comment:Waki Laka Taki.

  41. チャラ男番長 says:

    Who's here in 2035 ?

  42. Tony Benavides says:

    Drake looks like the Caveman from the GEICO commercials.

  43. Guerreiro SPARTANO says:

    Brss cadê vcs ?

  44. Xthebite 2 says:

    Walk It Like I Talk It

  45. Justin Army General says:

    Its recorded in 480p 😂

  46. yolai silva says:

    O love ofsset

  47. adnan islam says:

    November 1973, anyone?

  48. blue roses says:

  49. Juuh Rodrigues says:

    sopa de macaco, sopa sopa de macaco

  50. Tequila Nicole says:

    The wack ass migo stole this song from a ATL Rapper and put they bull shit on it. Then got Drake ND Jamie Fox involved. SMH but they say they original. Stop the madness

  51. annna Bouze says:

    2019/11/27 👇 like

  52. BeetleBUMxX says:

    That busted ass Jerry Curl THO XD! Just go fro, bro!

  53. tray says:

    Who playing in 2020?

  54. Pixieut says:

    Who is walking like I talk it in 2019!?

  55. Dora Friends in roblox says:

    Poor takeoff he got the worst wig

  56. jayripp84 says:

    Wu Tang Clan da mystery of chessboxin go listen to that.Way better than this shit thank me later

  57. svensk anonym kille says:

    This has to be the best music video of all time

  58. Shevon Marks says:

    Quavo all fitted to match the 70 the others just mimic

  59. Wisdom Alaffia says:

    I think Drake could pass for Jerry curl Jesus in this video

  60. Milan Danihel says:

    Drake =like

  61. G Wiz says:

    Walk it like I talk it "nothing at all"



  63. Ronnie Fiecoat says:


  64. carlos joaquim says:

    Melhor music

  65. carlos joaquim says:

    Pra mim

  66. carlos joaquim says:

    Drake e migos ai sim

  67. Life of Jesse says:

    Drake looks like a Chicano (Mexican American) drug lord from the 1970’s

  68. avocado god God says:

    1875 anyone or am I the only one?

  69. ShayShay GAMEZZ says:

    Quavo lookin like Steve harvey

  70. Etuna Shangheta says:

    Going to tell my kids these were the beatles

  71. Amazing Amy says:

    Bitch give me this money or fucking die

  72. Andres Ramses Espinoza Dubon says:

    Sopa de macaco
    Sopa sopa de Macaco

  73. FaZe GoKu says:

    Who’s been a fan of Migos before 2019??
    👇🏻I’m gifting my next 100 subs🌷 With Notifications On🎀

  74. Aries baby squad says:

    Anyone else notice it says culture in the back? Just me?

  75. Zaynad Suleiman says:


    Cardi b:okkkkkkrt

  76. Thalya Ferreira de morais says:

    Love BRASIL 🔰🔰

  77. AleX says:

    migos and hes bitches

  78. patrick ramsey says:

    Is it just me or does drake look like j Cole.

  79. Lev Gselman says:

    Takeoff is 👑

  80. Chasitie Rowlett says:

    drake looks like a chicano(meian american)from the 1970s

  81. regularguy8888 says:

    The Migos ;p

  82. 100000000 0000 says:

    Quem é do Brasil vai saber que é sopa de macaco kkkkkkk quem é br da like

  83. P Swizzle Production says:

    Walk it like i talk it, gotta rocket in ma pocket,
    you can touch it, just don‘t drop it.
    I’m so fly up in my cockpit whoo!!!

  84. Dream Team says:

    Why does drake look like Keanu Reeves dressed as Prince?

  85. I FLY English says:

    Dat way

  86. poppaexo says:

    here to see @yournae

  87. Sugar Victory says:

    Who still listening to this in 2019 from 1970's

  88. Tibari Adnane says:

    Drake seems like j cole

  89. Danu Banu says:


  90. Angelo July says:

    At first I thought this MV was uploaded in 2008 lol

  91. the forgotten says:


  92. Rachel Anderson says:

    I love this video sooo much

  93. Vella Monroe says:

    Ion care what nobody say , Drake LOVED THATTTTTT WIG‼️‼️‼️

  94. Muhammad Ruly Rahardi says:

    Beegees + commodores + earth wind and fire in the 20 centurys with that magnificent beat 👌

  95. Pabloguerrero_ says:

    Drake has black ramen in the hair

  96. Deloris martinez says:

    Always real

  97. Ryan Knight says:

    I need some rolla skates

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