Microsoft Surface Pro X and Pro 7 hands-on


– Microsoft has done a bunch of Surface Pros over the years. There was the Pro 3, the 4, the core i5, and then the 6. Now this year, they’re
doing two new Surface Pros. There’s the Surface Pro 7, which looks like the other Surface
Pros I just mentioned. But then there’s this one. This, this is very different. This is the Surface Pro X. (heavy electronic music) So right off the bat,
there’s a 13 inch display inside the same sort of 12
inch chassis essentially that we’ve seen on the
Surface Pro in recent years. You can see either side of this display. The bezels have been slimmed down. Even the top bezel’s slimmer. You’ve still got the Windows
Hello camera up there, and all that sort of stuff. And the bottom bezel, you
don’t even really notice because the type cover
pushes right up against it. So the display looks considerably
better from what we see on the Surface Pro today. Display resolution itself is 2880 x 1920 and it’s still the same
3:2 aspect ratio that we’ve seen on pretty much every Surface device. So there’s a lot more to
talk about the hardware here. But the one thing you really need to know, is that it has this little thing inside. Now this, this is a Surface SQ1 processor. It’s been co-engineered
between Microsoft and Qualcomm, so that means that this device is an ARM-powered Surface Pro X. Now we’ve seen a few of
these over the years, and kind of, what it essentially is, is a smart phone chip inside your laptop. So you’re supposed to be
getting the benefits of the smart phone world, in the PC world. Now what that means is
supposed all day battery life, integrated LTE connectivity, so you can just use this
device wherever you are, on the train, in coffee shop, wherever. And I’ve briefly tried
the performance here, it feels like I’m using a regular laptop like it’s really hard to
tell the difference between a Surface Pro 7 and this,
just within the few minutes I’ve been using it. Microsoft has also done some
interesting stuff on the GPU side here with Qualcomm. And so essentially the GPU
that’s integrated onto this chip is a 2.1 Teraflop GPU. Now in real world terms, that’s
essentially the equivalent power of an Xbox One console. Now that doesn’t mean that you’re gonna be running Xbox games on here, but what it does mean is it’s capable of doing sort of graphics, slightly intensive tasks shall we say. But like current work loads, like if you want to load a game on here, that’s kind of some of the
restrictions that are around Windows and ARM at the moment. It doesn’t support open
GL games for example. Some of your apps like Dropbox that integrate into the folder structure of Windows won’t work. And that’s kind of some of
the limitations that exist with Windows on ARM. So the other major hardware
change here is the Surface Pen. Now this is a new Surface
Slim Pen which is, anyway, as the name implies, a lot
slimmer and flatter than the Surface Pro Pens we’ve seen before. Now what this really means in
reality is that it actually slots into the top of the keyboard where it will charge as well. And when you actually undock it, the software will pop up and say, “Do you want to use the whiteboard?” “Do you want to take a screenshot?” All that sort of stuff. So that’s kind of new as well. You can also use the
button, where you double tap and get your favorite apps. So kind of the same
sort of pen experience, but in a very different form factor. The other major change here
is that you’ll be able to remove the SSDs on this Surface Pro X. Now how you do that is just hidden behind basically the kickstand here. There’s a plate that you’ll
pop off with a SIM tool, and then there’s the, you ever see the SIM slot where you get your LTE connectivity from, obviously? And then next to that, is an M.2 SSD, where you can just literally pull out. How this is going to work in principal, is basically for commercial
customers who want to swap out their SSDs, and businesses, that’s gonna be great for them. But also on the consumer side, if your device fails, like the SSD goes wrong, you can just walk up to a Microsoft store, and they’ll swap it out for you. So Microsoft hasn’t
confirmed whether they’re selling these individually or not, but it seems like it could be
a possibility in the future. So for this Surface Pro X specs, you’re looking at 8 gigs of RAM and 128 gigabytes of storage. Which will then go all the way up to 5×12 gigabytes of storage
and 16 gig of RAM. And the Surface Pro X will start at $999 and go all the way up to $1,799. So in terms of ports, you won’t find any USB-A here. There’s actually 2 USB-C
ports on the left hand side of the device, right by the volume rocker. And there’s no other ports
aside from the Surface Connect. So Microsoft is actually keeping the Surface Connect charger port here, that the company has used on the majority of its Surface products. And they’ve actually moved
the power button from the very top that you’d
normally find on the Surface Pro, round to the right hand side. And (mumbles)? There’s no headphone jack, so get your Bluetooth headphones ready. So this isn’t the only Surface Pro today. Microsoft has also got the Surface Pro 7. Now, this looks pretty much
like last year’s model. The real changes here, is inside. So Microsoft is updating the Surface Pro 7 with Intel’s latest 10th-gen processors. Now what that means is that
you’ll be able to select from an I3, I5, or the Core I7 as well. And so pretty much the
same sort of options we’ve seen on the Surface Pro before. Just obviously gonna be
better battery life perhaps, better performance, all the sort of stuff that you’d expect from Intel’s latest chips. And aside from that, the Surface cover is pretty much the same. There’s some new colors though. There’s this like red color, which looks a little bit more orange
than red, I’d say. And then there’s this cobalt blue color, which is essentially a
sort of lighter blue color of the blue that we had last year. And then the standard gray
color has actually got a little bit darker,
like slate gray almost, at least on the keyboard area. The major hardware change here though, is that Microsoft’s finally gone USB-C on the Surface Pro. So while we’ve got 2 USB
ports on the Surface Pro X, this particular Surface
Pro 7 has a single USB port in place of where the
mini-display port was last year. So you’ve still got the
regular USB-A port as well, and Microsoft is still using the Surface Connector here as
well, so you’ll be able to use all the sort of old
accessories and docks, and all that sort of stuff you
would have used previously. There’s also a headphone jack. So you’re getting that
over the Surface Pro X. So in terms of raw Surface Pro spec’s, you’re getting 4 gig of RAM, which goes up to 16 gigabytes as well. You’ve also got the base
level 128 gig of storage which will go all the way
up to 1 terabyte of storage. So, not really that different
from last year’s options. So in terms of pricing,
it will start at $749, and that will go all the way up to $2,299. And that’s if you want
the core i7 processor, 16 gigs of RAM, and the
1 terabyte of storage. So the very top. So you’ll be able to pre-order
both the Surface Pro X, and the Surface Pro 7 today, but the Surface Pro 7 will
arrive on October 22nd. And the Surface Pro X, we don’t know exactly
when it’s going to arrive but sometime later in the holiday season. Microsoft launched a bunch of
new Surface hardware today. We’ve got hands-on videos of all of that, so you should definitely
go check out that. But definitely check out, too.

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100 thoughts on “Microsoft Surface Pro X and Pro 7 hands-on”

  1. Rickz Zhere says:

    I have observed that most of the Verge reviewers are very serious about life and do not make anything a big deal. Good thing is they are serious about what they do and they do not create drama. But overall it just seems to be a tad boring to listen to the reviewers.

  2. Tony Luo says:

    I hope they can make like a bluetooth keyboard so I can use it after its detached and it has a port for charging

  3. Chachi Y says:

    Does only the Surface Pro X have a removable SSD? What about the Surface Pro 7?

  4. Pria Savant says:

    Talking about function and productivity, I still don't understand what the difference. Someone help me.

  5. DigitalYojimbo says:

    7mm thick, removable ssd; macbook, integrated ssd.

  6. ekoms says:

    Damn with the Pro X we are close to 5watts/TFLOP that's incredible.

  7. Francis M says:

    can boost it with a external gpu??

  8. SalveMonesvol says:

    I think the real star here is the System on a chip. Depending on how efficiently the software runs on it, it could potentially be faster than a base PS4

  9. Leonardo Cabrera says:

    Can you run light room on this

  10. Mute Stingray says:

    I missed on that Pro “Free” deal.

  11. aryuko prizky akbar says:

    Cant wait to have the x one

  12. Thành Chinh Nguyễn says:

    this review is boring as s*** zzz

  13. Orunsir says:

    Typical Verge. Just stating the obvious. No benchmarking, and we don’t get to see any details of how the new pen performs. I don’t know what I expected from the world’s shallowest tech reviews.

  14. shakeal huggins says:

    I get that Microsoft is trying to compete but somethings to consider:
    -it’s a laptop that can’t go sit on your lap
    – same anti glaring issues as every other surface💆🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️

    I’m trying hard to leave apple, but they’re not helping

  15. Türmen Atakli says:

    Will it run apps smoothly with x86-64 processor requirement like Matlab? Then I want to order immediately.

  16. roomi7 says:

    Can I use normal software in the ARM processor? such as Autocad or Dropbox

  17. ha says:

    No headphone kills it

  18. GuruNandan says:

    I'm really loving what Microsoft has become

  19. Shawn says:

    pulled a cpu from his pocket 😂😂😂 anything

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  24. JudgeFredd says:

    Announcement without any availability is only pure marketing

  25. David Müller says:

    Nice hands on, thanks!
    Are these standard m.2 SSDs? Why should someone pay almost double if you could swap it out with 1tb for a lot less? (16 gigs of ram aside) Would be interesting if the ram is soldered.

  26. Frank Montesinos says:

    Anyone know if you can charge the SP7 via the new USB-C conncetor? Also, can't seem to find info on what USB standard is being used…is that USB 3.2 Gen 2 (doubting it's the newer USB 3.2 Gen 2×2).

    Helpful video BTW 👍. Not sure if I fully understood the DropBox issue, but no matter as I need a 1TB model, which sadly is not available on the new SPX

  27. Zero Cool says:

    Still many limitations and the gpu integrated is not really powerful to run triple aaa games

  28. Saad Shah says:

    No laptop should have less than 500gb of storage! Don't know why manufacturers even think of 128gb of storage option. You can't keep everything in cloud. Just my opinion

  29. joussef sedeek says:

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  30. traffic says:

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  31. Justinian says:

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  32. Arun Kumar A.J says:

    Does surface devices work out for programmers

  33. iCmonsters says:

    The chip supports Qualcomm Bluetooth codecs, like aptx HD and low latency

  34. iCmonsters says:

    Its frustrating!
    They need to be more transparent about how NO software work very well with ARM. Games = zero. %80 of my apps are not compatible.. Arg. I want this to work like Intel, but be better, like it promises.

  35. Bitzi says:

    Usb-C with Thunderbolt 3 Speed?

  36. elias zerano says:

    No headphone jack 🙁 WHY? Even iPads still have jacks! won't buy it, since i relay on my trusted high quality studio monitor headphones. Removable Battery ?!

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  44. David Bruun says:

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  48. You Can Fix That says:

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  49. Yervand Papazyan says:

    dear Verge, first of all your channel is one of the best honestly, but please can you stop telling the same information which all youtube channels are talking about. We are tired to listen the same things over and over again. You are talking about general things which honestly we can read in a paper too, i am talking about device specs. Nobody talks about display quality, for example when you watching from the angle colors are shifting not shifting what is going on ???? everybody talking about productivity but nobody shows how it works what kind of productivity they are meaning, for example when you talking about productivity it means it's a very series machine for professionals, you are talking about that you can almost replace your laptop and we as a consumers when we watching your channel and channels like yours we are understanding that you are talking about very powerful productivity machine but in a review you are just talking about basic specifications, and about games. I don't understand from one side you're talking about productivity about replacing your laptop but in general if your review for example takes 10 minutes the whole 5 minutes you are talking about games. You are reviewing this kind of machines just for games everybody interested in this kind of machines just for games I don't understand? nobody shows how it works in real life? for example let's imagine you are a professional photographer and you are using Lightroom and you have to use this kind of tablet in your work how it works when you tethered your camera to the Surface Pro 6 or 7 or 5 is it good enough is it bad enough I don't understand nobody talks about this kind of information so please can you give us a real information about technology about phones about tablets about notebooks laptops people are watching you to make a decision what kind of product to buy but in general you are not helping consumers to buy phone tablet or laptop that just because you're not giving the real information

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    also me: watches this video on 2009 iMac with Intel Core 2 Duo with 4gb of ram

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    Would Microsoft Pro X be worth it for Engineering Students?

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  60. bruh that's cringe says:

    lets just be honest we are all saying good things about microsoft and mock apple but in the end we'd all rather have a macbook than these surface pros because apple will still make you look cool

  61. PlAy SwiX says:

    Creo que en surface Pro x se le puede meter un dual boot y tener Android nativo, ya que es un procesador arm, con la potencia que tiene sería genial porque tendrías una tablet Android muy potente y un portátil window muy ligero.

  62. Johannes Götzen says:

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  63. Hyeonil Choi says:

    영상, 잘 봤습니다. 재미있네요~.

  64. Todd says:

    Surface 7 actually has WORSE battery life. Get your facts straight before posting a video.

  65. Sam DIN says:

    This guy sounds like Ryan Thomas

  66. Steven Matthew Smith says:

    finally, they did something with the god awful bezels!!!

  67. Castella.of.1hp says:

    Will Adobe stuff work on this?

  68. Marcin Piłat says:

    What about Surface Pro X support for macro and VBA in excel or for various programming IDE's? This is pure business device so what about support for that kind of usage?

  69. Perry S says:

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    Too expensive.

  71. TheDeathmail says:

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    Okay, I know what I'm not buying…

  72. JD Olsen says:

    Did you say that dropbox will not work on the pro x?

  73. Anon says:

    Sooo a Surface RT 2? A Windows on ARM device.

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    if it needs a kickstand IT AIN'T A LAPTOP !

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  77. Charles Talhelm says:

    Yeah that SSD is proprietary and you'll void your warranty is you're not a microsoft tech. Instead of "right to repair", microsoft is "demand more money."

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    Guys, this is the surface RT take 2! This thing is Dead on arrival. You can get an iPad for $299 (no joke) with 200k high quality apps made for tablets…while this one has like 0…and is emulating x86 apps (only 32 bit ones I might add)…this is a joke for the money, performance, and software available for it.

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