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It’s a way to take a closer look at foreign
policy and weigh in. In today’s Meet Your Library we’re talking
about the Great Decisions program. “It’s a foreign policy discussion that is
developed by the Foreign Policy Association, which is a nonprofit association located in
New York. They started in 1918 and Great Decisions started,
I believe, in the fifties.” The Mt. Pleasant Regional branch has hosted
the program for eight years. Each week’s discussion focuses on a different
foreign policy issue: ranging from climate change, to human trafficking, to artificial
intelligence research. The Foreign Policy Association provides a
collection of reading material and a 30-minute video to present different viewpoints of the
topic. “Foreign Policy Association says every time
it takes no position on these issues. Any opinions that come through in the reading
are those of the writer. But, I have found them to be balanced. Now I have had, over the years, someone say,
‘This is too liberal’. I’ve had someone say ‘This is way too conservative’. So, to me, that is indicative that is probably
is pretty balanced. So they look at things from different points
of view.” After a screening of the video, the group
discusses the provided material and any independent research. “If you look at social media, opinions are
so divided at this time and it’s so easy to, you know, spout opinions without thinking
how it appears. It’s easy to be extreme and I think that this
program forces you to look at things from different opinions, from different points
of view.” And while viewpoints may drastically differ,
the participants treat others with respect. “It’s just nice being with a group that you
can discuss things like that with and not be afraid to say what you think. And Susan is wonderful about that, she won’t
put up with anybody being mean or whatever. But everybody has a chance to say something
about it and it just– I look forward to these two months. It’s just… I love it. ”
Great Decisions is currently offered at our Mt. Pleasant, Hurd/St.Andrews, and Wando branches. Contact your neighborhood branch to get the
reading material and get started. There’s still plenty of time to get involved
in Great Decisions, just head to to check out the upcoming topics. And I’ll see you next Monday to Meet Your

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