McGill Libraries: McLennan Library

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Welcome to the McLennan Library, the major
Arts and Humanities Library. Its steel book stacks and glass floors make the library one
of McGill only fireproof buildings. The main floor of the branch holds the library services,
course reserves and a large open study area. Here you’ll find the printing services, and
many individual and generally quiet study spaces. There are large front facing windows,
multiple computers, and angled tables for practical reading.
The building’s 2nd floor holds the two large group study areas, available for booking through
the Library Catalog website. Each floor, from the 2nd to the 6th, houses its collection
of books around the centre of the building and places a variety of quiet individual study
areas along its contour. Whether by stairs or by elevator, this branch has accessible
bathrooms located on the north side of each floor. The grand collection of literary works
and its ability to accommodate a large number of students makes the McLennan Library a favoured
choice among Arts students.

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