Mayte Garcia: The Most Beautiful – Book Review (2018) Minimal Spoilers


Mayte Garcia recently released a
book a lot of people have some thoughts on it do you want to know mine? hey everybody welcome back to Prince’s
Friend I’m your host Prince’s Friend and today I have the review for Mayte Garcia’s
book called the most beautiful and review is going to be a little bit of a
different thing you know I don’t do a lot of book reviews here this is a
visual medium and it’s hard to do book reviews I’m not gonna have like page
excerpts here or anything like that so it’s more like a discussion but I am
gonna hit some major notes here on the book what it covers and my thoughts on
those things but I do want to say I’m going to spoil maybe a couple of things
but not a ton of things so I think it is definitely worth it for you to go buy it
this isn’t definitely not going to be a chapter by chapter breakdown or anything
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lot of options today to show if you are pleased with something so getting into a general overview of
the book it is actually really really good
so I’ll start there first off the review is blown it’s a good book
the prologue actually starts us off with my taste first trip to Paisley Park
after Prince’s death and it is quite touching and was one of the first times
that I learned that Prince didn’t allow photography and all that stuff on the
premises that’s like that was new information for me at the time when I
picked up the book but reading the book I think the biggest thing that you
learned is that this is a book about Mayte it is not actually a book about
Prince as you would think it’s not him at the forefront or anything like that
it’s a book about my tang and the very first I would say third possibly of the
book the first few chapters we see that Prince was kind of always a part of my
taste life even before they met but there isn’t any kind of like weird
obsession and everything has to relate back to Prince on the contrary we’re
introduced to her mom and dad were introduced to how the family dynamics
work Jan her sister I especially loved the stories about how she would go visit
her grandmother in Puerto Rico and how her first exposure to prince was on VHS
tapes that her mom would record MTV and and mail them to Puerto Rico so that
they could watch them because they didn’t have cable fun stuff like that
that really gets you to kind of know the person that is writing the book there
were a lot of really good establishing chapters that really let you kind of get
into the mindset of Mayte before you get into the meat of it which everybody
bought it for which was plunged when they do eventually meet it’s kind of
told in a way as almost like it was kismet or twist of fate or serendipity
but it also seems like it had a lot to do with her mom and her persistence that
Mayte was a star and that she could be on stage doing everything that those
other people were doing and they were gonna say hey maybe Prince can help with
that I mean everybody’s heard the story about how the mom orchestrated the video
getting back there and then they met and it was pretty cool and when it when they
actually were in the relationship together I thought that the book really
kind of covered that well it kind of gave them a really cool work love
relationship kind of back fourth where they were romantically
involved yes but they respected each other as performers and artists you know
Prince with his music might aim with her dance and she was another member of the
band it wasn’t like you’re special because I love you it was everybody is
expected to be at this level and if you’re not sorry but good thing she was
at the end of the book it also kind of goes into what happened after she was no
longer in Prince’s camp and that stuff was pretty interesting as well to kind
of see where we kind of come full circle back to today so that’s the general
overview of what to expect in the book but I do want to hit a few key points in
the book that simultaneously clear up some things but also present new things
that we didn’t know before the book and speaking of their son Amir I’m not
actually gonna go in-depth here about that topic I think that it was a
heart-wrenching tale in the book it was I think a story that only she could tell
I had to put it down about halfway through reading that chapter because I
had to kind of collect myself because it was so vivid and it was so sad what had
happened with them and their son and how all of that stuff went through so I
definitely I’m not gonna rehash at all you need to read the book in order to
learn that story I’m not gonna go through it all but there was one thing
about that that I wanted to address and it was a claim that had been running
around for a while that Prince refused medical intervention and I just want to
say for the record it’s just untrue and and this book is actually very much
proof of it countless points in the book might say is talking about their latest
trip to the doctor their stay in the hospital the tests run that the doctors
did and like all of these things they obviously weren’t refusing medical
intervention what they did refused was a procedure called an amniocentesis it’s
where they puncture the amniotic sac so they can get some of the fluid out of
there and then they can test and see what’s going on with the child
genetically on the DNA basis and the thing about that is that the procedure
itself can cause a miscarriage so there are thousands and thousands of couples
who refuse that procedure and refusing that procedure doesn’t mean that you
caused something to happen to your kid it’s not reckless it’s not irresponsible
it’s not wrong it just means that you’re willing to accept your child as it is
born a lot of the time people use that test to see if they want to see that
pregnancy through or eliminate it but if that’s not even an option in your book
then the test is meaningless anyway I will also say that this book makes us
privy to information about the end of Prince and Mayte’s relationship their
divorce / annulment which was information that I never really
necessarily needed to know but she was telling her story here so she wanted
people to know kind of what it was like from her side of that
and I would say that it doesn’t necessarily put prince in the best light
or good light it is actually kind of negative towards prince in that part and
again even though she’s telling it from her point of view which you can tell is
with so much love you can tell that there’s also a lot of pain in it and
I’ve said it on this channel before there are three sides to every story
there’s this side there’s this side and then there’s the truth somewhere in the
middle so obviously you have to take this information from Mayte and know
that the other side isn’t being spoken about you’re not learning the whole
thing you’re learning her perspective of the situation for instance I’m actually
on my second marriage now and if you ask my first wife about me I am probably the
devil incarnate but of course I have my own side of all of those situations
that’s just kind of how it is that’s how relationships work that’s how the truth
works so you do have to kind of know that going into this book and I heard a
lot of people say that Mayte shouldn’t even be speaking at all
cuz prince didn’t want the story out there but I’d argue that this is just as
much Mayte’s story to tell as it was prince’s it’s her life she’s not just a
piece of prince’s life she has her own life she is doing her own things her own
mind the death of her son was also the death of prince’s son but it was her son
too these are all stories that she probably was ready to finally share and
it’s interesting because I feel like there’s some sort of weird double
standard because when tina turner’s book came out and it spoke ill of Ike Turner
and their relationship and what was going on and all of that
she was applauded so I’m not understanding why there seems to be this
weird double standard for Mayte because what I’ve noticed that there are a lot
of people and that is mostly Prince’s female fans who have an intense hatred
for Mayte and I was speaking with a friend of mine recently i’ma leave his
name out of this and I don’t want to make anybody else guilty of this but he
came up with a theory as to why and it’s because all of these women all around
the world they all wanted to be mrs. Prince so the woman who got to be mrs.
Prince becomes the object of their vitriol becomes the
this terrible person who’s throwing a conspiracy to trick prince and all of
these things who knows what the real truth is I certainly don’t but I think
that’s a funny theory the book does go a little bit into Larry Graham and him
kind of drawing Prince into the Jehovah’s Witness religion I’m not gonna
really talk about that too much that might come up and maybe a different
video but she does talk a lot about that and and it came as a as a result of the
loss of their son and all of these things and that was also a big you know
wedge that was driven between the two of them in their relationship there were
also rumors about Prince banishing my team from Paisley Park and there’s a ton
of people who are all up in arms because like she should never be allowed back in
the premises because Prince would never have wanted it well the way that I think
of it is that that was his ex-wife so he probably banished her by saying why
would I want to see my ex-wife I divorced her why do I want to see her
especially when he was got with his second wife Manuela like if I have a new
wife why would I want to see the old wife that doesn’t make any sense
interestingly enough and this is a point is that on Hollywood exes the show that
might a eventually went to be on there was an episode where Manuela was on
there as well and they’re apparently friends or they were during the
recording of that so I find it kind of interesting I also do want to say that I
did watch the show Hollywood exes so that I could maybe get a sense of it for
this review and wasn’t a fan I wasn’t a fan I’m not a big fan of reality TV in
general but this premise was pretty thin but at the same time I think a lot of it
was also due to the fact that I went into it to watch what was going on with
my tank but she got such little screen time there were so many X’s that they
had to spread the time between them and it just made it less enjoyable because
it the person I was there to watch wasn’t on the screen but the other big
thing is that she does tell the story of how she ended up adopting Gia which is
her daughter the the amazingly cute little girl she does go a little bit
into also her dog adoption work so I’m gonna put a link to
her Twitter in the description because she does a lot of work with rescue dogs
so if you’re in the market for a dog maybe you go get one for my day
I’ve definitely rambled on a bit here and there are so many different things
to talk about in this book but I am going to stop it there and I’m gonna
move on to final thoughts so my final thoughts on this book is
that it is a definite must read especially if you liked anything that
Prince did in the 90s this isn’t a book from a random person who knew Prince or
someone who tangentially worked with Prince or somebody from his childhood
this was his wife of many years this was the mother of his son this was someone
who he worked with professionally romantically someone who he respected
and respected him back for a lot of people might a is the story because
Prince surrounded himself with creative people who would feed his imagination
and together he and other people would push each other up to greater heights
and Prince and Mayte did this I would argue that prince’s career in the 90s was
one of his best eras and it’s not in spite of Mayte’s involvement but
because of it the most beautiful really well done book and you can tell that it
was written from a place of love even though if you look between the lines you
can see that the stories do kind of cast Prince and a negative light I don’t feel
that any of that was intentional on my taste part that said I think the book
sheds a lot of light on the things going on behind the veil from her point of
view and I think it’s a story that only might take a tunnel I really really dug
the book I would give it a four and a half out of five so have you read the
book I want to know your thoughts on this book in the comments if you haven’t
read the book that this review make you want to go and buy it let’s discuss that
as well otherwise if you like videos like this don’t forget to check us out
on social media Twitter Instagram if you want to support the channel directly you
can go to and in the meantime may live see the dog love you
see you in the next video

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100 thoughts on “Mayte Garcia: The Most Beautiful – Book Review (2018) Minimal Spoilers”

  1. Prince's Friend says:

    WATCH NEXT: Prince: Emancipation – Album Review (1996) – Part 2 (of 3)

  2. Ana J. Cruz says:

    Great review. I pre-ordered my book n' I also went 2 da book signin' at da Barnes n' Noble in N.Y. I took my grandson who wanted 2 meet Mayte he has a huge crush on her. She's a BEAUTIFUL person inside n' out. My grandson asked her questions about Prince n' she answered 'em genuinely n' graciously. I read da book in one day it made me awwww, it made made happy, it made me laugh, it made me sad n' it made me cry. It's such a Great book that I read it again. Da chemistry n' love they shared was incredible. I try to buy every book dat comes out. Possessed is good 2. May U Live 2 C Da Dawn. Peace n' B Wild 💜💜💜💜

  3. Blueser100 says:

    The book came out a while ago? It’s a must-read. She’s a really good writer.

  4. muluemebet kebede says:

    Mayte and Prince they loved each other so much. They got married they tried to have a baby and it sadly passed away. But they still loved each other, I read the book she wrote the book after he died, she still respects him. She’s special
    to prince, forever. She wrote her story and I love it.Thank you ❤️❤️🎸☔️🙏🏽💜

  5. Kristy Tucker says:

    I love the Mayte and Prince years, it’s the most opened up he had been, you saw his sense of humor come out, and I loved their stage performances. I felt so bad for her joining NPG group, because I know some band members talked , why is she here, and I’am like can the man fall in love ?, he has a right to be in love .and before the whole oh she made her way to him, remember Prince on Oprah admitted his eye was already on her. And to the women that hated because they wanted to be Mrs. Nelson, think of it this way, Prince fulfilled a fantasy, A woman who was his dancer he ended up marrying, she met him, dance for him and married him. That’s most women’s dream, and prince actually did it .So in a way Mayte repsents them. I don’t understand why they think a man that wanted children so bad would refuse serious medical treatment, it makes much more sense that they didn’t have the procedure done because it would cause a chance of losing the baby.

  6. Brenda Berry says:

    Thanks for your review. I bought her book when it came out and it was beautifully written. I agree about Amiir, the details were heartwrenching. I definitely learned a lot and it is Maytes story to tell. I would love to meet her one day.

  7. Carol Whitaker says:

    Thanks…relationships are complicated…even with us normal people…but I do feel they had magical energy!!! Tears happen when I see some videos💜💜💜

  8. Connie Sharp says:

    Hi how you doing? I need to go get that book i would love to read it it sounds like a really good book i love her she's a sweet person and has some good music sorry I haven't been around my ex husband broke my shoulder but I'm doing good now I'm in physical therapy and he's in jail so this beautiful book will give me some time to read it love ya I'll try not to miss anymore videos take care and may you live to see the dawn 💜💜💜💜💜😴😴😴

  9. Teda Boro says:

    Wow. Very good review. Very open honest and true what you said about the book and what Mayte wanted to say by writing the book. It was nice you mention her rescue dog work she does. I hope she see this. Been working on that with a new person but nothing yet. If you know what mean. 😉

  10. Dr. Simple Beauty 300 says:

    Mayte is on video saying that feeding those dogs isn’t even important. Her making fun of Prince on reality TV and selling his clothes (and copies of his clothes) shows how desperate she is for attention. The only empathy I have for her is the loss of their child.

  11. Ryan Ewing says:

    Loved this book.

  12. Tina Mitchell says:

    At first, I was resistant to the book because of Princes need for Privacy.
    Felt she needed to respect that.
    But I was curious and read a sample on kindle. After, I read this
    I appreciated and wanted to learn more about her dance background.
    I enjoyed her dancing.
    I decided that she meaning Mayte needed our support.
    And it is her story to tell as much as it is his.
    Good review. I like the point that you made that there is Maytes side, Princes side and the truth.
    Thank You.

  13. prncfrk says:

    I was fortunate enough to attend her book signing when she was at The Grove in Los Angeles the week her book was released. Mayte is a beautiful soul, of course I was able to get a autographed copy of the book💜

  14. prncfrk says:

    I can’t find your email

  15. Lyric says:

    I see Mayte's Crusaders are doing their work as per.
    To say all the women who took issue with what she did was due to jealousy is incredibly sexist (& simplistic btw), not to mention incorrect.
    Yes, there is a % of nuts who go too far in the fanbase post '16. Not all are female, & not all dislike her btw.
    Many grown women, with half a brain, pay attention to details & know what they are looking at, they do like a number of women he dated btw, just not this one.
    Believe it or not some men aren't feeling her either, for instance, one asked me why does she keep calling him her husband? Said it was "creepy".
    Your timing couldn't be worse.
    She has caused Permanent Damage with her book & worldwide promo tour.
    Its not just what she said, it's what she omitted.
    Also let's not ignore the fact that she waited untill he was dead, to on the 3rd month after his death, announce her book would be released on the 1st anni of his death (which due to people's disgust was pushed back to a few wks before April 21st).
    One sided, subjective stories were sold when he had no opportunity to reply. Stories, often missing a living witness, have been consistently quoted as objective fact ever since. Much to people's annoyance.
    Let's all keep pretending shall we that she didn't exploit his death 4 profit, & hijack the 1st anni of his death, which then caused him to be dragged & labelled a pedo/groomer/baby urn burner/monster, with dodgy dna/dwarfism, All Over The Net. & then Very Nasty Wars went down inside the fanbase. Lets also continue to pretend that all that nasty talk didn't seep out into the public & media, & in the last month alone two articles have labelled him a pedo & groomer.
    Many more are on their way as we speak.
    This will never go away. Never.
    Source Material.
    Permanent, Long Term Damage.
    Cause & Effect.

  16. Ana Santos says:

    Mayte missed a vital part in her memoir about meeting 16 year old Wade Robson at the 1999 MTV Awards when she attended with Prince. She began dating Wade soon after. That's the true story as to how she got to work on Britney's music video.

  17. Kayla Milton says:

    This book was an amazing read. I have read it now about 4 times and I'm reading it for the 5th time. It was wonderful to get to know Mayte better because I only knew her as the beautiful Belly dancer and wife of Prince. But you got to really know her story. It gave me insight from her life with Price and how much love was there and how cute it was and it made me want to be like her or be married to Prince because the love he showed her was amazing. But at the end of their relationship, I was mad at Prince in parts of the book on how they ended the relationship after all the pain they went through together. But I could not be mad at Prince for long because it was coming from Mayte's perspective but there is as you said Prince's Friend there is always 3 sides to the story and Prince is not here to tell his side And the truth will always be there. but I still think they both had a love for each other even after they divorced and the respect of each other as well because they have a history together. I loved how she had hope that they would get back together and it just did not happen. But i love now she can be the best Mom for Gia. And after reading this book it just made me love her more and have respect for her

  18. Shakira Charriez says:

    I really love this book. I wished that Prince and Mayte marriage would have lasted. I feel they were a beautiful couple that had a very loving relationship for one another. The book was well written and it did not have any negativity against Prince. It is definitely a good read. Thank you Prince's Friend. Enjoyed your review. 👍👍😊😊

  19. bluhevenlyII says:

    I had to stop several times during the Amir parts myself. I had a miscarriage once and those feelings were close to home. I liked the book, and i took the same approach you did. It was her life too, and her side of things.

  20. Winged Freak Terrorizes says:

    As reported in the Prince fanzine Uptown #29 (1997), after seeing his fangirls hating on Mayte on the internet, Prince said, "I found my Puerto Rican and y'all hate her because y'all wanna be her. Fuck all y'all. Ya'll can kiss my ass." – Prince on December 28, 1996 at a concert at Paisley Park studios during the Love 4 One Another Charities tour.

  21. Latrenda Mitchell says:

    The delivery of Amiir book my heart and to only get pregnant again and lose that one as well, the part that intrigued me the most is when mayte figured it out once u have made a album and he moves u out of paisley ur relationship is done , but I'm amazed how he intertwines all these women and no cat fights around .

  22. Rebecca McCray says:

    This is the first comment I have ever made on YouTube. I really enjoyed your review. I have the book but have not had an opportunity to read it yet. I thought your review was fair and balanced. I will be reading the book very soon. I enjoy your channel, so keep the videos coming!

  23. Kit-teaj. Johnson says:

    👁 think she wanted 2 have her say in such a controlling, private, relationship. Which had gone through soo many bad issues, in the last few years of their young love filled marriage that even older , wiser, married , couples would have trouble coping, & dealing with , even with proffessionial outside help ! When do you ever recover from the death of a baby ? Never ! 2 baby's ; you do not ever stop thinking about them & wondering how or what you could have done too prevent this outcome. But, I do believe Mayte is still trying 2 profit off of 👁👁, & get her last 5 min. of fame from this. I don't think she has an identity other than Princes ex- wife , or ever will. Move on Mayte. Get a life of your own already, it's ⌚…🐾🐱🐾

  24. Amsterdam Comic Geek says:

    Thank you for this review. It made me realize this is definitely a book I want to check out in the future.

  25. 2conscious says:

    Thanks for being objective with your review. The song "The Breakdown (2014)" from his LP, "Art Official Age", is believed to be dedicated to Mayte. He only performed it once & CRIED while performing it. It's basically him saying he was a douchebag, regarding dealing with his emotions & wants to make room for communication. I blame his Dad (like MJ) for his emotional awkwardness w/ people.

    Manuela called Mayte about Prince's death & destroyed her day (obviously). No one can say they were with Prince for nearly 10 YEARS
    ….INTIMATE….PERFORMING…..AND CARRIED HIS CHILD (or children, since she had a miscarriage, after Amir). So, I'm gonna listen to Mayte before a random, obsessive fan. Prince had a mean streak. We all know he could be a douchebag—ESPECIALLY when he was younger.

  26. Judith D'Amato says:

    It was a good book, and your review was great. "Don't judge anyone until you have walked a mile in her shoes" is my theory in life. She mentions a few things that you can actually view on some of the videos she did with P, that was fun, to go "rabbitholing" for those videos.

  27. msteena luv says:

    Now thank you for telling us a bit about the book now I Will buy it thanks again.


    The book wasn't negative and didn't paint him in a bad light at all. Nothing has. Let's be thankful that Prince doesn't have a documentary titled "Surviving Prince or "Leaving Paisley Park". You say it couldn't happen to him, but yes it could've. I, myself, am thankful he's not a part of the f**ckery!

  29. M G says:

    Read the book and listened to the audio and loved it. ❤️ I recently met someone who was a close associate of Prince who said he thought they’d eventually find their way back to each other. It’s sad it never happened because from reading her book I think she thought the same thing.

  30. Felecia Grasty says:

    I read the book, I loved it. It made me understand Prince on a different level. Mayte seems to be a very beautiful person. This I hope helps her overcome her loss.

  31. Karma4u0303 says:

    I read the book. She comes across as being very genuine and loving towards her past with Prince. I honestly believe he never stopped loving her and vice versa.

  32. RnB4Sure says:

    Prince's Friend.  I love this review.  You should do more.   The book was a great read.  The story was told with love and respect even the parts of their life that were painful to Mayte.  I don't understand all of the vitriol either and I have the same suspicion that was indicated by your friend.  Also there appears to be some kind of fantasy some fans have of Prince being with Vanity and no other.  I also have a suspicion that Prince may have insinuated about events in their relationship through some of his music when things were not going that well so if this is true, some of this may be his doing.  I thought Prince did some of his best work when he was with Mayte esp. the performances and the videos.  Looking at them from the outside, they complemented one another so well they often appeared to be a match made in heaven.  I am so sorry about what happened to them and I can't believe fans could be so cruel and evil to a woman that went through what happened to her and Prince.

  33. Julie Branden says:

    I have the audio book. After reading the book I developed a love-hate relationship for Prince. I simply love love the book and through your other reviews or videos I have developed a very spiritual life because of Prince. I tell people that I am Catholic Christian Rastafarian and love is my religion and through his search of spiritual peace I’ve found faith in this realm that we live in. I love your reviews. ✌️ N 🐝 😜

  34. Eva Rene says:

    I have the audio version and the hard copy. Got it as soon as it was released. I must admit it took me several times to get through it; it is a very emotional memoir but IMO it was written from a place of respect, honor and love; but also from Mayte’s perspective – since it is “her life” with Prince.
    Yes, at times it puts him in a bad light, but Prince wasn’t the nicest man at times. He could be egotistical, selfish, cruel…but also very sensitive,loving, and devoted when he wanted to be. As far as the book; IMO, Prince was described as human, with faults. He wasn’t this demigod that women seem to think he was. He hurt Mayte tremendously (and I think she did an amazing job keeping all that baggage out of the book.) She left Prince with literally nothing, the other one sued Prince for years for money, jewelry, and royalties. But because she “converted” she’s been cast as the “good one”(SMDH.) Yet Mayte couldn’t even get her sons urn… go figure🤷🏽‍♀️…Well, at least Prince left Mayte their charity love4oneAnother, established for Amiir and it is now a 501(c) charity as President I know she’ll do great things in Prince’s honor…btw. Another great commentary 👍🏽”fellow classmate”, #maywealllive2Cthe🌄

  35. D J says:

    Hell-o Friend. 1quick question… It's about you. Are you a Scorpio?

  36. J Shaffer says:

    I have read the book, 5 times now. I just love it and it makes me feel closer to them both, stupid as that may sound. It is so saddening to think what they had was swept all away. I wish they could have found their way back to one another. I think ultimately all Prince ever wanted was a family and it was denied him for some reason. It is a hell of a book, probably hard at times for Mayte to re-live but done with love and respect for her family: Prince and Amiir. I find it telling too that Mayte has never remarried after all these years….#eternallove….I think that tag is true. Thank you for your review.

  37. Fi K says:

    I purposely have opted not to read this book…..thus far. I’m not a Mayte hater but I never cared much for her or that era of Prince which in part I feel is the result of them. In my opinion Prince was obviously taken with her, loved her, but musically it seemed more contrived than organic. I know there are people who really favor this era and I certainly wouldn’t cast it all aside. Thanks to your posts it’s giving me a different perspective and insight to consider, and I’m listening to it with that in mind. I have my opinion but no visceral position so this is giving me pause for thought. Thank you. 💜

  38. SR C says:

    Rather than read the book, I chose to listen to “The Most Beautiful” on an audiobook. Imagine the words you read in the book spoken to you from the person who wrote them.
    Most writers do not speak on their own books but Mayte did and her voice inflections made the words and the feelings of love, adoration and loss even more powerful.
    I liked Mayte before she was published but I respect her and support her causes now that l “know” her, in a different light.

  39. Ana Herron says:

    Thanks for the review PF. I have the book but haven’t had the chance to read it. After watching this review now I have something to look forward to. How I wish they had rekindled their love for one another and all of the what could have been. Much love and respect to Mayte for sharing her story.

  40. Denise Sweeney says:

    Loved the book. Mayte gets so much hatred and yet she gives an inside view of her life with Prince. It is has a little bit of everything, humour, happiness and heartbreak. Personally I think it shows Prince as a man who strove for perfection. A man who wanted to be a family, a man heartbroken by loss. There are moments when you feel his pain and I relate to that feeling of losing a child so much. If you want to understand the man I recommend you read the book.

  41. Mandy. Watts says:

    Another well-balanced and fair review as always. I agree with you that it is all a matter of perspective. When it comes to relationships there is no absolute truth!

  42. zannalee72 says:

    Thank you so much for this great and thoughtful review. Loved the book, read it twice, both times with tears.

  43. Jade Ruby says:

    I like your review.

  44. Orbsy Orb says:

    I loved the book. I loved hearing her side of there love story. And she had every right to tell it and I’m glad she did! I really believe Mayte was his one true love. (That first love can be earth shaking) No disrespect to Manuela, she is a beautiful person. Anyway, just my opinion, but that’s worth about 2cents…😁. Thanks for all your hard work and another great review.

  45. aamlam says:

    It was well written. It was Mayte’s
    story of her and Prince’s life and marriage with him. I felt it was historical and respectfully done. She loved him, I believe. None of us are perfect and they did lose 2 babies, super stressful on any marriage. I wish her peace.

  46. Jaye Cheríe says:

    I find that my opinion of the book was a little different from most opinions on this book. As I read it, I found myself a) having more respect for Prince as a man, husband and father and b) believing that Mayte was not ready to be anybody's wife-let alone the wife of a music icon. From what I read, it seemed like he tried to do the right things in that marriage but between the tragedy of losing their son (and daughter) and their joint inability to communicate with each other (his due to his tendency to put his emotions in music and hers due to the fact that she wasn't mature enough mentally and emotionally to be married) doomed their marriage indefinitely. If they hadn't lost their child, they would have encountered other obstacles due to the later issue in their relationship-communication when things get rough. There's no substitute for that.

  47. Sherrie Keith says:

    PF I hope you don’t mind me adding this link to an early/rare Mayte interview if you need to delete, I understand.

    Prince and Mayte were engaged for 6 months before they married. Theres an attempt to persuade the notion that Prince ONLY married Mayte because she became pregnant, down below. And that they slapped together a quickie wedding, not marrying in Paris as first thought. Schedule could have been a reason, dunno. I do know Prince took Mayte on a “working” honeymoon where they preformed. That wouldn’t have happened in my mind if he’d thought she was expecting. He became very protective of her and she wasn’t preforming with him during the pregnancy. It took time to custom make all the wedding apparel and details, it was not quickly done.

    Attempting to right the wrong ~ sorry if I’m out of line 💜

  48. Jason Breininger says:

    I’ve been on the fence but I will definitely buy it and read it. Thanks as always PF!

  49. BIG BABY 614 says:

    I read the book , it’s very good and detailed , she rights some wrongs . Audio book is great as well ,put together very well . 👍🏾

  50. Val Alyn says:

    I read it and I am 100% With you on this review and I love the three sides ! Great review of a touchy subject when that book came out it was hard I'm sure to ignore some haters . Mayte has endured and was so young and beautiful ( sing it! ) that she was able to reinvent herself . I wish her nothing but the best.

  51. c k says:

    I liked the book.

  52. Toni Wellons says:

    I haven’t read Mayte Garcia’s book, but I will say this. She is an incredible dancer and very kindhearted person. She has every right to tell her story, it’s just as much Mayte’s story as it is Prince’s. I didn’t know too much about Mayte until around 2012 when she was in Hollywood Exes. I started finding out more about her because the show didn’t always put her in the best light or show enough of her. After Prince passed, I knew more about her and Prince’s relationship. I will say that their love was very deep, very expressive and genuine. The music drove the relationship and their deep spiritual connection centered them. I hate that they lost their babies. The pain of that shook them. I don’t think they ever recovered. The ending of it all wasn’t good and Prince quickly moved on. I do hate the blatant disrespect of this woman and her telling her story. From so called fans. I think that the perception of Prince’s reputation at the time they were together kinda made his fans look at their relationship as chaotic and weird. I hear a lot of Prince fans say the second time around was healthier and they were glad he left her. I see that the relationship was his most connected union and she was the one he settled down for and wanted a family with. His most emotional and defiant music came out with she was around. She was his muse. I’ve heard a lot of things mostly females bashing Mayte saying she’s a gold digger, and she’s to blame for the loss of the children and that her parents had pimped her out to him when she was younger all sorts of things. There’s even a YouTube channel dedicated to slandering her and they use clips from Hollywood exes and other places and edit them in despariging ways to shame her and some Prince fans actually believe it. Even more disgusting is when her daughter is mentioned. That’s is so disrespectful and cruel. They claim to know more about her life than she does and it’s ridiculous. I’ve got into a lot of arguments concerning Mayte. I read an article about The Most Beautiful Girl in the World and they talked about Mayte being the inspiration behind it. They literally made Prince out to be predatory because of the age difference and applied that Mayte was or wasn’t a victim. Like really??? It’s crazy she was an adult when they married it doesn’t matter how much younger she was. Prince wasn’t like that at all. Regardless of how people may feel, he loved the hell outta this women. I respect her for telling her story and I think that Prince would want us all to respect each other and spread positivity not hate.

  53. Becky Madrid says:

    I really liked the book and I like how she wrote how she saw things and how she felt. I'm very sure she left a lot of things out and that is ok. We don't need to know any more.

  54. Janet Huegerich says:

    Recently? It was a year and a half ago when this worthless piece of literature hit the shelves. Good book? Hahahahaha, how funny. Prince blocked that book when he was alive and won. But Ms. Greedy had to cash in on his death. Yes, everyone has the right to tell their story, but when another person is involved, that is a different story. And the fact is I don't think anyone would buy a book just about her. She is cashing in on her brief marriage to Prince. Do you really want a Mayte interview so badly that you would sit and sing her praises in a video? And her adopted daughter, may God bless her and keep her safe. I have seen videos of Mayte drunk in the little girl's presence, I have seen videos of the little girl scantily clad attempting to belly dance. And Mayte's pet rescue, PF you need to research why she made the move from California to Las Vegas. Her pet rescue apparently is a financial scam. And you brought up Manuela who I think is a wonderful person and was Prince's only real wife. But guess what she moved on with her life after their divorce and didn't continue riding on Prince's fame. And you threw some shade at Prince about his cheating on Mayte with Manuela, you also need to do some research because I can guarantee that Mayte cheated on Prince prior to that. And is Mayte truly the mother of Prince's only child? My guess would be no. When Prince was in his wild, young, crazy days and performing all around the world who can say for sure. There is the old rumor about another dancer Cat, rumor Prince is the father of her son. Is it true, I don't know and no one else is talking. Thanks for the video.

  55. Janet Huegerich says:

    Pena. Haha who is she in high demand with? And lets be clear, I don't hate anyone. But I don't sit around with my head in the sand and play hero worship with some money grabbing woman who wanted to cash in on Prince's death. And I don't know where you get your false information from, but Prince did block her book and she was also banned from PP. And to you it may be proper behavior to be falling down drunk in front of your young daughter, but to me and most of the world it is not. I think it is way overdue for Mayte to get on with her life, minus the fame she tries to achieve from her brief marriage to Prince many, many years ago. And Pena you better check yourself, I think it may be you who is consumed with hate.

  56. skyler wars says:

    I wish i was Mrs prince 2… but then again i found all of prince's chicks hot because I'm bi-sexual lol

  57. Laura Veney says:

    I would ugre you to read the last interview he did were he mentioned her if you want to know his thoughts

  58. Gym Tuppernation says:

    I haven’t yet but this review did make me wanna read it!

  59. Vincent Thomas says:

    Review Blame It On Vanity…….please! 💜

  60. Frances Marie says:

    I agree with you 100% I read it and had the same thoughts you shared here. I loved her book and I too had to put the book down a few times to ingest what i had just read, especially the parts about their son Amir. Fanatical fans who think she has no right to tell her story, I disregard their opinions immediately. They have the right afforded to them to have "their" opinions yet i have the right to not agree with them. I give them no credence, time or argument. Mayte is a human being with feelings, to bash her for them is callous, unkind and unempathetic.
    Stories will be told, books will be written, (I've read a few) we have the will to listen and read what we want to. Do I think all stories should be told, absolutely not. Yet like moths to a fire, greed prevails with most. Look, his hairdresser tried to sell his hair, tell me that wasnt the greediest, creepiest, craziest thing she could've done. I would have bought Diamonds and Curlz prior to her doing that, and even tho she pulled the auction back, I wont be reading anything with her name attached!
    I've been listening to Prince since 1979. I was in high school and was made fun of relentlessly because of it. The names they called "my" new found love were disgusting yet i was not deterred from ingesting every morsel of info I could about him. Somewhere deep in my soul I knew he was gonna be huge, he would be a star, a force of nature and may I say I was correct. I was going to be a Mrs Nelson in my teenage mind yet our paths crossed only briefly at a concert, 1981 in Boston, may i say even that brief encounter carries me into my 60's. My impact on him, well, not so impactful because I became a different Mrs.
    When he died I cried, my saddness palpable at times still. I, like other sane Prince fans, carry him in our heart and smile when we hear songs that bring back memories of long cast away days of youth. He was the soundtrack of my life, the good the bad and the ugly and I cherish that. I'm sure Mayte also has memories that are good, bad and ugly. I'm just glad she kept alot of the bad and ugly out of the book. I'm sure she could've written a scathing account but she took the high road, kept it classy and portrayed Prince as human.

  61. KLo 2daMax says:

    I just started reading the book on Tuesday! THanks for this review. 👏🏾👍🏾🙌🏾💜

  62. Nora Martin says:

    The cover. Of this book.. Never happened.. They never had a picture like this taken..she was a Holly nightmare. When it came back to prince. She rob him crazy.. Stole all of his outfits.. And shoes that she could grabbed.. Not to share his jewelry ..and his hand cuffs.. That where by the way made of 14carat gold….now tell me this why is she doing a book on prince now…he at one point stop the write of the book.. All she cares about is her self.. Not prince feelings. Just like when he was in Spain..she told reporters that they where going to by a home there..u people need to watch that interview cause when the report said something to prince he gave myte the dirtiest look… Then the man prince is he says every where I go its my home.. This is when prince had enough of her lies.and talking to the press..u just don't do this stuff when its about a mega superstar.. Like prince.. That's when he put her on a plane and told her to leave..she's nothing but a big threat to him an his group…. And alot of this stuff in this book was all lies.. And u know how myte really hurngry..that's it..believe me u can see this in princes eyes…. Then she go to a show called Hollywood xes.. Then started to dog this was nothing but a big lie in his life.. I'm glad he got rid of her….

  63. Gianni Pascia' says:

    Just "few" comment's on this sharing eh P.F.?😉 I think u can open "A School" now……u r ready x this🔝💜🎵🎸

  64. Gianni Pascia' says:

    Hey Teacher,can u talk about Book of HIM in ur future sharing?I wanna mean "PURPLE LIFE",of course……i wish know what u think about it… u can Teacher,tks.🎸🎵💜

  65. Mr Bojangle says:

    I always thought that it would be cool if Prince had a child and called it Nate. Because of the song obviously.

  66. FreeChild 7 says:

    I highly recommend the audiobook on She gets tearful talking about their son. So touching. 😰

  67. Ana-Maria Wogh says:

    i actually tried the amazon audible trial just to hear this story out of sheer curiosity. i regret nothing of it. the book showed she cared a lot about him to look past all his quirks or demands. that they were friends for a long time before ending up as lovers. That for one means she wasn't rushing to put a ring on him as many claim. in the end she settled for whatever he was willing to give her on the split. She actually vouched for him in her book. Even if she did underline many occasions where he was maybe a bit too strict, like that snippet with the strawberries and cream thing (snippet was used in some blogs i noticed). to me, it felt a liiiitle bit exagerated when she said she was living off hotel leftovers though. but this is my viewpoint. you could feel the fun and excitement they experienced on many ocasions, including the flash clothes shopping. or how funny he was when he would steal her pants and taper them to his style. i really enjoyed when she talked about those small hours before the dawn when he was hypercreative and how they would brainstorm together. many people on the internet say that they only got married because she got pregnant, but i don't think that was really the case. and to be completely frank, she was pretty mild even on the negative bits. she spoke with respect of him, didn't call him names. she even shown fondness of Sheila. She hoped for a while, that they would stay together or end up back together, just like her tricky parents always did. the loss of their baby was a pain neither could completely heal from. i could sense that when she spoke of her adopted girl. i remember i looked on youtube for the bits of the ex wives show myself. the other women poked a bit at Mayte for staying home presumably with her boyfriend to much. she felt attacked, and started underlying that she was staying home for Gia and that she was scared that at the slightest sign of not caring enough for her girl, she could have her taken away. i think her worries were genuine, a little more than everything else going on on the show anyway. some of the things she said on the show seemed more rehearsed than anything. i noticed a lot of people milked every bit of it to put Mayte against the wall and call her insincere and whatnot. I think she was mild in my eyes. she is not nearly half as bad as some folk on the web claim she is. i personally enjoyed the book. gave me some ideas of how Prince was and even through Mayte's eyes, he was an extraordinary man, even in his least elegant times. i do agree the book was good. And i want to say thank you for this review. it was one of the few to not be just another excuse to lash out to Mayte. Your review was very consistent and heartfelt.

  68. The Wretched Of The Earth says:

    I think Prince was musical genius. But he is borderline, not even borderline, R Kelly. He preyed on a little girl. They didn't become involved sexually until she was of age — that is LOL.

  69. LegzFallOffGirl says:

    I'm really grateful to you for explaining the risks of the amniotic fluid test. Prince has been made out to be some sort of religious fanatic who neglected his child. Talk about adding insult to a horrific injury

  70. sunnypie2 says:

    How did I miss this review? Love your analysis as always. I’ve read Mayte’s book and I found myself glossing over her bio because I really bought the book for Prince’s life story, not hers. I was disappointed it was mostly about her, but I can respect she was telling her story, and that’s lame on my part to expect anything else😆I might read it again properly. Mayte is a gorgeous talented dancer who was perfect for Prince because she’s so likable! Prince had an unapproachable demeanor that needed her joyful warmth to balance his life. I was so frustrated while reading it, just like watching a horror movie shouting at the screen telling her to “watch out!” I really wished she fought for her marriage and I understand it’s easier said than done, but I do believe she could have remained Mrs. Nelson if she tried, but she gave up so easily. Prince was very avoidant in her book. It’s as if he is trying to stay tough to “be the man” but he was hurting too. He definitely comes across as cold, but my theory is Mr. Softy (the guy who embraced her dog and is pictured multiple times doting their Mia) is really a gooey guy who melts quite easily. After he divorced Manuela I found myself screaming in my mind to tell Mayte “Go after him! Try!” But I knew it was never going to happen. So tragic. 🙁

  71. Marcia Terlau says:

    I read this book and I loved it. I think Mayte did a great job by letting us into some of there most intimate moments. Once I started reading it I couldn't put it down. Great review. Thank you Prince's friend.

  72. krisj827 says:

    Love your channel. I think Prince should have stayed with Mayte. He might still be alive today.

  73. Spicy Hot says:

    I read Mayte's book ..I thought the beginning was a little boring..but it got interesting when she met Prince …Mayte met Prince cuz her parents took her to one of his concerts and her mother insisted he sees her belly dancing tape.. I personally think Mayte was a little too young back then to be in Prince's camp but that's MY opinion. But..I really do believe they loved each other deeply. Prince LOVED Mayte.. Mayte said the loss of their son played a part of their split …but after their son died they WERE STILL together was when Mayte miscarried his 2nd child is when Prince the man himself started to change. He hired Manuela and took a STRONG interest in her so strong Mayte noticed it..And of course he was becoming a JW which was introduced to him by Larry Graham..with all that being said ..some seem to think Manuela stole Prince from Mayte…umm I more so think Prince sadly turned his back on Mayte for religious reasons and his interest in Manuela…Despite what people say Prince LIKED Manuela from.the moment he met her.I think she was a good distraction for which he developed feelings for her .I do feel for Mayte..I think.had their babies survived I'm not gonna say he wouldnt have still cheated but things wouldve been different ..they probably would've stayed married longer .. Despite all of that Prince was still his own man I think if he REALLY wanted to hang in there and try to save his marrirage to Mayte..he could've..But I think his religion became more important to him..

  74. Purple Plus says:

    Excellent review! I agree, Mayte has every right to tell her story. Reading the chapter about their son was hard enough. But listening to her narrate that chapter in the audiobook was absolutely heartbreaking. As a female fam, I didn't/don't hate Mayte at all. In fact her book has made her one of my "friends".

  75. Amzette Auld says:

    Great review Eloy! I definitely agree with your take on the book and I actually really liked it. She did a very good job writing it from her perspective and telling us about her life. As a HUGE Prince lover, I wasn't mad at her for putting him in a negative light. She was sharing with us her experiences and what it was like for her to go through all the things that she did and the ways in which it ultimately affected her.
    It was very gut wrenching to read about the loss of Amir and my heart really ached for both her and Prince. They just both handled it in their own ways. She was an incredibly strong woman to do that interview with Oprah at Prince's bequest. I loved her for Prince and I really thought that they were meant to be and I was very sad that they went through so much pain together, which ultimately lead to their divorce. I also give the book a 4 &1/2 star rating. I love that she wasn't spiteful or vindictive but that she wrote the book from her heart and just brought us, as her readers, into her life and what it was like for her being Prince's wife, friend and co-worker. I borrowed the audio book from the library but I think it's a book that I would love to have in my collection! 💜

  76. Kay L says:

    Great review

  77. 333 MUSIC LLC says:

    I OWN THE BOOK and it’s beautiful! No one is perfect so that being said Prince was a genius but he wasn’t Perfect! All relationships have a beginning a middle and an end none of us are exempt from that order. The love they shared was powerful and lasting. If we care about Prince the way we say we do we should be happy he got to experience this type of love for the time that he could. It’s tough being who he was and it’s comforting to know he had some happiness through it all! #Prince4Ever

  78. Naomi K Garza says:

    I have the book I really love it and read it 3 times it's on my night stand displayed.

  79. Ryze & Shyne says:

    yup I trust this is gonna be a good book, love this review, yeah I wondered why I came across so many females that love Prince hate Mayte, so I would have to agree with yah, thanks mate

  80. Kim Gomes says:

    No comment!!! 🤔

  81. MJ Reconsidered says:

    Woman really can't control themselves when the object of their desire has been taken by another woman. Woman Objectify even more than men. I'm glad that Mayte removed the rose-tinted glasses from Prince fanatics. There is a distinct habit among fans to allude to how perfect Prince was. Fun fact, he wasn't. Great review Prince's friend!

  82. NYC says:

    Let's get to point

  83. Antony Martin says:

    I enjoyed reading the book; well written and a real page-turner. I sense a great deal of sincerity, honesty, and openness in the way Mayté shares her story with the world; candor and dignity in the way she describes the series of events that comprised her Prince experience. A true love story.

  84. Bonnie Jenkins says:

    I liked the book more than I thought I would. However, the theory you referenced is a not really correct for all the female fans who had some concern about the book originally. I am proud of her work with rescue dogs.

  85. victoria smith says:

    I just finished the book last week. I enjoyed it and appreciate Mayte putting a lot of the most personal & heartache out to the world. I do want to say in more than a few scenarios Mayte seemed to always be the victim in situations BUT then I remembered this was HER book. I am curious to see what some of the band members thought of her. Anyways, I did enjoy the book and overall it was well written. Your review on the book was also done really well and was accurate. I give the book 3.5/5.

  86. live 4love says:

    I got this book as a gift because i really wanted it and I read it ALL the time at home, in school everywhere just in love with this book

  87. Kay-Nin says:

    After reading the book a few times I love it. It shows tat Prince was human.He wasn't perfect he made mistakes just like all humans do. But i think in the long run he learned from his mistakes.I agree with alot of points you made in your review. Like you said there are three sides to every story.

  88. Vic PCP says:

    I’d like to see you review Prince and the Purple Rain Era Studio Sessions: 1983-1984 by Duane Tudahl (I don’t see a review of it already on your channel-apologies if I missed it). I’m reading it now and it’s fantastic. Impeccably researched with input from pretty much EVERYONE around at that time. I promise you’ll dig it.

  89. BIG BABY 614 says:

    I read the book ,its good and is more of her and her love of “Prince “ and a lot of how they meant in another time , I feel it was a inspiration of prince song, friend, mother , wife on emancipation , ☮️

  90. BIG BABY 614 says:

    I feel she was just to young for “Prince “ and just had that first love ❤️ ,syndrome she has every right to tell her story , I give the book a “10” and for details and honesty, and good intentions , so haters ! Don’t hate!!!! 💜☮️

  91. Ronald Walker says:

    Good review 👍🏽❗️

  92. Prince's Sugar says:

    This book  from Mayte is a great deceive!  Prince private life was private and after he passed away Prince can't deny what is true or not.  Also he did not wanted to share his private life. She was in the public eyes and she definitely can take an advantage of it to benefit her in financially and glorify her.  Prince did a big mistake to marry her for his public reasons. He did realized it fast and tried to null his marriage.  Long story short if I would write a book it would be the truth but I never will because I don't want to benefit from it.  It can't be prove anymore who is genetic  was Boy Gregory, Amir because no genes left from ashes .  Mayte was a non biological paid surrogate and Prince married her for the future child sake. She had carried the child and she attached to him as like he was her own biological child. She also wanted be in the fame and legal rights so on ,so on. Prince told her to not come back never ever again into his place.  Ooops by the way fake book cover ! This photo never happened ,it's two separate image put together. Able to find proof from photographers book. Mayte does have a thick skin in her face to pull this all out.

  93. Naomi K Garza says:

    I have and read the book 3 times and learned every time I love it.

  94. asterisk userrocks123 says:

    I've been looking for this book everywhere .

  95. Mikenna Long says:

    Happy for Mayte & Prince, for the time and love they shared together. Thank you for the review, I’ve thought about reading this and this gave me a lot of insight.
    RIP Amir & Prince 💜 they’re in eternity together forever.

  96. Nikki F. says:

    I’m 60 pages in on the book and I’m impressed. I like the fact that it is about her and I love hearing about her childhood. She had a successful career as a child and nobody seems to be giving her credit for it. She clearly knows how to make her own money by being an artist. I’m one of those girls that also is/was in love with Prince but I always liked Mayte. I got to see her perform with Prince in April 1993. I was only 16 at the time myself. As much as I loved Prince, I could see their chemistry and it was just right. I find I have so much in common with her after reading the first few chapters. That concert was life changing for me and ended up bringing me to a path of dance performing and choreography myself. I also saw the Joffrey Ballet perform Billboards, which was an entire show only to Prince music. That was incredibly inspiring. I imagine it was hard being with him because of the demands of his career and I know his priority was ultimately his music. He was an absolute artist although we all know he was so much more. I really miss him all the time. I had my own intense relationship with him and we never met……he saw me at two different concerts! He even flirted with me at one in 2006 which was an absolutely surreal experience for me and I was also relieved to know that I was officially a “Prince Girl”…….but we never got to meet. I went to four of his concerts. All of them phenomenal. I’d purposely ignore when he came into town sometimes because even the idea of going to see him enveloped my life so much. Everything had to be perfect and I was dressed to the nines. I’d never let anyone with me even get close to spoiling my time either. I even yelled at goofs that were making conversation during his ballad at his last concert I attended in 2013. That was unforgivable. They weren’t real Prince fans. There was nothing better than partying it up with real Prince fans at one of his concerts. We all share a common bond. We all KNOW.

  97. Eva Rene says:

    For some reason these women think Mayte was a harlot and Manuela is seen as the virtuous one. I think they forget Mayte was mother of his only TWO children. She has always defended him publicly and privately and loved him. Manuela went to the detectives and the press and announced Prince as having an opioid addiction all through their marriage. No one vilified her. Manuela is the one who came between Prince and Mayte. Although Prince had a mind of his own, Manuela stalked him over the Holy River Chat Room until she was hired to work at Paisley. And fooled around with him right in front of his wife. So it’s amazing how the the “mistress” is praised and the wife treated like dirt.

  98. Dawn Sawyer says:

    I loved the book ! I thought she did a beautiful job At writing this

  99. r Luc says:

    Her book was boring
    All about mama

  100. Pink Cashmere says:

    Such a great review. I will definitely buy it. I always supported her and her needing to tell this story.

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