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My name is Lisa and I struggled with Math from
elementary school on My fear and dislike of math were my biggest academic challenges to
obtaining my degree i started and basic math and moved up each
semester from there I would have been clueless had
I skipped these beggining classes after math forty the lightbulb finally went on
and I got it and I started to enjoy math knowing what I know now about how to study
for math I would have finished the first time around i would have finished college the first
hand hi my name is LeAnn and an Math
instructor at MCC-Longview believe it or not i myself used to struggle
with math early on as you may also know math can be like a
foreign language and in fact math must be approached like it is a foreign
language in this short video I’ll share six
strategies that will help you approached and study for math more effectively
and confidently and like lisa and myself maybe
you’ll enjoy it too number one check your negative self-talk
at the door i’ve heard that eighty seven percent of
our self-taught is negative how many of you have heard yourselves or
other say why do I have to take math or I’m no good at math every minute you spend be fearful or
complaining about math or your instuctor is one less minute you spend studying and
believing in yourself your negative thoughts create
anxiety and keep you from being persistent be positive in your ability and believed
that you can do it number two you have to give yourself your most
valuable resource which is time back off on the number of courses that
you take in the semester or in the number of hours that you work when you
take a math class create a routine and schedule time for
yourself to study math at least six to nine hours each week and you should add more time especially
if you are struggling further math is easier to learn in small
bits rather than in large chunks for example it’s better to study six
hours spread throughout the week rather than six hours all at one time number three use the power of repetition and practice
to create stronger math connections in your brain because the math you learn builds on
itself you’ll want to reinforce the math connections that you’re making think of it this way doing math well is
a lot like hitting a baseball when your math professor is standing up
at the board explaining she is showing you how to hit a baseball you may watch a say ohh I get it I understand why she did that but until you step into the
batter’s box and try it for yourself you skill will not increase practice math by doing the homework even
if the instructor does not require it or give points for you doing that number four review where you’ve been when doing homework most students just sit
down open up the book to the homework page and start on the first problem without looking over their notes or the
textbook section your notes and text can be your best
friends in a math class your minds need to be warmed-up to the math
concepts and skills take the time to survey what’s coming
up and where you’ve been one instructor recommends writing
homework problems on index cards with the reference page number on the back and randomly pulling them out of a box
and practicing them number five help yourself by taking
effective notes one way to do this is to write the
vocabulary used to describe how the math is done use your notes to capture the
explanations your instructor uses to describe the problem not just the steps
they put on the board these notes will help you make sense of
each step when you go back to review with practice you’ll be able to explain
it in your own words and lastly number six put your notes and homework away and
take a practice exam it’s much like a dress rehearsal for a
play you need a dress rehearsal for a math test this means recreating the test
environment at home by taking a time test with
questions from each section and without listening to music or eating a snack you also must keep in mind that you will
have to be able to take these exams in class without the support at you notes text tudor or your instructor most students who are not passing math are not passing because of low exam
grades because exams make up the majority
of your math grade it is extremely important to follow these strategies that
we’re covering in this video there you have it six smart strategies
follow these smart study approaches and like Lisa You can enjoy your math class and be able to look back
and marvel at the things you’ve accomplished

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