Masala Library Jiggs Kalra & Zorawar Kalra


So, we are here at Masala Library, by Jiggs
Kalra, one of Zorawar Kalra’s new babies. Masala Library a natural evolution for Zorawar,
in terms of food. I have heard some interesting good things
about this place from friends and family, So, 19 courses, I am going to try this out
and give you a review of what i think. Hey, Amrik how are you, So, in front of you, we have your fake eggs,
these are Amuse- bouche, which is a welcome shot, wonderful, so lets try it out, cheers, very interesting, nice flavours of mango in
there, you actually feel like you are sipping an egg and you get pleasantly surprised, with
a little bit of mango juice in there. So, over here is your first snack for the
afternoon, we call it Maddur vada with clear rasam Chef Valice: Masala Library, i mean, you can
say its a culnary journey of whole India and the sub-continent, you’ll get everything in
our 19 course, tasting menu. Over here we have our next snack which is
called Charcoal Bhajiya Thats called Nadur Churma, so in Kashmir,
lotus stem is known as Nadru, So, (here) you to get to experience the way
the farmers eat, rustic flavours, cant say, i am a fan of the Bajre ki roti, but interesting
flavours none the less, Our take on serving the soup is as a tea,
we have replaced all the elements of tea from mushrooms, so instead of using tea leaves,
we are using dehydrated button mushrooms We devoted, almost a year before opening up
this restaurant, so we travelled the whole of India, we visited most of the places, and
we were looking for the ancient foods, You, know you do not get any bitterness from
the karela, flavouring is pretty good, Oh my god, yes, this is just like the churan
sticks that you’d have outside of schools, in Delhi, this is what I’ve had So, thats your first main course for the afternoon,
this is called Mizo Stew, So, over here we have the main course, where
you have lamb preparations, thats called Tawa Boti textures of green, So you’ve got Lamb boti, with different kinds
of spinach, you’ve got power, you’ve got crisp and you’ve got these pea’s that are
dried, see, dehydrated, Lambs cooked nicely, i find the spinach, for
myself a bit strong as a flavouring, lamb is good, lets give the Appam a shot now, Charcoal activated appam, kerala style, now
that is remarkable, that is a recommend, We call it quantum levitation, so these are
the two magnets here at the bottom, this is a still magnet and this is a rotatory one,
and this is a superconductor, in this superconductor we have a magnet chip inside it, the chip
inside activates and react to the magnet and starts levitating, Chef, why don’t you join me, we have one piece
each, please, As, i was saying, Chef, i have experienced
a lot of contemporary, modern, molecular food in India and i think this is one of my favourite
experiences out of the lot, thank you so much for this wonderful meal and experience, thank
you so much, So, i think the final review for Masala Library
is that you should come definitely come and try it out, you’ve got flavours from across
the country from the north-east, from the south, from the centre, its very interesting
as a blend, good flavours, A journey onto India If you like this video, do like and share
and if you’d like to see more such videos, do subscribe to our youtube channel

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9 thoughts on “Masala Library Jiggs Kalra & Zorawar Kalra”

  1. munis syed says:

    The lamb boti, and charred apam looks like a definite try

  2. Drost Video says:

    Looks professionally done

  3. Ky The French Angora Rabbit says:

    Great video! All dishes look delicious!

  4. Professor Heather Austin says:

    Great video! I love that you tasted each food group and explained what it tasted like.

  5. akhil walavalkar says:

    About the levitating dessert.. is only the upper chocolate ball edible?
    If so.. it's just a dessert placed over levilated magnets 😑
    I thought there was something more to it..

  6. Tomasz Rykała says:

    I've visited this place twice during my trip to Delhi in November 2017. Best food in the world, truly.

  7. Punching Dummy Now says:

    this looks so amazing

  8. prasoon rai says:

    Aur kaisa chal raha sab aajkal sir?

  9. food lover says:

    My aim is to apen many hotels in India like this and Better than this hotels😤

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