MARCH FAVORITES 2019: holy grail foundation, books, & music!


Hi everyone, welcome back to my channel today. I’ll be sharing my March favorites. I have quite a lot of things I want to talk about and I think it’s because it felt like such a long month for me and That’s why I was able to pick out a lot of the things that I enjoyed and I usually like to jot down Things that I want to talk about in my favorites video throughout the month. So let’s just jump right into it I want to start with beauty as always at first. I want to talk about the hourglass vanish seamless finish foundation stick Now this is a product that I have shared in so many of my ‘get ready with me’ But I feel like I haven’t given it a proper shoutout that it deserves recently My skin has been looking very clear and healthy So I don’t have too much to cover but I am very impressed with how natural my skin looks whenever I use this product This feels like liquid foundation yet it covers like a concealer and I really like how Weightless, it feels on the skin So I don’t feel too guilty when I leave this on my face for a long time and recently we are dealing with a seasonal change a lot of Dust in the air and it feels very dry so I have been spraying my Beauty Blender using the Smashbox primer water and then applying the Foundation evenly moving on to my fashion face. Let’s start with my gentle monster Liberty glasses now. I actually bought these in New York when I was walking around I noticed that the winds were really harsh and I would find myself tearing up because of it So I was like I need to protect my eyes and I didn’t want to buy sunglasses So I bought these pair of glasses and this was really helpful in Europe as well because it was pollen all up in the air and the glasses did help block that and right now I took out the lenses because Whenever I am filming I noticed that there was a glare So whenever I’m filming I take out the lenses But when I am out and about I do like to keep the lenses on. If you follow me on Instagram You probably noticed that I’ve been obsessed with denim lately and my favorite brand for Purchasing denim and jeans in general is girlfriend I just really like the quality and how it fits on my body and these are the newest addition to my denim collection and I really like Helena out of all of their jeans These are quite holey, but not too much I have ordered girlfriend jeans with way too many holes. And I think this is just like the perfect amount and They’re very soft, and I’ve been wearing them every other day So I’ve been breaking them in and I can’t wait to just continue wearing them throughout spring and the warmer months Probably not during the summer because it’s like too hot here in Korea. But yes girlfriend jeans I want us to talk about because it’s my go-to brand for denim jackets as well as jeans Denim Schwartz things like that. So check out girlfriend I know they have a few pieces on sale on, so I’ll make sure to link it down below as well Next I have a very interesting product and it is a sweater comb from the laundress now This is a brand that I discovered while walking around New York. I was buying some last-minute Gifts for my friends and family and I stumbled upon this Gorgeous store and I walked inside and they sell a lot of laundry detergent quality laundry detergent as well as Some tools for the kitchen as well as for your clothes. Now this sweater comb is Revolutionary if you were a lot of sweaters knits scarves You might notice that sometimes there are these small rolls of lint on One side of the sweater or scarf and usually you could take em out one by one or take them to the dry cleaners But this will change up the game All you have to do is glide the comb in one direction over targeted areas and you’ll notice that the metal mesh will collect all the lint it’s actually very satisfying and very addicting This is a great way to clean up your clothes and I would highly recommend it. And while I was in the store I actually talked with the employees and learned a lot about the brand and I really respect their vision and goal and how eco-friendly they are Like simple things like detergents. I didn’t really think much about it and as I talked to them, I was like oh I really need to change up the products I use for washing my clothes as well So I’ll probably do a review or a shout out on those laundry detergents laundry detergents that I’ve picked up while I was in Soho But right now I just wanted to give the sweater comb a shout out moving on to books I wanted to start with the Sun and her flowers and I know I am really late to the party I actually saw a lot of pictures on Instagram about this book pictures of certain pages because it’s actually a very pretty book and also Some people would use the poems from the book as like their Instagram captions so I have heard about this but I actually received this as a gift from my friend Christine who you guys have seen in my Europe vlogs and it was very meaningful for me mainly because we spent two weeks in Europe together and we learned a lot about each other and when we went back to New York she was like I have to see you and drop off a gift and it was this book and Something about receiving books as a gift. It’s honestly the best feeling ever because while I was reading I kept thinking about how Christine Picked this book up for me because she wanted me to feel everything she felt while reading this book so it was very meaningful and I actually finished reading this on the plane and it was a very quick read because it is a book full of poems I teared up a few times while reading mainly because I related to some of the experiences but I started Crying when I read Her poem or letter to her mom. It was very emotional. But also relatable and This book makes you think the next book that I wanted to talk about is in Paris And this is also recommended to me by Christine They say that this is the perfect book for anyone who dreamed of living in Paris by Venus’s the go-to recommendation Paris book because 20 women are sharing about their life in Paris go-to spots in Paris and their life as a local and it was just very fun to read and I really want to do something like This and I think that’s what Joan & Co is going to be I want to share about certain topics with my friends and maybe Even write a book. I don’t know this, that’s just something that I have always wanted to do But yeah while reading this book, I was even more inspired to share real experiences and I noticed that a lot of you guys were enjoying that aspect of Joan & Co so that’s basically what I’ll be doing and I know it’s not gonna be you like this book because this is about Paris and Joan & Co the purpose of it is to focus on Any topic that I have received requests on so people would ask me to cover a mental health or how to deal with toxic relationships and Those are the topics that I’ll be talking about with friends So yeah Joan & Co has been a favorite because I really enjoyed filming that in New York and now I’ll start filming in Korea and I’m excited to share my Friends with you. All even though you guys probably know who majority of them are but if there are any topics that you want me to cover please comment down below because that’ll give me ideas for the next and upcoming episodes Moving on to music. There are two albums that I wanted to share And first we have epik high’s ‘Sleepless in__’ of course as well as Kehlani’s ‘while we wait’ Kehlani her voice is amazing and it’s such a sad sexy album and for Epik High I just think they’re such musical geniuses and I also really like the lyrics as well also Tablo is one of my favorites in kpop and Epik High they collaborated with Crush and That was everything and more that I wanted from this albums. And finally, I just wanted to thank you all so much for The support that you guys have been showing me on this channel. I finally shared why I decided to take a break on joan day in detail and a lot of you guys have some super encouraging and also shared 4 vlogs like 4 real vlogs this month of France, 2 Spain’s vlogs because I just had way too much footage and also the Seoul Fashion Week vlog and I felt very Motivated and inspired to do that. It didn’t feel forced and I Noticed that a lot of you guys enjoyed the quality of those blogs as well. So yeah, I think the break and vacation was necessary, and I can’t wait to Start sharing what I have planned for April because I have all of my filming schedules ready so stay tuned for April and I just wanted to thank you all mainly because you guys are the reason why I keep doing what I do So, thank you, and I’ll see you guys in the next video. Bye have a joan day You

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100 thoughts on “MARCH FAVORITES 2019: holy grail foundation, books, & music!”

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    Looking forward to April 😍❤️❤️

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  3. Katkat Junio says:

    you really look like eunbi from izone,,,,,, cant rlly help but notice

  4. carat soup says:

    i need to get the sweater comb :O

  5. carat soup says:

    ahh yes epik high!

  6. MissProducer 101 says:

    Lmao Joan uploaded 3 hours ago when i was sleeping 😂😂

    And the other thing i love the hairstyle in this video😍 you look so good , it would be perfect if one day you get married and did your hair like this on the wedding day 😊

  7. Hobi's Sprite says:

    you look so pretty Joan 💜

  8. Ann Otherme says:

    That sweater comb is genius! I can't wait for your upcoming videos ^^ I'd be curious to hear your friends perception of the importance of physical appearance in South Korea (including fashion, age..etc) and how that might influence their life on different levels, and the way they perceive themselves and others (the glasses give you such a cute vibe ^^").

  9. Andrea Jeanne says:

    please listen to ONF and ACE!!:-)

  10. Olivia Helen says:

    I love your new look in this video!
    ❤ from Taiwan

  11. M_ _ _ M Hs says:

    Hey Joan I am only 14 years old but then also I love to se your videos. And love to watch them 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  12. Claudia Ruxandra says:

    i haven’t found a foundation that was good for my skin, they’ve all pretty much gave me a breakout so I think I’m gonna try the Hourglass one cause it seems trustworthy! Also that sweater comb is amazing!!! I wear a lot of sweaters and it’s so annoying when I have to pick up all those fuzz balls

  13. Syafiqah H says:

    Love u, have joanday 💚💜

  14. yehjin32 says:

    Can you do a video about Seoul shopping centre and ur favourite kpop group

  15. Richelle Geronimo says:

    I thank you Joan for sharing us new videos always. 😍 Life is always stressful so it's nice to see your vlogs too. ♡ Makes me feel I was travelling with you. 😅

    By the way, I just purchased your Day & Night cream collab with Neogen. I swear, I've only had it for two day, and since the day it came I started using it, now my skin looks better than how it was since last year. Redness have gone down, acne scars have faded a bit. So happy that you guys were able to create such product. 💕

  16. Asna Khadeeja says:

    I would love to know Joan’s Spotify.
    I love all her song recommendations 💕💕

  17. Day 6 says:

    Have something happened between you and Rilacoco?

  18. 정혜인 Christina says:

    The Smash Box primer water 💦, Hourglass foundation stick, and beauty blender are some of my favorites, too. 😊 I can definitely use a sweater comb to help myself with my collection. I love receiving books 📚 from friends because of the thought they put behind them. Thank you, thank you for your quality information as always! 👍🏻🙆🏻‍♀️🥰💕

  19. BELLE the Ultimate says:

    Thank you so much,Joan. I always got your power when I watched your vlogs. Makes my day ☺

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    I started to fix myself like putting some makeup and take care of my skin because you made me realize unnie or should I say you really inspired me so much, I'm your quiet fan who always watching your vlogs unnie so keep it up 😘 from PH

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    Oh my god your vibes inspires me to get my stuff done you are so productive

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    omg joan you make me want to buy the silver version of the liberty i bought the gold but like i like both, but still bought the gold cuz i already have a pair of silver glasses:(( anyway you look so good with the glasses.

  30. Fabia Fu says:

    I love the Joan & Co. contents. It is amazing to see you develop as a youtuber and creator. You are doing great!! I would love to hear you talk about mental health and how you process it as you transitioned from a student to an adult.

  31. Maria S says:

    I just watch your video just now and I'm running to book store and bought The Sun and her Flower.. Honestly when I open the first 2 3 pages I'm crying.. Its sooo deep… Tq Joan.. I'm literally crying while having my coffee.. Its so lovely book. Many thanks… 😘

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    I’m loving your aura lately Joan, btw you’re so beautiful in this video! 😍😘

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    Joan, I wish you could be in NYC today. It's the first really springlike day of the year, sunny and 65°, and everybody is out and about. My favorite Greenwich Village brunch spot is very close to The Laundress, and on a whim, on your advice, I walked inside. A cute little shop, but that comb you recommended costs $18…more than I could justify today. Maybe I'll go back. Incidentally, if you ever do write a book, I promise you that I will buy a copy. And BTW, you look absolutely gorgeous here….

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    I remember the first time I watched you. It was around Christmas time, (this last year) and I was binge watching Edward Alvias videos and watched the one where you two swapped Christmas gifts. I’ve watched you since that and have watched so many more! keep doing what you do best!

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