Man Collected 100,000 Comic Books

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The legendary movie ‘Tazza’ was based on this comic book… These famous comics were made into movies or dramas South Korea’s first romance comic magazines are all here! These characters became motives for handsome idols This is an ordinary house And it’s filled with books! There’s more in the other room… Some are hiding! They’re all comic books WHAAT?! I needed space, so I piled them up There’s so many of them Don’t be fooled, this is an actual house This is not all! He moves to a different room What’s in there? Are these…. Comic books?! Comic books were inside the sacks There’s 40,000 comics in there And there’s 300 sacks here, which makes 60,000 comics in this room In total, I have 100,000 comic books 100,000?! Room No.1 – 8,000 comic books Room No.2 – 30,000 comic books Storage – 60,000 comic books 100,000 in total! If one comic book is 2cm tall, 100,000 comic books make 2000m! Which makes it taller than Mt. Hallasan (1947m)! Production Crew/ Why did you collect so many comic books? Since I was young, I loved reading comic books so much Here’s a collection of comic magazines In chronological order since before the 90s He has the full set of Renaissance (74 books), the first romance comic of South Korea Also, he has all sorts of unique first issued magazines This is ‘Dokki’, a 60s comic book It used to be worth 25 won, now it’s 200,000 won! It went up by 8 times! Is this a comic book, or bitcoin?! If I add all the money I spent on buying comic books, Even though I live in rural areas right now, I could’ve bought myself a nice apartment I spend more than 70% of my salary on buying comic books Suddenly, he takes out the comic books from the sacks I’m getting rid of the dust and replacing the comics to new sacks He uses a dehumidifier He treats his comic books with care For my babies, I would do anything! I wanna be your baby Even an expert is surprised Head of Korea Senior Cartoonist Association/ I think his books are a very valuable historical material My goal is to make a comic book museum in Yeongam-gun, where I live We hope you can achieve that dream

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