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to build your fidget spinner you’ll need two pieces of cardboard a hot glue gun toothpicks supplies for decorating scissors a pushpin two pennies a ruler and a pencil whenever used scissors a push and or the glue gun grow in adults let’s go first measure a seven inch by two inch rectangle on one piece of cardboard use the ruler to draw an X from corner to corner do the same thing on the other side next place a penny against one short edge of the rectangle and trace it then place the penny where its sides meet the lines of the X trace 1/2 the penny to make an arc do the same thing on the other side trace half the penny inside the egg and the whole penny at the edge next draw lines to connect the two arcs forming an oval [Music] now cut out each of the full-circle [Music] put them aside you’ll need them later next cut out the Oval use the pushpin to make a hole in the center of the oval where the lines of the X meets you can use the toothpick to make the hole bigger now do it all again with another piece of cardboard use the pushpin to poke a hole in the clencher of each circle use a toothpick again to make the holes bigger time to decorate whoo-hoo [Music] go do one penny to each end of the back of one oval let the glue dry now it’s time to assemble poking a toothpick through the holes stack the pieces together leave a little room between each piece put a dab of glue on each penny then push the ovals together and hold them while the glue dries now push the outside circles down to rest close to the top of the oval glue them to the toothpick let the glue dry cut onto the ends of the toothpicks where they stick out from the dried glue and then tap off the cut ends of the toothpicks put some more glue let the glue dry again now you’re ready to fidget [Music]

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