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What’s up YouTube? Welcome back. I know it keeps seeming like I’m getting consistent with uploads and then I’ll
ghost you guys for a couple of weeks… so I just want to say I really really
appreciate you guys sticking with me. and if you’re new to this channel, my name is
Matt, definitely check out my prior videos and if you like this video
you know smash the like button and subscribe to the channel hit the bell
and all of those things much appreciated so in this video I want to talk about
some new opportunities some opportunities that you may not be
thinking about if you are somebody that’s currently selling on Amazon or
looking to sell on Amazon these are some opportunities that I would describe as
surrounding the opportunities so things you can do that are still related that
are not just selling your own products on Amazon and to zoom out I think this
is an incredible opportunity for somebody that is looking to get involved
in the space of selling on Amazon because this gives your foot in the door
these things are ways to supplement your income and become more immersed in the
space rather than just working picking up another job or something like that
these are ways that you can make money being involved in the field you’re
trying to get into on the side of or in addition to the main way of just selling
and these are also tools for your own toolkit so these are skills you can hone
that you can then layer on to your own business and also offer these to other
people and have another side income stream so the first is to offer
photography and/or videography services to Amazon sellers and this is perfect
for any of you that have experience with the camera and know what you’re doing
and can help other sellers who need those services you know we as sellers we
need perfect incredible product photos we need lifestyle photos white
background photos if you are brand registered you can have a video at the
last image slot on your listing so if you are a master video or could learn
those skills you can offer a Amazon video package to a seller or a you know
top nine photos for Amazon package or a lifestyle photo package or a white
background photo package or with that same skill set you could offer to make
ads so these brands these Amazon brands need to also run other marketing so
making the creative the photos the videos the slideshows whatever for
Facebook Instagram other platforms even for organic content to be in charge of
almost like the director of photography and videography for a brand and if you
were going into selling on Amazon and you have some of those skills already
then this would be an amazing synergy for you because not only could you make
money and get involved in the Amazon space but you’d also be learning what
works in the Amazon space by having your foot in the door with so many different
sellers apply that to yourself apply that to your clients
win-win so number two is related but definitely a different skill set and
this is to offer graphic design services to Amazon sellers now this is something
that most people watching probably are not an experienced graphic designer but
probably a handful of you are maybe that’s what you’ve done in your day job
or for other freelancing work and you haven’t put the pieces together yet with
what you’re trying to do on Amazon and you’re sitting on an opportunity because
Amazon sellers need a lot of graphic design done and these are things that
could be offered as an intro package for new sellers or for anytime somebody has
a new product logos box design insert cards EBC or your enhanced brand content
which is like the really pretty descriptions once your brand registered
all those things are graphic design meaning they are not just photography
and videography but they are actual artistry or graphic design and this one
even more so than photography or videography can package it up as a not
just a by the hour but a service you know pay X dollars for your Amazon brand
logo pay X dollars for your EBC for your Amazon listing pay this much for the
perfect Amazon box design with all the barcodes and everything that you need to
worry about because see as people are getting in to becoming sellers they’re
confused about a lot of these things and I think what you’ll find is as I lay out
even more of these opportunities throughout the rest of these this video
it’s about honing in on a particular skill set that you can master that other
people are going to be potentially overwhelmed by and needing to pay for
anyways because the average Amazon seller is not doing
all these things themselves they’re paying for it and moving on to number
three this might be the biggest most potentially lucrative on the entire list
in my opinion and also something probably reserved more for the data
nerds amongst those of you that are watching and this is to start what is
essentially your own PPC agency so this of course is a massive business in the
other worlds of business outside of Amazon there are massive billion-dollar
probably marketing agencies that run all kinds of paid media for brands and
companies you know from TV ads to Facebook Ads to billboards to those
planes that fly by probably you know there’s so many marketing channels that
companies pay massive fees for people to run their marketing if it can drive
measurable results and that is the key and then in the Amazon world we have PPC
which is pay-per-click that is Amazon’s internal sponsored ads advertising
platform right there on Amazon itself and as somebody who talks to a lot of
sellers I know firsthand that PPC is what overwhelms the most people in terms
of the day-to-day running of their business everybody is very very very
concerned about it and this is a huge opportunity for people to become
isolated experts in a particular skill like PPC and offer that as a service a
management service I will run your PPC for five hundred a thousand whatever
dollars per month or Forex percentage of your revenue or for this upside on the
sales generated from the ad spend and it goes without saying this is not
something you should offer if you have no idea what you’re doing but if you are
somebody that is intrigued by PPC and feels like you can really dive in there
and learn the the details the everything about it and that excites you then I
think this is an incredible way to build up a potentially large business just
doing this alone and again that’s because sellers are overwhelmed by this
sellers even sellers that are doing very well might be incredibly overwhelmed by
this and those are sellers that have money ready to invest and they are
willing to invest in somebody to give them an additional ROI on their business
by the way I would love if as you watch this video you leave comments down below
of what you think about these other ways of making money it would help to get the
engagement up on this video which feeds the YouTube algorithm and it would also
just be really interesting to get some discussion going down there about which
of these you see is having the most potential and number four out of five on
this list this is being a CRO conversion rate optimization expert similar to PPC
optimization and that you’re offering a particular expertise as a service to
Amazon sellers something that can give a measurable ROI at essentially the flip
of a switch for a seller that is investing in your expertise or your
service and what CRO means is anything that has to do with optimizing your
listing for turning more potential eyeballs into sales so your conversion
rate is if ten people buy out of a hundred viewers you have a ten percent
conversion rate ten purchasers out of a hundred viewers so if you know all the
little pieces to optimize from from editing photos to title to bullets to
search terms to description to price point and all of those things to
optimize that listing to get that conversion rate up to where a seller is
making more money at their level of traffic or or helping with other parts
of getting more traffic and optimize and click-through rate as well ultimately
making the person on the end of the business more money then that is a skill
that is very very high value and people would certainly pay for and what’s
especially interesting about points three four and five that I’m about to
get to is that these appeals to people that are potentially already doing
extremely well and they have a lot of money coming in in their business
whereas points one and two that’s both sides that’s people that are just
starting out all the way up to people doing incredibly well
so this fifth idea and by the way there are much more than five ways you could
potentially do all of these and come up with
own way of spinning these off into income streams but the fifth one on this
list is social media management for Amazon brands so we all know one of the
things that Amazon brands sellers struggle with the most is establishing
establishing a presence off of Amazon and this is something that gets you know
swept under the rug a lot because we just don’t have time for it
so this really appeals to brands that are already doing incredibly well on
Amazon but are just completely dropping the ball with building that presence off
of Amazon so this is something that is done outside of Amazon all the time
social media management you know ty Lopez s MMA whatever all of that but
this is something that could be done for Amazon sellers and brands as the client
and this could scale from the low end of say I will manage your Instagram posts
for a relatively low fee all the way up to full suite digital marketing from
running Facebook Ads Instagram ads you know funnels email marketing the whole
thing and these all really tie together to maybe you are doing all of these in
some way and offering just a massive package and expertise to Amazon sellers
over time or maybe you find even a more particular expertise that I didn’t even
touch on on this video and that is where you hone your skills and can just offer
that little piece of the puzzle to people for a fee for example I will
build you your mani chat sequence follow-up your Facebook BOTS and plug
all that in for you for this exact fee and boom it’s a package deal so
hopefully you see there are a lot of opportunities the ones I touched on but
on top of that I hope I got you thinking about other opportunities that might
surround Amazon and I hope you can run with some of these whether you’re just
starting out or already selling making some money on the side using this money
to fund the start of your own Amazon brand but there’s just a lot of
opportunity here and I don’t think people are talking about these other
opportunities so much so I hope that it got you thinking and if you watch this
far and you are not subscribed please please please do hit that subscribe
button check out my previous videos hit the bell too so you get notified
I post that’s how you’re really subscribed smash the like button leave
comments on this video and if you are looking to start selling on Amazon
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next few hours of your day on some other YouTube videos so hope you enjoyed this
YouTube video and see you soon you

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    Great video! Keep it up Would you like to be YouTube friends? :]

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    thanks for the ideas Matt

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    Thanks for this video. How would you clients for these ideas?

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    Matt how could I learn more about PPC & the other items you spoke about? Super great video & yes you don't see anyone talking about this subject. We need more, more. Thanks.

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    What are you using to edit Matt? I’ve just recently started using final cut on my channel. Yours looks super solid though! ✊🏼

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    Thanks Matt, hope all is going well! I would love to see an updated video about your brand's performance on Amazon. For example Christmas 2019 sales versus 2018 sales, any improvements/changes made to increase sales, etc. (if possible, without exposing the actual product).

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    Thank you so much for these great ideas Matt! Amazon is indeed an incredible opportunity. The 1st month of 2020, i quit my job to focus on Amazon. Still dont have the capital so i’m using my time to learn all the parts of amazon selling to be an Amazon VA first and eventually focus on 1 area. Maybe a PPC specialist or product researcher? 😂

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