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(dramatic opening) – Hi guys, yay! Okay, so what’s been going on? Why did you use the sparkle?
– It was not my fault, okay? – [Katie] So, let’s go check
out the spell book then and see if we could come up with something new for the otters. – Yeah. – [David] Let’s go. (dramatic chime) – Whoa!
– Whoa! – Okay. – Wait, that’s not a spell. – That is not a spell.
– That doesn’t look like one. Yeah, it doesn’t look like one. – That’s a note. – That’s a note from Augustus. – Whoa.
– Guys, okay, we have to help her guardians, or else they’re going to disappear, and she will disappear too. They’re coming after her. So, it says that we need
to find three potions in Hello Neighbor’s house. – And hurry! – [All] Whoa! – What’s going on with the lights? – Okay, something’s happening. I think we’re in Hello Neighbor’s house. (electricity buzzing) – [Katie] Don’t touch, the
otters are trapped in there. – Wait, why would the otters, like why would that be caution taped? Do you think the otters are the guardians? – [Katie] Maybe. – Like why else, why else
would they be trapped in there? – [Katie] Guys, we found something. That’s a potion. Guys, that’s one of the potions we need. – We got one of ’em. How many did we need? – [Katie] Three (mutters). We need three potions. Okay, so– (Jordan gasps) – [David] It’s a false floor. – [Katie] What? – [Jordan] The potion! – [Katie] We found a potion. – [Jordan] Nice. – A potion. – [Katie] Good job, Jordan. (dramatic music) Be quiet. Watch where you sit. – Wait, check the chair. – [David] Wait, it says
“watch where you sit.” – [Jake] Jordan, I can’t see. – (gasps) Guys, I found it! – [David] We got the third potion. – [Katie] Okay, that’s all we need, guys. I think we need to mix the three together. That means we need to
get back to the kitchen. – Guys, it’s really like, thick. – Whoa. – This is so crazy. (dramatic flash) – [Katie] Guys, you did it. – [David] Hey. – [Katie] You did it. Okay, we have to take that to the otters. – [Jake] We did it. – Yeah.
– Guys? – What?
– What? – There’s something in this mixture. It says, guys, it’s in German. It says abenteuer. (flash bangs) – [David] Whoa! – Guys, let’s hurry up and
take them with us, come on. – Yes. – Aww, they’re so cute. – These guys, whoa. Look at the spell book. It’s a message from Augustus. Take the guardians with
you on your adventures, as they will help you
solve all adventures. What? (dramatic triumphant music) – Alrighty guys, we are on our
pathway climbing a mountain. Now these otters, they’re
the guardians of Augustus. We found that out last time. – Yeah. – And they led us here. I’m not sure what we’re in search of. I just know we need to get
to the top of this mountain. So, we’re climbing it,
and it’s exhausting, but we’re doing this. Jake’s taking care of the guardians, making sure they’re safe
so that nobody can get ’em, because last time, Hello Neighbor tried to get the guardians. Now we’re worried that
somebody else might try to be after them too, because if they stop, if they get the guardians
and stop Augustus, this could make us disappear forever. I don’t wanna disappear. – No (laughs). – Okay wait, Jake, stop. Stop, guys, the otters are chattering. They’re like talking. – [David] Hey, what are they saying? – Wait, I can under, I
think I can understand them. Yeah. – [David] They seem like really talkative. – Wait, slow down, slow down. – [David] You can understand that, Jordan? – A little bit. – [David] What are they saying? – Okay, so, they keep talking about, like, this all-seeing eye. – [David] An all-seeing eye? What do you think that is? – I don’t know, that’s what
they’re talking about though. – Let’s find, like, a rock formation or something in nature,
like I’m picturing, like, branches bent over with
maybe a rock in the middle. – [David] Wait, isn’t
there something about an all-seeing eye in mythology, the further, the three fates? – I don’t know. – [David] Jake, do you have your phone? – Yeah. – [David] Do you wanna look
that up, the all-seeing eye, and see what it says? – ‘kay. – [David] ‘Kay, Jordan, are you sure that’s all their saying? – That’s, yeah. – [Katie] How much
further do we have to go? Ask them that. – [David] Yeah, ask them if
they know how much further. – How much further? They say that we’re on the right path, and that we don’t have too
much farther ahead to go, so hopefully. – [David] So why do you
think we need to see the all-seeing eye? Do you think this is
something to do with Augustus? – Oh, I can’t think right. I’m so tired. – Yeah, this is a hike. – Yeah, it’s been a long hike. We’ve been going down
this path for a long time. Alright, well, so Jake is
looking up the all-seeing eye. I don’t know if this is something that Augustus wants us to have, but the otters seem
really excited about it, so I think we should
definitely try to find it. – The all-seeing eye is a pyramid. – [David] Oh. – A pyramid? Wait, are you kidding me? We’re hiking to a pyramid? – [David] Oh no. – [Katie] That sounds far. – That explains why this
has been such a hard hike. – I only got the bit of what it’s, described of what it’s looking. I didn’t really get what it means. – [David] Okay, well let’s
keep walking on the trail, because apparently the otters
are real excited about this. – Yeah. – [David] Let’s go, guys. – [Katie] I bet they’re chattering
because we’re in trouble. Like, they want us to hurry
and get to the all-seeing eye, because something, danger’s approaching. – [David] Oh, you keep an eye on the back of the trail then, ‘kay? – Oh, I definitely will (giggles). I’ll be way back here, guys. (adventurous music) – I think I’ll have
like 50 million breaks. (adventurous music) Let’s take a break. – [David] The otters are
chattering again, guys. – Wait, wait, wait, Jake, come here. Can I see the– – [David] I wish I could
understand what they were saying. – Here. – [David] What is it saying, Jordan? It’s like, going crazy. How’re we doing on the hike, guys? Are we doing good? – We’ve only done one fourth of a mile. – [David] Yeah. – You guys, I don’t think
it’s the all-seeing eye. – [David] What is it? Are we not on the same trail again? – They just told me. No, they just, no, it’s not a trap. They just told me, it’s
like the eye of the giant, which would actually make sense, ’cause this is like the trail of, like, the sleeping giant, right? Something like that? – [David] Yeah, this is
the sleeping giant trail. – Yeah. – So wait, so we have to get
the eye out of the giant? Wouldn’t that wake up the giant? – [David] (laughs) I don’t
wanna get an eye of the giant. – I don’t know, that’s
what they’re telling me. – [David] Are they
telling us to keep going, or are they telling us to stop? What are they, what are they, ask them. – Yeah, they’re saying like, keep going. – [David] Keep going? – Yeah, I don’t know
how much farther though. But they say keep going. – But we’ll just take a break and then go. – [David] Well, the
trail doesn’t look like it gets much easier, but– – I know.
– About three fourths of a mile. – [David] Let’s keep going. – [Katie] We got this, we got this. Let’s do it, we got it. – Yep. – I’ll lead. (dramatic music) – I think I can understand these otters. – They’re chatting. – [David] What are they saying? – They say keep going, go
fast, and we’re getting close. – [David] ‘Kay, let’s keep going. – How fast? – I can’t go fast. – Go fast, Ty. Alright guys, we’ve climbed up
really high on this mountain. It’s getting, there’s
some pretty cool views that we can see, we’ll show you here when
we get into a big opening. This is actually awesome. I think we’re gonna find this eye that the otters keep talking about. – Hey, it’s this way, guys. Come up through here. – [David] What, that’s steep. – [Jordan] Through the canyon. – [David] Jordan, – We’re going. – [David] Look how far up this is. – I know, I’m trying to not look back. – [David] Alright, let’s keep going. Uh, this is crazy. – Guys, I think we have
to go across this ledge. It’s dead end over this way. – I’m surprised you even
wanna go on that ledge. – [David] Careful, guys. Careful, dude. Are the otters still saying to go forward? – [Katie] Yep. Careful, Ty. – [David] Listen to them. They just keep chattering. Okay, let’s just go and do what they say. – [Jordan] I don’t think
I wanna go up any higher. – [David] Good job, you guys. – [Jake] Eww, fire ants. (dramatic music) – [David] Oh, you guys are way up there. – Wow, look it! – [David] Woo hoo, we can do this. – I think I found the sleeping giant. It’s this old tree, really old tree, and I found the eye, and it’s missing. I think we’re too late. – [David] You really think the tree is it? – I think so. Ask the otters. – [David] Jake, come here. – The guardians would know. – [David] Jordan, – Yeah, right here. This is, like, it leads right to it. – [David] Ask the otters if this is it. – Let me see. You guys, is this the sleeping giant? – [David] Is the sleeping giant a tree? – They’re saying no. – [David] They, what are we gonna do? Keep going? – We gotta keep going. – [Katie] Please, I wanted that to be it. – We have to keep going. – [David] Oh, you’re
just making things up. Oh, I see what you’re doing. – Mom. – [David] Oh. – [Jordan] We have to keep going. – [David] ‘kay, follow Ty. Hurry, he’s going. Guys, I think we’re getting closer. You can do this. Look at this. We’re getting way up to the top. This is where a giant would rest. It would be at the top of the mountain. And the otters are still chattering. I think they’re saying
we’re getting closer. Sweet, how’re you doing, Katie? – I’m making it. – [David] You’re making it. – I’m doing it. This is great. No prob.
– [David] I don’t know what this means, DLNR-DOFAW? I’m not sure. Let’s keep going. We can do it. Woo! Alright guys, the otters, they are, it sounds like they’re
almost cheering us on, ’cause I think we’re getting super close. Mom, Jordan, and Ty are up there. I’m just making sure nobody’s coming up from behind us. But listen to those guys chatter. – They don’t even have to walk. I have to walk. – [David] We’re coming to the marker? (family chatters) – We’re at one mile point 25. – [David] Aw sweet,
we’re almost there, guys. – They don’t even have to walk. I have to carry them. – Yeah I know, but you’re the strong one, that’s why. Hey guys, thanks for rooting us on. We can do it. We’re gonna find this eye or this whatever it is that you’re talking about, this giant’s eye. And we’re gonna make it. Oh, sweet. Alright guys, everybody’s stopped to rest, and I kept walking, and I think I fell off the trail, or I’ve veered off the trail or something, because I don’t know where I’m at now, and everything looks like
just tons and tons of trees. Check this out. I am like totally turned around. It just goes on and on and on, and I don’t see any trails anywhere. Maybe they’ll start walking
this direction here. This is so crazy. There are thousands
and thousands of trees. Oh, and they’re spider webs. Ugh, I’m afraid to go
walking through this. I have a bad feeling I’m
going to run into, like, one of those big banana spiders. Ugh, I gotta duck down. Ugh, I found the trail. Here we go. I don’t know which way to go. I think I’ll go up, ’cause we were still headed
up, so let’s head this way. Look at those trees though. I’m not gonna take anymore shortcuts. I gotta get through here. We can do it. Gotta find the family. (dramatic music) okay guys, I just came
around the corner here. There’s no vegetation at all right here. Beautiful scenery, wow. You can see so much. Again, I don’t see anybody. That is so steep. I don’t think they would’ve
gone down that way. I think the trail goes this way. Let’s go try and see
if we can find anyone. Come on, guys. We’re gonna keep going. Oh, the trail goes right up around here. I think I can find it, let’s go. Oh man, oh. Alright guys, I think I’m
almost catching up to them. I can hear Jake and Tyler, and I see this building up here. That’s weird there’s a building way up here in the woods. Let’s see if we can
figure out what’s up here. There’s Ty right there, I see him. How long have you guys been here? – 10 days later. – [David] How long have
you been here, Jordan? – One minute. – [David] Oh, I was just right behind ya? – [Jake] Yeah. – [David] Yeah, cool. Well, this is the picnic
table that they talked about. Do you wanna ask the otters, Jordan, where we’re supposed to go from here? – Turn around for your good. – Where are we supposed to go? – [David] What are they saying? – They’re saying follow the trail, and shortly you will find the eye, but literally, I thought we
were done with the trail. – [David] ‘Kay, ask them
is it like a half a mile, is it a quarter a mile? – How much longer? They’re saying it’s only
a three minute walk, but they also said that
this was a short hike, so… – Well, this might be short for them, so how about we do this? How about, Jordan, how about you and I take this three minute hike? We’ll let everybody
else stay here and rest. I’m gonna grab the walkie
talkies out of the backpack, so we’ll have one, these
guys will have one, and let’s go find this
eye that these otters keep sending us to. – I’m tired.
– That sound like a deal? – Mmm hmm, but I’m
still tired too, though. – Alright, we’re gonna
leave in two minutes. Okay, so we’re gonna take
the girl otter with us, ’cause she’s telling us which way to go. We left the boy otter back
there at the picnic table with Katie and Ty and Jake. We’ve got one of our
adventure walkie talkies. They have the other one, so
that they can hear us too. And we’re gonna head off on this trail. They said it’s about another two meters. We’re not exactly sure
how far two meters is, unless you know it, Jordan? – [Jordan] I don’t know. – I think it’s probably
like just a couple minutes, and we’ll be there. So, but we’re gonna run down here and see. Let’s do a mic check. Can you hear us? Ty, can you hear us? Uh oh, I can’t hear him. Ty, hold the button down. Can you hear us? – [Ty] Yes, I can. – Alright, they can still hear us, good. Alright, let’s make it through this. This is kind of a narrow spot right here. Check this out. Ooh. Alright, what’s the otter saying, Jordan? – Keep going. – [David] Keep going? – Yes. (dramatic music) I’m not seeing anything. (dramatic music) – [David] I think we’re on the ridge. Look at this. It’s a big cliff that way, and it’s a big cliff that way. I think we are walking
along the back of the giant. – [Jordan] Yeah. – [David] Guys, check this out. I think we have to go up there. There are people way up there on the top. Do you see that? Oh my. You sure we can do this, Jordan? – This is already a good view. Let’s go back. – [David] Does the otter
say we gotta go to the top? Oh no. – Uh, it’s so high up. – [David] Look at this. This is crazy. – [Jordan] I don’t know
how to get down from here. – [David] Alright, let’s keep going. Alright guys, we are at the face. Check this out. It goes pretty much straight up. Now, this is like what Audrey
and I did last year in Oahu, except it was raining,
and water was coming down. You guys have to check that video out, where dad–
– I don’t know how I’m gonna get up there. – [David] Where David and
Audrey went on an adventure. This is the Dad and Jordan adventure show. (David giggles) Alright Jordan. – I’m tired already. – [David] You can do it. I’ve got… – There’s a tree above me. – [David] The otter is saying
to go straight up there. That’s where the otter says to go, Jordan. You can do it. – You sure? – [David] Yeah, the otter’s saying go up. Do we go straight up this hill? Yeah, the otter says go up. Alright Jordan, you can do it. I will send the otter up to you. ‘Kay, here she comes. One, two, three. Woo hoo. Okay. – Yeah. – [David] Ask the otter
if we keep going this way, or if we passed it. – This way? I think we passed it. – Oh no. ‘Kay, check this out first of all. Look at this view. We came from all the way down there. So if we passed it, there
was a trail that went off, and it went right over
to the very top of those, that’s probably where it’s at. I think we need to go back to that. This is beautiful. I can see why the giant’s
eye would be up here, because you can see everything. Let’s go find this eye. Let’s make the otters happy. Let’s get this treasure. – The otter’s pointing to go up here, so I think this is where the eye might be, but I’m a little nervous, ’cause this is, like, a ledge. – [David] Holy cow, we gotta go up that? – It’s not really a ledge, but it’s like, squishy. – [David] Oh my goodness. Guys, that goes right on the
very tip of this mountain. Are you sure we should go up there? – That’s what the otter says. – [David] Do you want to go with me, or do you want me to just go by myself? – I think we both have to go. – [David] ‘Kay, oh my. Let’s do this. Be careful. Keep your eyes on the trail. – Oh my goodness. I can’t go any further. – [David] You done? – Wow, oh my goodness. – Oh guys, look at this. That goes straight down. Wow, if you’re afraid of heights, this is not a good place to be. We came all the way up that. Alright, I’ll keep going. I gotta find this eye. We’re going out to the edge. This is right over there. This is crazy. Like, super crazy. Like, that’s so far down. Jordan’s staying right back there. She’s guarding the entrance. I am almost there. I can see it, but it just got even narrower. Check this, there’s like
no arm rails or nothing, check this out. Like, it goes straight
down, all the way down. There’s no way Katie or Jacob or Tyler would’ve even come this far, but guys, I think I see
something right up there. I’m almost there. I gotta put the camera down, so I can get past this really narrow part, but as soon as I get past here, I’ll show you guys this. I think I see the eye. It’s right up there on the top. (dramatic music) Okay guys, I’m at the very tippy top. It doesn’t get any higher than this. Look, there it is. That’s gotta be it. That’s gotta be the eye
that they’re talking about. We made it. Now, I gotta see if I can grab it, if I can take it off the hill. This has gotta be what the
otters were talking about. Let’s see if we can get it. I gotta watch my footing, ’cause there’s really nowhere to stand. Okay, let’s see if I can get it. (dramatic buzz) It’s heavy. It doesn’t wanna move. (gasps) Guys, I got it. Look at this, the eye. I found the eye. I got it, wow. This is so cool, guys. Everything’s upside down in it. What does that mean? Why is it upside down in the eye? I can see everything from up here. This is so cool. I gotta take this down to Jordan. Okay guys, I’m taking this down. I’m gonna show it to the family. I don’t know what kind of
cool powers this possesses, but this is awesome. Jordan, – Did you get the eye? – [David] I got it. Look at this. – Whoa.
– [David] You’re upside down in it. – You’re upside down. – [David] That is crazy. Wow, but yeah, this was sitting
at the very top of the hill. Tell everybody we got the eye. – Guys, we got the eye. We got the eye. Are you there? – [David] Uh oh, do we have bad reception? – [Ty] I to wave. – Oh, they can hear. We got the eye. They say good job. – [David] Okay, let’s head back. – We’re coming back, come on. – [David] I don’t know
what’s going to happen to this mountain once
we take the eye off it. – Yeah, we’ve gotta go. – [David] Go, go, go. (soft rumbling) We’re gonna go down
that really steep part. We can do it. ‘Kay, I think we’re just
around the corner here. Let’s go. Guys, guys, we made it. We found it. We got the giant’s eye. – Where is it. – [Jordan] We gotta hurry though. – What is it? – [David] Have you guys
been feeling the tremors in the mountain? – A little bit, but… – [David] I think the mountain’s upset we found the eye. And I think, I think the giant’s gonna be a little mad. – Check it out. – Whoa. – Whoa, that really makes
you look upside down. – [David] Everything’s upside down in it. – Yeah, why is everything upside down? – [David] I don’t know. Whoa, you guys feel that? – Crazy. – Whoa. (heavy rumbling) Guys, I think we gotta get
off of this mountain, fast. I think, by taking the
eye off the mountain, the mountain is either
going to come to life, or it’s gonna try to stop
us from taking the eye. So we’ve got to get out of here, quick. Katie’s got the eye. Alright, let’s go. Let’s go go go go go. Guys, it is so shaken. Hold on to the tree. Who’s got the eye? (heavy rumbling) – I do. – [David] Otters, let’s go. Let’s go, run Jake. Hurry. I don’t know if we’re safe here. Let’s keep going. Go go go go go. We gotta get out of here. I don’t think the mountain is too happy that we took the eye. This is the very very top. – Was it on the floor or something? – [David] No, it was, you’ll see. I got it on camera. It was, like, the very
top of the mountain. It was so cool. Let’s go. Alright guys, it’s stopped shaking, which is good, because I
don’t remember these trails criss-crossing like this, do you? – Nope. – I thought, oh wait, I do. I do remember this sign. We’re on the right way. Let’s hurry, we gotta get
out of this narrow place before it starts shaking again, because we could easily
fall down this mountain. Whoa, guys, it’s shaking again. Hold on, hold on. I gotta turn the camera off. We gotta go, hurry, go go go go. – Every now and again, there’s
like a little, like, tremor. – [David] Yeah, you can
definitely feel the tremors. How are you doing, Katie? – I’m making it, I’m doing it. Oh, I’m worn out. – Alright, when we get to the bottom, you gotta check out this eye. It is so cool, guys. It is amazing the clarity
that you can see in it. Let’s go. Okay guys, we just made
it down to the trail head. We made it back to our vehicle. We’re gonna get out of here. The canyon, the mountain keeps trembling. Let me show you what this looks like. I think the sleeping giant is waking up, ’cause it wants its eye back. We don’t know what this eye does, but we’re gonna figure it out, guys. Thank you guys so much for watching. Make sure that you keep watching. Remember to like, subscribe, share, and… – Hit the bell. – And make today an adventure. We’re out of here, bye. – Bye. Whoa, it’s trembling
again, guys, let’s go. (dramatic music)

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