Magic Spell Book Episode 7-Sneaky Leprechaun Hides The Gold! / That YouTub3 Family The Adventurers

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(dramatic music) – I’m so stressed, like I
just can’t wait any longer, I just want mom and dad to be home. – Yeah. – We’d better try fixing this, let’s use the spell book again. – Okay, I guess that’s
all we can really do, so, let’s go try it. You guys it worked! Oh my goodness, okay. This one’s weird cause it
doesn’t say the amounts, so I guess we’re just
gonna have to wing it and hope for the best. Okay you guy, it looks like
it’s making some cream, so I think we’re ready, do you
guys want to go find Logan, And we can try it on him?
Yeah. – I guess I could try it on
myself to make sure it’s safe. (scary music) – Audrey?
Audrey? – Where’s Audrey? – Wait, you weren’t it? – Uh, yeah? (screams) – Let’s go find another recipe. – Oh God. (gasps) – We find one guys!
Yeah! – It’s the banana and pickle smoothie? – I think we should try it. – My hands, I’m starting to feel weird. – Do you need help? – Jordan, you’re back to normal! – Oh my goodness, yes! Oh thank goodness. (blender) – We need to find Logan, Logan! – Not that bad, but, It’s not good either. It’s like, urgh. Why’s my skin becoming itchy? Jordan! (ominous music) – Jacob’s green Ty!
I know! – Okay, I sent him to go, just lay down on the coach because, he’s really green, not just
like sick green, he’s green. So, we need to definitely
figure something out, we have; two otters, a cartoon
dog, and a green Jacob. We need to figure something out. Okay, so I’ve been studying this recipe, and I see that there’s like
some fine print down here. I have a magnifying
glass, should I read it? I haven’t read it yet.
Sure. – Wow, okay this looks like a chant, should I say it out loud? – What if it helps? – That’s a good point,
I guess we could try it. Okay, here goes nothing; Peter Piper picked a
peck of pickled peppers, how many peppered pickles
did Peter Piper pick? (gasps) – Is that it?
It did something! – Okay, um, there’s three chocolates. – I want some, I want one. – You do? But Ty I don’t know, I
don’t know about this. We should probably just have Jake try it since he’s the green one. – But they look really, really good! – Uh.
Please! Please, please! – I don’t know, I guess.
Whoo! I guess you could try one. (tense music) – This looks really delicious. (tense music) – What! Jordan, use a different spell. – Ty, I knew you shouldn’t
have tried the chocolate! Okay, at least Jake
didn’t eat one, but now, we have a problem. Okay, let me retry the chant I guess. I must have said something wrong. Okay, um, Piper Peter picked
a peck of pickled peppers, how many pickled peppers
did Piper Picker eat, pick. Okay Ty, okay. Try these, I don’t know. I hope this works. – I hope this one works,
turns me back to normal, I don’t like being red. – Well? Is it doing anything? – Yeah It’s doing something,
I’m feeling itchy. – Maybe It’s working, I don’t know. What’s happening? (gasps) – I’m itchy. Jordan I’m turning blue!
Ty! – This is not good, okay,
I don’t know what to do Ty. – Say another spell! – Okay, um, Peter Piper
picked a pick of peppers, how many picka peppers
did Peter Piper pick? – Okay.
Hopefully this one works. – Try it. (tense music) – Jordan, I think It’s working. – Oh good, I hope it does. – I think I’m turning back to normal! Yep, Jordan you got it right,
whatever you said worked! – Really? I thought I messed up. Okay, good. Alright so now we know that
this turns back to normal, we need to bring this to Jake. (tense music) – Feeling really weird. I wonder if I have magical powers. Whoa, my shirt turned green! I wonder what other type of magic I have. Oh wow, I have a hat now. I’m going to do this one more time. Whoa, now I got a tie? Everything’s green, whoa. I have some craving for some gold. (squeaking) – They’re still there. Should I say hi to them? Hi, oh you’re so cute. Alright you guys just
stay there, I’ll be back. Have fun, bye. – I can smell me gold, I’m getting close. I can smell me gold! I’ve found me gold! I have to protect my gold,
nobody can take me gold. I’ve gotta protect me
gold, It’s too obvious. The best way to hide my gold
is in lots of different places. I need my pots. There’s me pots. Me gold will be so safe. Me gold. Me gold in these. I hear people coming, must hurry. I got to hide me gold. This is a good spot, for me gold. My gold shall go here. I need more. Right here. My gold goes over here. Over here. All me gold is hidden, now
It’s time to take a nap. (folk music) (panting) – Here you are. Aww, you’re a good doggy. I’m sorry we turned you into a cartoon. Can you speak? (barks) Good boy. Logan, let’s play. I can’t remember how
Jordan said that in German. Spielen. Logan! Loggy! – Jake? Jake? Why is he dressed like a leprechaun? Um, here Jake, you just eat this, I’m too afraid to touch you, I don’t want to turn
into a leprechaun either. – You’re back! Loggy. Jordan, Logan’s back! – [Ty] Jordan, Jordan! I think I fixed Logan! – Wait, really? – What’s this? (electronic music) – Wow, I’m back to normal! – Really?
Yeah. – Guess what, so I Logan,
here, come back to the kitchen. – Okay. – [All] Logan, you’re back to normal! – Jake, you’re back to normal
as well, you’re not green! – Yeah.
Yay, you guys, we did it. (knocking) – Mum and Dad’s home!
Yeah! (electronic music)

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