MacBook Pro 使用 教學 68:如何讓iPhone投影/投屏到MacBook上!How to iPhone Screen Mirror on Mac! |SernHao Tv


Hello, everyone! I am SernHao. Welcome to my channel. What I want to share with you today is: How to get your iPhone’s screen, Project onto a MacBook. I know that I have shared the last video: How to make the screen of your Android phone to Project onto a MacBook. So, in order to project the screen of the iPhone On the MacBook, I am special lend the iphone with my lovely sister for this Yes, I am now still saving money for the iPhone. So if you are willing to donate to me, I will be very grateful to you! Enter the topic. However, before it has started, Please allow me to make a small advertisement. SernHao Tv will always update about: Practical tips for MacBook and mac OS. If you are interested in this information, Welcome to subscribe + follow SernHao Tv. So let’s get start now. Here, I will introduce 2 practical methods. The first method is the practical QuickTime Player. The good thing is that it is free. And, you only have one The iPhone’s usb cable is fine. However, its distance cannot be too long. And, if the interface between usb cable and iPhone, If loose, the projection will be broken. First, let’s take the iPhone and MacBook first. Connect them with a connecting line. Then there is a setting here. Is this connected MacBook, do you believe it? Therefore, we must press “Trust”. Then you have to enter your iPhone login password. After entering the password, We will turn on QuickTime Player. After QuickTime Player is turned on, We have to click on “File” at the upper left. Then click on “New Movie Recording”. After opening this “Movie Recording”, We click on this button. In addition to FaceTime Camera, The other is the name of our iPhone. So, click on it. Now they are starting to sync. Straight and horizontal can be. Turn on the app. . . In fact, they are also synchronized quickly. If you want to record, We need to click on this red dot. It will record the screen. The second is to try Reflector. The advantage is that as long as both parties are connected to the same network, It is possible to project. So it can be connected a long way. It is also more convenient. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about loosening the usb interface. Then, the projection is broken. Although, this is an app that requires payment, However, it offers a free 7-day trial. And the price is acceptable. In addition to connecting to the same network, Our MacBook also needs to download its app. You can click on the link I placed in the description. Download and try it out. Now let’s turn on Reflector first. After turning it on, You will see its icon in the menu. Then we click on it. After turning it on, Let’s open our iPhone. Then, click on screen mirroring. We can see the name of MacBook that able to be connected . Then we click on it. Let them connect. Then we can see that Reflector will display the password. Then we need to enter this password. —The password is different every time — I can link it. Straight and horizontal can be used. Speed ​​is also OK. Ok, the above is what I want to share with you: Tips for using MacBook and macOS. If you feel that this sharing is helpful to you, Welcome to give me a “Thumbs up”. Also share it with your friends. If you have a tip/app that wants to recommend me; Or what problems are you having when using your Mac? Welcome to share your message with me. Well, I am SernHao. Goodbye and see you again! Bye~

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  2. Ricky L. says:

    你好,我想知道mac裝win 10 需要密鑰嗎? 畢竟一個正版密鑰挺貴的🤔

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    你好,我的mac在windows 10下按右下角的"用macos重啟電腦 ",之後重開機後就會死機了,想問問你有相似情況嗎,謝謝

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    不用了有iphone xr 很便宜

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    救救我 我用iPhone 6可以 ,iPhone XS 為什麼不行 ?

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    想问个问题 就是我的数据线连接mac的时后,会显示一下连接一下断开的情况,手机一震一震的,想知道这是我的问题吗(换过数据线,mac有两个接口都是一样的)

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    好像我也不能显示啊 ipad 10.5 inch macbook air 2016 是因为 机型太老的关系吗

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    可以了 没有在tunes点击同意刚才

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    哈囉,請問一下,我今天把Macbook Pro 接親戚家的電視,電視只有顯示到桌布的部分,狀態列是看不到被卡掉了,而且連接後沒辦法在Macbook上調聲音大小,但是我接家裡的電視是可以的,沒有這個問題,是電視本身型號太舊嗎?

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    有個小問題 之前已經用QuickTime player連接好了 然後手機上按了stop mirroring 現在用不了, 想知道怎麼恢復呀謝謝

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    但是為什麼我開麥克風聽聲音之後畫面就沒有了😭 救救孩子吧😭

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    I watch your video without skipping ads can I become your number 1 fans, I am from Indonesia 😎😍

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    iphone8 用quicktime player成功啦!thanks!

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    为什么说一些 跟英文发音一点都不像的英文呢,要不说华语,要不说英文

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    you really need to get a english teacher to correct your terrible pronunciation ~

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