Macbook Air announcement in less than 3 minutes


and all new MacBook Air with a Retina
display and a whole lot more and here it is every part of the product has been
redesigned and re-engineered the familiar aluminum bezel of the current
MacBook Air is gone the new era sleek design takes the
display glass right to the edge of the enclosure forming borders that are 50%
narrower it features a 13.3 inch display and when it comes to resolution we’ve
taken the pixels and quadrupled them providing four times the resolution for
over four million pixels and even with this narrow or border design we were
still able to keep the FaceTime camera at the top of the display the MacBook
Air has another new feature that customers have been asking for and
that’s touch ID we’ve put the touch ID sensor right into the keyboard and to
enable touch ID the new air comes with Apple’s t2 security chip next the
keyboard where we’ve gone way beyond just adding touch ID the new MacBook Air
has our latest generation keyboard with keys that offer four times the stability
over the previous generation we’ve replaced the old diving board version
with a new force touch trackpad it has 20% more service area which extends the
functionality of multi-touch gestures it is 25% louder it has two times more bass
and wide stereo sound so the new MacBook Air has two Thunderbolt 3 ports so from
charging to data transfer to video out it’s the most versatile port ever
there’s an eighth generation dual-core CPU along with the latest Intel
integrated graphics and it also supports up to 16 gigabytes of faster memory
which is double the capacity of the previous air and SSDs that are up to 1.5
terabytes in capacity and 60% faster it has the same great 12 hours of Wireless
web browsing but now has up to 13 hours of iTunes movie playback the new air has
an unbelievable 17% less volume than its
predecessor it’s just fifteen point six millimeters
which is ten percent thinner than the previous air just two point seven five
pounds so we’re really proud to say today that every new MacBook Air is made
from 100% recycled a little so the new MacBook Air is configured with eight
gigabytes of memory a 1.6 core i5 processor with turbo up to 3.6 and 128
gigs of storage and we’ll start at 1199 you can order it starting today and it
will be available next week

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32 thoughts on “Macbook Air announcement in less than 3 minutes”

  1. Qk9CWU5ib3x says:

    Isn't this better than….. Macbook Pro retina at this point?????

  2. Mark Hoffman says:

    Could Cook be any more awkward and uncool? That guy needs to hide in his executive offices.

  3. Gilang Wicaksono says:

    I have the 2017 13 inch macbook pro (non touchbar, 256gb) and I'm salivating. Bought it in February 🙁

  4. Soroosh Abb says:

    That Stupid Butterfly Keyboard 🙁

  5. The Universal Mike says:

    The way Tim Cook says "Mac," though…

  6. m07hcn says:

    128Gb storage for the base model is not impressing. I'm wondering why Apple has always been so cheap with storage. Why ? Why ? why ?

  7. kalyan akula says:

    128gb….in 2018…

  8. turtle g says:

    Us3less Apple product. Using cheap material with selling higher price.

  9. Roberto Bertocchi says:

    hd graphics 617 sucks..

  10. Jack Maguire says:

    I am whelmed

  11. Veli Celik says:

    The lightweight and thin Macbook makes no sense anymore.

    Until maybe they drop it to 999

  12. chato1403 says:

    Looks like a rebadged macbook pro 2017

  13. Epolrazi55 says:

    Hey look, it's a thinner version of the Macbook Pro W/O touchbar… Wow so innovative…though, I'm kinda curious how the 3rd gen butterfly keyboard will differ to the 2nd gen… And how durable it would be cuz ya know… It's funny how a small speck of dust could potentially destroy a Macbook and Macbook Pro keyboard

  14. Pretty Boy Flizzy says:

    damn this is the better than the base pro model😂. Kind of mad

  15. Anshuman Singh says:

    So basically all the useful ports and the perfect keyboard are gone .I have a macbook pro and I have the last year's model of macbook air and I love the air. I think I'm gonna hang on to it.🙂🙂

  16. Yi Yin Yu says:

    how good is the screen compare to the pro? does it have the same color reproduction performance as the pro?

  17. JimbyTheBlueFox says:

    Dual core my ass

    My fifth gen Asus core i5 pc with 8gb of ram os better than this shit

    Apple sucks

    They release an overpriced dual core laptop with 8gb of ram and 1.6 GHz dual core CPU????

    My 120dollar Samsung Galaxy j3 has a quad core cortex a53 with 1.4ghz

    I'm gonna upgrade my phone to a xiaomi mi redmi note 5 pro cuz fuck apple I only buy good shit from xiaomi or Samsung

  18. JimbyTheBlueFox says:

    Also just think about my suffering with that keyboard

    That means I have to buy a mechanical keyboard cuz I wouldn't dare touching it

    Also does apple include the charger ????

  19. Pcpie says:

    wtf is happening to the right side of the video

  20. Zowarma says:

    Should I get this or the base macbook pro?

  21. Sir. Fun says:

    Dual core…man they pay peanuts for them and in bulk

  22. Quons Lecn says:

    So they ruined the keyboard, trackpad, and lit up logo from the original? And this was supposed to be "low cost"? Yea, the display/bezels are now better, but so what.
    Finally time to buy an OG macbook air before they get rid of it.

  23. Sahal Nazar says:

    Still dual core? 🤔🤦‍♂️

  24. mrJesper a says:

    that shit aint cheap, where is the 1000 dollar one ?….

  25. Alex K says:

    Terrible pricing, disappointing value for £1199. Come on! And we still need to buy USB C accessories. What about us students?!

  26. Sasha Sauber says:

    should I get the new mac book air or the mac book pro (2018)?

  27. Hyakujuu says:

    Finally a Retina display and no THICC bezels

  28. TheAfricanPrince says:

    Yet the older MacBook has a faster standard processor

  29. spicy pickles says:

    I regret buying the pro

  30. Jesusreignonhigh says:

    Surprised not a quad core CPU.

  31. Jay H. says:

    This is the same shit as the 12” MacBook but rebadged with a “better” processor aka the same processor they’ve been using for the last 5 years

  32. kevinchan800 says:

    Not a viable choice. Silly product for silly ……

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