MacBook Air 2014 Review: Best Laptop for Students?


So I got my hands on a little toy. This is
my MacBook Air 2014 review. So I’m going to go ahead and quickly say in my personal opinion
this is the best laptop for students or people on the go. And now I’m going to get into the
review, my full review, and show you why that is. The 2014 MacBook Air is an absolute beast
when it comes to portability. It’s sleek. It’s slim. It’s lightweight, but at the same
time it’s fast and powerful enough for the casual user. It comes in two different sizes:
11″ or 13″ and those come in two different variations as well. You can either get a 128GB
hard drive or a 256GB hard drive, and those are both solid state drives. The one I’ll
be reviewing is the 13 inch model with the 256 gigabyte solid state drive and 4 gigabytes
of RAM. Now let’s start off with the processor on these 2014 MacBook Airs. It’s a 1.4 GHz
Dual-Core Intel Core i5 processor with Turbo Boost up to 2.7 GHz. Now that basically means
the normal speed of the MacBook Air is 1.4 GHz, but when it needs more processing power
for heavy applications the Turbo Boost kicks in and it goes all the way up to 2.7 GHz.
Now this is exactly why you can consistently get over 11 hours of battery life on this
13″ model. The ridiculously long battery life is one of the main reasons why this laptop
is perfect for students who may have classes all day long. Moving right along to the hard
drives, the 256 gigabyte solid state drive has extremely fast read/write speeds so you
can copy huge files within seconds. The 128 gigabyte hard drive is a little bit slower
than that, but it’s still fast because it still is an SSD. The overall workflow on this
2014 MacBook Air is snappy. Apps start fast without slow load times. Though I did notice
that when you’re booting the laptop up from a cold boot it’s slower than I thought it
was going to be, but the wake from sleep is like instantaneous. So that is extremely fast
which surprised me a bit so that is really cool. Of course this is an Apple Mac laptop
so you get all the perks that come along with that. You get Mac OS X with all the built-in
iLife apps, responsive chicklet keyboard with backlights, smooth and clickable multi-touch
trackpad, FaceTime HD webcam, magnetic power adapter, thunderbolt port, 2 USB 3.0 ports,
a headphone jack, dual microphones, an SDXC card reader on the 13″ model, and of course
the illuminated fruit on the back. Now this is a MacBook Air so this shouldn’t be a surprise
to anybody, but this thing is extremely portable. It’s quiet because there is no spinning hard
drive inside because of those SDDs. It’s extremely lightweight. It weighs less than 3 pounds
coming in at 2.9 on this scale here, and the 11″ model is even lighter. And finally it
is super thin at 0.68 inches at its widest and down to 0.11 inches at its thinnest. Another
thing that surprised me on this laptop was that the speakers seem pretty loud to me so
you can jam out to your #ThrowbackThursday Spotify playlist with no problem. You know
who you are. Now having said all that there are a couple negatives that I don’t like about
this laptop. For example I don’t like the fact that you cannot add RAM yourself. The
RAM is actually soldered onto the motherboard so whatever RAM that you choose at checkout,
which is the base is 4GB, that’s what you’re stuck with for the life of it. But for the
casual user that shouldn’t be a big deal. Also the 2014 MacBook Air does not have a
Retina display, which is kind of a bummer. The native resolution on the 13″ is 1440 by
900 which is not even full 1080p HD so that’s kind of a letdown. Other than that, I’m a
huge fan of everything else about this laptop. The pros of this laptop are it’s a good value.
It’s less than $1,000 and that’s pretty standard nowadays for a nice laptop that will last
you 4, 5 years. The portability aspect of this: it’s extremely lightweight. It’s small.
It’s probably the most portable laptop out there right now. The design, of course with
the Apple Mac you’re going to get a good nice design. The aesthetics are extremely pleasing.
And I like to call it everlasting. The battery life is extremely long. You can go all day
with this. And also it is high quality and it’s powerful enough for the casual user.
The cons for this laptop: again you can’t add RAM yourself and it doesn’t have a Retina
display. So bottom line this is a perfect laptop for students, for college students, high school
students, law school students, or just people who are on the go in general. If you travel
a lot or if you go to coffee shops, you know this is perfect for you. You’re going to love
this laptop, highly recommended. If you want to order this laptop I’ll put the link to
the best price on Amazon in the description below so check that out. Hope you enjoyed
this review. My name is Andy with MyTechMethods. Thank you so much for watching. Make sure
you give this video a thumbs-up if it helped you out and share it with your friends. As
always keep having fun out there. I will talk to you later. Bye.

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