MacBook 1.2GHz — Photoshop – Logic Pro X – Final Cut Pro X & Team Fortress 2 [4K]


MacBooks were harmed during the making of this video Today I will be testing this 12 inch 1.2GHz 2016 MacBook in real life conditions. Such as I am going to use Photoshop, I’m going to use Logic, I’m going to use Final Cut, and then I’m going to play a game I bet you cannot guess which game that is I call this episode MacBook Bukake So let me explain what is happening here. I am AirPlaying this MacBook to my Apple TV and I’m capturing my Apple TV so you can see what I’m doing in that tiny window Let’s begin with Photoshop I am going to create $1 million logo in less than five minutes. Yes a milli… actually I don’t know how much it costs but it is a fantastic logo So I shall channel my Phlearn and I shall become Aaron Nace and start this Photoshop tutorial. There we go. New. 800 to 800 and OK. I have guides and I’m going to create two layers. Let’s go to Layer 1 and create a gradient And I pick this, I’m going to say reverse This looks good Very nice. Look at that! It already looks like a million dollar logo, don’t you think? I think so too. Now let’s go to second one. Now this time turn the reverse off and then create this Perfect! Now what we need is a gradient mask And this is good. You know time is money, we have to be quick! Wow! Perfect! I mean I think you know where I’m going with this. It is going to be a fantastic logo. Uh-huh! Let’s turn fill to zero. And then blending options, stroke 40? that’s good… White? That’s good. Alright now… Let’s do this. Wow looks, wow! I’m impressed! And then this. For this, I’m going to turn off the stroke, I’m going to turn the fill back up Change the color to white There you go. Million dollar logo. And as you can see the MacBook just caught up with me the entire time. But you may say: “Huh! that’s awesome, plus that’s an awesome logo but what happens if you want to open a big file?” Well, let’s go to open and let’s select a file. Let’s say… This it 1.5GB Let’s open that up. Very good, let’s say I want to change this text that says super to fantastic Let me copy that. And then let’s go to the other layer and just paste Let’s hide the guides And then hit save …And! Saved? And saved! I guess MacBook did fine with the photoshop test. Shall we move on? Let’s switch to Logic! Now for the second test I’d like to connect my Apogee Duet, which means I’m unplugging the power. I just plugged in the Apogee Duet now let’s go to Logic Pro X I have a project here that is 96kHz Now I’m going to record some tracks For this I’m going to split the screen so you don’t have to wait for each instrument. Let’s see how this does. And the tiny MacBook was fast and drama free while I was mixing the tracks as well. Now I’m going to bounce And this also took no time. Let’s move on to Final Cut Pro X Let’s import couple of files and let’s just take all of them and drag them here Very good, this is from 2009. While I was vlogging And as you can see here is a clip where I got 99 from the ear training class but my friend didn’t and she doesn’t take that very kindly Let’s watch that, as you can see I hit play and it is instantly playing And this is what people usually do to test the performance of MacBook. But that’s not what I want to do. I want to go and open my 2016 MacBook review file Which is in 4K 30fps and as you can see it is a little hectic. And I’m just going to go here and hit play Everything seems really smooth which I’m extremely surprised about. Let’s add something here. I want to add… this And then let’s trim it And let’s add a voice over And it sounds like a phone when you plug it into charge. And that’s how this is done, people! Let’s go to levels add compressor and adaptive limiter (and it sounds like phone when you plug it into charge) Perfect. And now let’s export it and see how long it takes. Very good. Next. Save it to the desktop. 1, 2 and 3! If you have been wondering how much the Air Play was slowing the MacBook down this will be your answer. It took 26 minutes to compress and export this file. However when the AirPlay was turned off same file took 11 minutes and 28 seconds to compress and export. So yes airplay slows the MacBook down a lot. And if you’re wondering same file took 7 minutes while the airplay turned off and,9 minutes and 5 seconds while airplay was turned on to compress and export on 4GHz Core i7 iMac with 32GB of Ram And the MacBook can easily play the compressed 4K file without any hiccups. Unlike that 3gb uncompressed 60fps 4K file which is the kryptonite of these MacBooks And now it is 102.5° But let’s not leave it there. Let’s try something else. Let’s go ahead and delete the generated event files. And let’s just delete everything. There is obviously a lag And this lag gets very frustrating when you’re editing. Let’s just pick something that looks a little complex. Like here. And hit play. As you can see it dropped frames but you can still see what is going on and of course this is without waiting for it to render. Once it renders everything runs smoothly Now let’s play Team Fortress 2! Remember when I tried to play Team Fortress and all I got was this. Apparently that was a general problem. I had the same issue with my 5K iMac. Now I found a fix and I’m going to play some Team Fortress Of course for this I turned the AirPlay off.
I can’t say playing TF2 on this MacBook was great But I can’t say it was the worst either. Frame rate fluctuates but still I was able to play until I was bored with it. Well thank you very much for watching this episode and I hope you enjoyed it. Please hit that subscribe button, I must have a subscribe button somewhere here on the screen. Hit that button and join the World DO’mination. And let me know what you think about the MacBook’s performance in the comment section pillow Honestly I was surprised. I wasn’t expecting this And until I see you the next time take really good care of yourselves and hoşçakalın!

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