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You can do this if you want to use Windows Os on your MacBook. Hello everyone! I’m Tech Otaku, SernHao. Welcome to my channel. Today what I want to share with you is: How to install and run Windows in MacBook. -MacBook & macOS Novice / Getting Started / Useful Tips / Teaching – Please allow me to make a small advertisement, SernHao Tv will keep updating about MacBook and macOS useful tips. If you are interested in this information, Then, subscribe to SernHao Tv and click on the little bells next to it. Then you can receive the notice once my video released. Although there is a lot of software that can be used on macOS and Windows. However, it is undeniable that, There are still some software that can only be used on Windows. Because of this situation, MacBook users must install Windows in their macOS. To install other OS on macOS, Like: Windows or Linus, We call this action as Virtualisation. To perform Virtualisation, We need a virtual machine. It is abbreviated as “VM” here. I will be here to provide three different VM, for your reference. Each of these VMs has its own strengths and weaknesses. You can choose to use them according to your hobbies. – (1) Virtual Box- The first one is Virtual Box. Virtual Box is an open source Oracle product. His benefit is: it is free. And when switching OS, it is not necessary to turn off macOS. And its downside is: low compatibility. MacBook will often lead to a bit sluggish. Because you have to assign some of MacBook’s performance, to this Virtual Box. Due to the time consuming, Here I will share the Virtual Box installation and run it. As for the other two, I will share with you in the coming video. – (2) Boot Camp- The second is the boot camp assistant. This is built-in macOS inside. Similarly, its benefits are free, but with a high degree of cooperation! You can have all the specifications in your MacBook for performance, Assigned to the boot camp to use. It’s like your processor, memory, graphic card, Can be completely used to boot camp. And its downside is that you have to turn off your macOS when switching. Then you just can switch on the boot camp. In other words, if you want to use Windows in the boot camp, You must turn off your macOS, then just can open this Windows. In other words, You can only run one OS at a time. – (3) Parallels Desktop- The third one is Parallels Desktop. This is what I think is the most practical and stable at the moment. Its advantage is that it has a high degree of compatible. And, when switching, it does not need to shut down macOS. In other words, it can use both macOS and Windows. The latest Parallels Desktop is compatible MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. The downside is that in addition to paying, I did not see any big problem. Because of the time consuming, What I will only share in this video is, How to install and run Windows in virtual box About boot camp and parallels desktop, I will share with you in the next two videos. So, if you do not want to miss this information, Subscribe to SernHao Tv! OK, to use the virtual box, You need to have a virtual box app, And a Windows IOS. This virtual box link, I will put the description. You just click into it, it will bring you to this page. Here, you just click on this. After downloading, you just follow the installation, then it will fine. Here I will go directly, how to run the virtual box. This is what I used to refer to before. So, how to open a new Windows? Just click on “New” in the upper left corner. Then fill in the name you want This 32bit and 64bit it, You have to choose the version of windows you have. Other You can also choose according to your Windows OS. Then press “Next”. Then, here I will choose its original settings. Then press “Create”. so, what we have to do here is, double-click. Then here to choose where I put IOS. Click this folder. Then click on your IOS. Then press “Start”. Then just follow it’s installation, step-by-step, You can go to Windows 10. Well, that’s it. It is with what you are using for Windows10 Exactly the same. These are the tips for using MacBook and macOS that I want to share with you. If this video is helpful to you, Give me a “like”, and then share out to your friends who in need. Well, I am SernHao. See you in my next video! Bye ~

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    請問影片中說的要找個window ios是在哪裡找的?

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    为什么不能全屏 只是变大了一点 按了后 旁边还有黑边

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    請教,用boot camp安裝完win 10後,發現分割的硬碟空間不夠大,但又不想重新安裝作業系統,可以怎麼辦呢?

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    請問不用virtual box 時退出後,用macOS 會遲鈍嗎?

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    4:02無法開啟虛擬機器 win10的工作階段。
    The virtual machine 'win10'has terminated unexpectedly during startup with exit code 1 (0x1).
    結果 碼:  NS_ERROR_FAILURE (0x80004005)
    元件:  MachineWrap
    介面:  IMachine {5047460a-265d-4538-b23e-ddba5fb84976}  就變成這樣為什麼QQ

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